Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chastity and shaving. What am I thinking?

So, it's a puzzle to me, really, and I don't like it.  I'm a guy who generally knows his own mind, and it bugs me when I don't know why I like or do something.

A lot of us, myself included, shave a lot more hair than we necessarily need to in order to wear a chastity device.  I started, years ago, by shaving my balls.  I then started trimming around a little.  Then I manscaped pretty heavily.  Finally, I gave into temptation and shaved my genitals completely. I remember that at the time, it was quite a rush.

At first, I was self conscious about it, and grew the hair back right away.  I scheduled those full shavings well away from my annual physical with my doctor, because I was uncomfortable going to him shaved that way.

As time wore on, I started shaving my upper thighs, and started maintaining my "clean shaven" status year-round.  I sucked it up, and dealt with doctor visits, and even stares at the gym. 

Eventually, I even went so far as to shave my lower legs and armpits.  Now, the only hair below my neck is on my forearms - mostly because my wife likes to play with the fur on my wrists sometimes.

I have to confess, I still don't understand my attraction to it.  I do like the way it feels.  At first, I didn't like the way it looks - I thought it looked too feminine, which is not my thing.  However, I've grown to like the appearance of my smooth skin now. 

I wonder if originally, it might have been an attraction to humiliation.  Every step of the way from me being a pretty hairy monkey-boy to my current state took some effort to overcome embarrassment.  Was I doing self-humiliation play?   At the same time, I was incredibly aroused as I took each next step, and removed more hair.  Why was that?  Was it just a turn-on that I was defying convention?

Now that I'm pretty smooth, and comfortable with the way it looks and feels, it's no longer humiliating.  Still, I like it....  Why is that, if it's about humiliation? 

I've dabbled with the notion of laser hair removal or electrolysis.  Would that be the final humiliation play?  I sure would be nervous to go in and get it done.  Is that what's going on in my head?

Another wrinkle is that I'm not the only chastity enthusiast who does a lot of shaving and manscaping.  They seem to be two kinks that go together.  I'm not just talking about the cross-dressing sissy-gurl cross section of chastity enthusiasts either.  I think a lot of "straight up hetero" guys who like to wear chastity belts, also like to remove a lot of hair.  Are these two kinks just interrelated in our DNA?

None of this is a problem, of course.  I like to be shaved.  I shave.  Done.  Still, I don't like that I don't understand it better. 



  1. I don't know if it is shaving and chastity that go together--I just think people are developing an aesthetic for shaving. Ab and I started to really enjoy the smoothy look when we started visiting naturist venues. There you could really see that people had "bared" all. :-)

    Ab and I have some new adventures in hair removal on the horizon...I'll be blogging about that sometime in the next week or so, I expect.


  2. Dev, It definitely could be the nudist/naturist in me, I suppose. I would walk around my house and yard naked all summer long, if it was for, yanno, the state route running right by the front door! lol.

    I also confess to loving the aesthetic of it. For a while I thought I might be a pedophile, since I like not only small boobs, but shaved pussies. I'm actually delighted that shaving is becoming the new "standard", at least in the adult magazines, and the bulk of exhibitionists on the web.

    Looking forward to hearing of your new adventure!

  3. Well, there are the "bears" out there, still...LOL.

    Here's a funny story. When Ang Lee was trying to cast the movie, Taking Woodstock, he had a hard time finding enough "hairy" folks to play the hippies in the movie. Back in 1968, no one shaved their pussies, balls, armpits, etc., and now it is so common, he had a difficulty casting hirsute people for the naked scenes.