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Fiction: Freshman Year, Part 7

Freshman Year, Part 7
copyright 2010 by mikecb

Kristen and I had been dating for two weeks, since she “claimed” me at the TNG munch on the first weekend of classes.  For most of that time, she had been making me go to the gym with her every morning, enduring first the humiliation of her kicking my ass at cardio and weight lifting, and then the added humiliation of having to use the gang showers in the locker room while locked in my chastity belt.   The first few days weren’t too bad.   On two of the days, no one saw me at all.  Other days, it was just one or two.  This morning, however,   it felt like half the guys on campus must have decided to work out.  The locker room was packed, and the showers were as well.  I’d bet at least a 20 guys saw me in my chastity belt.  There was just nowhere to hide.  No one said anything, but I sure did hear a lot of whispering going on.  I recognized some of the guys, and they seemed used to the belt.  At least not EVERYONE was rubber-necking.  Still, a lot of guys were in there this morning!    I’m sure I was blushing furiously, but there was nothing I could do.   Of course, as every morning, I stepped out of the locker room to find Kristen, freshly showered and gorgeous.  In just seconds, my embarrassment and self-doubt melted away as she smiled at me and took my hand.

We had not really made out, seriously, since the first time we made love…  (Well, as much as we could make love with me in a chastity belt.)  I wondered whether we would have a make-out session on our first full weekend together.  Instead, Kristen was actually rather distant.  She ordered me to do lots of homework, and of course work out with her, but she claimed to have a lot of homework and papers to do.  In fact, on Saturday night she told me to go out with Tom, if I wanted to, because she was staying in to work on “something”.  She wouldn’t say what.  We held hands, and had a few steamy kisses, but mostly kept things tame.  On Sunday, she had me take her to a movie on campus.  Again, it was pretty tame.  I was actually beginning to feel a little awkward that she had seemingly turned our sex life right off!  She had even backed off on using the electro-zapping features of my chastity belt.  I didn’t know what to make of it all, but also didn’t know how to ask her about it. 

We were holding hands, walking to the Dining hall on Friday night when she told me of our weekend plans.  “William, after dinner I expect you to get a good head start on your homework.  Saturday you’ll be all mine.  We’re going shopping, and then we’re going to have date night in my room.  Sara and Tom are going out, and we’ll have it all to ourselves.   She stopped, and turned to me.  She grabbed me behind the neck, and pressed my lips to hers.  I was immediately aroused like I hadn’t been in almost two weeks.  “Yes, Goddess,” I said, smiling.   She held my face close to hers, and stroked my cheek.  Suddenly, all of the intimacy that had been lacking for the last week was back.  “I’ve been trying to keep my hands off you, William.  I know it must be…. Hard!”  she smirked.   “I’m trying to be kind, until I meet your Mother, but I have needs!”

Wow!  That explained a lot!  I had been SO horny after our first lovemaking that I had to ice my blue balls!  Until Kristen met my Mother, she would not get my chastity belt keys, and I would remain in the belt, unable to get any kind of release.  Apparently, Kristen had been backing off a little to give my poor hormones a rest.  “Thank you, Goddess,” I began, “I probably would have gone out of my mind if you hadn’t, huh?”  She nodded.

After dinner, true to her word, Kristen dropped me at my door and said goodnight.  “Get LOTS of homework done.  You won’t have any time to work on it tomorrow!”  I retired to my room and dug into the books.  I had some calculus to do, and I had to come up with something for my Freshman Writing Seminar.  The assignment was to write a one page proposal for the large paper due at the end of the semester.  I was stumped on a topic.     I got through the calc, and stared at my writing homework for a while.  Finally, I gave up and did some of my computer homework.  That went really fast.  The lab wasn’t due until Tuesday, and I finished it that night, well ahead of schedule.  By midnight, I was getting ready for bed with only my writing homework to do.  I figured I could knock something out Sunday, as soon as I could come up with a topic. 

I went down the hall to the bathroom with my little bucket of toiletries.  I was brushing my teeth when I heard someone come in behind me.  I glanced in the mirror to see Kristen!  She was wearing a big pink bathrobe, and carrying her toiletries too.   I quickly spit out my toothpaste, and turned to face her.  She didn’t say a word.  She grabbed me by the waistband of my shorts, and dragged me into a shower stall.  The stalls have an outer changing area, and then an open shower beside it.  She pulled the stall door shut, and grabbed my shorts and yanked them the floor.  I stepped out of them, and she stood.  Her bathrobe parted as she straightened out and I saw she was naked beneath.  I began to speak, and she put her fingers to my lips and said “Get your stuff”.  I peeked out the stall, and quickly stepped back to the sinks to get my pale.  I was just wearing my CB, and didn’t want to be seen.  I came back into the stall as Kristen was turning on the water.  She had hung her bathrobe on the hook on the door.  She stepped back into the shower, with water flowing over her hair and down her body.  She looked up at me, as water streamed down her forehead and across her face.  She held out her arms, silently calling me, and I joined her.  I went to say something and she put her fingers over her lips, signaling silence.  Whatever she wanted, it wasn’t words.

Warm water streamed down upon us as she kissed me passionately.  Steam filled the stall, and it wasn’t just from the water!  I ran my hands all over her body, and she did the same to me.  She grasped the cheeks of my ass and pulled my groin toward hers, grinding my chastity belt against her crotch.  I leaned into her, as she wrapped one leg behind mine, pulling me closer.   I hugged her close, as she caught my lower lip between her teeth and nibbled gently.  We kissed again.  I thought I would explode.  She took my hand, and pulled it between her legs.  “This way,” she sighed, as she ran my hand up and down her sex.  Her hand over mine, she guided me, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes hard, sometimes soft.  Her eyes pressed closed as she leaned back against the wall. I peered down to see the water flowing down her perfect breasts, her flat stomach and across our hands.  Her nipples grew harder as I watched.  I was nearly insane with lust, as I rubbed my fingers over the jewelry above her clit.  Her face was a mask of blind lust and need.  I could feel no sensation other than the throbbing of my penis, held down in my chastity belt.  I could only experience this building orgasm through the reactions I saw in her body.  Her knees buckled and she moaned softly. I pressed her against the back of the stall to keep her from falling.   Her hand moved more urgently over mine, pushing my fingers slightly inside her.   She was lost now.  She took hold with her other hand, moving my right hand with both of hers.  She doubled over, as she ground my hand into her pussy.  “Haa… haa…” she squeeled.  She pressed her forehead into my shoulder and then lifted her mouth and bit me there.  I yelped as, she let off with a near feral growl.  Her body spasmed, and I felt her shudder as she groaned passionately and begin to collapse.  I quickly wrapped an arm around her, and held her against the wall as she gasped for air, slowing our hands as she calmed her raging desire.  She was spent, and I was holding all her weight up. I held her there for a moment.  Finally, she lifted her head.  Her eyes were glazed and dreamy.  She had a beautifully doofy smile on her face as she looked at me.  She looked stoned.  We were smiling at each other as she said, somewhat drunkenly, “I needed that!”

Suddenly we heard clapping.  Kristen and I looked up, but of course could see nothing from inside our shower stall, but we were suddenly aware that 4 or 5 people were applauding.  Then, I heard Tom’s voice “Nice one, dude!  Next time warn me, so I can bring popcorn!”  I heard a few other guys laugh, and at least one girl.  Apparently our little performance had drawn a crowd.  Kristen just chuckled, ignoring them, and reached for the soap in her bag .  I shouted “Show’s over!  Out!” and heard them start leaving the bathroom, laughing along the way.  I heard Tom talking about selling tickets next time.

Kristen  took out some soap and a razor.  Suddenly, her expression was a little shy.  I was shocked!  This girl was SO deliciously dominant, beautiful and confident.  She held the razor and soap out in her hands, offering them to me.  “This is new for me,” she said, demurely, “please shave my legs.”  I wasn’t sure which was going to burst first, my heart, or my chastity belt!  I was SO totally turned on by the notion of giving her this personal service!

I knelt before her, and slowly began to run lather up and down her right leg.  Kristen turned the showerhead away a little, so that the rushing water wasn’t interfering.  I couldn’t help by keep sneaking peeks at her vagina, directly in front of me.  She was a little bristly there, too.  Would she let me?  I didn’t dare hope.

She gestured to the top of her leg, where there was just a little peach fuzz.  I began shaving her leg at the outer side of her thigh, drawing the blade down toward her knee.  Kristen leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes.  It was a little crowded in the shower stall, I was struggling to work my way around her leg.  Kristen lifted her foot, hooking her toes on the waistband of my chastity belt.  This allowed me to reach all around her leg to shave, but also TOTALLY distracted me.  I was in sensory overload.  Her beautifully painted toenails and feet were in plain view against my belly.  Her feet were SO gorgeous.  At the same time, by lifting her legs, her labia parted, allowing me an even more stunning view of her swollen sex.   Even the muscles in her runner’s legs were totally turning me on.  I struggled to keep my composure as my hormones raged on, furiously.

All too soon, I finished shaving her right leg.  My whole body was tingling and my heart was pounding in my chest.  I whispered “Other leg, Goddess.”  She exchanged feet on my chastity belt.  As my eyes inevitably were drawn to her toes, I noticed that the nail polish on her left foot was starting to wear off and chip.  Even THAT was cute!  I tried, once again, to focus on the job at hand.  My eyes kept darting from feet, to pussy, to lean muscular legs.  This was torture of the sweetest kind.  I looked up at Kristen.  Her eyes were closed, but her expression was not the mask of pure joy I expected.  She looked uncomfortable.  “Goddess,” I whispered, “what’s wrong?”  “It’s OK, William.  I’m just a little self conscious.  You know I’m more… experienced… it’s just….  I’ve never let a boy do something so…. personal.”  My heart melted.  I felt honored.  I finished her leg, gently lowered it to the floor, and knelt fully upright on my knees.  I drew her toward me, my face pressed against her hard stomach.  I hugged her to me, then, wrapping my arms around her and just squeezed.  I hoped she would feel some comfort..

Kristen reached down and put her hands in my wet hair.  She turned my head upright, and looked down into my eyes.  “Do the rest”, she said, ”before I lose my nerve.”   She let go and stirred one of her legs.   I sat back on my heels, and she lifted her right foot and placed it on my shoulder.  Her pussy unfolded before me like a beautiful flower.  “I don’t know why this is so embarrassing for me,” she said, “I’ve had oral tons of times, but ….”  She looked down at me again, not finishing the thought.  I pulled my eyes from her beautiful womanhood and looked up.  Her face looked almost frightened, but she whispered “Shave my pussy, William.”  I obeyed my Goddess.

My hands were shaking, first from nerves, and then from hormones, but I finally got the job done without nicking her.  I was overwhelmed by her smooth beauty.  I leaned over, and kissed her just above her pussy, then slowly stood, running my nose across her belly button, between her breasts, across her throat, and finally to her lips.  She drew me to her, then, kissing me as the water rained down from the shower head.  I lost all sense of myself.  I was lost in the moment – her lips, her breathing, her body pressed against mine.  I reveled in the sensation of her hard nipples against my chest.  My knees were shaking as my body ached with need that I knew we could not satisfy.

Eventually, Kristen opened her eyes, and whispered “Give me the razor and soap.”  I handed them to her, and began to ask what she wanted to do.  Once again, she pressed her index finger to my lips, silencing me.  She stepped out, exchanging our positions.  She pressed me against the wall of the shower, and knelt before me.  I could feel my pulse in my chastity belt as she looked up with a devious grin, her head partially obscuring my view of her breasts and everything below.  She took the soap, and began to lather my leg, just as I had lathered hers.  Suddenly, I knew she meant to shave MY legs.  I opened my mouth to protest, but her eyes suddenly hardened.  I knew there was no point in protesting.  This was another humiliation that I would endure for her pleasure.  She smiled as she saw me acquiesce to her will without a word, and she drew the razor down my thigh.   Within a few moments, she lifted my left leg, putting my foot on her own thigh, so that she could work around the leg.  They were quite hairy, so she had to stop many times to hold the razor under the stream of water from the shower, and rinse it off.  I was humiliated, but yet, my hormones still raged, and my cock still throbbed in the tube of my belt.  I was sure pre-cum must be dripping out the bottom.

She worked carefully around my upper thigh, and got as close to my chastity belt as she could.  I had shaved my pubes weeks ago, before putting on the belt for the final time.  Much of that hair had grown out.  I had also learned a hard lesson – hair growing back under there itched like crazy!  She completed what she could around the front of my chastity belt, and moved to my other leg.  Soon, that was done too.  Then, she surprised me.  “Turn around, William, and bend over.”  My eyes grew wide as I realized what she wanted to do.  I felt her rubbing soap across my ass, around the two chains coming down from the belt, and slathering a generous amount in my … well… my ass crack.  She shaved my ass…   thoroughly.  I tried to resist when she tried to part the cheeks to get the razor between them.  She slapped my ass, and pushed my feet further apart.  Finally, I gave in.  She shaved as close to my asshole as she could get.  “Oh, that’s much better, William.  You look CLEAN now, you hairy little monkey, you!”   She stood, and turned me around.  She started rubbing soap across my chest, and did the inevitable.  She shaved my chest, too.  Now, I’m not THAT hairy a guy, but I was somewhat proud of the little patch that had grown in there over the last few years.  In a few swipes, it was gone.  She shaved down my belly, and around my nipples.

I once again tried to object when she lifted my arm above my head.  She pinched my nipple hard and glared at me until I gave in.  She lathered my armpit, and shaved it too.  The hair was quite long there, so it took many passes to complete both armpits.  They felt a little raw when she was done.   I thought I had endured the last of the humiliation, as she took my hand and kissed my palm.  But, then she ran soap up my forearm and shaved it too.  In another minute, I was hairless from the neck down.  “So, smooth.” She said, running her hands all over my body.  “You’ll keep yourself this way from now on.” She said, looking me in the eye.  “Now, show me how you clean under that belt.”

I stepped out of the stall, and grabbed my bucket of toiletries.  In it, I had two plastic bottles with hoses on them.  The first had soapy water in it.  I put the hose in one of the cleaning ports on my chastity belt, and squeezed the bottle.  I felt the cool liquid flushing around inside my belt.  The soap drained out the bottom.  Kristen looked on in fascination, as I moved the hose from hole to hole.  “This is antibacterial soap.  I just have to blast it through these holes.”  I said.  “It’s not going in too easily, because I’m… a little excited.”  “A little?” she countered.  “OK, I’m about to explode!” I admitted.  After flushing the soap through, I took the second bottle.  I uncapped it and poured out the contents, and held it to the shower head, and filled it with warm water.  I repeated the procedure, this time rinsing the soapy water out from under the belt.  Once I was done, I ran some water from the shower head over the belt and my legs to get the last of the soap off.  “That’s it.” I said.    “That’s an amazing belt,” she said.

We finished rinsing off, then, and turned off the water.  Kristen had a towel in her bag.  She used it to dry herself, and her hair a little, and then gave the towel to me.  As I toweled off, she combed her fingers through her hair, smoothing it a bit, and put on her robe.  I reached for my shorts, but she snatched them and put them in her bag.  She opened the door, and stepped out of the stall.  A little panicked, I wrapped the towel quickly around my waist, covering my chastity belt.  She tied the pink waistband on the robe as she headed toward the door.  “Coming?” she asked.  “Yes, Goddess.” I replied.  I grabbed my toiletries and headed back down the hall toward our rooms.

The hallway was, thankfully, empty.  However, the television lounge was between the bathroom and our rooms.  The lounge is fairly large, and walled off from the hallway with glass, so that the noise from the lounge doesn’t disturb the people in the nearby rooms.  The door was shut, but as I looked in, I saw about 7 or 8 people from our floor.  They were all sitting in chairs, facing the hallway.  Kristen and I both slowed to look at them.  Just as I noticed that they each had a piece of paper in their lap, they lifted them simultaneously.  “10”, “10”, “9”, “10”, “7” (that was Tom), “10”, “10”, “9”.  The two girls had the 9’s.  Kristen burst out laughing, and looked at me.  “The girls only gave you a 9?!?”  I looked at her, and chuckled, until she reached to my waist and tore the towel away from me.  I was naked, except for my chastity belt, standing in front of this crowd.  I panicked and was about to bolt.  Kristen said “Freeze.”  I stopped, as if my legs were not under my own control.  “Spin around and model for the girls..  and keep your hands away!”  I noticed my hands were drifting toward my crotch.  I lowered them to my side.

I looked in the lounge to see everyone laughing and clapping, though I couldn’t hear them through the glass.  No one looked terribly surprised by my chastity belt.  I guess word had gotten around.  I felt my ears burning red as I spun around, holding my arms out to the side.  By the time I was spun all the way around, I saw that Sara had scribbled out the “9” and put a “10” on hers.  Michelle was grabbing for the pen.  Kristen had me hold still, as Michelle scribbled hers out.  Both girls held up “10” on their placards.    “That’s better,” said Kristen.  She smiled at the girls.  She handed me the towel, and I was wrapping it around myself as I saw Tom in the lounge.  He was waving his “7” and pointing at it furiously.  I rolled my eyes.  Kristen looked at him, and stuck out her tongue.  She turned her back to the glass and removed her robe.  I couldn’t believe she did that.  She tossed me the robe, and with her back to the lounge, ran her hands all up and down her front, seductively.  Looking over her shoulder at Tom, she held both hands over her groin, and pantomimed masturbating vigorously.  This time, I could hear the screams and howls from the lounge, even through the glass.  The guys were jumping out of their seats and doing fist pumps in the air.  The girls were even laughing and applauding Kristen.  Kristen turned to the window, in full view of everyone.  Though I knew she hadn’t touched herself, really, she seductively put her fingers in her mouth and licked them.  The guy’s eyes bulged.  Sara was grossed out and looked away.  Michelle was blushing, but she wasn’t taking her eyes off Kristen. 

Standing completely naked before the group in the lounge, Kristen put her hands on her hips, petulantly, and glared at Tom.  He burst out laughing, grabbed the pen from Michelle.  “11”.  Kristen blew him a kiss through the glass, and turned and started down the hall, completely nude.  “Come on, William, tuck me in to bed.”  “Yes, Goddess.”  I stole a glance in the lounge as I followed her down the hall.  The guys were leaning up against the glass to watch her walk away, still hooting and carrying on.  Fortunately, it didn’t occur to any of them that they could come out in the hallway.  Kristen had apparently left her door unlocked.  She opened it, turned to me, and gestured for me to follow.

Twenty minutes later, I returned to my room.  Kristen was in bed, and I had kissed her goodnight.  We made plans to meet in the morning.  She still expected me up at 6 for the gym, and it was well after midnight.  I found Tom lying in bed, reading.  “Dude!  You bastard!  You’re gettin’ that kind of action, and Sara won’t even take off her bra for me!”  I was tired, extremely horny, and perhaps a little snarky.  “Darn shame.  Her tits looked darn fine when she showed them to ME!”  Tom, chuckled not believing me, but then looked at me.  He stared for a moment, and asked solemnly “You?...”  I nodded.  He threw his pillow at me.  “Fucker!” We burst out laughing.  I tossed the pillow back to him, adding “She’s a natural blonde, too.”  Tom caught the pillow, pushed it down onto the bed, pressed his face into it and howled.  I laughed as I lay in my own bed, and turned out my light.  Tom was muttering “I can’t believe it” to himself, as he turned off his own light.

I was lying for just a moment, when suddenly a tingle ran through my crotch.  Oh my god!  Kristen must have used her remote across the hall to turn on the pleasurable electro stimulation features in my belt.  As if I wasn’t horny enough, now I was getting tingles all up and down my cock and balls.  I buried my own head in my pillow to try and suppress a moan.  I actually bit the pillow, rolling around quietly trying not to let Tom know my dilemma.  Thankfully, after about 5 minutes, the tingle diminished.  She must have lowered the setting.  It was still there, and distracting, but at least it wasn’t driving me out of my mind.   I lay there unable to sleep.  After about another 10 minutes, thankfully, the tingles went away.  Kristen must have turned off the belt.  Thank god!  Still, I was so freaking horny!  The images of everything that had transpired this evening were etched in my mind.  The sights, smells, and sensations echoed throughout my body.  I couldn’t sleep.

I heard Tom let out a big sigh from across the room.  “Motherfucker!” he groaned.  Having been in the dark room for almost ½ hour, now, I could see him sit up in bed.  He went over to our fridge, and I heard him messing with the ice tray.  A moment later, he walked over to my bed.  “Here.”  He set a bag of ice cubes on the end of my bed.  “You can’t get any relief, but I can.  I’m gonna go rub one out, or I’m never gonna sleep.”  With that, he stumbled out of the room, presumably on the way to the bathroom.  I laughed, but gratefully took the ice pack, and held it to the front of my chastity belt.  Tom guessed I was probably nursing a bad case of blue balls.  He was right.

I don’t think it was five minutes later, Tom stumbled back into the room.  “Was it good for you?” I teased.  He didn’t say a word, but simply face-planted onto his bed.  His breathing slowed within a minute.  He was lightly snoring within two.  “Motherfucker is right.” I whispered, as I lay staring at the ceiling.  I maybe slept an hour, all night.

End part 7

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