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Fiction: Barely There, Chapter 1

Barely There
copyright 2010 by mikecb

Chapter 1

Jeff entered the shop, just after it opened at 10:00am.  He had driven by at different times, for a few weeks, trying to guess when the shop would be quietest.  He was relieved to see no one in the store, except the one employee.  She appeared maybe just a little younger than himself, and quite attractive.  He estimated she was in her mid-20s.  She was pouring a cup of coffee in the waiting area.

“Oh, hi.” She said, opening her arms in a welcoming gesture.  “Welcome to Barely There.  Can I help you?”  Her warm smile was immediately inviting.

“Uh.  H-hi.  I’m uhh.  Wondering if you…. if I could…”

“You want to make an appointment?” she asked.  She set down the pot and walked over to him.  “I’m Kelly, by the way.  I own this place.”

Jeff shook her hand.  He was embarrassed that his palms were a little sweaty.  “Jeff.” he said, simply, with a nervous smile.  “Um… ya, an appointment, uh, if you do.. uh”

“Jeff, you look so nervous.  It’s OK.  We definitely serve male clients, if that’s what you’re asking.”  She had a reassuring demeanor in her voice, that was calming.

Jeff nodded, but still seemed stuck for words.  Kelly invited him to the waiting area.  “I was just pouring myself a cup of coffee.  Would you like some?  It’s fresh ground Columbian.”

“S-sure.  I’m sorry, I seem a bundle of nerves.  I’ve just never, umm, well been to a place like this.”

Kelly spoke as she poured another cup of coffee.  “Oh, that’s not unusual, Jeff.  A lot of our male clients are nervous at first.  I promise we don’t bite.  Cream?  Sugar?”

“Oh, black’s fine.  I like it like road tar.” he said with a grin.  He held the cup under his nose, and took a deep smell of it.  It calmed him a little.  He took a tentative sip, as she was pouring a creamer into hers. 

“Ooh, that’s nice.” he said with a smile.

“I love this stuff.  I swear, some of my clients come in here half an hour early just for the coffee.  Just yesterday, I had to stop a bikini wax in the middle so my client could go pee.  She confessed she had three cups!”  Kelly chuckled.

Jeff grinned.  “I can see why.  You’re going to have to tell me where you get this.”

“Oh, well, that’s a trade secret I share only with the most devoted customers.  So tell me, Jeff.  You’re looking a little more relaxed.  What were you thinking of having done?”

Jeff couldn’t help but glance around, one last time to assure they were alone.  He was really nervous.  He took a deep breath and told her.  “Well, I’m interested in full body waxing.  Legs, chest, back, and uhh, well…”  He struggled for words.

“Boyzillian?” Kelly prompted, gently.

Jeff nodded, seemingly relieved that he didn’t have to say it.  “Ya.  Everything, and butt too.   I guess..  I mean, I now a lot of shops don’t do… if you don’t it’s OK, I’ll just…”

“It’s OK, Jeff.  We do those too.” she said with a friendly chuckle.   She looked at him, and added.  “It’s OK, really.   I admit we don’t have a lot of male clients who want boyzillians, but I’ve done them before.  In fact, I’m the only one in the shop who does, so you came at the right time.”

Jeff choked on the coffee a bit.  “Oh,  *cough*, not today.  I can’t..   I was just coming to *cough* ask.”  He caught his breath.

“Oh, OK.  You’re sure?  I mean, I’ve got time.  Honestly, no one’s booked until noon.  I just like to open the shop on schedule, just in case walk-ins come by.   You sure you don’t just want to ….”

“No, I can’t.” he said, a little more firmly.  He realized he had been a little sharp, and softened.  “S-sorry.  I didn’t mean to be short.  I just can’t today.  I really just came by because… well.”  He looked over his shoulder again.  “I mean, not to be creepy, but I kind of cased your store for a few days.  It took me weeks to build up the courage to come in.”

Kelly smiled at him.  “Well, I’m happy and flattered you chose my shop… but you know, you could have just called!”

“Oh, I know.  I just… I felt creepy enough coming in here.  It just felt…. funny… a guy calling up and asking for… a…. boyzillian.”  His face reddened as he spoke.  “I just didn’t feel right doing it that way.”

“Well,” said Kelly.  “Here’s to courage, then.”  She raised her coffee mug and clicked it against his.  “Let’s look at my appointment calendar and get you booked!”

Kelly showed him the price list.  It was less than he expected, so they went ahead and booked the appointment.  He preferred to come in at a quiet time, if he could.  He was still shy about being seen in the shop.  Kelly had numerous mornings open, since she worked alone most workdays until early afternoon.  Owning his own electrical contracting business meant that Jeff’s schedule was quite variable, day to day.  He consulted his own appointment calendar on his iPhone, and they chose a 10:00 am appointment, two days hence.   Jeff finished his coffee, and with another handshake, was on his way.

Jeff winced as he got into his pickup truck.  His chastity tube had shifted on him and pinched.  He was slightly aroused from his exchange at Barely There, and that had contributed to the problem.  He shifted in his seat until he was comfortable, and set out on his way to his first appointment of the day.  He was finishing up a job he had started early last week.  He would be grateful to get there, since he had been forced to reschedule a few times, when the client had something come up.  It wasn’t the money from the job, though that would certainly be welcomed.  The real issue was that, as he sometimes did, he had left the key to his chastity tube hidden in one of the electrical boxes in the client’s house.  He had been locked in the tube for almost three weeks, now.  He smiled, thinking that the pent up hormones may be what finally pushed him to suck it up and go into the waxing studio and make an appointment.  Still, he’d be glad to get the key and spend a few luxurious days masturbating as often as he could, until his waxing appointment.  He hoped he hadn’t come off sharply when he had to decline an appointment this morning.  Obviously, he couldn’t, since he couldn’t remove the tube until he had the key.

Jeff had been self-locking for periods of days to weeks for almost a year now.   He kept one key in his safety deposit box, and sometimes hid his other key in a clients house, or mailed it to himself.  It was the best he could do, without a keyholder.   His last relationship fell apart for a number of reasons aside from his girlfriend’s disinterest in chastity play.  He was just 29 years old, and owned his own business.  He was doing well for himself, and was sure he’d find another woman eventually.  Next time, he’d be sure she was more accommodating about his kinks than Crissy had been.  He had been trolling and fetlife for a while, and even had a few dates.  Nothing was working, but he didn’t rush it.  He had very little spare time, anyway, since he worked so hard with his own business.  He often worked 60-80 hour weeks.  Hell, life without a girlfriend was uncomplicated and pretty satisfying, right now.  He wasn’t stressing about it.  He had his right hand, and an internet full of porn at his disposal.  He’d get by until the right girl arrived in his life.

Kelly was behind the counter when Jeff arrived for his appointment, two days later.  She was sipping coffee, and reading a fitness magazine.

“Hi Jeff!” she called out, as he entered.  “Cup of coffee?”

“Oh, I better not.”  He glanced around the empty shop.  “To be honest, I’ve got a weak enough bladder when I’m nervous like this.  I don’t want to be like that lady you had to stop for!”  He chuckled nervously.

Kelly laughed, charmingly.  “Well, maybe afterward I can get you to take a cup for the road.  I don’t have any appointments until 3, and if I drink that whole pot I’m going to be positively vibrating by the time my 3 O’clock gets here!” 

Jeff chuckled, his nerves settling a little.  Kelly gestured him back toward the treatment rooms.

“We’ll use the Lemon room.  It’s the most comfortable for waxing.  The Strawberry room is a little smaller.  The Lime room is the same size as the Lemon, but it’s a little crowded with the electrolysis and laser gear.”

Jeff was momentarily confused until she gestured him into the treatment room.  The wallpaper was a print that featured Lemons all throughout it.  She had accessorized the room with yellow trash bins, storage containers, and pretty much everything else.   It wasn’t completely over the top, but it was quite clear that the theme for this room was Lemons and Yellow.  With a smile, he entered, assuming that the Lime and Strawberry rooms would be similarly outfitted, but in green and red.  He smiled as he noticed that the room even had a lemony aroma.

“Is the smell OK?  Some clients have trouble with the scented candles.  I can air it out if you need me to.”

“Oh, no, it’s nice.  It really compliments the room.” he said.

“Great,” she said, smiling.  “OK, I started some wax warming a while ago.  Why don’t you go ahead and undress.  You can put your clothes on the shelf over there.  When you’re ready, just  lie down on the table.  You can cover up with the blanket there.  I’ll be back in a minute, once you’re ready.”

Kelly stepped out of the room, and quietly closed the door behind her.  Jeff took a deep breath, and began getting undressed.  He noticed his hands were shaking as he undid the buttons to his work shirt.  In a moment, he was naked, and he climbed onto the table.  He had been a little nervous that he’d get a little ‘excited’ in the wrong kind of way, but so far Little Jeff was behaving himself.  He pulled the blanket up over his butt, and laid his head across his folded arms and waited.  A few minutes later, he heard a discrete knock on the door.  “Come on in.” he said, gently.

Kelly entered, now wearing a white lab coat, presumably to keep any loose drips of wax from getting on her clothes.  She went over to the warming pot of wax and began preparing the materials for waxing.  She pulled on some latex gloves.

“OK, we’ll start on your back.  You said you’ve never been waxed before, correct?”

“Never,” said paused.  “Be gentle?” he chuckled.

“Oh, we charge a extra for that.” she said with a grin.

“Oh, well then never mind.”

The laughed together, as she explained the process a little, and began applying some wax.  She pressed some strips of cloth into the wax and, with a “Here we go!”, she began to tear them off.  Jeff winced a little, but seemed to endure it just fine.  His back was completed in a few minutes, and she rearranged the blankets, covering his back, and exposing his legs.

“OK, you did great.  We’ll work the backs of the legs now.  I can see you do a pretty good job.  When did you last shave?”

“Oh, about 5 days ago.  I wanted to make sure there was something for the wax to grab.”

Kelly chuckled.  “I can see why you’d want to wax.  Women don’t get nearly this hairy so quickly.”  She was applying wax, and cloth strips to the back of his thigh now.

“Yes, I’m hOPING!” (Kelly had just pulled a strip) “.. hoping that it lasts a good bit longer.  I spend a lot of time shaving.”

Kelly continued to work on the backs of his legs.  “Yes, it should.  I guess we’ll see how it works for you.  For women, it can be several weeks.  I’m not so sure with you.  It might be less.”

Jeff was a little disappointed to hear that.  He was hoping the waxing would last longer.  Kelly’s prices were reasonable, but it would be quite expensive to come in here and get a full body wax every two weeks.

Kelly finished as much of his legs as she could reach easily, so she pulled the blanket down over his legs, and lowered it, now exposing his bottom.  She didn’t really pause or make any big deal at the transition, though Jeff was certainly feeling nervous and a little humiliated.  She kept the light chat while she started applying wax to his ass.

“I see you really do work hard on keeping smooth.  If it’s not too personal a question, is it for sports?  A partner?  Just like the look?”

Jeff paused for a moment, a little uncomfortable, but decided honestly was the best policy.  “Oh, mostly I just like the aesthetic.  I started shaving my legs in high school.  I was a swimmer.  As time went on, I just started shaving more.  I liked it.   My last girlfriend didn’t like the, uhh, boyzillian that much.  I grew it in for her.  But, that ended, so now I…. I went back to what I prefer.”

“Sorry to hear about the girlfriend, but I’m glad you can be yourself now.”  Kelly paused for a moment, then said.  “Ok, for the awkward part.  I need you to reach back and part your cheeks a little for me.”

Jeff reached back and gently pulled at the side of his ass cheeks, while Kelly slathered wax in his butt crack.  It was pretty humiliating, but Kelly seemed matter of fact about it.  In fact, she didn’t stop chatting during the process.

“That’s interesting.  I’ve had a few male clients, now, who said they got some pushback from their girlfriends or wives.  I guess guys have it different than us.   My boyfriends have never been anything but pleased about me being nice and clean down there.  My ex loved it.  Too bad he was a cheating bastard.” 

Jeff might have been aroused or even fantasized about Kelly being completely hairless and smooth, if at that moment she hadn’t pulled the a strip from his ass-crack, causing the most painful moment of his appointment. 

“Yuyeeeee!” he exclaimed, as his back arched and his chest came off the table. 

“Oh, a little more sensitive there!” she said with a chuckle. 

Jeff was gulping air.  He just nodded.

“Well, you’re doing really well.  I hate to tell you this, but women are always tougher than men in here.  Still, you’re doing very well.  You must have a high pain threshold.”

“You can say that.” Jeff said, suppressing a grin.  He started daydreaming about his pain threshold, and the last time he had a girlfriend who tied up him up and tested it.   He felt himself stirring again and decided that was a bad train of thought.   “I guess it’s comforting to know that some other guys have trouble with their girlfriends.  I’ve certainly gotten some strange looks over the years.”

Kelly tapped his hands, reminding him to keep his cheeks parted.  He opened them again, and she continued working as she spoke. 

“Yea, a few had problems.  Well, to be honest, I’ve had two very nice guys who were into cross-dressing.  I liked them both a lot, and they came in pretty regularly for a while.  Apparently, their wives weren’t as accepting about it.   Both stopped coming, eventually, though I’ve seen them in town on occasion.  I think they’ve stopped dressing up.  It’s a shame, really.  I think it gave them a lot of pleasure, and it wasn’t hurting anything.

Jeff sensed that she was giving him permission to discuss cross-dressing, if that was his thing.

“That’s is a shame” he said.  “I’m not into that myself, but I know how hard it can be when your partner… well… doesn’t share your interests.”

“Ya, me too.” Kelly replied, enigmatically. 

She was quiet for a while, as she pulled the last few strips.  At least, she was done with his backside.

“OK, I’ll need you to roll over now.” she said. 

She stood to one side, and lifted the blanket in such a way that she could not see him, but he was free to roll without exposing himself.  He quickly reached down and adjusted himself, so that his cock wouldn’t be showing an unsightly bulge when she lowered the blanket.

“We’ll do your chest and legs first.” She said.

As she worked, she changed the subject of their conversation.  She asked about his electrical contracting business, and about his experiences as a small business owner.  She talked about her own experiences with her shop.  They even compared notes on local accountants for their taxes.  Before long, she was done with his chest and legs.  Jeff sensed it was time for the big “reveal”.  He was a little self-conscious, but not bad.  She had been very professional throughout the appointment, and he was already pretty sure he’d come again.  He had had enough girlfriends over the years that he wasn’t uncomfortable with nudity.

“OK, time to finish up.” she said.  “Would you prefer the blanket on your chest, or legs?”  She gestured, indicating she could pull the blanket upward or downward.

“Oh, legs is fine.  I’m not cold.”  He closed his eyes, drew a breath and tried to relax.

Kelly pulled the blanket down to about mid-thigh, exposing him.

“OK, so you’ve been shaving completely.  You’re sticking with the full boyzillian this time?”

“Yea.  All off, please.” he said.

She began applying wax to his pubic region, and laying the strips down.  As she prepared to pull the first strip, she wasn’t reluctant to place her palm down over his penis to hold it steady, as she tore away the first strip.  Jeff winced, but the pain wasn’t as bad as he expected.  Actually, his ass-crack hurt more.  She continued to work around his lower torso until she was done.

“OK, for the rest, it gets a little awkward.” she admitted.  “Is it comfortable for you put the bottoms of your feet together and spread your knees?”   She pulled the blanket completely off his legs.

“Well, physically, it is.” he said with a chuckle.  He parted his legs, fully exposing his inner thighs, and of course, his genitals.

Kelly laughed.  “Yea, this is awkward for everyone.  It won’t take long, though.”

She slathered wax on his inner thighs and did the parts she had missed previously.  Then, it was time for the last little bit.  Jeff chuckled when he thought “little”. 

“I’m glad you’re smiling.  I swear some clients look like they’re going to have a heart attack about now.” 

He fessed up.  “I was just thinking.. ‘Just a little left.’”   He grinned, and hoped the joke hadn’t been offensive.

“Oh, HA, HA,” she said, ironically.  “Just for that, I’m going to use some extra hot wax!”  She was giggling as gently took his penis in hand, and began applying wax from the same crock she had been using all along.

Jeff smiled, and was actually relieved that by this point in the appointment, they were confident enough to be joking around.   He didn’t feel nearly as awkward and uncomfortable as he expected.

Kelly warned him.  “OK, this might smart a bit.” as she pulled the short strips on the length of his penis.

He winced, but it wasn’t too bad.  He was alarmed, though, as he felt his cock start to stir a little.  “Damnit” he thought.  He tried to take his mind off the delightful pain sensations.  He was pretty sure the signs of his arousal were noticeable, but Kelly remained professional.

“You’re doing fine.” she said.  “Almost done.  We just have to do the boys now.”

Jeff chuckled again.

“Can you please hold your penis off to one side?  I kind of need three hands here.” 

Kelly gently pointed his penis upward and to the side, tugging it out of the way and held it in position.  Self consciously, Jeff reached down and held his penis, pressed against his abdomen.

Kelly began to apply wax to his scrotum, and was lifting his balls to one side when her eyes grew wide.

“Oh! That’s….” She began to exclaim, and stopped herself.

Jeff immediately felt self-conscious.  “What?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing.  I’m sorry, I just….  Never mind.”  She began more hurriedly applying the wax.

Jeff was a mix of nervous and concerned.  They had been working so well, and suddenly she seemed, well, awkward.  “No, really, what?” he asked.  He was concerned he had somehow offended her.

Kelly actually blushed.  She had seemed so confident through the entire appointment.  Jeff made eye contact and stared at her.  She was silent for a moment, but apparently gave in, assuming he wouldn’t let it go.

“I’m sorry.  It’s none of my business.” she said.  She had paused while they were talking.  She quickly grabbed some strips, and began pressing them against his testicles before the wax grew too cold.

Jeff was confused a little.  He was laid bare here for so long, he really didn’t feel there were many secrets left, aside from his chastity belt wearing.  She couldn’t possibly know about that.  He just kept looking at her, trying to understand what was going on.  Apparently, his silence was enough to make her continue.

“It’s just… well, I’m guessing I know why you couldn’t stay the other day..  I mean, it’s none of my business, but I see the chaffing..  It’s the same…”

Jeff stopped breathing.  His eyes grew wide.  He hadn’t thought about that.

“.. The same as my boyfriend had when he… wore one for me.”  Kelly paused, and looked Jeff in the eye.  “You wear a CB, don’t you?”

Jeff looked into her eyes.  He knew he was totally busted.  He was shocked, but wasn’t embarrassed, really.  He was surprised she knew what a chastity belt was.  Still, his mind was reeling as he quietly nodded his head.

“I thought so.” said Kelly.  She grinned, as she yanked the first of the strips from his scrotum.

Jeff yelped.

Their relationship had just taken a dramatic turn.

End Chapter 1


  1. so far so good.

    obviously, a labor of love. A lot of dedication.

    If I may, I started to frequent a few author blogs about three months ago. Developing the point of view is important. You do well express the emotions of Jeff. Don't loose sight of that and turn it into a point a, b, c, cold document, as may be a temptation. This is good the way you are going.


  2. SH, funny you should mention it. It took me 4 attempts to get this first part done. The story actually started differently, with Jeff married, and from his Wife's point of view. Then Kelly's point of view. Then Jeff's point of view. Then, finally, I revised my backstory and made Jeff single, and chose to do it from his point of view. I also spent some time making this one more dialog based. I think it's working OK. I've never done a story with this much dialog before.

  3. yes, you have a good PoV. Just remember to keep the reader connected to Jeff's emotions, like you have in chp 1. It is good there.

    A tool to use if you get stuck is to ask yourself in a given situation, what would jeff be thinking and answer in a 20 question answer/response. Doing this by yourself helps to get you into writing the emotions of him. I used it once. It was hard, but helped a lot.

    best wishes.

  4. I always recognize a good story because it makes my eye water.

    Well done my chaste friend.

  5. You are just really good WRITER. Which is an absolute requirement writing good anything. The fact that you write stuff that so perfectly hits my buttons is sort of a huge bonus

  6. Thanks Respectful and Anon. I was a little worried there wasn't enough "hot and juicy" content in Chapter 1, but it seems to be appreciated. :-) I promise, the steam is coming!

  7. You are one of the very few writers that understand steam only cooks things if their is a pot to contain it, and a stove to make the heat.

  8. "Please don't stop" figures in here somewhere about now.

  9. Hehe. I'm working on the next chapter. Trust me! :-)