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Fiction: Barely There - Chapter 6

Barely There
Chapter 6
Copyright 2010-2012 by mikecb

Jeff must have checked his phone for the fifteenth time, this afternoon. After sending flowers of to Kelly, he decided to just go back to his house and finish that bottle of wine. He was too wound up, horny, and distracted to go work on someone’s wiring. All he had to do was some new construction stuff, and he had plenty of time to work that in.
He found his phone in his hand a number of times, and forced himself to set it back down. He resisted the temptation to send a text. He had sent flowers. The next move should be hers. He didn’t want to make a nuisance of himself. Still, he was desperate to know if she was still “on board” with this relationship, or if she had come to her senses and wanted to end things before they progressed any farther.

So, he sat in his home office, sipping wine, and struggling with his taxes. He figured he was probably due a refund, but all the record keeping and figures just drove him crazy. He really should hire an accountant, but he just assumed that he was being lazy. Taxes weren’t rocket science, after all! Even for a small business owner!

He was walking to the kitchen to find another bottle of wine and think about fixing some dinner, when he heard a car out by the driveway. He glanced out the window, only to see that a small red Subaru had just backed out of his drive, and quickly accelerated down the road. 

He trotted through the garage and opened the side door, hoping to catch the person, but they had already driven out of sight around the corner. 

He turned to re-enter the garage, when he spotted a paper bag on stoop. The door had brushed it aside when he had hastily stepped outside. He picked it up, gingerly, with two fingers. It was a McDonald’s Happy Meal bag. It was stapled shut.

Still standing outside, hoping this wasn’t some kind of prank, he opened the bag. Inside, he found a post-it note attached to a box. The post-it said:

“This is how rednecks give presents! - K”

The post-it was attached to a box of twelve condoms.

Jeff stood on his front step, staring for a moment, and then burst into laughter. A second later, he felt his cell phone vibrating in his pocket. He pulled it out to see a text message from Kelly.

Late for Kickboxing class. I left you a present on your porch. See you Tomorrow night?”

“Absolutely!” he texted back. “Call me later?”

The didn’t respond right away, but he figured she was rushing to get ready for her class. He fixed his own dinner, poured more wine, and went back to his taxes.


Jeff pulled up to the store the next day at about 6:00pm, as he and Kelly had arranged by phone last night. 

It had begun as an awkward conversation, each still in shock at the suddenness of it all. Still, within minutes, Jeff was at ease, laughing and talking about his day struggling with his taxes. She, in turn, talked about her afternoon at the shop. She mentioned her best friend. He had to ask her to spell the name - “Awdie”. She and Kelly had been friends since childhood. Kelly couldn’t yet pronounce “Audrey” when they met as toddlers. She had been “Awdie” ever since, not only to Kelly, but to her own family as well.
He learned a fair bit about Kelly, Awdie and their childhoods together. “You’re probably going to get the stink-eye when you meet her.” Kelly had said. “My skill at choosing boyfriends was, well, not so good in the past. They had a good chuckle over that.
Jeff had talked about his small family. An only child, his parent’s lived in New Hampshire. He figured he could start an electrical contracting business just about anywhere, so he eventually settled here, after falling in love with the area while visiting Myrtle Beach three summers ago.
They had talked for so long on the phone that it got a little silly. He felt like a teenager. She apparently did too, because when he said “OK, you need to hang up now.” She quickly quipped “No, you hang up!” “No you!” “No, you hang up!” How they laughed!
Jeff lie in bed, after the phone call, buzzing from the easy and pleasant conversation. His hand naturally drifted below the waist, as he tried to fall asleep. He grew hard in his chastity tube. Unlike his previous experience with self-locking, he was not in control of this situation. Sure, there were times when he was locked longer than expected due to delays in getting to his key, but he was still in control. Now he wasn’t. Kelly could decide. That excited him even more. He began fondling his balls and trying to touch himself around the tube, which only made matters worse. Sleep was a long time in coming.
Now the next day, Jeff didn’t see Kelly immediately as he pulled before the store, so he hopped out and went to the door. It felt less awkward going into a waxing salon, now that he was dating the proprietor. The door jingled as he stepped in. He didn’t see Kelly, but instead, an attractive blond woman was behind the counter.
He made a guess. “Awdie?” he asked.
“You must be Jeff” she said. She had a somewhat smug smile on her face as she came around the corner to greet him. He was surprised to receive a hug on their first meeting. “Have a cup of coffee? My best friend seems to have regressed to a fifteen year old in the last twenty four hours. She’s out back primping and preening herself.” She finished.
Jeff felt her eyes boring into him as he went over to the coffee pot and poured a cup. With a quick sip, he confirmed that the brew was once again exceptional. He glanced up to see Awdie still staring at him. “Do you need a top up?” he asked, gesturing with toward the pot.
“Oh, no thanks. I try not to, after six. The kids keep me up enough as it is!”
Jeff felt uncomfortable with Awdie, not only because he didn’t know her, but because of the way she kept looking at his crotch. It was always this way, of course. Whenever he was out and about in his chastity tube, it felt like everyone could see a telltale bulge. Even after a few years of fairly regular wear, he still felt self-conscious about it. It was funny how the imagination could play tricks on you!
“Kelly told me. Two kids, right? Boy and a girl?”
Jeff’s deflection worked. Suddenly, Awdie smiled broadly. “Yes, Katie and Georgie. They’re three and five now.”  Her mood brightened almost immediately, talking about her kids. “My husband stays home with them when I come here in the afternoons. He works 6 days a week, but he gets home by 2:30-3:00, and takes a turn with them. It gets me out of the house for a few hours. He’s so good with them!”
Just then, Kelly came out of the back room. “Jeff!” she exclaimed, and ran across the waiting room to embrace him. He was taken aback, slightly. His own family wasn’t very demonstrative, and suddenly he had gotten two hugs in under five minutes. He hugged her back, awkwardly. Her head didn’t even come up to his chin. She seemed content to bury her face against his chest.
“OK, you two love birds have fun!” said Awdie with a chuckle. “I’ll lock up.”
“See ya Hon!” exclaimed Kelly, as she pulled Jeff by the hand toward the door.
Kelly giggled as Jeff opened the door to his truck for her, and helped her in. She wasn’t used to this sort of attention, she claimed. Jeff reminded her that he was just being practical, as he hadn’t brought along a step ladder. That earned him mock look of indignation and a giggle.
They had agreed to “Kelly’s choice” for dinner tonight. She was being tight-lipped, simply providing turn by turn directions. Jeff had a moment of anxiety as they approached the junk food strip, in town, but instead she had him turn left into a respectable Chinese restaurant. He’d eaten here before, and liked it very much.
Jeff kept his guess to himself, but was unsurprised when Kelly ordered the Sweet and Sour chicken. That was a pretty typical dish for people who are skittish about Chinese food. He ordered a duck dish. His accurate pronunciation of the Chinese name earned him a pleased smile from the waitress. Their drinks arrived. Kelly had ordered a rum drink, and it came with a little umbrella in it. Jeff had ordered sake and green tea. He was pleased that the sake was served slightly warmed.
The food took a little time, probably because Duck wasn’t frequently ordered. When it arrived, however, the duck was exceptional. Jeff couldn’t get Kelly to taste it, however. She claimed that the sweet and sour chicken was good as well, though. They ate and enjoyed light banter. After a while, however, Kelly grew quiet.
“Are you feeling OK?” asked Jeff. “You look a little pale.”
“Oh, just a bit of a headache. I get them, sometimes. I don’t know why it seems to happen when I have Chinese.”
“Oh. Are you sensitive to MSG?” he asked.
“What’s that?”
“MSG. It’s a flavor additive. A lot of Chinese food is laced with MSG, unless you ask them to leave it out. Some people are sensitive and get headaches.”
“No way!”
“You mean that’s why I get headaches from Chinese all the time? I mean… I would have preferred McDonald’s, but I figured that was a little …. off your normal menu.”
“Good guess!” chuckled Jeff.
The restaurant was growing a little loud, as a group of college kids came in and set up on a large table nearby. Kelly was looking downright uncomfortable.
“Should we get away from this noise?” asked Jeff.
“Yea. Let’s go to my place.” Sighed Kelly. “And don’t give me any shit about the bill. I picked. It’s my night!”
“Yes, Ma’am”. Said Jeff, acquiescing without a fight. “Can I leave the tip, Ma’am?” he asked, grinning.
“No, you may not!” exclaimed Kelly, also grinning.
Kelly squared up the bill. Jeff was pleased to see that she left a generous 25% tip, while he pretended not to notice.
Jeff helped her into his truck, and she gave directions to her place. Even while in transit, she became more quiet and began rubbing her head.
“Oh, you gotta be shitting me!” she exclaimed, as she squirmed in the passenger seat.
“What?” asked Jeff, as he pulled into her apartment complex.
“That one.” She said, pointing to her apartment door. He noticed her red Subaru parked in front.
He looked at her again, asking with his eyes what might be the matter?
“My period. It just started.” She said, with obvious frustration in her voice. She was still holding her temple. “Look,” she said. “Why don’t you just drop me off. My romantic plans for the evening are definitely off the table. I just want to go to bed” She paused. “I’m sorry. “ She sighed again. “Let me give you your key. I had planned… well…. You know… It’s not fair to you.”
Jeff snorted. “Let’s get you home. Don’t worry about me.”
He opened the passenger door and helped her down, and got her into her apartment. It was one half of a duplex. It was small, but comfortable. Kelly was obviously not a neat freak. It looked comfortably lived in. The living room had an enormous flat screen TV in it. He was unsurprised to see that there was Nascar memorabilia scattered around.
Before they could even get into the door, an enormous fat cat came trundling up and began rubbing both of their legs. Jeff didn’t know much about cats, but this one was obviously quite affectionate. It’s long red hair was quite elegant. The cat was so big, it nearly knocked his leg out from under him. It rubbed against him, roughly.
Kelly knelt down. “Hi, Da.” She began. “This is Jeff.” She rubbed the kitty vigorously behind the ears. It’s purring was loud and deep. His eyes squeezed shut as she rubbed his neck.
“Hi Da.” Said Jeff, kneeling beside Kelly. You’re a big kitty!
“Maine coon.” Said Kelly. “He’s a great guy.”
“I see that.” Replied Jeff, giving the cat a rub on the back. He was rewarded with a head-butt to his hand, and an affectionate purr.
Kelly stood up, and made her way into the apartment.
“Would a head or neck rub help?” he asked, as they walked into the living room.
“Yea, it would, I guess. Listen, why don’t you just head home. I’m not going to be much company.” She said.
“Nonsense. You go wash up and get comfortable. I’ll give you a little massage. No sex tonight. No obligation. I just want to help you feel better. Then I’ll head home and let you rest.
Kelly looked at him for a long moment, then just grunted and went down the hall to the bathroom. While he waited, Jeff sat in the living room and looked around a little. There was a pile of magazines stacked near the couch, with an empty can of Pabst Blue Ribbon on top. He leafed through and found “Glamour” and “Woman’s Day” and “NASCAR Illustrated”, but was surprised to find “Entrepreneur” and “CPA Journal”.
It was only a few minutes when Kelly came down the hall. Jeff was stunned to see she was completely naked. She had even removed the tie from her simple pony tail. Her silky hair now draped straight down to her shoulder blades. A few locks had fallen across her front, the bright red streaks contrasting with her light golden skin.
“What?…..” he asked.
She looked confused. “What what?” she asked. She sat down in on the couch, beside him.
“Umm. Well, I thought you weren’t…” he began.
“Well. In the mood?”
“Oh, I’m not”. She replied. “I’m just comfortable.”
“Oh….” Said Jeff, with some confusion. He wasn’t used to people walking around completely nude, let alone a girl he’d known for just over a day.
She blinked her eyes, heavily, and smiled. “People get so confused by nudity. I just don’t get it.” She shook her head, as if to clear the thought. “I took some pills to take the edge off my headache. You promised me a neck rub? I’d really like that.” Her eyes were heavy, already. Probably more from the pain, than from the effects of any medication.
“Oh, absolutely!” exclaimed Jeff, jumping to his feet.
The sofa was in the center of the room. There was space between it and a book case, against the wall. Jeff took a position behind the sofa, gaining easy access to her neck and shoulders She sat upright, with her head tilted forward. Her red hair cascaded over her freckled shoulders. Jeff had easy access to her shoulders and neck. He began to expertly kneed them.
“Oh, that’s nice.” She sighed, eyes closed.
Jeff’s eyes couldn’t help but wander down her body. Her cheeks were pale and ashen, though the rest of her body was as spectacular has he remembered. He was surprised she wasn’t wearing panties, since she said her period had started. He assumed she must be wearing a tampon. He smiled, and kept working. He pressed his fingers to her temples, and made small circles. As she purred quietly, he enjoyed drinking in the sight of her. Her even, light, golden complexion seemed discordant with her fiery red hair. She must tan. Her freckles were most prevalent at her shoulders and on her face. Her torso was sprinkled with freckles, but not in profusion. He admired the curve of her breasts, looking down from above. Her pink areolas and nipples, slightly protruding, drew his admiration. Even from above, at this angle, he could see her large labia. Her clitoral hood looked almost like a small penis, protruding between her legs. He had never seen a girl which such large, externalized, labia. He was captivated. His cock pulsed gently, in its tube, though he didn’t suffer a painful erection. He was just aroused by the sight of such a beautiful woman.
Jeff worked her shoulders and upper back for a while, then gently guided her to lean back against the couch, so that he could work on her temples. Her face was pointed slightly upward now, as he worked his thumbs against her forehead. She didn’t open her eyes, but a slight smile was imprinted on her lips. Jeff’s eyes were drawn to them. How he wanted to kiss them. She spoke just one last time.
“That feelsh sho good.” She cooed, quietly.
A moment later, her head lolled to once side, and she was asleep. Jeff continued rubbing her temples and the sides of her neck, gently, as he scanned the room. Spotting what he was looking for, he gently broke contact with her, and picked up a small afghan he saw draped on the back of the easy chair. He draped it gently over her, pulling it up under her chin. She stirred slightly, pulling her arms to her chest beneath the blanket, but otherwise didn’t awaken. Jeff heard her breathing deepen.
Smiling, Jeff quietly made his way to the door. Da appeared, and sat patiently awaiting a rub on the head, before heading back into the apartment. Jeff winced as he saw the enormous cat jump onto the sofa with Kelly, and curl into her lap. He thought for sure that she would awaken. However, she simply pulled an arm from beneath the covers and curled it around the kitty. She did it unconsciously. Jeff could still hear her slow, steady breathing from here. Da lie his head in the crook of her arm, and even from the door, Jeff could hear him begin purring.
After inspecting the door knob, Jeff set it to lock behind him, and pulled the door shut as he left.
An hour later, he lie in bed. The picture of her naked, beautiful form was etched in his memory, as his hand draped over his imprisoned cock. Sleep was a long time coming, and restless. He awoke in the night, three times, with a raging, painful hard-on wrenched in the confining chastity tube. Each time, he got up and went to the bathroom to relieve any pressure in his bladder, and then willed his mind elsewhere. However, each time he fell asleep, his dreams of red, silken hair, and plump kissable lips returned.
It was sweet, sweet torture.


  1. Wonderful! Its building nicely. Keep it coming!

  2. Hi mikecb,

    i really love this story, i really am addicted to it. From the first moment i read it. As it is so very wonderful, like a dream of myself.

    i am shaved myself from neck down. Have not had the courage to get a full boyzilian in a studio, but this really is a dream of mine. And finding a soul-mate just there really hit a bottom inside me.

    So i am just thankful for you to write such wonderful story, hitting my very nerve.

    Chaste regards,

  3. Keuschling,

    Thanks for the kind comments. Jeff will definitely be getting more treatments in the future. Stay tuned. It may take me some time to get it all written. This will be a long, leisurely story.


  4. Great you've got the writing bug back Mike - I've enjoyed all your stories and this one has the makings of another classic.

    Looking forward to chapter 7 (and 8 and..)