Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My CB burst asunder

So, twice now, my CB has burst asunder.   It's a modified CB-3000.  I shortened the tube by about 1/2 inch, so that when I use my PA for security, it's not pulled on constantly.  I reconnected the tube to the base with epoxy cement, but apparently that's turning out to be NOT the best technology... or I need to use more of it!

The first time, I explained it away because I had soaked the cage in some antibiotic solution to clean it.  It fell apart the next day at my glued seam.   I re-glued it, and it lasted for about a week.  This time, I had just had a long and hard (and I do mean HARD) night.  I got up to pee, and as I was wiping off, the cage came apart again. 

I suppose for now, I'll try gluing it again, but I'll use a bit more.  I was trying to keep it minimal, since the glue discolors to a nasty looking yellow color, but apparently the glue just isn't strong enough to do it without quite a lot.  I guess we'll see.

Or maybe I just need to stop blogging about flat-chested hotties just before I go to bed!

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