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Fiction: Freshman Year, Part 4

Freshman Year, Part 4
copyright 2010 by mikecb
“Your Mother is your KEYHOLDER?!?” Kristen barked, amazed.  She giggled and covered her mouth.  She hadn’t meant to speak so loudly.   Fortunately, no one was nearby was we were walking back to campus.   She paused and took off her pumps.  They were killing her feet.  She walked barefoot, slowly, as we held hands.   It was a wonderful, warm night, and the stars were out.  I confess I couldn’t help but keep sneaking peeks at her feet!
“Well, it’s not as perverted as it sounds… uh.. well, it’s pretty perverted, but not THAT perverted!”  I went on to explain the conditions under which my Mother was holding my keys.  Kristen soaked it in with wide eyes.  “So, you’re really THAT committed to being a sub… a chastity belt wearing sub?”  I lowered my head and nodded.   She squeezed my hand, as I raised my gaze.  “I’m guessing you’re not that… experienced?”  I could feel my ears redden.  “No,” I said softly, “I’m not... not at all!”  She nodded, taking my meaning.  Oddly, it was Kristen’s turn to look uncertain.   She got quiet, just as we got back to my room.  Tom was out somewhere, so I invited her in.  Her silence was making me feel really nervous, as we went and sat at the end of my bed.  “You’re so sweet, and I know that you THINK you want me to be your keyholder” she began, “but I don’t know if it’s fair.”  My heart was pounding again, as a dozen emotions swirled within me.  It sounded like she was letting me down.  If I had a hundred pages to write it, here, I couldn’t express the misery I felt in that moment..    “I shouldn’t.”  She said firmly.    I was devastated.  “Kristen, I… “
“Bill,” she interrupted, “You’re so sweet…. So romantic.   You think D/s is all about service, and romance..  Opening doors and buying flowers.  Tell me, do you fantasize about pain?  About being treated harshly... I mean, being MISERABLE?”   I looked at her, uncertainly.  She had said, at the munch, that she was a sadist, but I guess I didn’t really believe it.  “C’mon,” I said, “It can’t be all that bad.”  I half assumed she made it up to scare off the other guys who were hitting on her.
“Listen, Bill,” she said, “You’re still a virgin.  You’ve barely dated.  Me, I’ve been a slut since I was 12.  I screwed just about every boy I knew, growing up.”  It felt like a blow to my belly.  I just couldn’t see her that way.  At the same time, I was jealous and angry at all those boys.   She continued, “It wasn’t until I was 16 that I had my first orgasm.  I didn’t even know what I was missing.  Do you know how that happened?”  I shook my head, still trying to square the image of this sweet, beautiful girl with what she claimed to be.  “I was hooking up with this college guy.  He had a spanking fetish.  He asked me to spank him with this hair brush.  I didn’t really know what I was doing, with him over my knee.  But, the harder I hit him, the more he loved it… and then HE stopped loving it.  His ass was red, and starting to get welts…  I… I was transfixed.  Every squirm.  Every yelp.  I got hotter and hotter.  I kept hitting, harder and harder.  He was yelling ‘Yellow, yellow’ and then ‘Red, Red’.  I didn’t even know that those were safewords.   He was bawling like a baby, and trying to crawl away.   He had turned so meek.  Like a little baby.. I lost control.  I threw him on the floor with my knee in his back, and held his hair.  I smacked him so hard that I broke the brush and hurt my wrist.  He screamed, and at that moment, without even touching myself, I had the first REAL orgasm of my life!  I fell on my side, clutching my crotch through my panties, and just … just . lost it.”
I looked at Kristen.  Her face was flushed, just from recalling the story.  Her eyes were a little glazed.  She shook her head, as if to clear cobwebs.  “The guy crawled away, screaming at me for being a ‘Fucking Sadist’ and took off.  I had to Google it – ‘Sadist’.  I didn’t even know what a Sadist was.  But the more I read, the more it connected, and the more things stirred in me that I had never felt. “   She looked at me, then.  “Bill, I haven’t had a normal date since I was 16.  I just can’t.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t have those feelings again, unless I was being really cruel...  Finally, I gave up trying. “ She sat up straight, and looked at me.  “Bill, I’m a sadist… and a pretty bad one.  You want romance.  I want to give pain.  You want love.  I want animal lust.  You want to give pleasure.  I want to TAKE pleasure, for all those boys who never gave me any BACK because I was too young and stupid to realize they were USING me!“  She shook her head, and finally said “I’m not right for you.”  She got up, and began to leave the room.
I felt so horrible.  Not for me, and my lost chances of getting out of my chastity belt.  I felt horrible for her.  She had been used by boys her whole life, and didn’t even know what true feelings and relationships were about.  Here I was, feeling like just another “user”, trying to get something from her.  I was as bad as them! 
I jumped up after her, and caught her as she got to my door.  “Kristen, wait,” I said.  She paused with one hand on the handle.  I went to her and turned her to face me.  “You’ve never had a boy who wanted YOU to be happy before.  They all just wanted to get their rocks off, right?”  She nodded.  “Well, that’s not really a risk with me, is it?”  She snorted, “Oh, I’m not so sure…  you’d do anything to get me to be your keyholder, just so you can get out of that belt!”   It was my turn to chuckle.  “Well, OK, I won’t deny that, but listen.  Even if you agreed to be my keyholder, you couldn’t get the keys until you met my Mother, right?”  She nodded.  I drew a deep breath.  “Well ,then let’s not rush it.  Let me…  let me please you..  there would be no pressure for… you to … you know..”  “Reciprocate,” she finished.  I nodded.
Kristen looked me in the eyes, until I had to avert them.  “You are SO totally not what I expected to find..  I went to the munch hoping to find some subby pervert.  I thought I’d end up hooking up with some guy like… like your roommate Tom or something.. you know, some slut who’d do anything to get laid.”  I laughed momentarily, until she put her hand behind my head, and pulled me to her lips for the second time tonight.  We kissed.   Once again, my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking.  Kristen reached up, and began to unbutton her blouse.  I put my hand over hers, and said “wait a minute…”  I grabbed a coat hanger, opened the door, and hung it on the outside.  I closed and locked the door.  Kristen looked at me quizzically.  “Do not disturb.” I said.  She laughed a sweet laugh, took my hand, and led me into the room.
We stood beside the bed. “Music” she said.  I fumbled for my iPod, removing it from the dock and speakers.  She took it from my hand, and looked through my collection.  “Ooh, jazz.  I love jazz…..  oh, perfect”.  She put the iPod back in the dock, and Kenny G’s “Duotones” album began playing.   She took my hands, and led them to the buttons of her blouse.  “You do it,” she whispered.   My hands were shaking so badly, I could barely work the buttons.  I undid them one by one.  After a few buttons, her cleavage was exposed, and I saw the edges of her white lacey bra.  My cock strained in the tube between my legs.  As I got lower, toward her belly button, I could see her tanned, flat belly, with just a dusting of peach fuzz hair on it.    I reached the bottom, and pulled the shirt up from her pants.  I was too embarrassed to go farther.
With her shirt hanging open, Kristen reached down, and grabbed my T-shirt at my waist, and began pulling it upward.   I lifted my arms, and let her pull it over my head.  She ran her hands across my chest, and fingers went to my nipples.  I gasped as I looked down to see her pinch my nipples between her index fingers and thumbs.  My eyes transfixed by the nail polish, which matched the polish on her toes.  Her nails were not long, but just long enough to scratch, as she placed all her fingers against my chest, and gently scratched down toward my belly.  My body was shaking and I whimpered.  I had to reach out and support myself on the wall.  My chastity belt waistband was visible, poking above my jeans at the hips.  Her fingers traced their way around, exploring.   I realized I had closed my eyes.  A moment later, I gasped, and caught my breath.  I had forgotten to breathe.
Kristen reached up, smiling, and slid her hands down my arms, drawing my hands to her shoulders.  She placed them there, and shrugged, gesturing for me to remove her shirt.  I took it at the upper sleeves, and began to open it, and slide it down her arms.  As I slid it down, I had to bend lower.  That put my face near her breasts, just as the shirt parted exposing her bra fully to me.   I don’t know anything about bra sizes, but I’d guess she was a large B or a small C.  Whatever it was, she was perfect.   Her nipples were getting hard against the sheer fabric, and I could see the pink outline of her areolas.  As I moved lower, Kristen leaned forward, pressing my face between her breasts.  I took in the smell of her, as I pulled the shirt from her arms.  A sound between a growl and a whimper slipped out of me.
She snatched the shirt from my hand, and threw it on the floor.  She was more urgent now, and I could hear her breathing speeding up.  She grabbed my hands, and mashed them into her breasts.  Holding them there, she kissed me again.   My knees buckled, as she pushed me over into the bed.  I was on my back as she fell down above me.   Her hands were supporting her on either side of my head.  “Take it off,” she gasped, in a husky voice.  I reached up and fumbled.  I had no idea how to take a girl’s bra off.  I started trying to undo the strap at her shoulder, then looked and wondered if there was a clasp between her breasts.  She looked at me wide-eyed for a minute, then couldn’t suppress a brief chuckle.  I dropped my hands, ashamed, and looked away.  “Oh, William,” she said, suddenly saddened that she had embarrassed me.  She drew me up, so that we were kneeling on the bed, facing one another.  “I’m sorry, honey,” she said, “let me teach you.  Let me teach you, everything.”   She took my hands and drew them around behind, and showed me to the clasp.
As the bra fell from her perfect breasts, the world became a blur.  I don’t even remember what happened next.  Eventually, we were naked… well, as naked as I could get.  She taught me to please her.  I worshiped her breasts, and eventually, she led me between her legs.  I had no idea what to expect.  I’d seen lots of porn, but nothing could prepare me for the real thing.  Like most of the girls (I guess) these days, she was shaved bare.  She had a piercing I had never seen before and a piece of jewelry where I guessed her clit should  be.  She called it a “VCH”.  I had to look it up online, later, to understand that it was a clit hood piercing.  The jewelry had a ruby colored gem stone, matching her finger and toe nails, right above the place I eventually confirmed her clit could be found.  She taught me to please her, then, with my mouth, tongue and with my hands.  She corrected me many times, but always gently and kindly.  Soon, as I soaked in the taste of her and followed her instructions, she began to thrash and moan.  I was in ecstasy as she grabbed bunches of the bed sheets and writhed beneath me.  Finally, she let go, grabbed my hair as she mashed my face into her vagina moaning “William!”  Moments later, she was lost to the world as she flailed beneath me, with her legs wrapped around me, and her heels thumping into my back.  I had never felt so wonderful in my life.  I had brought a girl to orgasm.  I felt… well… like a Man for the first time.
She pulled my hair, yanking my head from her crotch, and looked at me.  I imagine my look was as glazed as hers.  She caught her breath, and surprised look crossed her face.  She looked down and asked “What’s that?”  We looked down, to see a long string of pre-cum dribbling from my chastity belt onto her leg.  She laughed and said “Oh, poor baby”   It was her turn now.  She rolled me onto my back, and began to kiss and suck on my nipples.  I had never felt such a sensation before!  It felt like my nipples were hard-wired to my crotch.  She bit my nipple and I yelped, but at the same time, my hormones raced like never before.  My cock throbbed in my tube, but I couldn’t do anything about it.  She licked, tickled and tormented me. She got rougher, biting, pinching and grabbing.  Pre-cum dribbled out onto my sheets in a puddle.  She laughed, and wiped some onto her fingers, then thrust them into my mouth.  I was initially repulsed, but I was so turned on that soon I was suckling on her fingers like a new born baby.   She kept touching, feeling, exploring my body.  My body was going wild.  I was flailing and thrusting my hips wildly, with no effect.  She straddled me from above, grinding her pussy into the flat shield of my chastity belt.  Her tits dangled above me.  I couldn’t help but take hold, and guide one nipple to my mouth.  She climaxed again, riding me.  I could feel a mixture of her juices, and my pre-cum dribbling down my thigh.
Finally, she collapsed on top of me, panting.  I was gasping for air and my heart was pounding.  My whole body was quivering.  I probably looked like a fish tossed on the deck of a boat.  I couldn’t control my body as it thrashed with spasms.  She rolled beside me, and stroked my hair.  She leaned down and kissed me, sweetly.  I couldn’t believe she did that!  My mouth was full of her pussy juice.  Still, the realization turned me on even more.  I whimpered as my hips involuntarily thrust again.  “Oh, poor baby,” she cooed.  She cuddled beside me, and stroked my hair until gradually my body calmed.  It felt like a dream, and I heard her breathing softly near my ear. We fell asleep, cuddling.
I awoke with a start a few minutes later.  I heard a shout outside my door “Oh, jeesus!  Don’t TELL me you’re in there with some GUY!”  It was Tom. He must have discovered the coat hanger signal on the door.  I began to laugh, as Kristen looked at me befuddled.  “He thinks I’m gay because I wear this,” I whispered, gesturing to my chastity belt.  She giggled quietly.  From outside, “Well, OK, I’m leaving for another hour, but dammit, get him out of there!  Gross, dude!”  Kristen giggled evilly, and jumped out of bed and ran for the door.  “Stop!” I yelled at Kristen.  Tom heard me, and thought I had shouted out to him.  He yelled a reply, “Dude, I am NOT doing some kind of gay 3-way with ….”  Kristen opened the door, wide.
Tom stood on the other side of the threshold.  His mouth literally fell open, as Kristen stood completely naked, and still glistening with sweat from our love making.  His eyes hungrily devoured her from top to bottom.  Still holding the door, she said “He’s not gay.  He’s the best lover I’ve ever had! Oh, and too bad about the three-way.  It would have been fun!”  She slammed the door in his face, and locked the dead-bolt before Tom could respond.  She came back to bed giggling, and wrapped herself around me.
“Dude!!!!!!” I heard Tom scream from the hallway.
End Part 4.

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