Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When the buzz becomes a din

I just made this comment on Twitter, but decided it needed elucidation. 

My chastity fetish goes back to pre-puberty, I think.  I've commented here, and in other forums, that I have recollections of binding my genitals with masking tape and cloth, even as a young boy.  There was always something enticing about that confinement.

My fetish is always with me.  It remains my principal fantasy when masturbating, and thoughts of chastity cross my mind every single time I bathe or use the bathroom.  Still, the "level" at which the fetish pervades my thinking changes over time.    As many noticed, my blog was really active for a while.  I couldn't write fiction fast enough to keep up with all of my fantasies.  Then, as if the brakes were slammed on, the thrill diminished.  It never left, but it just no longer dominated.

Well, the steady buzz that this fetish makes in my psyche seems to have amplified to a cacophony once again.  I wrote a little vignette the other day, and I have most of the remainder of my unfinished "Barely There" series mapped out in my head.  I also have a few other vignettes screaming to come out.

Meanwhile, I troll fetlife, tumblr, and chastity belt vendor sites, devouring images like I'm half-starved for their sustenance. 

I like my fetish, and I'm happy when the din of its presence overwhelms me.


  1. It is an amazing fetish, no? I was just thinking today as I went about my day securely locked in my Steelheart, how lucky I am to have a wife that has come to enjoy my love of chastity. It is just so right for me.

  2. Good to have you back! I've missed you.