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Fiction: Freshman Year, Part 1

Freshman Year
copyright 2010 by mikecb
We were all exhausted.  We had gotten up at 5AM to drive to my new college for Freshman move-in day.  Mom and Dad were proud, of course.   My older brother had gone to a 2-year college before landing his job across the country four years ago.  Now, I was about to enter a Computer Engineering program at a very prestigious college in the Northeast.
I was settled into my room, and we had dinner together at a local restaurant.  The wait was atrocious, since about 10,000 other parents had decided to take their kids out for one last dinner, too, but we finally got seated in a quiet corner.   Mom and Dad were both shocked by the topic I raised at dinner.  Dad must have asked “Are you sure?!?” about 20 times, discussing the hurdles I would face.  Mom let him do most of the talking.  Finally, she said “I don’t think you should do this, but you know that if I consent, it will be final.”  She looked me in the eye and asked quietly one last time, “Are you sure?”  A moment later, the topic was closed.
Ninety minutes later, Mom and Dad kissed me goodbye and set out on their drive back home.  We…. I should say “They” live about three hours away.  Now that I’m in college, I’m sure I’ll visit them often, but I know I’ll never “live” there again.   As their car rounded the curve and vanished from sight, I thought for the first of many times to come “My god, what have I done?!?” I’m a horny 18 year old college guy, locked in a chastity belt, and they had just driven off with the only keys.
It all started about three years ago.  I was 15, and came home unexpectedly from a weekend at a friend’s house.  I don’t know who was more shocked when I strolled into the house to find my Dad naked, except for some kind of metal G-string contraption, kneeling in front of my Mom in the kitchen.   Dad bolted from the room to put a robe on, while Mom told me to sit at the kitchen table.  She was wearing some kind of sexy negligee that no 15 year old boy wants to see his Mom wearing!  The world’s most awkward conversation ensued.  They must have apologized about a thousand times.  Mom and Dad had always been very open about discussing sex, or any other topic for that matter, with my brother and I.  Of course, they never discussed their OWN sex life.   Even though they were mortified by my discovery, they were completely open and honest with me.  In fact, they may have even been a little relieved to finally tell me the whole truth.
It had always seemed normal to my big brother and I that Mom was the one who made all the decisions in the family.  It wasn’t until I was 15, and having this awkward conversation that they used the words “Femdom Marriage” and explained what it meant.  To be honest, I wanted nothing but to get the hell out of there, but Mom insisted I sit with them while they explained.  Finally I blurted “It’s OK, It’s OK.  Whatever!  I just don’t want to talk about it, OK!”  I grabbed the backpack I had forgotten to take to the sleepover, and ran from the house.
 I admit the rest of the weekend was a blur.  I told my friends that I wasn’t feeling well.  I mostly hung out by myself, thinking, as the other guys watched movies, played video games and told lies about their girlfriends.  
Sunday night came around, and I went home.  My parents were on pins and needles.  Mom said “We should talk,” as I entered the house.  At least they were wearing normal clothes as we sat at the dining room table!  I think they were both surprised when I spoke first. “I want to apologize,” I said.  They started to speak and I cut them off, “Not for walking in on you….  Well, I feel bad about that too.  No, I want to apologize because there’s this whole big thing in your life that you can’t do because of me.”  They sputtered and carried on for a moment how it’s fine, and not my fault, etc.  Finally I said “Let’s make a deal.  Once a week, I’m going to do something that keeps me out late.  You’ll know where I am, and I’ll have my cell phone.  I PROMISE you, I will not come home early without calling first and giving lots of notice.  Do you GET me?”  My father sat with his jaw hanging down, and I think I saw my Mother blush for the first time ever.  “In return, I just want one thing…”  Mom looked at me sternly.   I can’t believe I actually said it, but I did.  “From now on, you will NOT enter my room without knocking first.  I’m 15.  Sometimes I’m doing things YOU don’t want to know about.”  It was my turn to blush.  My Mom burst out in laughter and hugged me.  The conversation was ended.
True to my word, I would stay late at the library, or at a friend’s house once per week.  We never discussed it, and frankly I didn’t want to know.  I mean, who wants to think about their parents having sex?!?  Still, the Femdom marriage thing intrigued me, and they did explain about Dad’s chastity belt too.  That FASCINATED me.  Mom and Dad didn’t believe in “parental controls” on the internet.  I did a lot of web surfing in the next few years, and boy, were my eyes opened… wide!  I guess it’s genetic, because I got REALLY turned on by Femdom and chastity belts too.
We lived in this arrangement for the next three years.  Mom and Dad did whatever it is they did once per week, and I tried not to think about it.  However, I WAS feeling a growing need in myself.  It was February, and my 18th Birthday was coming up.  Mom and Dad had been asking me what I wanted.  Over the previous few years, my grades had skyrocketed.  Who knew I would get SO interested in Engineering and Computers, especially.   I loved math and science.  I even did OK at the other crap – you know, English, Social Studies, and stuff. Lol.   They were really pleased and were promising me a “big” gift, but were letting me decide.  I’m sure they were thinking I’d want what any guy would want.  They thought I’d ask for a car, or maybe a super great stereo or something.   By this time, though, I had a part time job.  I had good bike, and my iPod.  I didn’t want anything like that.  I told them I would let them know on my Birthday, and not before.  I have no idea what they thought of that, but they agreed.  I asked that we celebrate my birthday alone, with just the three of us.  So on the day, Dad fixed my favorite Birthday meal, and we sat together at the dining room table.  Mom even let me have a glass of wine.  We ate dinner, and I blew out the 18 candles on my birthday cake.  Mom said with a grin “OK, this has been KILLING me!  You have to tell us now!  What did you wish for? “ I was blushing furiously, I’m sure.   “I know this is freakin’ weird,” I said, “but I know we can all keep a secret.”  Mom and Dad looked puzzled.  “I want a chastity belt, like Dad’s.”
Mom set down her wine glass, and must have stared at me for a full minute.  Dad initially laughed, then saw that Mom was so serious and he stopped.  Finally, after an uncomfortable eternity, she burst out laughing as hard as I’ve ever seen her laugh. When she finally caught her breath, I was feeling really mortified!   “Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it!”   She covered her mouth but just couldn’t stop giggling.  She wiped a tear from her eye.  “Of course, Darling. You can have one.  But as YOU said a few years ago, ‘I don’t want to know!’  You’re Father can help you get it fitted and ordered. “She got up from the table and kissed me on the forehead.  “I’m sorry if we’ve really perverted you!”  She left the room, chuckling.  “I thought you were going to ask for a new computer!” 
Two months later, I received a top of the line stainless steel chastity belt.  Dad and I had a few awkward moments as he insisted on helping me fit it, and bend it.  I mean, I hadn’t been naked in front of my parents since I was like five!   In a way, I guess it was good, though.  I mean, there was no risk of me having a raging boner while I was trying to put it on.  I was SO embarrassed! Lol.  Over the next few weeks, Dad insisted on checking the fit, and making little bends and twists.  He made sure that I looked for chaffing and redness.  In just days, we had the fit just right.  I was really surprised.  I guess he was an expert, because everything I had read on the web led me to believe it would take me weeks or months to get used to it.  Instead, I was sleeping in it overnight within days.
True to Mom’s word, once it was fitted comfortably, they didn’t want to know about it.  They didn’t ask, I didn’t offer.  I had the keys, of course, and just put it on and off as I desired.   By March, I was pretty much wearing it full time, except on school days when I had gym.  I just LOVED wearing it.  If course, I’d come home just about every night and wank off.  It was SUCH a hot and erotic thing!
Graduation was in June.  I was the only one who knew that I was wearing a chastity belt under my gown at commencement.   Right after graduation, I began trying to go longer and longer stretches in my belt without masturbating.   By early August, I had gone two full weeks.  It was going great.  Dad had also given me tips on cleaning the belt without removing it.   They worked like a charm, and I was having no issues on that front either.    So far as I could tell, I could wear it nearly indefinitely.
Now, as embarrassing as it is for a guy to admit, I was still a virgin.  I had dated a few girls in High School but we never did much more than a little groping and kissing.  By my senior year, I was such a geek that I was in the computer lab all the time, goofing around, or studying for my college entrance exams.  Then, of course, after my 18th Birthday, I was so busy playing with my Chastity belt that the thought of “normal” dating didn’t interest me.   By this time, I had found FetLife, and had also looked up the kinky “TNG” group at the college I was going to attend.  I knew that “Vanilla” dating wasn’t for me.  I wanted a girlfriend who would know I was in a chastity device.  I wanted a FemDom relationship.  I wanted to be controlled.
So, that’s what led me to screw up the courage on my first day at College.  As we sat at the table in the Restaurant, I set the keys to my chastity belt on the table in front of my Mother.  “I want you to hold these for me.”  Both Mom and Dad looked stunned.  “I can wear the belt for weeks at a time without removing it.  I’ve tested it.  Mom, I want you to keep those keys until I bring home a girlfriend, and she asks you for them.”
Dad couldn’t talk me out of it, though he tried for over 20 minutes.  Mom finally agreed.  She took the keys, and put them in her purse.  Mom always made the decisions in the family, and her word was always final.  “You won’t see these again until I put them in the hands of your next keyholder, or unless there’s a medical emergency.”  I smiled and thanked her.  “Don’t thank me, Honey.  I don’t think you understand how hard this is going to be for you.”
They were gone from sight now, on their way home.  Those words echoed in my head, as I walked back up to my dorm room to begin my Freshman year.
End Part 1


  1. That's hot, in a nice kinky way. Thanks, Mike!


  2. Thanks Dev. It's one of my more popular stories, that I'm reposting from Chastity Mansion. It's up to about 11 parts now, and growing. lol

  3. Well, I look forward to the coming installments!