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Vignette: Total Control

Total Control
Copyright 2012, by mikecb

We sat at the kitchen table, each with our coffee mug. It was time for “the talk”. I was terrified of what I was about to propose, but it was really the next logical step. I couldn’t stand to let things remain as they were. For his part, he looked as nervous as I felt. I tried to be strong.

“Honey, it’s time we talked about where we’re going with this.” I said. 

“Yea, I figured.” He said. There was a resigned tone in his voice. “I’ve apologized a dozen times, but really, I’m sorry I got so pushy the other day. It’s just. Well, I’m so damned horny.” He dropped his eyes.

“Do you still want to wear that chastity tube? Seriously, now. We’ve been at this for a few years. You don’t get out often, and I thought we both liked it that way. I just want to make sure I’m not wrong about this.”

“I still do. You know… I mean, yea. I do. I was whiny and pushy the other day. I wasn’t living up to what I promised. You got into this chastity keyholding thing for me, and .. I let you down.”

“Yes, you did, but I love you anyway.” I smiled then. A genuine smile.

He smiled back. “I love you too.” He said. He lifted his coffee mug, seeming relieved.

“That’s not the end of it, though.” I said. 

His face soured, as if the coffee had gone bad. He gulped it, audibly. I almost had to suppress a giggle. He looked at me, confused. I continued.

“We’ve been moving more and more toward a Femdom relationship over the last six months. It’s funny, I didn’t even know what that was five years ago. You’ve pushed and nudged. At first I complied, and tried my best, but you know what? I’m not faking it any more.” I paused and looked him in the eye. “I like it.”

“You’ve gotten good at it, too.” He replied with a proud smile.

“Don’t smile so much.” I replied. “You may not like what comes next.” My heart pounded in my chest, but I put on my best serious look.

The smile drained from his face. Good.

“The fact is…. I want it. I may want it more than you.”

He looked confused for a moment, and then smiled. I could almost read his thoughts. He was wondering what the big deal might be.

“That’s fine with me,” he began. “I’d like that.” He smiled. So naive.

“Oh, you won’t like it. That’s what this discussion is about.”

He looked confused. “What’s to discuss. We’d just keep on doing the same thing, right?”

“No,” I began. “Not at all.” I paused a drew a breath. This was the tough part. Would he agree? “What I’m talking about is taking control. Real control. No more topping from the bottom. No more topping so that you enjoy everything. I mean me being in charge, and you doing exactly what I tell you to.”

“Sure, that sounds fun.” He said, grinning.

“No. It won’t be.” I replied, seriously. “I’m talking about no more games. No more ‘I’m not in the mood’. No more whining. I’m talking about you obeying, or being punished.”

I could see he was beginning to process what I was saying.

“So, you’re talking about real, full-on Femdom.”

“Yes,” I nodded. My heart was literally about to leap out of my chest. “I make the rules. You obey. If you don’t, I punish you. That’s what I’m p-proposing.” I stumbled on the last word. Damn.

To his credit, he got quiet. He stared across the room, unseeing. He was processing.

“What about safewords? What if I…” He paused looking for words. 

“I thought about that.” I interrupted. I don’t think we can have safewords for orders or commands. You will have to obey.” I said. My heart was racing, but I was feeling more confident. It was out there. We were discussing it. “I think the safeword should only apply to safety or injury. I can’t have you safewording out of an order to take out the garbage or whatever.”

“Makes sense,” he said, distractedly. I could still see the gears turning in his head. “What about punishment? You mentioned it several times. I assume that means you want to use pain, sometimes.”
He said it very matter of fact way. I was surprised. I had thought this would be a major bone of contention, if not angst, in this conversation. 

“Yes, I think corporal punishment will definitely have to be a part of this. We know you like mild pain play, but we’ve never taken it beyond what turns you on.” I paused. Damn, I was feeling shaky again. “What I’m suggesting is that if I need to punish you.. That… that.. “ Fuck!. “That you won’t like it. It’ll be…” Fuck. I was flustered.

“Intense.” He finished.

I sighed at my own inability to say what needed to be said. “Yes. If I punish you, it will hurt, and not in a good way. It will be … intense. The intent will be to make you honestly wish not to be punished again.”

“But what if I don’t… I mean, what if I don’t agree to be punished?”

He got it. Right there.

“Exactly. What if? That’s the question you have to answer. If we agree to this, there will be no turning back, but we both have to agree, right now, what the answer to that question is.

He grew silent, again, processing. I love that about him. That intense glare, while staring at nothing. He really is quite brilliant. I don’t believe in “Female Superiority”. He’s better at some things than I am. I’m better at others. As it happens, he’s the smart one in the family, but we both want me to be in charge. The question is, how can we make that happen? I left it to him to sort out, though I was pretty sure he’d arrive at the same answer that I would.

“Deal breaker.” He said, at last. He looked at me. “If I failed to agree to punishment, it would be a deal breaker.”

“I think that’s the only solution,” I agreed. “But let’s agree on what that means.”

“One of two things,” he began. He ticked them off on his fingers. He’s so damn cute when he does that! “One, it means that Femdom is over. Or Two, it means that we are over.” He said it so ‘academically’. 

I nodded. Now the hardest part. I took his hand. “Honey, I don’t think I ever want Femdom to be over… I want it as bad as you want to wear chastity belts.”

He looked at me for a long moment. “It sounds like this decision is made.” He began, looking at me. “Femdom or we’re done. Is that what you’re saying?”

My hands shook in his. A tear welled up in my eye. “Yes, Honey. I think so.”

He stared across the kitchen, again. The gears turned. Somehow, I couldn’t enjoy it this time. My stomach was sour. I had just put our entire relationship into this gamble. It was all or nothing. I felt like I was going to throw up.

He turned and looked me in the eye. “I’m in.” He said, simply. A small smile crossed his face.

My heart skipped a beat, but suddenly I could breath again. There was just one last thing. A test, really.

“We’re agreed then? I make the rules. You obey.” I reviewed the details. “Your safeword is only for real safety issues. If you try to pull it out for something just because you don’t like it, I will ignore it. If I’m punishing you, and you use it, I will make sure you are not being permanently injured. If I think you’re safe, I will ignore it.” I looked at him. Frightened now to say the words out loud. “I could never physically make you submit to a punishment. But if you ever refuse to let me tie you down and do it, we’re o…. We’re over. I’ll l-leave you.” Damn. I couldn’t say it without stumbling.

He paused, again, processing every word. “Yes, My Love. That’s what I’m agreeing to.” He looked me in the eye. “I know how much I personally need chastity play. I don’t think I could be in our relationship without it. If you need Femdom like I need chastity, then I’m in. This has been too one-sided.” He paused again. ”I’m in.” He squeezed my hand.

My heart leapt. I lifted his hands in mine, and kissed his knuckles. Thank god!

He smiled at me, now, gently. One last thing to be done.

“We’re settled, then.” I stated. “Now, about the other day. Our agreement is that you never beg to be let out of your chastity belt. Is that correct?” I looked at him, seriously.

I imagine that he was hoping I had moved past this. “Yes, Ma’am.” He said. I could see he was realizing he had a problem.

“How long has it been? Not that I care, but I’m curious.”

“Almost three months, Ma’am.”

“You’ve gone longer than that, haven’t you?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Well, you will again. Much longer.” I looked at him. His expression was priceless. 

I continued. This would be the first test of our new relationship. “Here is what is going to happen. You will not orgasm for at least another six months. If you whine about it again, we’ll discuss whether I ever let you orgasm again. You know I enjoy your tongue and that strap-on just fine. Our sex life hasn’t been about your orgasms for a long time.”

I heard him gulp again, and this time without the mouth full of coffee.

“Now, that was just a reminder about not whining. You have yet to be punished.”

His eyes grew wide.

“Here is what’s going to happen. You’ll find that I set up the St. Andrews Cross downstairs while you were out this afternoon. You are going to go downstairs and strip off all of your clothes. The cuffs and locks are there. You can strap your legs in, and your left arm. There is a handcuff hanging there for your right arm. I think you can manage to get it on and closed without my help. You’ll go down and lock yourself to that cross, and wait for me.”

He was growing pale. Excellent.

“When I come down, I am going to make you feel pain like you have never felt it before. Before it is done, you will scream.” I poked his hand with my finger. “You will safeword.” I poked his hand again. “And you will cry.” I poked it one last time. “It will be the worst night of your life. I promise that your cock and balls will be so raw, bloodied and tender that you won’t have any use for them for several weeks. You’ll remember for a very long time that you should not beg to use them.”

“Honey, you don’t have to..”

I raised a finger, and looked at him sharply. He shut up immediately.

“Was that whining?”

He looked angry for a moment, and then lowered his head. “No, ma’am.” He muttered.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

“No, Ma’am. I’m sorry.”

“Yes. You will be.” I said. “Now, go downstairs, and lock yourself to that cross. You’re going to have a long afternoon and night. We might as well get started.”

He looked as if he was about to say something, and then caught himself. Good boy. He glared off into space for just a moment, again, no doubt calculating possibilities and options. After a moment, his shoulders lost their defiant strength. His head lowered a little, and he stood up from the table. He looked at me, longingly, for a moment. Perhaps looking for the Woman I once was. I glanced at him, impassively. With my eyes, I gestured that he should put his coffee mug in the sink.

He stood, pouring the last of the coffee down the drain. He turned toward the door without saying a word. He stopped in the door frame, one hand leaning against it. His back was to me. He looked tired.

“I love you.” He said, looking at the floor.

“I love you, too.” I replied.

He went to the basement.

The End.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fiction: Barely There - Chapter 7

Barely There
Chapter 7
Copyright 2010-2012 by mikecb

They were sitting in Kelly’s apartment, relaxed and chatting. 

“And your period starts on the drive home from your dinner date?” asked Awdie, putting her hand over her mouth in mock horror.

“Ya, no shit. And I had a massive headache, between PMS and the Chinese food.”

“Oh? I didn’t know you have problems with MSG.” Commented Awdie.

“You too? Am I the ONLY person in the world who never heard of this MSG shit?!?” exclaimed Kelly.

“Apparently.” Replied Awdie, with a giggle. “Always order with ‘No MSG’” she said, seriously.

“I’ll keep that in mind, the next time I go for Chinese.” Kelly replied.

“I’ll remind you. When were you planning that? Ten? Twenty years?”

“Ya, that’s about right.” Kelly rolled her eyes, thinking about eating that scary food last night. 

“So, anyway, he takes me home. I tried to send him away. I even tried to give him the keys back.” She looked at Awdie meaningfully. “He wouldn’t hear of it. He insisted on giving me a massage to make me feel better.”

“A massage? Pfft.” She huffed. “Even in your period, he wanted to …” Awdie looked at her friend with a knowing grin.

“No! It wasn’t like that.” Kelly interrupted. “Just a massage!” 

Awdie looked, in disbelief.

“In fact, I was so out of it, I fell asleep. I woke up later, and he was gone. He had tucked me in with Grandma’s afghan, comfortable as can be, and locked the door behind him. Da was curled up on my lap when I woke up this morning.”

Awdie stared at Kelly, uncomprehendingly. “Without the key?” she finally asked.


Awdie tilted her head, staring at he friend. “This guy…”

“Weirdest guy ever… But in a totally perfect way.”

Awdie nodded, seriously. Then, frowned.

“What?” asked Kelly.

“Do you think? I mean. He isn’t faking, is he?”

“What do you mean?”

“The key. Maybe he’s got another one I mean, there can’t be just one, right? Maybe he’s going home and ‘walking the dog’?” 

“Oh, no, he told me about the spare. It’s in a safe deposit box.”

“I don’t get it.” Said Awdie.

“I can’t say I do, either.” Kelly paused for a moment, thinking. A smile crossed her face. “Wanna help me do some research?”

Awdie didn’t know what her friend was talking about, but she liked the devilish grin she was seeing. “You know me. Always willing to assist in an academic pursuit.” She sat up straight, as if such research required more dignified posture.

Kelly grabbed her laptop from the coffee table, and opened up a web browser. She typed “Chastity belts” into the search window, as Awdie moved closer. They both looked intently, as the results popped onto the screen.


“I’m really sorry about last night.” Said Kelly, on the phone. 

“Oh, it’s OK, it’s not your fault.” Replied Jeff. He was sitting in his truck, at the work site. She had called just as he was packing his tools from this job. He was working on the new houses on Columbia Crescent. Several of the houses were complete, now, and he saw a moving van in front of one he had finished wiring just last week. He had just wrapped up the details on this one, and was about to head next door.

“Still, I feel really bad. You must be… I mean, I don’t know how often..”

“Let’s just say I’m a little sleepy, today.” He said with a chuckle.

“Oh, Jeff. I’m sorry!” She sounded genuinely distressed.

“Hey, hey, now. This is exactly what I like about…. This… Being, so… you know…. You shouldn’t feel bad.”

“Yea, I guess that’s what I r.. How I understand it.” She said.

“So, really. It’s OK.” Said Jeff, a little concerned about her mood.

“Ok, if you say it’s OK, I’ll try to believe it!” said Kelly, sounding a bit more upbeat. 

“It’s a deal!” said Jeff, smiling as he sat in his truck. 

“So, are you free tonight?” asked Kelly. “I’ve got Kickboxing class again, but I’ll be home by 7:30 or so.”

“I’m free. I’d love to swing by.”

“Great!” said Kelly. “You know, after all that exercise, my muscles sure do get sore….” She said, leading.

Jeff laughed, picking up the inference immediately. “They do, now do they?” he replied, teasing.

“Yep, they sure do…. Especially my legs.. And my chest. You know, she makes us do a lot of pushups! And my glutes. She’s doing a lot of lunges in class this week.”

“Oh my!” said Jeff, in mock horror. “How do you cope?” His eyes closed, now, leaning back in the seat of the truck, smiling.

“Oh, I just come home… all alone…. And take some ibuprofen for the aches and pains. Let alone the cramps… It’s tough, but you know… it’s just the way it is, I guess….. Nothing to be done…” she let off a mournful sigh. 

“You poor thing.” Said Jeff, in heavy-handed sympathy. He paused a moment, for dramatic effect. “Hey, you know….” Be began. He waited.

“What’s that? You had an idea?” He could hear the mirth in her voice.

“Well, it’s just a theory, mind you, but I think I had heard that massage can help aching muscles.”

“No way!” said Kelly, in mock surprise.

“Way!” said Jeff, unable to suppress a laugh.

“Well, then,” began Kelly, “In the interests of science, perhaps we should pursue this.” She paused. “Say, do you know anyone good at massage. I mean, really, really good?” 

“Hmm.” He paused, pretending to ponder. “I know just the guy. Shall I bring him with me, tonight?”

“You do that!”

Jeff heard a jingling noise in the background. Someone must have just walked into Kelly’s shop.

“7:30 then?” he asked, helping wrap up the conversation.

“7:45, so you’re not waiting in the parking lot. OK?”

“See you then!”


“Bye.” Said Jeff. But he didn’t hang up the phone. He held it, waiting. He listened, not hanging up.

Muffled. “Hi Suze. Just a minute!” A moment later, whispered loudly. “Hang up!”

“No, you hang up!” he retorted, in a similar loud whisper. He was grinning maniacally.

“Bastard!” he heard her giggling as the phone clicked off.

Jeff’s phone showed “Call Ended.” He smiled, and lowered it to his lap. Closing his eyes, he leaned back against the headrest again, contentedly. He replayed the conversation back in his head a dozen times before he finally got back to work. He could never recall being so happy. 

He noticed his cock was throbbing in its stainless steel prison.


 Jeff arrived about 10 minutes early, but was grateful to see Kelly’s car was already in front of her apartment. He didn’t want to seem over-eager by being there before her. In fact, he sat in the truck for an extra few minutes, just to make sure he didn’t inconvenience her by arriving too early.

As Jeff sat in the truck, he still heard the echos of their delightful conversation in his head. She obviously had enjoyed the massage he gave her last night, even with her tremendous headache. She had invited him to come over and give her another massage this evening. Jeff assumed sex was not in the cards for tonight. She was in her period, and though he would be happy to please her in any way he could, oral sex would be off the menu. Though horny as hell, Jeff had no interest in intercourse with Kelly, if he couldn’t bring her to climax first. He didn’t have confidence that he could get her there through intercourse alone. That would be a tall order, this early in their relationship. He didn’t know her body that well. So, Jeff mentally prepared himself for a relaxing but sexless evening, as he expected to give her a nice massage to soothe her aching muscles.

Punctually, Jeff rang her doorbell at 7:45. The door opened immediately. She had been waiting just on the other side.

Kelly was grinning, standing in the doorway. “Why did you sit in your truck for 10 minutes, silly! I heard you pulling up. That big diesel isn’t exactly stealthy!” She was looking up at him with an amused expression.

Jeff stood stunned. Kelly was standing in her doorway, in full view of the parking lot, completely nude!

Jeff’s head whipped around, checking to make sure no one saw Kelly, and then he stepped closer to her, obstructing the view. Kelly misread his approach, and put her arms around him, embracing Jeff in a hug. Jeff was stalled, there, still trapped in the doorway with his naked girlfriend. She seemed oblivious to the scene she was creating.

“Let’s get you inside.” Said Jeff, anxiously. 

Kelly looked confused. “Uh, sure, c’mon in.” She said. Jeff stepped in, and still looking confused by his manner, she pulled the door shut.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

Jeff was a little flustered. “I.. Uh.. Just… Aren’t you a little… I mean… you’re naked.. The parking lot… people might…”

“Oh!” exclaimed Kelly, with a bemused expression. “Another nudity hangup thing.” She paused, as a concerned look began to cross her face. “You’re not… uncomfortable with nudity, are you?”

Still flustered, Jeff began. “Well, no. I mean.. It’s just that… the parking lot. Other people might not…”

“Oh!” said Kelly, a smile returning to her face. She took his hand. “Come on in!” 

Kelly led Jeff into the apartment, dropping that conversation in the middle. Jeff was struggling for words when Da trotted up, and slammed into Jeff’s leg, nearly making him trip. Da purred loudly.

“Oh, Hi Da.” 

The fat cat rubbed his chin against Jeff’s leg, squishing his eyes shut, purring contentedly.

Kelly smiled as Jeff knelt down and gave her cat a scratch behind the ears. “He likes you, I think.”

“Funny. I’ve never even fed him! I’m not really a cat person.”

“Yea, for most cats it’s that way. The less you like cats, the more they seem to get in your face! Still, I think Da is a ‘People Person.’ He seems to like everyone!” 

“I noticed! He said ‘goodnight’ yesterday, and then he was up in your lap cuddling before I even got out the door!"

“He’s a good boy!”

Jeff smiled, awkwardly, as he stood again. Kelly stood naked before him. She took his hand.

“Come on in. I’m sorry I wasn’t a very good hostess last night. Can I get you anything? A beer or something? Make yourself comfortable!” She pulled him toward the living room.

“I’m OK, thanks.” Said Jeff. A nice glass of wine would have been nice, but he had serious doubts that she’d have anything other than beer.

“Yea, you probably want some snooty wine or something!” said Kelly, perceptively. “You’ll have to write down a few of your favorites, so I can have some around the house for you.”

Jeff smiled, but didn’t disagree. “Yea, I’m pretty darn snooty! I’ll make you a list.. Shall I start with the really expensive stuff?”

“Nothing more than $90 per bottle.” Said Kelly, with a grin.

Jeff stopped short. Kelly had inadvertently, he thought, picked an expensive bottle of wine when she came to lunch on their first date. The bottle she had chosen was nearly $90. He hadn’t told her how much it cost. Jeff looked at her, confused. Did she know how much that bottle was worth?

“Oh, I know…” said Kelly, as if reading his mind. She smiled devilishly. “I peeled off the price tag before I brought it out Into the kitchen.”

“But… why?… “ Jeff began. He was confused.

“Well, you said to pick any bottle.. Besides, let’s just say it was a little test… one which you passed with flying colors, by the way!”

Jeff looked at her for a long moment, and then shook his head. He was a little miffed by the deception, but yet, captivated by her ingenuity. “Best investment I ever made!” he resolved, smiling now.

Kelly looked at him seriously. “It may be too early to tell, but the signs are good.” She drew him close, and pulled his head down to kiss her.

Jeff was more than happy to oblige. He leaned down and kissed this beautiful girl. It felt awkward,still. She was nearly a foot shorter than him. He wrapped his arms under hers and pulled her upward. She deftly lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. She melted into his embrace, and kissed him even more passionately. Jeff lost himself in those lips he dreamed of, just the night before. Her warm naked flesh, writhing against his chest brought an automatic response from his reptile brain. He grunted in response to the passion which rapidly flared within him. His cock grew hard within its steel prison.

“Carry me into the bedroom and get those clothes off!” Kelly demanded. 

“But your period… Are you sure you..” Began Jeff.

Before he could even react, Kelly lunged head downward and bit the meaty part of his shoulder, right through his shirt. Painfully!

“Ow!” exclaimed Jeff, his eyes popping wide open.

Kelly, still held naked against his chest, reached around and grabbed his hair from behind. She pulled his face away from hers. “That wasn’t a request!” she barked.

Jeff physically shuddered. The sudden jolt of pain and her commanding presence immediately slammed his psyche into subspace. His cock inflamed, straining against its stainless steel confinement. His heart fluttered and breath grew short. He stood, still motionless, oblivious to her weight as he held her petite naked body against his own. He looked at her through new eyes. No woman had ever evoked such a strong physical response from him, ever. He was stunned. Speechless.

“I feel you shaking, boy. Good. Now carry me to the bedroom.”

Jeff was at a loss for words. His body was aflame with passion, and adrenaline coursed through his veins. He carried her down the hallway to where he presumed her bedroom was. He had never been there.

Kelly smiled, looking at his face as he began to move. “Isn’t it customary to acknowledge a command, boy?”

Jeff drew a sharp breath. “Umm. Yes.. Yes, Ma’am.”

“That’s better. Now set me down.” 

They had arrived in her bedroom. Kelly had a queen sized bed. Like the rest of her house, the room was hardly spotless. There were odd things left here and there. Jeff saw an empty beer can on the dresser, a pair of jeans laying on the floor beside the bed, and a heap of books and magazines on her bedside table.

Jeff gently lowered her, as she unwrapped her legs from around his waist. Before he could speak, Kelly was pointing toward the bed.

“Naked. Bed. Now!” Kelly turned away, and stepped down the short hall to the bathroom, pulling the door shut behind her. 

Jeff was a little stunned. He hadn’t expected the evening to go this way. Her sudden assertiveness was an enormous turn-on. He found that he already had his shirt off and was sitting on the corner of the bed pulling off his shoes before he even made the conscious decision to do so. His hands shook as undid his shoelaces, and pulled off his sneakers. He quickly pulled off his pants and underwear. Naked, now, except for his chastity tube, he climbed into the bed. He paused for a moment, trying to decide if he should climb beneath the covers. Somehow, he suspected she wanted him in full view. He pushed a pillow out of the way, and sat upward on the bed, with his back against the headboard. He had no sooner arranged himself, when he heard the bathroom door open.

Kelly had a small box in her hands. She set it on her dresser, and crawled onto the end of the bed, lithely toward Jeff. Her predatory look as she crawled across the bed toward him did nothing to relieve the growing pressure in his loins. Her red hair was loose, again, falling to either side of her head as she crawled across the bed. Her breasts swung slightly, with the pinkness of her nipples highlighting her smooth skin. His eyes were once again drawn to the profusion of freckles on her shoulders, and nose. As she grew closer, his eyes locked with hers. It felt like an electric current passed between them, though she did not speak. As she got close, she grabbed both of his wrists, and held them down at his side, as she leaned forward. His arms pinned, her face inches from his. She leaned forward, tilting her head slightly. Jeff’s entire consciousness shifted toward those lips. Plump. Succulent. Kissable. 

She pressed her mouth to his. Hard. His head pushed back against the headboard, as Kelly leaned in, mashing her face against him. It wasn’t sensual anymore. It was animal. Her tongue burst into his mouth, probing, swirling. He kissed her back, his own tongue dancing with hers. His breathing restricted, he struggled to draw air through his nose, while her mouth enveloped his own. Suddenly, Kelly pulled back, gasping for air herself. After just a moment’s pause, she lunged forward again, this time taking his lower lip between hers. Jeff yelped, as she suddenly bit down. Not too hard, but enough to get his attention. His cock began to pulse and bob within his chastity tube. The sensation was exquisite torture.

Kelly pulled her lips away, even as Jeff reached out with his own, straining to maintain contact. Her forehead against his, her breath short, she lowered her lap onto his, pressing her vulva against his chastity tube. She began to grind herself against him.

“Do you know what I need, now?” she asked, breathlessly.

Jeff’s heart was pounding in his chest. His whole body was coursing with adrenaline as his body screamed for just a little more stimulation.

“Oh, I want to give it to you!” he responded.

“I was hoping you would!” she replied. Then, suddenly, she pulled away. 

Before Jeff could even register what was happening, Kelly slid across the bed and grabbed a bottle off the bedside table. She lie on her back, and offered the bottle to him. It was massage oil.

“I’m ready for my massage now.” She began. She set the bottle in Jeff’s shaking hand, stretched out beside him, closing her eyes. “Can you start with my quads?”

Jeff sat, gaping at her, as she smiled with her eyes closed. After a moment, he regained his senses and climbed up onto his knees. Ropes of precum dribbled down his leg, as his cock pinched painfully inside his chastity tube. He winced, quivering from head to toe.

End Chapter 7

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fiction: That was easy!

“That was easy!”
Copyright 2012 by mikecb

I was leaving my bedroom and walked past my keysafe, near the door. The big red plastic button was there, as always, taunting me. It was from Staples, the local office supply chain. It was about 3 inches in diameter, and two inches high. It was glued to the top of the safe, obscuring the pair of wires that went through a small hole to the circuit board inside. The words “That was easy!” were cast into the red plastic button top, and filled with white paint. The paint was beginning to look a little dingy, from repeated pressing of the button. These buttons had been used as a promotional gimmick by the store, as they advertised how easy it was to do business with them - as easy as pressing a button.

My heart thudded in my chest. I was so fucking horny this morning that my hands were shaking. Fondling my stainless steel encased cock before I got up did not help matters. I turned to walk by, and stopped. 

“No. I’ve got to stop!” I growled at myself. I stepped through the doorway into the hall.

A moment later, I turned and lunged at the button. I hit it, angrily. It made a loud audible click, and then. “That was easy!”. The cheerful words emanated from the innards of the button.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed.

I leaned against the top of the safe, now, my eyes closed. I whimpered. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” A tear rolled down my cheek, as I strode from my bedroom and began my day.


It had started as a way to enhance my chastity self-play. I had built a keysafe, and put in a circuit board that allowed me to program a release day. I would set it to one or two days, or even a week, and then lock my keys inside. It was great fun, for a guy like me. I’m not at all good looking, and rather fat besides. Creeping up on 40, my chances at a girlfriend were low. My chances at finding a girlfriend who would indulge my chastity belt fantasies were just about non-existent. So, I used my technical knowhow to build my own electronic “keyholder”.

Now, I’m not an idiot. I wouldn’t lock my only keys in there without a means of retrieval. So, at first I had tried keeping my emergency key locked at my office. I cheated. I couldn’t help myself. I’d take the key, and open my chastity tube before the timer would expire. I even tried leaving a key at my Mom’s place, hidden away. That didn’t work either. I would go to visit, even if she wasn’t home, and take the key back. 

Finally, I hit upon an idea. I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I’ve done fairly regular business with a prostitute. Amanda is her name. Amanda is smart and beautiful. When we first met, nearly ten years ago, she was just getting into the business. We had a pretty regular client/provider relationship for about five years. Then, she started to ease out of the business, for sex at least. She had a number of clients into BDSM, and she became an accomplished dominatrix. Knowing that her looks wouldn’t last forever, and also being sensible about the risks, she made the switch to working as a Professional Dominatrix. She went fully above board, and no longer slept with her clients.

Well, Amanda and I didn’t have sex anymore, and though I like some of the kinky stuff, I’m certainly not in the central demographic for her submissive customers. However, she was more than willing to act as an emergency key holder. The deal was really quite simple. I gave her the key, and $300. If I ever asked for the key, she would give it back to me immediately, but she would keep the $300. I figured that was enough of a disincentive to keep me from asking for the key without good reason. She would hold the key as long as I wanted. She was a professional with no intention of moving out of town. The deal might literally last years, so in that respect it would be a small investment, but it gave me peace of mind that a key was available in an emergency.

So, with Amanda holding the key, I self-locked with my keysafe. A few days here, a few days there. I went a week a few times, and even two weeks once. I could wear my tube just about indefinitely. It’s more of a cage than a tube, and I can wash thoroughly, but I simply can’t remove it or climax while I’m wearing it. My PA piercing assures that I can’t pull out of it.

So even though there were no hygiene issues, or other reasons I couldn’t go longer, I could never screw up the courage to do it. But how I fantasized! Every time I got out of the tube, I would jerk off, dreaming of going three weeks, a month, longer… It was my hottest fantasy.

One day, I was buying a copy of Turbotax at Staples, and I saw the button. The idea popped into my head completely unbidden. I couldn’t screw up the courage to commit to a long lockup, but what if I could make it easy to just add another day? I could start out small, but when I felt brave, I could hit a button, and “poof”, my lockup would be extended.

Well, I went home with a boner, just thinking about it. My keysafe opened two days later, and I must have jerked off ten times in the next day fantasizing. 

It was really simple. I bought the button. I wired it in. I modified my software slightly, and it was done. I set my keysafe to two days, and locked the door.

A moment later, grinning, I pushed the button. “That was easy!” it exclaimed. I was now locked for three days.

I lay in bed that night, stroking myself through my stainless steel cage. It was such a simple thing. Just press the button. It didn’t change much. Just a single day. It wasn’t a huge commitment!

I awoke four hours later, with an epic case of blueballs. I giggled at my own self-induced dilemma as I went to the bathroom. As I walked by, I saw the safe again.

“That was easy!”

My heart lurched in my chest. What a turn-on! Four days. Well, that was no big deal. I had done it many times before.

I went back to bed, smiling and horny.


“That was easy!”

It was like a drug. Every time I hit the button, I got this instant rush of hormones and adrenaline. I was hitting it a LOT. 

After a week, I realized I had a problem. I called Amanda and explained the situation. She laughed so loud I had to hold the phone away from my ear.

“You can come pick up the key anytime, honey. But if you want me to hold it for you again, the price is $400 next time. In the mean time, if you want a session with me, some of the boys say that a good thrashing can take the edge off those pent up hormones. I’ll take good care of you. I won’t charge my usual rate, either. You’ve been a loyal customer for a long time. I like you a lot! 30% discount for you, darling." She chuckled on the phone.

I tried to laugh along with her, but my stomach was churning. I thanked her, and hung up. I didn’t make plans to get the key. I could beat this. I was sure of it. I walked back into my bedroom after I hung up the phone.

“That was easy!”


That was six months ago.

So, my cock is drooling constantly, encased in this stainless steel prison. Sure, I could cut off the lock, or go get the key from Amanda, but what would be the point of that? It would be throwing away the most sexually satisfying thing in my life.

“That was easy!”
As I stared down at my keysafe, I wondered how many days were built up? Some days, I hit it two or three times. I had kept count for a while until that night I got drunk. I still remember the sound of my drunken tantrum.

“Tha-tha-th-that was eas-that was-tha-that was easy!”

I have no idea how many times I hit the button. I gave up counting after that.

What was it up to? I’d been locked for over 160 days. The count, though. It was surely in the hundreds, still. I probably added two or three days for each day that passed.

I stood, staring down at the button. I thought about it realistically. When I was honest with myself, it was more than two or three times each day. Way more. What was the total? A thousand? It was probably around a thousand. A tear rolled down my cheek. Three years more, if I stopped right now. I should quit! I should cut off the lock, or go get the key. This was ridiculous! 

But, why stop? I was more sexually aroused than I had ever been in my life. My body was on fire! I had no woman, and no prospects. What was my cock good for, aside from making me horny? I was horny alright! More horny than I had ever been in my life. In an odd way, I was more sexually satisfied than I had ever been!

I stared down at the button. What did pressing the button cost me, now? It added one thousandth to the total time. That was 0.1%. Nothing. Minuscule. My cock grew hard again, straining against the stainless steel.

“That was easy!”

The End