Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Gathering - Friday night

So, for the third year running, Chastity Mansion has had a Gathering, hosted at a lake house in Virginia by Mistress Michelle.  This year was the biggest, ever, with 17 people in attendance (we rent a BIG lake house!).

My wife and I drove out on Thursday, and crashed with a lot of people at Mistress Michelle's place.  On Friday, we moved over to the lake house.  My wife had business out of town, so actually flew out from there on Friday, and returned Saturday evening.

Basically, the Gathering is a Femdom retreat.  We all pitch in a set amount of money, and it pays for the house, food and non-alcoholic drinks.  The subs are responsible for cooking the meals, and the Dommes eat at the table together.  After they were served, the subs took food from the kitchen, and ate wherever they could find a comfy space.  There was always tons of delicious food available.  There was certainly no skimping on the menu!

More than half of the subs were sissys, so they dressed at various times throughout the weekend.  I personally identify as a masochist rather than as a sub, and don't cross-dress, so I was a bit of an odd man out! lol.

When I first made plans to go, my wife hadn't planned on going.  Our friend Mistress Watchful (MW) was coming over from the UK without her pet, so we made arrangements for me to be her "rent-a-sub" for the weekend.  A little later, my wife found she could attend to her business and still attend the Gathering, but she definitely wanted me to play with MW, since my wife isn't into pain play at all.  Later still, another sub made plans to attend without his wife, and he also arranged to play with MW.  That was a great mix, because he's into submission and not pain play as much.  I'm more of a straight-up masochist, so MW could have a sub, and a masochist at her beck and call.

MW and I played for the first time on Friday night.  Things were tentative at first.  We had emailed back and forth quite a bit about our preferences, and we seemed very well matched on paper.  I stripped down to my little purple G-string, and we began some play.  She tied me to a railing and gave me a lovely flogging, working my ass and back.  It was slow, deliberate, and delicious.  We got to know each other's styles, and we were definitely well matched, at least in MY opinion! lol.  Afterward, I was sweaty and buzzing on endorphins.  MW and I had discussed my aftercare needs, which are basically "That was fun.  Where's the beer?"  Again, we were quite compatible in that department. lol

At some point in the evening (my time sense gets wiggy when I'm on an endorphin buzz), we rigged up our e-stim units.  MW has a remote control e-stim that sounded entertaining when I heard about it.  After reading about it on the web, I purchased an identical unit.  That way, we could have two controls operating one box, or have two boxes, managed by one control... lots of options. 

I put on the e-stim, with a cock strap  I put one strap on my balls, and the other around my penis..  The remote has 3 buttons - 33, 66, and 100 percent.  33% is enough to startle me, and sometimes make me yelp.  66% causes an involuntary yelp, and I double over.  100% is vicious!  Definitely makes me yelp and my knees melt like butter.

So, I put on the e-stim, and MW spent the evening zapping me.  It was great entertainment. lol.  She accidentally zapped me, once, just as I had filled a cup with diet pepsi, and was stepping out of the kitchen.  It suffices to say that most of the contents wound up on the floor.  Of course, as I was crawling around, wiping it up, she kept jolting me.  Everyone in the house was roaring with laughter (myself included) as I tried to clean up the mess, while having spasms on the floor.

Other folks played, too.  There was a wonderful spanking bench, some stocks, and of course, plenty of rope around.  The spanking bench got the most use.  It's quite devious, as it holds your face against a ring of pads, straps your arms and legs down in a kneeling position, and even has a loop through which your balls are fed and secured.  You're REALLY not going anywhere once you're on that bench.  If you jerk or try to pull away, you're balls get tugged something awful! lol.  The bench is a real work of art, and was made by one of the people at the party.  It was awesome!

It was a fun and playful evening.  We had a great time.  :-)

More on Saturday in a subsequent post....

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