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Fiction: Barely There - Chapter 5

Barely There
Copyright 2011 by mikecb
Chapter 5
Kelly was pleased she had caught Dawn when she arrived at the store. Waxing Dawn’s legs and bikini area gave her a distraction from the thoughts and emotions swirling through her body.
She had never anticipated falling for a customer, much less leaving the shop for lunch and a quickie with him on his very first visit! She felt like such a slut. She was embarrassed over her behavior. Still, Jeff seemed like such a nice guy! Now, of course, that wasn’t necessarily a reliable indicator. After all “cheating bastard” had seemed like a nice guy, as did “lazy bastard” "drunken bastard” and “secretly married bastard” before. To be quite honest with herself, she sucked at picking men!

Yet, Jeff was different in so many ways. She hadn’t picked him up at a bar, nor did he come recommended by any of the friends who had suggested the last army of bastards that came her way. Jeff literally walked into her front door and into her life, all on his own.

She finished waxing Dawn pretty quickly, and went back into the outer shop to wait for Dorothy Johns to come in. She was scheduled at 3:00pm. The afternoon would pick up soon. She had a 4:00, 4:30 and 5:00 booked for sure, and wouldn’t be surprised to have a walk-in turn up. Awdie was scheduled to come in at 3:30 and work reception, which would definitely be a help this afternoon. 

Kelly sat behind the counter, opening some mail and sorting bills, while waiting for Dorothy. She was so lost in her thoughts that she literally forgot what she was looking at, midway through. She gave up, piling the papers in a heap and setting them back behind the counter just as Dorothy arrived. Kelly was once again grateful to have something to keep her busy.

She was in the Lemon room with Dorothy when she heard the telltale jingle of the bell above the shop door. She didn’t stop working, but waited. Sure enough, in a moment, she heard the stereo in the waiting room switch from Kelly’s favorite country station to Awdie’s favorite “Top 40” station. That was their signal, so Kelly wouldn’t have to leave the customer in the back to see who came in.

A few minutes later, she heard the front door jingle again. She was surprised, since it was 40 minutes until her next appointment, and she was just finishing with Dorothy. Still, she might sneak in a quick treatment if it was a walk-in. She finished with Dorothy, and excused herself while Dorothy got herself dressed.

Audrey “Awdie” Campbell was behind the counter, as expected. Even at just 5’5” she stood four inches taller than Kelly. Awdie’s dirty blond hair was pulled back in a simple braid, though she had a colorful butterfly hairpin at her temple. Her brown eyes were, as usual, embellished with a slightly overgenerous application of mascara and eye shadow. Her nails shined with a perfect coat of burgundy polish. She was chewing gum and leafing through a Nascar magazine behind the counter.

Kelly passed behind her with a friendly “Hi Hon” and ran her hand across Awdie’s back. Awdie turned to look at Kelly, intently enough to give Kelly pause. 

“Tell me everything!” implored Awdie, with a hint of both desperation and demand in her voice.

Kelly was confused a moment, but followed Awdie’s eyes. Sitting in the waiting room, beside the coffee pot, was a beautiful bouquet of lavender roses in an arrangement with baby’s breath in a crystal vase. Kelly stood, stunned, at the beauty of the flowers.

“The flower shop delivered those five minutes ago. Just who have you been keeping a secret from me, Missy?” Demanded Awdie,with a grin.
Just then, Dorothy came out of Lemon room. Awdie paused her interrogation, allowing a Kelly a moment to write up Dorothy’s bill and book her next appointment. As the shop door closed behind Dorothy, Awdie turned to Kelly once more, taking both her hands in her own.

“Tell me!” she demanded!

Before responding, Kelly pulled free of Awdie and went over to the vase. She smelled the flowers. Beautiful. She found a card attached, simply addressed to “Kelly O’Donnal”. She opened it.

“Thank you for a lovely lunch date. The man here at the flower shop says that lavender colored roses signify ‘Love at first sight’. They seemed appropriate. I hope our adventure continues. Warmest regards, Jeff.”
Kelly smiled as she read the card, and even paused to smell it, as if she could take in his scent.

“Mary Katherine Kelly O’Donnal! If you don’t tell me who sent you those flowers in the next two seconds I’m going to break that vase over your adorable head!” exclaimed an exasperated Awdie.

“Umm. Jeff. His name is Jeff.” Answered Kelly. Trying to decide how to begin.

“Who is this Romeo, and why haven’t you introduced him to your best friend?” Awdie asked, accusingly, but still with a hint of humor in her voice.

“Well, strictly speaking, we weren’t dating four hours ago. It was all kind of, uh…”

“Four hours?” exclaimed Awdie. “What? Did you meet him at the gas station, buying one of your lunch burritos?” she bellowed.

“Well, no, it was here. He was.. Well, I did…”

“A client? You’re dating a client?” accused, Awdie, sounding less good-humored all the time. 

“Hey! I own the place!” exclaimed Kelly, getting a little upset now. “If I want to rewrite the non-existent Personnel Manual, that’s my prerogative!”

Awdie chuckled, then, breaking the tension. “Ok, Ok Boss. Back up.” Said Awdie, with her hands held up in a surrendering gesture. “How did you go from this ‘Jeff’ character being a client to a boyfriend in one morning… And now that I think of it, didn’t we agree that I would be vetting your next prospects for you? You’ve got really lousy selection skills, if you’ll recall.” Awdie crossed her arms, smugly.

“It was all a blur,” began Kelly. She poured herself a cup of coffee, and walked to the opposite side of the counter from Awdie. He was just so nice. I offered him a burrito….”

“Pork or Chicken?” asked Awdie, intently.

“Either.” Replied Kelly.

“Wow,” said Awdie, her eyes growing wide. “He must have made a good impression if you’d let him eat your pork burrito!”

Kelly nodded, seriously. 

“So you fed him a burrito…” prompted, Awdie.

“Well, no. He, uh… he took me out to lunch.”

“You closed shop and went to a restaurant for lunch?” asked Awdie, incredulously. “Who are you and what have you done with my best friend Kelly?!?” she asked, laughing.

“Well, yes and. no. He, uh… we went to his place.”

Awdie looked at her friend, and blinked, as if trying to comprehend what Kelly had just said. After a long breath, she shook her head.

“Let me get this straight. A new client comes in. You wax him, and offer him a burrito. The next thing you know, he whisks you off to his place for lunch?!?”

Kelly just nodded. The expression on her face made it clear she had trouble believing it herself.

Awdie chuckled. “The next thing you’re going to tell me is that after lunch, you offered him desser…” Awdie paused, glaring at Kelly.

Kelly stood there, blushing. Her pale complexion and Irish heritage made it impossible to hide embarrassment. Her face lit up like a giant red billboard. Awdie knew that look.” 

“Kelly!!! Oh my God!!

Kelly just nodded, trying to will her face to cool down. Finally, trying to force a serious expression “Lunch was awesome, but dessert was incredible.” She made eye contact with Awdie, and burst into giggles. 

Awdie did her best to give Kelly a stern look, but after a moment, a smile curled one side of her frown, and then the other. A moment later, both girls were giggling in delight.

“OK, Girl. Tell me everything. Every. Last. Detail!” 

Kelly and Awdie had been best friends since they were in diapers, literally. With twenty three years of this kind of sisterly friendship, there were no secrets between them.

As Awdie’s expression grew more and more shocked, Kelly told her everything.



Awdie looked across the glass counter top and the chastity belt key between she and Kelly.

“Now let me get this straight. You meet a guy, close shop and go to his house for lunch and a Nooner.”

Kelly looked on, nodding slightly, her face still glowing red with embarrassment.

Awdie continued. “You drink some wine… since when the hell do you drink wine?!?.. And hop in the sack with this guy.”

Kelly nodded.

“Neither of you have birth control, so you start giving him a blowjob… but he stops you, flips you over and goes Downtown on you…. Before he even…”

“Yea. And he’s good! He even asked stopped to ask how I wanted it.. No one’s ever..” said Kelly, wistfully, remembering the moment.

Awdie stared are Kelly for a long moment. “OK, I know I’ve criticized your taste in men, but this one..”

“Yea…” said Kelly again, still glowing.

Awdie continued her recap. “So then you get your cunning linguist friend revved up but won’t let him come, and you grill him for details about this kink of his.” She gestured toward the key on the counter. 

“Uh huh.”

“You finally finish him off, and then you take a shower and you lock up his cock in some steel contraption?”

“That’s about it, yup.”

“He wanted you to lock him up.”


“And he can’t… yanno… play with it.”

“Uh huh.”

“But… why would he?.. If he doesn’t want to cheat on you, wouldn’t he …. I…. “

“I know, I know.” Said Kelly, shaking her head.

“You didn’t ask him to put it on… I mean, not like Terry?”

Kelly grimaced at the memory of “Cheating Bastard” and her irresponsible behavior in buying a cheap plastic chastity belt and locking him up. “Nope. He got it a long time ago, and it’s not some cheap one like I stuck on Asshole. He even wears it when he’s not…. With someone. He says he just… just… likes it, I guess.”

Awdie shook her head in confusion, still staring down at the key. 

They were both silent for a moment. Finally, Awdie looked at Kelly. “There are worse things, I guess..” As if talking herself into something.

“Yea,” said Kelly, nodding. “So, do I have your Blessing?” she asked, with a grin.

Awdie chuckled. “Well, I intend to be mad at you for at least another five minutes, but then, yes, you have my blessing. If his dirty perversion is that he wants to be faithful to you, I can live with that!”

Kelly burst into a grin and reached across the counter to give Awdie a hug. Awdie put her hands up, in a “stop” gesture.

“No, no, I’m still mad for another 4 minutes, plus!” trying to keep a straight face. Then, “Oh hell!” She gave Kelly a big hug.

Awdie leaned back from the hug, smiling. Then her face darkened with concern. 

“Oh.. Did you tell him about the family business? That could be… problematic.”

Kelly grimaced.

“I know. I was just thinking about that.”

Their conversation was interrupted as the door jingled open. Kelly casually picked up the key from the counter and put it in her pocket. She turned to find Ginny Barnes, here for her 4:00 appointment.

“Hey Ginny!” she exclaimed, and they went back to work.

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Fiction: The Book Report

The Book Report
Copyright 2012, mikecb

Research paper 3 by Rich Melman
Freshman Writing Seminar, Section 4, Prof. Campbell.
Assignment: Due by end of class on February 4, 2094.
1) Write a research paper of 500-750 words on some historical practice of interest.
2) At the end of the paper, append personal observations (250-500 words) from the research.

Chastity Belts

Chastity belts were first conceived in the middle ages.  Everyone is familiar with modern chastity belts.  However, a lot of people don’t know that back then, chastity belts were used non-consensually.  Things were very different back then.  These metal objects were built by heating the metal, and pounding and bending it with a hammer.  The original chastity belts were made of primitive kinds of steel that could rust and be cut with simple hand tools.  There are few existent examples in museums, and they are believed to have been almost totally ineffective. 

Chastity belts fell out of documented history for over a thousand years, until near the turn of the millennium.  At that time, the world was still quite sexually repressed, and chastity devices were considered a strange perversion.  However, at this point, the use of chastity devices had turned to consensual play.   The resurgence of interest in chastity play was believed to be due to the availability of a few new materials.  Primitive devices could be fashioned in a very environmentally unfriendly material called “plastic”.   Though illegal now, back then, plastic was used for all kinds of things.  It’s hard to believe that toxic stuff was so commonplace back then!  With molding techniques, they could form a device from plastic that could capture male genitalia.  It’s frightening to think of putting one’s penis in a toxic tube, knowing what we do now about those plastics.  Still, people enjoyed them for many years.

Another form of steel became useful for chastity around this time.  It was called “stainless steel”.  With its development, belts very similar to the medieval chastity belts could be fashioned from this newer kind of steel.  Still, the devices were quite basic without any of the automatic hygiene features of modern devices.  They had to be removed frequently for cleaning.  Also, the stainless steel varieties of belts required very specific measurements and manual creation by a skilled craftsman who could work in those old materials.  Thus, the chastity devices were not only stigmatized by society, but they were also very expensive and difficult to obtain.

Sexual repression was extensive in those times.  Nudity was so frowned upon that there was gender segregation in bathrooms and showers back then, and, believe it or not, people wore clothing to go swimming!  Sexual education was minimal and religious practices even tried to regulate frequency of sex and partner selection.

Thankfully, the world became more enlightened, and by the 30’s, many of those old ways of thinking had changed as the millennial children grew up.  Also, around this time, nanometal technology was beginning to have its first practical applications.

Though we can’t conceive of it now, back then, all metal objects still had to be created by heating and fashioning by bending.  The invention of nanometal particles changed everything.  Being able to create any metal object by having nanometal particles align themselves through programmatic matrices revolutionized manufacturing, and had immediate impact on chastity devices.   Whereas in the past, a skilled craftsman had to spend hours or days building a single device, now anyone could make one in minutes.  For decades, it has been trivial to download a freely available template from the interwebs and load it into a material realization wand.  With a wave over your body for size scanning, and a wave over a pile of nanometal dust, one could cast his own, inexpensive chastity device in minutes.  In addition, the nanites developed for self-cleaning paints and surfaces could be coated onto the device to improve hygiene.  Finally, with the introduction a few years later of hair follicle nanites for geniscaping, the regrowth of hair could be circumvented, allowing for comfortable wear for as long as the owner wished.

Now, in current times, chastity belt wear is quite commonplace.  Individuals or couples often choose to wear chastity belts for the erotic stimulation of sexual denial.  A few clergy who still try to preach sexual repression also wear them.  Along with their religious vows, some take a vow of chastity and program their chastity belts with an unrecorded de-matrix key, thus making the belt un-removable.   If made from nanotitanium, these belts are extremely difficult to remove, even with expensive manufacturing tools.  Of course, clergy are not the only ones who chose to permanently matrix their chastity devices.  Some highly submissive people also choose to do this for their dominant partners.  Current recommendations from most of the literature indicates that if you didn’t score a 15%  or below on your primary school assertiveness tests that you should think very carefully before making such a commitment. 

Personal Observations

Chastity devices have been mentioned in sex education classes for as long as I can remember, and of course, I’ve seen people wearing them at the gym, swimming, or outside on warm summer days.  Still, I had never tried one until Senior year Sex Ed Lab.  I really didn’t think I’d like wearing one for 48 hours, but it was strongly encouraged for class.  I honestly hadn’t gone that long without masturbating since I was 13!  We talked about our first 24 hours experience in class.  I hadn’t tried to have sex with anyone, but a few of my classmates reported that it was both frustrating but yet a lot of fun to have sex with someone who wasn’t belted.  

I had never tried non-reciprocal sex.  It sounded so interesting that I asked around that day at lunch, and got a few people who wanted to try it with me, while I was still locked in.   It was one of the most rewarding three-ways I’ve ever done, though I regretted that I hadn’t taken the fellatio elective when I had the chance the previous year.  Still, I muddled through and it was an awesome experience.  Chastity play may be a very good fit for me in the future.  In fact, I have cast belts and worn them fairly regularly since graduation.  I’ve worn them for periods of a few days, to up to two weeks over the summer.  I’ve found it quite stimulating.

The experiences from Sex Ed lab, my summer experimentation, and with doing the research for this paper have been really fun and exciting.  Though I scored 18% on my Primary School assertiveness tests, I’m only slightly above the recommended guidelines to permanently cast a belt onto myself.  I fantasize about it quite a lot.  Who knows, maybe if I find the right partner or partners when I get older, we may choose to take that step.  In the mean time, I intend to wear one as often as possible.  I’ve been experimenting with giving the de-matrix key to a friend of mine.  It really changed the experience dramatically, and I enjoy it immensely.  Of course, I’m still using my High School wand, so my parents have backup copies of the de-matrix keys if necessary.  Don’t worry, Mrs Campbell!  

The End