Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Paddle

So, my wife and I were being an old married couple this evening. My back was aching after kickboxing class, so she was rubbing Ben Gay on it. Then I rubbed some on her arthritic hip.

So, we're chit-chatting as we're doing this. She says "Ooh, I get to do some Ben Gay Play", obviously alluding to The Gathering last weekend. I chuckled, and she said. "Oh, by the way, I was cleaning out the car this afternoon. I can't WAIT to try that paddle on you!" Tiff had given us one of his hand made (and beautiful!) paddles. It was still in the car.

Now, my Wife is NOT into pain play, at all. So, already this is a bit of a surprise. Perhaps The Gathering has got her in the mood to dabble with it again? Add to that the fact that these paddles are about the most PAINFUL thing I was hit with over the weekend, and, well let's just say I was having some impure thoughts!

"Umm, Honey, You're really going to have to warm me up first, if you want to use that paddle. Those things HURT! You can't just give me three light ones, and we're good to go!"

"Ahh.. Hmm... so like, maybe seven then?"

The evil grin she gave me made me wonder who this woman is, and what she did with my Wife. :blink:

Oh never mind, I'll keep this one! :lol:

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