Friday, November 19, 2010

Beauty and long term chastity

So, I've been on self-imposed lockdown for a month as of yesterday.  Now, men are visual creatures to begin with, but when I'm locked up, I find that women tend to look more and more beautiful to me as the lockup progresses.  Then, sometimes, it goes to another level entirely.  I've experienced this interesting phenomenon a few times when I've gone this long.  It happened again this week.

The first time was several years ago.  I had been locked for quite a while - 6 weeks maybe?  I was horny as hell, and stopped in a deli on the way to work for a breakfast sandwich. It was summer time, and warm out.   I was standing in line to pay for my food when SHE walked in.

Now, I confess to having the pretty standard male version of idyllic beauty, though with one exception.  If you put women of all shapes, sizes and descriptions in a lineup, my eyes would always be drawn first to the woman with the long, straight blonde hair, blue or green eyes, long and lean.  My one exception to most men is that I'm attracted to small breasts. The smaller the better!  I'm the chairman of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee fan club.

So SHE walked in.  She was maybe 5'10".  She was wearing pink shorts and a white tank top with a pink sports bra showing through, and sneakers.  There's something about pink, too.... but I digress.  It appears she was dressed to take a jog or something.  She had long blond hair, just bunched into a pony tail and hanging loose to the middle of her back.  Her eyes were ice blue and electrifying.  She was thin and strong, with somewhat squared shoulders, and obvious muscles in her lean arms and legs.  Her breasts were small, and flattened across her chest.  She wore no makeup, and didn't need any.  She made her way across the deli, and as she passed, she smiled at me.

Her smile quite literally took my breath away.  I mean literally.  The air whooshed out of my body.  I was shaking, and my knees grew weak.  I had to lean on the counter. Literally.  Honest.  I had never experienced anything like this before.  I forced my eyes away from her as I was afraid I'd look like some gawking dirty old man!  As I got to the register to pay my bill, my hands were shaking.  My body felt like jelly, and my mind was reeling at the bizarre sensations.  My crotch burned with heat.

I made my way out of the deli with the briefest glance at her again.  I couldn't NOT look.  My body had the same reaction.  I stumbled to my car, and had to sit for a moment before I felt I could drive.

It was one of the most profoundly erotic experiences of my life, and all simply due to incredibly pent up hormones.  As I say, I acknowledge that men are visual creatures, but holy shit!  This was orders of magnitude more than anything I had ever experienced.

Well, that has happened a few times since, but not as intensely.    I had a more minor occurrence this past week.  I was at the gym, and going down a set of stairs.  I was on the right side, using the railing.  My knees were sore, and I was supporting myself as I winced down the stairs..  A lovely young woman - brunette this time, but still long and lean, was moving more quickly down the stairs behind me.  She was wearing tight black leotard-like shorts, capri length, and a tight, form fitting top.  I presume she had a bra on under there, but apparently it did not offer a huge amount of support.   As she trotted down the stairs to my left, I glanced and noticed her lean body, small bum, and then I saw the curve of her small right breast, in profile, as she passed by me.  It was bouncing with her stride.

I almost fell down the stairs.

I clutched the hand rail, and forced my attention to my feet.  My heart was racing, and a warm feeling went through my stomach.  I felt like a horny 15 year old, as I worked my way, carefully, down the stairs.

I got to the locker room, and was chucking at myself as I undressed to take my shower (keeping my CB3k safely from view).

Chastity play can take you places you didn't know were there.. or at least that you haven't been to in 30+ years..

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