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Fiction: Barely There, Chapter 3

Barely There
Copyright 2010 by mikecb
Chapter 3

Jeff was more than a little shocked to find this fiery Irish vixen suddenly crawling up his body, trying to massage his tonsils with her tongue.  When he got up this morning, he had no girlfriend and no prospects.  Suddenly, this spontaneous lunch date had turned into something much, much more.   His cock was straining in his jeans, as Kelly ground her crotch against him.  She was a tiny thing, at 5’2”.  She was glued to his chest as he carried her toward the bedroom.   She had one arm and both legs wrapped around his torso.  She let go with her left hand and grabbed his hair, pulling his face to hers.

He struggled for composure.  Sex was obviously imminent.  Before he lost his mind completely, he’d best address the essentials.  She didn’t stop kissing his face and nibbling as neck as he spoke.

“OK.  I last dated a year ago.  No.. OW!”  Kelly was biting his neck.  “No STDs I know of.  No teesssssssyeeeee!”  Her tongue was in his ear.  “No tests, but a doctor visit last month was clean.  Nothing’s oozing anything it shouldn’t be.”

Kelly laughed as Jeff lowered her to the edge of bed.  They began tearing at each other’s clothes.  He was pulling the blouse over her shoulders, as she was unbuckling his belt.

“Same for me.  No one since Cheating Bastard.  I got tested twice after I found out.  All good.  Naaaaaa!”  Jeff had pulled her bra aside and popped her left nipple in her mouth as he fumbled with the straps.  “Not on the pill.  God I hope you have condoms!”


“Please!  Now!  And make it hard!” exclaimed Kelly.

“No,” said Jeff.  Beginning to laugh.  “I don’t.   Oooohhhhhhhh.”  Kelly had yanked his pants to his knees, and as his cock sprang from his underwear, she immediately popped it into her mouth.

Kelly rose and twisted, pushing Jeff toward his back on the bed.  Her blouse lay discarded on the floor, her bra straps were over her shoulders, and her breasts exposed, but Jeff hadn’t even managed to unclasp it yet.  Jeff was still wearing his work shirt, though now his jeans and underwear were pushed down around his knees.  Kelly leaned beside the bed, pulling Jeff as deep into her mouth as she could.  Her right hand came to the base of his cock, and began stroking as well.

“Oh god!  Holy shi…..” said Jeff, as his eyes rolled back in his head.  One arm flailed near his face as he reached down with his own right hand and grabbed Kelly’s hair.  Her expert tongue swirled around the head of his penis as she squeezed the base hard.  Jeff started flopping around.  The sensations were super intense.  If she kept this up, he was going to explode within seconds of starting this afternoon tryst.

“Slow…. oh…. jesus…”  Kelly slowed down, and lifted her head from his now throbbing purple member.  It bobbed obscenely before her face.  Jeff’s hips involuntarily thrust a little, as if trying to get his cock back into her mouth.

She had a devilish grin.  “Jeff, your cock seems bigger since this morning when I waxed it.  How could that be?”

He was still catching his breath, but was a little relieved.  Sometimes, too much intense sensation so fast was a little hard to endure.   “I’ve got a few ideas, but it might take some research.” he replied.  He reached up, grabbed her, and spun her down in the bed so that he was now on top.   Taking his cue from her saying she wanted it “Now” and “Hard”, he grabbed her by the waist and tossed her up farther into the bed.   Sitting on the corner of the bed, he yanked his pants and underwear off in one deft motion, and climbed in above her.  He roughly grabbed her bra, and spun it around so that the clasps were in front, and undid it.   The expression on her face during this rough play made it clear she was enjoying it.  Her eyes partly closed as she looked at him lustily.

Her breasts were perfect and feminine on her petite frame.   Red freckles adorned her milky white skin.  Her areolas were pale pink, and her nipples grew large and firm as he roughly pinched them between his fingers.  She squeaked in a very girly way as he pinched, and her eyes fully closed.  He lowered his face and gently kissed and licked each nipple.   Her back arched as she gasped.  Apparently her nipples were quite sensitive.

“Oh fuck…. ahh…. Mmmmm  … My period must be soon..  I …. holy…..”  Jeff had never seen a woman so responsive to nipple play before.  His cock remained rock hard as he worshipped her chest.

He kissed his way down the center of her abdomen, stopping to swirl his tongue in her navel.  He got to the button on her jeans, and began to undo it, and the zipper.   He grabbed the waistband of the jeans along her hips and began pulling her pants down.

“No condoms?”  Asked Kelly, with a hint of desperation in her voice. 

“Nope.  And we better not bareback at this point in the month.”

“Fuck!” She exclaimed, with heartfelt conviction.

“It’s OK.  We’ll getcha there.” said Jeff, as he drew her pants down her legs.   He laughed as he saw her panties.  There was a red, white and blue stripe down over the cleft of her vagina, with a mustang atop.  Between the panties, and the Nascar logos on her socks, he deduced she must be a real racing fan.  Kelly looked down to see the source of his amusement.

“I told you I’m a redneck!   Now stop laughing at my underwear and find a way to give me an orgasm before I go out of my mind!”

More than happy to oblige, Jeff grabbed her panties and pulled them down.  Jeff was unsurprised to find her completely bare.  After all, she did own a waxing shop.  He was however surprised by her labia.  He had dated a lot of girls, but never one with such pronounced lips.  He’d seen pictures when he surfed porn, of course, but had never had the pleasure of experiencing them first hand.   His cock throbbed again, as his tongue dove to work.

Her labia and hood were so heavy that her clit was actually quite buried beneath the folds of her womanhood.  Still, he was rewarded with a gasp as his tongue found its target.   He licked and sucked, as Kelly moaned.  Her legs trashed slightly as he worked.  He looked up her abdomen at her face, framed by the mounds of her breasts.  Her mouth was open and her eyes squeezed closed as she enjoyed the sensations.  Her hands were held up in the air, uselessly, forgotten and clenching at thin air.  He worked for a while, but honestly, was not sure how best to stimulate her.  Women were quite different, and he had no experience with Kelly.   He slowed a little, and backed off.

“I need a little help.   How do you want it?” he asked. 

A wistful smile passed over her lips.  “Oh, can’t you just do that all day?” she asked.

“I could, but you’d miss your 3:00 appointment and, honestly, my tongues a little out of practice.  I might get tired!”

Kelly laughed.  He was still looking up from her crotch across her belly, as it bounced with her laughter.  She reached down and put a hand in his hair.  “You’re so sweet.  A lot of guys don’t even worry about .. you know.  They just cum and go.”

Jeff smiled.  “Well, you know my kink.  Yours is more important than mine.”

Kelly stared at Jeff for a long moment, and a smile slowly came to her face.  “I’ve read a little, but I want to know your kink better.. but for now…. think you can find my G-spot with a finger?  A finger there and your tongue…”  She looked at him for a moment, and then a shy look came across her face, as if she was embarrassed, suddenly, that she had revealed her intimate needs so clearly.   Her left hand unconsciously covered her breast.

Jeff smiled.  “I live to serve.” he said, as he reached up with his middle finger, and began exploring her pussy.  She was moist, both from his oral service as well as her own lubrication.  His finger slid inside with little resistance.  He rubbed the pad of his finger upward, slowly sliding back and forth as he probed deeper.   Suddenly, Kelly gasped and her head pressed back into the pillow. 

Jeff continued to stroke slowly, as he lowered his face again toward her pussy.   It was a little bit of a juggling act to have his hand working so close to his face, while supporting his weight with his other arm.  He began to swirl his tongue around her hood, and was rewarded with an “Oooohhhh” as his tongue crossed her clit, deep within her beautiful folds.

Sensing the rhythm and workings of her body a little better, he began stroking and licking.  He sucked her ample hood into his mouth and darted his tongue beneath.  Her moans and thrashing gave evidence that his technique was working.   He withdrew his mouth, slightly, breathing deeply.  He kissed her inner thighs, and nibbled a little.  He stroked his cheek against her flesh and suddenly felt her hand in his hair again.  She pressed him down, down to her awaiting clit.  He licked again, faster, more urgently.  Her sighs became moans.  Her moans became cries, as she began thrashing on the bed.  He pressed his face down with some force, to keep from being bucked from his task.   Her right hand continued to press him to her pussy, as her left began thrashing.  He heard a thunk as her arm and hand hit the headboard above the pillows.   Suddenly, with a scream that made him glad the house wasn’t too near to the neighbors, she climaxed.   Her head flailed left and right.  She inadvertently kicked him in the abdomen.  The air whooshed from his lungs as he pulled his face away, but he kept stroking her G-spot with his finger.  As the pace and tempo of her convulsions slowed, he slowed his hand.

He was breathing hard and sweaty from his efforts.  He looked at Kelly, her chest was red between her breasts, and her face was bright red as well.   She was still breathing deeply, and Jeff enjoyed watching her belly rise and fall as she caught her breath.  She was thin, but had a little roundness around her pale white middle that was quite charming.   Kelly was grinning, her eyes still closed, and making “Mmmmm” noises, as the aftershocks of an apparently strong orgasm flowed through her body.

Jeff’s face and hands were wet with saliva and her juices.  He quietly got up, and swiftly stepped to the master bathroom, and grabbed a towel.  He wiped his hands and face as he returned to the bed, and lay beside Kelly.  She was just coming back to herself, as she wrapped herself around him.  Her eyes opened, and he could see the blissed out glaze of a contented woman.  She pressed her forehead to his and just held him silently for a moment.  Jeff was content to feel her warm breath against his face, and stroke her bottom with his hand, as they held each other close.

Kelly came to herself a little more, and said “Jeez, I didn’t even have time to get your shirt off!”  They laughed for a moment.  “I guess we were both a little pent up, huh?”

Jeff grinned, not saying the obvious, as his cock still throbbed between them.  Kelly was smiling for a moment, before his silence brought her brain fully into gear.   She glanced down to see his cock, standing firm, pressing against her thigh.   “I’m sorry”, she said, laughing at herself.  “It’s just… well…. I’m not sure a guy has ever gotten me off before, without… you know.”

Jeff smiled.  “It’s about time you found someone to treat you right.”

Kelly smiled.  “Well, speaking of treating right… Help me with that shirt.”

Jeff sat up, as she helped pull his work shirt off his arms, and pull his undershirt off.  Now, finally, they were both nude… well, except for their socks.  She was still wearing her Nascar socks.  He had on his white tube socks.

Kelly pressed Jeff to the mattress as she came to her hands and knees.  She walked herself back on her hands, obviously planning to return the oral favor.  Jeff smiled, admiring her freckled shoulders, and the way her breasts were a little pointy, as they hung beneath her this way.  His eyes quickly closed, however, as she once again took him into her mouth.  Her tongue went to work, though less urgently this time.  She licked and stroked him, pulling his cock out of her mouth and rolling her tongue around the outside.  It felt wet, slick and delicious as she worked.  She began building the tempo, and he felt the pressure beginning to build.  She withdrew her mouth again, and was tickling the underside of his cock with her tongue when she stopped.

“What’s this?” she asked.  He felt her fingertip on the underside of his penis.

“Oh, that’s the hole for my PA.  I didn’t put in any jewelry, since we had the appointment this morning.  Usually, I have a ring in there, or my CB has a post through it.”

He looked up to see a stunned look on Kelly’s face.  She was literally flipping his cock around in her hand, looking at it all over.  “But where does it come out?”  She had obviously never seen a PA piercing before.

“It goes in that hole on the bottom, and comes out the front – the urethra.” 

“No way!”

“Way!” Said Jeff, with a chuckle. 

The conversation had sort of broken the mood.  Kelly glanced down to notice his cock softening in her hand.  “Oh no you don’t!” she said, and began stroking him.  She was sitting up now, with one hand masturbating his cock, as she stared intently at his face.  Jeff looked back at her smiling as the sensations took hold.  His head pressed back into the pillow, and he thrust his hips upward, giving himself to her hands.  She stroked him for a while, but as his breathing began to shorten and his hips involuntarily began to pump, she slowed and stopped, squeezing the base of his penis.  The sensation was incredible.

“So….”  Jeff’s eyes popped open as Kelly began speaking at this intimate moment.  He was so close.  “After I totally blew it with Terry, I felt bad about the whole CB thing.”

Jeff wondered why she was talking now.  He was so close!  He kept thrusting his hips, as if she might take the cue and finish him.

“You guys… you LIKE being denied, don’t you?”  Jeff looked at her, a little surprised, but nodded.  His face gave away his concern.   She wasn’t going to stop now, was she?!?

“I was really surprised!  I figured these things were all bought by girls to keep their men in line.  I had no idea that 99% of them were bought by guys who wanted it.  It really blew my mind!”

Jeff didn’t know what to say, but suddenly Kelly began stroking him more vigorously.  She was squeezing her hand.  An explosion of sensations shot through his body as once again, he felt the tide coming in for an explosive orgasm.  Again, as he felt the waves building, she stopped.  He actually whimpered. 

Kelly smiled, a little devilishly.  “I did a lot of reading.  I was stunned.  You mentioned you got all turned on by service, and waiting on women and stuff.  I read lots about that.”  Jeff couldn’t really respond, as the sensations in his groin were unbelievable.  Besides, her talking this way… prolonging the moment.  It was rubbing some kind of buttons deep in his psyche.  He gasped as he head lolled back and forth.

“So you like the idea of being denied?”  She squeezed his cock, as if prodding him to respond.

“Yea….” he was still gasping.  “Ya, I do.”

“And that service stuff?  You want to wait on your girlfriend?  Pamper her?  I could get used to that.”

“Oh yes.” he moaned.  She stroked him a little faster for a moment, and then slowed again.

“What about dressing up in girls clothes?  You had me wax you all over.  Be honest now.  It’s time.  Do you like to dress up like a girl?”

Jeff shook his head, still in the throws of the sensations.  “No… I don’t… it’s just… more…”  He winced as a wave of pleasure went through his body.  “Just more sub… submissive feeling.”

“Huh.” she said, sounding genuinely surprised.  “What about that other stuff, like cuckholding.  Do you want other guys to fuck me while you watch?”

She stroked him more vigorously again.  The sensations were amazing.  He’d ever been so horny in his life.

“Answer me.” she said, and squeezed his cock.

“No… none of that.  I want to fuck…. oh god I want to be the one fucking you… right now!”

Kelly giggled at his honestly.  “Good boy.  I promise you, if you had condoms around here, we’d be going at it like rabbits.”  She squeezed him hard, and stroked firmly.  Jeff thrashed on the bed, the mix of pleasure and pain was incredible.

“What about all that pain stuff?  Some of you boys like it.”

Jeff was going out of his mind with desire.  “Hurt me.” he begged.

He couldn’t even open his eyes to look, but he heard the laughter in her voice.  “Well, I don’t know much about that, but I’m willing to learn.”  Suddenly, Jeff screamed, as Kelly bit his nipple, hard.

“Ahhh.. oooh… haaa”  he was wimpering.  He was panting like a dog on hot summer afternoon.  The pain in his nipple shot electricity to his cock.

“Oh, you pervert you!” said Kelly with laughter in her voice.  She lightened her stroke, and took the palm of her other hand, and began swirling it over the head of his penis.  Jeff began thrashing on the bed like he was being murdered with pleasure.

“What about humiliation?  Do you want me to make fun of you?  To embarrass you?”

Jeff’s face was a mask of agony/ecstasy.  Her talk was making him crazy with lust.  “Yes…. oh god.. .yes!”

“Well let me play with your tiny little dick just a little longer, then, I have just one more question.  I think I know the answer to this one.  You’ve said ‘Yes Ma’am’ to me twice this afternoon already.  You’re submissive.  You want me in charge, don’t you?”

Jeff couldn’t talk.  Hell, he couldn’t even breathe.  He was thrashing and moaning.  He was only vaguely able to keep himself from bucking Kelly right off the bed.  He was much larger than her, and struggling to control himself.  Kelly squeezed his cock hard, again, and stopped pumping.  “Ooowwww!” he groaned, but was grinning like an idiot.

“Answer me.  You want me in charge, don’t you?”   She pulled on his cock once, slowly, with a tremendous squeeze.

“Yes!” he screamed.  Yes, Ma’am!”

Kelly stroked him quickly then, and increased the pressure at the base of his cock.  “Don’t you cum boy!” she shouted.  She stroked him off.  The pressure was immense.  He clenched his teeth and tore at the sheets on the mattress with his hands.  “Wait for it….”  His back was arched as he tried to hold back the pressure.  He thought his whole crotch would explode.  “Get ready!”  He was screaming now.  He had no idea how he was holding back.  “Now!  Cum for me!  Now!”    She released her grip on his cock, but kept stroking.  Jeff instantly exploded.  “Gaaaaaa….” he screamed.  He gulped for air as his body convulsed.  Kelly kept stroking him, milking every last drop from him.  He felt gobs and gobs of semen pumping down his shaft.  Ht felt like gallons of the hot sticky stuff were coming out of him.  He whimpered then, after such an immense release.  He had never felt anything so powerful in his life. 

As the waves subsided, Jeff started shivering.  He couldn’t even really take care of himself.  His arms were folded across his chest.  He felt Kelly wiping the cum off his cock, balls and belly.  He felt her pulling the bedspread around them both, as she cuddled him next to him.  He instinctively reached out and drew her close.  The warmth of her naked skin against his was profoundly satisfying and needed.  He drifted off to sleep.

He wasn’t sure how long it had been when he awoke, still in her arms.  He opened his eyes to see her blue eyes piercing his.  Up close, he could see the fine freckles on her forehead and the end of her nose.  She smiled as he came to himself.

“There’s my man.” she said, with a grin.

“I’m… I’m sorry.  That was so freakin’ intense… and the wine….”

Kelly laughed it off.  “I loved watching you.”  She stroked his cheek.

Jeff really didn’t know what to say.  The orgasm was incredible, as were the revelations that occurred.  He had never opened his heart so fully to anyone, and especially not like that.  Once again, as he struggled to express his feelings, Kelly beat him to the punch.

“Thank you for helping me understand.” she said.  “I’ve never… well, never been with anyone like you.”

Jeff felt uncomfortable, again.  “Yea, a real pervert.”  He sighed, and closed his eyes.  He blew it.  She was going to break it off now.  He knew it.  He was bracing himself for the end.

They were still lying, face to face on the pillow.  Kelly stopped stroking his cheek, but held her hand to his face.  “Not a pervert.”  She said.  “A real man.  A man who loves women….. Someone who believes in romance.”  Jeff opened his eyes, surprised.   She continued.  “I… I don’t know how to do all the things you want to do… but… but for a man like that…  I’d be willing to try.”  Jeff’s expression turned to one of shock and surprise.  “If.. if you want me to.. if it’s not just… a fantasy.”

Jeff drew a slow breath, and reached up and took her hand.   He actually paused to consider.  Was it just a fantasy?  Was it something he really wanted?  “I honestly don’t know.” he said.  “I know I’ve wanted it for years.  Hell, I’ve ruined relationships trying to get it… but if I… if we…. I don’t know if the reality.. you know… would be the same.”

Kelly paused, thoughtful.  A moment passed.  “There’s nothing that says we have to go at this all at once.  Neither of us know what this means.   Should we…. I mean if you want to… we could start slow?”

Without a pause, this time, Jeff replied, smiling.  “I’d like that.  A lot.”

Kelly leaned over, and kissed him on the forehead.  “Well, boyfriend, I need to get back to waxing lady bits.”  She rose from the bed, naked, and started gathering up her clothes.

Jeff rose as well, reaching for his clothes.  He stopped suddenly, laughing.

“What’s the matter?” asked Kelly, as she was starting to loop her bra around her torso.

“We stink of sex.  I think we’d better have a quickie shower.”

Kelly giggled.  “I’ll join you for the shower, but no more quickies or I’ll never get out of here!”

Jeff smiled as he made a “follow me” gesture to the master bathroom.  He had removed the tub, some time ago, and replaced it with an extra large shower stall.  Kelly seemed pleased “Ooh.  That’s nice.”

The water running, he handed her the soap and washcloth first, while he quickly wet and washed his hair.  By the time he finished, she handed them back and stepped out to the shower.   The bath towels were in plain view, and she grabbed one and began drying as Jeff finished up.  As he stepped out, she offered her towel “Share it?”  “Sure.” He said.

Kelly scooted out of the bathroom as Jeff finished up.  She began getting dressed.  A minute later, he called to her.  “Can you come here for a moment?”

Her bra and panties on, and her blouse pulled around her shoulders but unbuttoned, she reentered the bathroom.  She found Jeff holding some shiny bits of metal.

“I figured you should see how this works.  It’ll only take a minute.”  Kelly’s eyes grew wide as she realized he was holding his chastity tube.

Jeff had some lube in a drawer by the sink, where he stored the tube when he wasn’t wearing it.  He showed her how the ring went around his testicles, and then pushed his penis through as well.   He was a little embarrassed, as his cock began to swell as Kelly looked on.

“This is the tough part. “ He said.  He rubbed a little lube on his cock, while trying to think of old nuns and baseball statistics, and smeared a little in the tube.   He slid the cock tube on, and then wiped his slippery lubed fingers on a towel.  “Now, lining up the pin can be a bitch.”  He took a small curved pin, and dipped it in the end of the tube of lube to lubricate it.  Then, he attempted to insert it into a hole on the lower side of the tube.  He winced, as he tried to line it up the hole in the tube with the hole in his PA piercing, but wasn’t having much luck.  He could only work by feel.

“Can I try?” asked Kelly?   Jeff looked shocked at the offer, but then smiled and handed her the pin.  Kelly knelt on the floor, and turned twisted the tube around a little.  From her vantage point below, she could see when the hole for his PA was lined up.  She started working in the pin, very tentatively.

“Wow, you got it!” said Jeff.  “Here.”  He reached down, and took the pin in his fingers, and twisted a little more aggressively.  A moment later, it popped out his urethra and was visible in the end of the chastity tube.

He glanced at Kelly who was wide-eyed, looking at the whole contraption.  He handed her one of the locks.  “See the threads next to the base of the pin.  Screw this in there.”  Kelly turned it a few times, seeing that the lock sat over the pin, preventing its removal.   As she screwed the cylindrical lock down, a lip on the lock engaged in a notch in the chastity tube.  It wouldn’t turn any more.

“Now, take this key, and keep turning it in the lock as far as it will tighten.”  Kelly did so, and after about another two turns, the lock was screwed down tightly over the pin, preventing its removal.  Without the key, it could not be unscrewed, and the notch prevented it from turning otherwise. 

“Ingenious, isn’t it?”  Asked Jeff.  Kelly nodded.   He took a small screw, and put it in the top of the cock cage.  It tightened, with an allen wrench, into the ring around his balls, securing the tube to the ring.  Then, he took another cylindrical lock and screwed it in over the head of the screw, using the same key.  Once tightened, the chastity device was secured and unremovable without the key.

“Voila” said Jeff, as Kelly stood looking down in amazement. 

“Wow!  That’s kind of like that plastic one, but on steroids.  Holy crap!”  She couldn’t resist grabbing hold of the tube, and pulling and twisting to see just how secure everything was.  “.. and you can’t cum with this on?”

“Not a chance.” said Jeff.  Lord knows, he had tried.

Kelly couldn’t tear her eyes from his crotch, though Jeff saw her mouth the word “Wow”.   Finally, she tore her eyes away.  “This is comfortable?  You can wear it for a few days at a time?”

“I’ve gone a month, once.” he said.  “Though I wouldn’t want to do that again!” he added quickly. 

Kelly grinned.  She picked up the key from where Jeff had set it on the bathroom counter.  Jeff’s eyes were glued to the key, as she held it in front of him.  His heart began to race.  “How many of these do you have?”

“Just one more, in my safe deposit box at the bank.”  He noticed his voice was a little shakey.

“Well, then.  If I understand this right, I should be taking this now, agreed?”

Jeff’s heart pounded in his chest.  He literally had to put a hand on the counter to steady himself.  How long would she keep him locked up?  What would happen?  Did they need to talk more about this?  Certainly they did.  Still, he knew she was already late getting back to the shop.  They had agreed to go slowly.  He would have to learn to trust her.  He was a bundle of nerves, but he knew what he had to do.

“Yes, Ma’am.”  

Kelly reached up on her tip-toes as he leaned down.  With a big smile on her face, she kissed him lightly. 

“Good boy.” she said. 

End Chapter 3


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