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Fiction: Freshman Year, Part 8

Freshman Year, Part 8
copyright 2010 by mikecb

Kristen and I went to the gym promptly at 6am.  I was exhausted.  I hadn’t slept much all night because I was SO damn horny!  Being a Saturday morning, the gym was basically deserted.   At least I didn’t have to deal with the embarrassment of flashing my chastity belt to anyone that morning.  We had breakfast together, and went back to our rooms to drop our workout things.  Kristen had made plans to go shopping, and had said that she would drive.   It occurred to me that I hadn’t known she had a car.

We walked out to her car in the student parking lot.  I don’t know much about them, but it was a sporty little Mazda convertible – red of course.  Being late September in the Northeast, the weather wasn’t very warm, so she left the top up.  She started the car, and put an address into the GPS from a piece of paper in her pocket.  Suddenly, we launched from the lot at tremendous velocity.  It was then that I learned that Kristen drives like a maniac!   She rode the car hard into every turn.  I had to clutch the “Jesus” handle to keep from flying around the front of the car.  She giggled, as she blasted some rowdy Hip-Hop on the radio.  She didn’t want to shop locally, since the town is rather small.  Instead, we drove toward the bigger city, about an hour to the north.  Before too long, we were on a comfortable State Route driving at 60mph.  She turned down the radio to talk.

“So, William, we have a lot to do today.  I need some new shoes, and I want to pick up a few things for you to wear, too.”  I looked at her quizzically, but she didn’t elaborate.  I figured I would find out soon enough.  I sat back and tried to take my mind off my raging hormones.  It wasn’t easy.  Her outfit wasn’t especially provocative.  She was wearing a blouse, jeans and sandals.  Still, I couldn’t take my eyes off the curve of her breasts, and of course, her feet.  She was wearing sandals, and I could see her toes peeking out from among the straps.  We arrived at a plaza that seemed to have higher end clothing stores in it.  She parked in front of a shoe shop, and we walked to the door.  Kristen stopped outside the door and waited for me to open it.  She stepped in, and I followed.

I very well dressed female associate approached us, with a skeptical look on her face.  This looked like a pretty ritzy store, and we looked like poor college students.  She opened her mouth to speak, but Kristen confidently interrupted “I’ve got a new Altuzarra LBD, and I think I saw some Jimmy Choo heels on the internet that would go great with it.  If you don’t have those, maybe you have something from Aldo you could show me?”  The girl snapped her mouth shut, and with a little gulp said “I’m sure we can help.  Right this way, Miss”.  I’m guessing that was all code for “I’ve got money, shut up and find me shoes.” 

Kristen walked back into the store with the associate, giving her shoe size and describing the dress she wanted them to match.   As the woman went into the back to find some shoes, Kristen sat down in a comfortable looking chair.  I was about to sit beside her when she said “Stand there, William.”  “Yes, Goddess,” I said quietly.   In a few moments, the associate reappeared with a few boxes.  Kristen spoke as the girl was kneeling in front of her.  “I’m sorry, but I’m a little phobic about strangers touching me.  William will have to put the shoes on my feet.”  Kristen looked at me, expectantly.  Oh hell!  “Yes, Goddess,” I said, as I knelt down before her.  The associate paused for another long moment looking at me, and then Kristen.  Kristen raised an eyebrow. Wisely sensing that a sale was more important than expressing an opinion, the associate smiled and handed me the first box.  “Let’s try these first.  They just came in yesterday, and no one in town has a pair yet.”  Kristen squealed with delight.   I worked hard not to chuckle, as I opened the box and pulled out the shoes.

Kristen raised her right leg, extending her foot with a sandal on it.  I gently unclasped it, my eyes now riveted to her toes and the glossy red polish on her nails.  I slowly pulled the sandal off, and set it aside, and slipped one of the new shoes onto her foot.  My cock was growing hard in my chastity belt.  What the hell?!?  Slipping a shoe on her foot was giving me a boner?!?  On the one hand, I felt like such a pervert.  On the other, my heart was racing and I noticed my breathing had gone funny.  I tried to get it under control, quietly, as I adjusted the strap on the shoe.  My hands were shaking a little.

The associate was chattering about the shoes.  I admit I didn’t hear a word of it.  I was transfixed as I slipped off Kristen’s other sandal and put on the second shoe.  Kristen still had that little chip in her toenail polish.  It pulled my eyes like a magnet.  It was a glorious imperfection on the magnificent art work – her foot.  I stared, riveted.  “… up, William.”  I blinked.  “Huh?” I asked.  Kristen looked somewhere between cross and amused.  “Help me UP, William.  I want to try them out.”  She rolled her eyes as the associate, as if to say “Boys are so dense!”  I stood, and helped Kristen to her feet.  She took a few steps and turned around.  “How do you like them, William?” she asked.  “Beautiful.” I responded, “oh, and I like the shoes too.”  Kristen laughed, and sat back down.  “Let’s try those others, shall we?”

The next hour was sweet torture.  Kristen must have tried on two dozen pairs of shoes.  My cock was hard in its cage the entire time.  In the end, she selected three pairs.  I was FLOORED when the associate rang them up.  I don’t think all the clothes I own cost that much!  Kristen pulled out an American Express card, and the charge cleared.  I stared in awe.  The associate was extremely chatty and cheerful as we left the store, giving Kristen her business card, and suggesting a few clothing shops in the plaza that Kristen might enjoy checking out.  I suspect the commission on those shoes made her day, and it was still before noon!

As we left the store, with me carrying the bags of course, I asked Kristen “How can you AFFORD those?!?”  “Oh, William, there’s a lot you don’t know about me… but that’s for another time.  It’s time to buy a few things for you, now, but they’re not in THIS plaza!”  We got in the car, and Kristen pulled the scrap of paper from her pocket and programmed another address into her GPS.  In moments, we launched from the parking lot like a rocket.  About five terrifying minutes later, we were on a somewhat seedier side of town.  We pulled up in front of “Adult Toy Headquarters - our huge inventory will have you coming again and again.” We both chuckled as she pulled into a parking space.  I once again preceded Kristen to the door, and opened it for her.  Two attractive girls, a brunette and blonde, were behind the counter.  I sensed they had just opened the store.  They were chatting as we came in.  Kristen approached the register as they smiled at us.  “May we help you?” the brunette asked.  “Yes,” Kristen replied, “I keep William, here, locked in a chastity belt.  I’d like to have a harness and strap-on as close to his own size as possible, since I rarely let him out for sex.”  My eyes bugged out of my head, and my ears were burning with embarrassment.  I literally gasped.  The girls behind the counter glanced at each other with a laugh. “Oh, I’m sure we can help,” said the blonde, with a chuckle, “Just exactly what size do you need?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.  Kristen smiled at me and gestured, holding her two index fingers apart, “Show them, William.” 

“Shoot me!  Shoot me now!” I thought.  I’d never been naked in front of a girl before, not even Kristen.  Now she wanted me to share…. this …. intimate … thing.    I looked at Kristen, my eyes pleading.  Kristen looked at me, with a somewhat exasperated expression.   Speaking to me as if I was dense, she said.  “William, they can’t find us a proper dildo if you won’t show them how big your penis is.  You’ve certainly handled it more than me.  Besides, don’t you boys all measure them and compare notes anyway?”  My cheeks burned.  I was SO embarrassed as I realized that Kristen was not going to let this slide.  I opened my mouth, but only a squeak came out.  I’m not sure what I would have said anyway.

The brunette interjected, as I stood there speechless, “Come on back here, perhaps you can find one on the shelf that looks right.”   The two sales girls walked back into the store, grinning at Kristen and each other.  Kristen waved me after them, and followed us over to a large wall display with all sorts of dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs.  I had never been in an adult store before.  I couldn’t believe people actually sold these things out in the open like this!   The brunette picked up a very small dildo.  It looked like it was three inches long, and as big around as my finger.  “Would this be about right?” she asked, with a grin.  Before I could make a sound, the blonde waved her hands “No, no, no.  I’m betting he’s more like THIS”  She waggled an ENORMOUS floppy dildo around.  That thing was a foot long, and as big around as my wrist.  Kristen had to stifle a laugh in her hand.  “Don’t you wish, William!” she said.  “Come on now, try a few in your hand.  Tell us which one seems right.”

I was utterly humiliated.  Three women were staring at me, waiting for me to pick up a dildo that was the exact size of my erect cock.  I just couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t move.  “Excuse me,” said Kristen, addressing the sales girls.  “I was afraid he might need some, err, ‘encouragement’.  Don’t be frightened.”  My eyes were transfixed on all the dildos, and I had barely registered what she was saying when an enormous jolt of electricity shot through my crotch.  My knees buckled, and I found myself on the floor with my hands uselessly grabbing my groin.  “No WAY!” shrieked the blonde, “A Chassteel?!?”  My eyes were watering as I looked up to see Kristen nodding, with a proud smile on her face.   “Oh, MAN!” said the brunette.  Oh man was right!

“William, darling, stop being shy now.  We have things to do today.  Pick a dildo out.  It had BETTER be your exact size when I compare them!”  I stumbled, slowly to my feet.  “Ok,” I said.  A moment later, a milder jolt hit my crotch.  I managed to catch myself before I fell.  “Excuse me?” asked Kristen.  “Yes, Goddess.” I said, with resignation.   Kristen looked at the sales girls again.  “I’m sorry about this.  He’s being VERY naughty today!”  “Oh, it’s OK,” said the blonde, “Here and I was expecting it to be a slow shift!  Saturdays are usually dead in here until after dinner!”  “Yea, thanks for livening up our morning!” said the brunette.  Great, I thought.  I’m the floor show.

I was totally embarrassed as I walked toward the wall display.  I looked at all the rubber cocks, and tried to guess what the right size would be.   I realized, to my horror, that I wouldn’t be able to figure it out until I actually held one up in front of me.  I took one from the rack.  As I picked it up, the brunette said “That big?  You subby boys usually have little ones!”  I tried to block out the distractions, as I held it in front of me, pressed against the fly of my jeans.  She was right.  This one was too long, though it felt like the right girth in my hand.  I reached to put it back as the blonde said “Ahh, I knew it was too good to be true.”  Kristen just stood silently, smiling.  I noticed she still had the remote for my chastity belt in her hand. 

I took another down, and held it in front of me, and then another.  The blonde and brunette were starting to joke back and forth that it was like watching Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  “This one’s too big, this one’s too small.  This one’s JUST right…”  All three girls giggled.  Finally, I had one that seemed as close as I could remember.  I hadn’t held my erect penis in my hand for weeks.   I couldn’t look at any of them.  I just said “This one, Goddess.”   “Oh, that’s not bad!” exclaimed the blonde.  “Bigger ‘n by boyfriend,” added the brunette, with a rueful grin.  Kristen was smiling, cheerfully.  She had never seen me out of the belt.  Now, at least, she could imagine.  “What’s that, about 7 ½ inches?” asked the brunette.  “I… I guess so,” I muttered.  Kristen stepped forward and took the dildo from my hand.  “You’re sure?  This seems about how I recall it,” she lied, “but you would know better than me.”  “Yes, Goddess,” I said.  “That’s about as close as I can guess.”  Kristen hugged the dildo to her chest “Oooh!  It feels SO nice, William!”  My eyes were now locked on this rubber phallus in her hands, wishing it was mine. 

The girls were all giggling again, as they walked over to the harnesses.  I stood there humiliated, as they playfully each put on different harnesses with dildos in them over their pants.  The two girls who worked in the store started fencing with them, thrusting their hips lewdly.  “Ha!  Ha!  Take that!” shouted the brunette.  The blonde began to retort with something, but burst into giggles.  I couldn’t make out what she was trying to say.   Kristen was more thoughtful, looking carefully at the different models.  “So, this should be good and snug if I use it, right?” asked Kristen.  “Oh, I thought it was for him.” said the brunette, while the blonde was still trying to compose herself.  “Well, I think turnabout’s fair play, don’t you?”  The brunette grinned and said “Hell, yea!”  The blonde interjected, however, “Yes, that’s a great idea.  However, you really shouldn’t mix anal and vaginal unless you put a condom on it.”  Kristen’s eyes lit up “That’s right!  I guess we should buy TWO!” she began.   “But first, let’s make sure we have a harness that will fit William, too.  He’s got a narrow waist, but he DOES have that chastity belt to fit over.”

The brunette made eye contact with Kristen with a questioning look.  Kristen smiled, and nodded, as if to say “go ahead”.  The brunette spoke up.  “Well, just to make sure, I’d recommend he try on your final selection in the store.  William, is it?  Please go back to the changing room and strip down to your chastity belt.  We’ll want to make sure everything will fit properly.”  Once again, I imagine my eyes grew as wide as saucers.  She couldn’t be serious!  I looked at Kristen.  She made a “shoo” gesture with her hands, telling me to get moving.   I began to object, but her eyes hardened.  I sighed, and went to the changing room.  “He’s such a good boy,” said the blonde.

Two minutes later, the two sales girls were ogling over my chastity belt, as I stood there feeling like a hunk of meat on display.  “So that’s a Chassteel Ultimate!  Wow!” said the blonde.  “Is that good?” asked the brunette?  “Oh, yes!” said the blonde, “I’ll show you on the web later.  It’s amazing!  You can wear it practically indefinitely without removing it.”  She looked at Kristen.  “Has he been locked up long?”  Kristen smiled and looked at me.  “Tell them, William.”    I couldn’t raise my eyes to look at them, but I noticed that as I said “It’s been five weeks, Goddess,” my cock grew hard in my belt again.  “Oh my god!” exclaimed the brunette, “You must be SO horny!”  Kristen looked at me, demanding that I answer.  “Yes, uhh, Maam” I said, softly.  “Aww, he’s SO respectful, too!” began the blonde, “Damn!  I’ve got to save my pennies and get one of these.  That’ll whip my lame-ass boyfriend into line!”  The other two girls chuckled.

The brunette finally said “OK, we know what we’re working with now.  Put your underwear on, William.  The health codes say we can’t have you trying clothing on over naked skin.”  I stood there, embarrassed, as I wriggled into my underwear.  “You know,” said the blonde to Kristen, “we could set him up with some sexier underwear. That is if you don’t like the tighty whities.”  “Oh, that’s a great idea,” replied Kristen.

The brunette made me put on the harness to assure that it fit over my belt.  They even made me stick the dildo in it.  The brunette smiled to Kristen “You’re very lucky to have a well-hung boy.  Mine’s is like this” she said, holding her index finger and thumb about four inches apart.  The blonde interjected “Well, at least yours can bring you off,” she began, and looked at Kristen.  “Mine’s got a big cock, but blows his load in about 10 seconds, and falls asleep.  The last time, I had to use my egg vibrator and bring myself off, while he snored away next to me.”   Kristen showed sisterly concern and tut-tutted appropriately as the girls lamented their lame boyfriends.  They chatted for another few minutes, as if I was invisible, as I stood there in my underwear with this dildo poking out.

Finally, Kristen said “Let’s have a look at those underwear…  and I have a few other things in mind, too.  Get dressed, William.” The girls went over to another display full of thong underwear while I pulled my shirt and pants back on.  By the time I got my sneakers on and got over there, the blonde was holding four little boxes.  I could see tiger stripes and leopard spots through the plastic covers.  Oh god.   Kristen handed me the boxes and said “William, take these to the counter and wait there.  We just have a few more things.  We’ll be right along.”  The other two girls sensed that Kristen had something sneaky in mind, and huddled close to her as I walked to the counter.

I saw them walk back over to the dildo display area, and giggle as they were doing something there.  Then they walked to the far side of the shop, but I couldn’t see them past all the displays.  I just heard the occasional giggle and murmuring.  After a few minutes, they came back to the register.   I saw the blonde was holding something behind her back.  She grabbed a bag, and deftly spun around and stuck the item in it.  Apparently, I wasn’t supposed to see it.  Kristen set down a harness and another dildo, about the same size as “mine”, but pink, and a set of butt plugs of varying sizes.   “William, do you have much experience with things up your ass?”  I blushed beet red, and shook my head as the girls looked on.  “That’s what I thought.  I got an assortment of plugs, so we can work you up, before I play with this!”  She stroked the big pink dildo.  You know, it doesn’t look that big when I think of it as “my size”, but when I think of it going up my ass, it looks like a freaking rolling pin!  I suppose I should have been grateful she bought the plugs.  I was still reeling too much from all the humiliation, though.  I just stood there and blushed.

The girls rang up all the items, a few tubes of lube, and the “mystery item” and put them in the bag.  It came up to nearly $600.  I don’t know what the surprise item was, but it must have been expensive!  Again, I stared in awe as Kristen pulled out her Amex card, and bought the items without a second thought.   Kristen gestured for me to take the bags, and thanked the girls, and then ordered me to do so as well.  “Thank you, uh, Ladies” I said.   They bid us farewell as we departed, and I heard the brunette exclaiming “Google me that belt!” as they huddled over the computer behind the counter.   We headed back to the car.  Kristen said “OK.  Those are the essentials.  I had a few more stops in mind, but honestly, I’m SO freaking horny!  We’re going back to the dorm.  I want to try these toys and ravish you!”   I hoped my heart could bear it.

Kristen fired the car from the parking lot, and with a few squeals and me being squashing into the passenger’s side door on a hard turn, we were on our way back to the dorms.  She apparently didn’t want to talk.  She turned up the stereo again, blasting more hip-hop music, and beaming a delighted smile.  I just looked at her in awe.  She had just humiliated me for the entire morning.  Why was my cock hard inside my belt?  Why was my heart beating so fast?  Why did she look so beautiful?

We arrived back on campus a little after 1:00pm.  Kristen insisted that we stop in the dining hall for a healthy lunch.  She was lean, fit, and stronger than me.  She also had quite a substantial appetite!  Then again, the food she eats is pretty low-fat and healthy.  I guess you NEED a lot of it, to amount to anything.  Of course, she insisted that I eat a healthy meal too.  I had to admit that her fitness program for me was working.  It had been two weeks, and my chastity belt no longer felt as snug. 

We finished lunch, and walked back to the dorms.  If it had been humanly possible, she probably would have had me carry all the things from the shopping trip.  As it was, she had to help with some of it.  She carried one of the bags of shoes.  I had to carry the other bag of shoes, and the big bag with the “Adult Toy Headquarters” logo on it.  Several guys laughed when I walked by with it.  One or two girls gave me a dirty look.

We got back to the dorms, and dropped the packages in Kristen’s room.  Neither her room mate, nor mine were around.  She ordered me to go get my bucket of toiletries, brush my teeth, and join her back in her room.  I did as she told me, and got back to her room at the same time she did.  She apparently went and freshened up, too.  She gestured me inside.  I stepped in, and chuckled as I saw her reach into her closet, take a hanger, and hang it on the outside door handle.  Apparently she and Sara had decided to use the same signal that Tom and I use.   She shut the door, and clicked the dead bolt.  When she turned to face me, her face was different.  Most of the morning she had looked amused.  Now she just looked, well, like a hungry tigress about to pounce.  “I need you William… and more than just for sex…  I need you to suffer for me.”  She closed the distance between us, and kissed me.  It wasn’t gentle.  It wasn’t romantic.  It was fierce.  She started tearing at my clothes, and pushed me onto the bed.

For the first time since we’d met, I felt fear.

End part 8.

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