Monday, March 5, 2012

Fiction: That was easy!

“That was easy!”
Copyright 2012 by mikecb

I was leaving my bedroom and walked past my keysafe, near the door. The big red plastic button was there, as always, taunting me. It was from Staples, the local office supply chain. It was about 3 inches in diameter, and two inches high. It was glued to the top of the safe, obscuring the pair of wires that went through a small hole to the circuit board inside. The words “That was easy!” were cast into the red plastic button top, and filled with white paint. The paint was beginning to look a little dingy, from repeated pressing of the button. These buttons had been used as a promotional gimmick by the store, as they advertised how easy it was to do business with them - as easy as pressing a button.

My heart thudded in my chest. I was so fucking horny this morning that my hands were shaking. Fondling my stainless steel encased cock before I got up did not help matters. I turned to walk by, and stopped. 

“No. I’ve got to stop!” I growled at myself. I stepped through the doorway into the hall.

A moment later, I turned and lunged at the button. I hit it, angrily. It made a loud audible click, and then. “That was easy!”. The cheerful words emanated from the innards of the button.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed.

I leaned against the top of the safe, now, my eyes closed. I whimpered. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” A tear rolled down my cheek, as I strode from my bedroom and began my day.


It had started as a way to enhance my chastity self-play. I had built a keysafe, and put in a circuit board that allowed me to program a release day. I would set it to one or two days, or even a week, and then lock my keys inside. It was great fun, for a guy like me. I’m not at all good looking, and rather fat besides. Creeping up on 40, my chances at a girlfriend were low. My chances at finding a girlfriend who would indulge my chastity belt fantasies were just about non-existent. So, I used my technical knowhow to build my own electronic “keyholder”.

Now, I’m not an idiot. I wouldn’t lock my only keys in there without a means of retrieval. So, at first I had tried keeping my emergency key locked at my office. I cheated. I couldn’t help myself. I’d take the key, and open my chastity tube before the timer would expire. I even tried leaving a key at my Mom’s place, hidden away. That didn’t work either. I would go to visit, even if she wasn’t home, and take the key back. 

Finally, I hit upon an idea. I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I’ve done fairly regular business with a prostitute. Amanda is her name. Amanda is smart and beautiful. When we first met, nearly ten years ago, she was just getting into the business. We had a pretty regular client/provider relationship for about five years. Then, she started to ease out of the business, for sex at least. She had a number of clients into BDSM, and she became an accomplished dominatrix. Knowing that her looks wouldn’t last forever, and also being sensible about the risks, she made the switch to working as a Professional Dominatrix. She went fully above board, and no longer slept with her clients.

Well, Amanda and I didn’t have sex anymore, and though I like some of the kinky stuff, I’m certainly not in the central demographic for her submissive customers. However, she was more than willing to act as an emergency key holder. The deal was really quite simple. I gave her the key, and $300. If I ever asked for the key, she would give it back to me immediately, but she would keep the $300. I figured that was enough of a disincentive to keep me from asking for the key without good reason. She would hold the key as long as I wanted. She was a professional with no intention of moving out of town. The deal might literally last years, so in that respect it would be a small investment, but it gave me peace of mind that a key was available in an emergency.

So, with Amanda holding the key, I self-locked with my keysafe. A few days here, a few days there. I went a week a few times, and even two weeks once. I could wear my tube just about indefinitely. It’s more of a cage than a tube, and I can wash thoroughly, but I simply can’t remove it or climax while I’m wearing it. My PA piercing assures that I can’t pull out of it.

So even though there were no hygiene issues, or other reasons I couldn’t go longer, I could never screw up the courage to do it. But how I fantasized! Every time I got out of the tube, I would jerk off, dreaming of going three weeks, a month, longer… It was my hottest fantasy.

One day, I was buying a copy of Turbotax at Staples, and I saw the button. The idea popped into my head completely unbidden. I couldn’t screw up the courage to commit to a long lockup, but what if I could make it easy to just add another day? I could start out small, but when I felt brave, I could hit a button, and “poof”, my lockup would be extended.

Well, I went home with a boner, just thinking about it. My keysafe opened two days later, and I must have jerked off ten times in the next day fantasizing. 

It was really simple. I bought the button. I wired it in. I modified my software slightly, and it was done. I set my keysafe to two days, and locked the door.

A moment later, grinning, I pushed the button. “That was easy!” it exclaimed. I was now locked for three days.

I lay in bed that night, stroking myself through my stainless steel cage. It was such a simple thing. Just press the button. It didn’t change much. Just a single day. It wasn’t a huge commitment!

I awoke four hours later, with an epic case of blueballs. I giggled at my own self-induced dilemma as I went to the bathroom. As I walked by, I saw the safe again.

“That was easy!”

My heart lurched in my chest. What a turn-on! Four days. Well, that was no big deal. I had done it many times before.

I went back to bed, smiling and horny.


“That was easy!”

It was like a drug. Every time I hit the button, I got this instant rush of hormones and adrenaline. I was hitting it a LOT. 

After a week, I realized I had a problem. I called Amanda and explained the situation. She laughed so loud I had to hold the phone away from my ear.

“You can come pick up the key anytime, honey. But if you want me to hold it for you again, the price is $400 next time. In the mean time, if you want a session with me, some of the boys say that a good thrashing can take the edge off those pent up hormones. I’ll take good care of you. I won’t charge my usual rate, either. You’ve been a loyal customer for a long time. I like you a lot! 30% discount for you, darling." She chuckled on the phone.

I tried to laugh along with her, but my stomach was churning. I thanked her, and hung up. I didn’t make plans to get the key. I could beat this. I was sure of it. I walked back into my bedroom after I hung up the phone.

“That was easy!”


That was six months ago.

So, my cock is drooling constantly, encased in this stainless steel prison. Sure, I could cut off the lock, or go get the key from Amanda, but what would be the point of that? It would be throwing away the most sexually satisfying thing in my life.

“That was easy!”
As I stared down at my keysafe, I wondered how many days were built up? Some days, I hit it two or three times. I had kept count for a while until that night I got drunk. I still remember the sound of my drunken tantrum.

“Tha-tha-th-that was eas-that was-tha-that was easy!”

I have no idea how many times I hit the button. I gave up counting after that.

What was it up to? I’d been locked for over 160 days. The count, though. It was surely in the hundreds, still. I probably added two or three days for each day that passed.

I stood, staring down at the button. I thought about it realistically. When I was honest with myself, it was more than two or three times each day. Way more. What was the total? A thousand? It was probably around a thousand. A tear rolled down my cheek. Three years more, if I stopped right now. I should quit! I should cut off the lock, or go get the key. This was ridiculous! 

But, why stop? I was more sexually aroused than I had ever been in my life. My body was on fire! I had no woman, and no prospects. What was my cock good for, aside from making me horny? I was horny alright! More horny than I had ever been in my life. In an odd way, I was more sexually satisfied than I had ever been!

I stared down at the button. What did pressing the button cost me, now? It added one thousandth to the total time. That was 0.1%. Nothing. Minuscule. My cock grew hard again, straining against the stainless steel.

“That was easy!”

The End