Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pain play as a release

Just a quickie for this afternoon.  On nuts4belle's blog, he mentioned that one evening, after being denied for a time, he really craved some pain play.  He then went on to give the hot and juicy details.  Yumm!

I have to say that I often experience the same thing.  I'm an admitted pain slut and masochist.  I recall in my martial arts days, commenting that an especially brutal sparring session was "better than sex!"  That raised a few eyebrows.  I laughed it off, with them, but I genuinely meant it.

For me, the endorphins, sensations, and physical responses to pain play SO closely mimic those of sex, that it scratches the same itch for me.  As a bonus, a pain play session can last quite a long time.  Sex, often, does not!  ;-p

I think there's a large overlap between masochists and chastity enthusiasts.   As chastity play becomes more mainstream, I'm curious if pain play will also.

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