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Fiction: Freshman Year, Part 2

Freshman Year, Part 2
copyright 2010 by mikecb
My first few days at college were the most nerve wracking in my life.  Aside from all the jitters that I’m sure anyone feels when they are away from home for the first time, I of course had to deal with the whole “I’m trapped in a chastity belt” issue!   Of course, the first problem was dealing with my roommate.  

Tom and I met for the first time as we were moving in together.  His parents, and mine, were helping haul our stuff into the room.  We had a chuckle together as we finished and noticed two girls across the hall arguing.  They had brought in SO much stuff, they were already bickering about where to put it all.  Tom and I seemed to bring around the same amount of stuff, and it fit reasonably well into our room.  After some conversation, Tom sent his cube refrigerator back with his parents.  I had a slightly bigger one, and it seemed to make sense just to share it.

The first night in the dorm, they had an orientation meeting in the lounge, and we got to meet the other people from the floor.  For the first time all day, my cock began to swell in its prison, as I got to see some of the girls living up the hall.  Oh god!   Honestly!  Almost all of the girls on our floor are HOT!  Now, that may just be the testosterone talking.  I’m 18, in a chastity belt, and hadn’t cum for two weeks.  Still, I was practically drooling.   I got more than a little horny fantasizing about them, as the introductions went around the room, and the resident advisor talked through all of the procedures and things.  About the only two girls that didn’t interest me were the two girls, still arguing, who live in the room across from Tom and I.  Halley and Jessica were clearly not enjoying their first day at college!

Tom is a shameless flirt, apparently, and much more forward than me.  Suddenly, he, and two girls from the room one door down were going for a midnight ice cream at the dining hall, and I was expected to come along!  Sara and Kristen were giggly and sweet.  It became immediately obvious that Tom was hitting on Sara, in a big way, and Sara was loving every minute of it.  I was actually a little embarrassed at how Tom couldn’t keep his eyes off Sara’s big boobs.    Kristen rolled her eyes at me, and we commiserated as the “tag along couple”.   Soon we were joking and walking arm in arm talking about “Young love” as we teased Tom and Sara, who were completely oblivious to our jibes.  “I remember when we were like that,” Kristen joked.  “Yes, it seems like only yesterday.” I replied sweetly.    We got to back to the dorm laughing, and I left Kristen at her door, thanking her for “Another wonderful evening together.  We really must do this more often.”  She responded with “But William, dear, if we keep seeing each other every day like this, people will begin to talk!”   We were both chuckling when suddenly she swept me into a hug to say goodnight.  I froze, as I was terrified she would feel my chastity belt.   Kristen sensed my awkwardness and suddenly let go.  “I’m sorry,” she said, “I’m just a kind of huggy person.”  I sputtered, feeling badly, “It’s OK.  I just..”  I was at a loss for words.  Suddenly she looked so sad.  “It’s OK, “  She interrupted. “Good night, then.”  She fled into her room, leaving me feeling like a total ass.

I went back to the room, feeling like an idiot.  Kristen was pretty, sweet, and I absolutely loved her sense of humor.  I was hoping I could patch things up with her tomorrow.  That would have to wait, though.   It was now after 1am, and I been up since 5am the previous day.  I was exhausted.  I grabbed my toothbrush and went down to the communal bathroom to brush my teeth.  I passed the lounge, and saw Tom and Sara giving each other tonsil inspections with their tongues.  Jeez!  They guy has been here less than 24 hours!   I brushed my teeth and went back to the room.  I wanted to change into some sweatpants to sleep.  Tom was out of the room, so I quickly changed, so he wouldn’t see my chastity belt.

A few minutes later, Tom returned to the room.  I was laying in bed, reading about the campus data network, and how to hook up my computer.  He was all smiles.  “You blew it with Kristen, huh?”  He joked.  “Hey, we’re going to have to work out some deal, hanging coat hangers on the door knob or something.  Sara’s one hot piece of ass!  We’re gonna need some privacy before too long!”  As he was talking, he was completely uninhibited about getting changed.  He stripped, and put on a loose fitting pair of boxers.   I sensed, already, that I was going to have more issues than I expected about hiding my chastity belt.

For the first few days, I was pretty successful.  I would wear a robe to the bathroom, and change in the shower stall.  Most evenings, Tom was out hitting on one girl or another (he didn’t seem to be at all concerned about exclusivity with Sara).  I was able to change in the room, quickly.  That is, until one day he walked in, just as my underwear were down around my ankles.

“What the fuck is THAT?!?” he barked, as he stood in the doorway.  I yanked my underwear back up, but of course, the damage was done.  What followed was probably the SECOND most awkward conversation of my life (the first being when I walked in on my Dad in similar circumstances).   I tried to explain “Submissive” and chastity play to Tom.  He just thought it meant “gay”.  “No WONDER you froze on Kristen,” he finally concluded.  “Man, too bad you don’t like girls.  Her tits aren’t huge, but she’d still be a nice piece of ass to bag!”  I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream.  I spent the next 20 minutes assuring him I wasn’t gay.   He wouldn’t let it go.  “Dude, it’s OK.  More girls for me!”    I couldn’t manage to make him understand it, but he agreed to be discrete.   We finished the conversation with him asking when I was going to get my sex change.  He was wondering if he’d have to get a new roommate, and get his parents to bring his refrigerator back.  I think he was only half joking.   I just pulled my covers over my head and said “Good NIGHT!”  Sheesh!

For the next few days I endured some good natured ribbing from Tom, but it was OK.  He understood I’m not gay, but it was his way of making light of the situation.  For the most part, he just couldn’t “get” that I would voluntarily give up masturbation.   He was changing his shirt as he was ribbing me, a few days later.   “Heck, I can understand if girls don’t turn you on, Bill, but jeez, I’m quite a stud.  I’m surprised you don’t want to wank off non-stop with a roomie like me! “   He posed, making muscles at me.   “Then again, maybe I should be grateful!  I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to discover you got lonely and needed some of this!”  He smacked his ass.   He was incorrigible! 

I had been away from home for a week, and the first three days of classes were done.  I was hornier than I’ve ever been.  I hadn’t masturbated for two weeks before coming to school because I felt I needed to be really horny in order to screw up the courage to leave the chastity belt keys with my parents.   As a consequence, it had been three weeks since my last orgasm – a personal record, but I knew I was barely started.   When I called home, Dad kept grilling me about hygiene, and asking if everything felt OK.  Mom just asked “So, what progress have you had finding a keyholder?”  I knew she would be good to her word, and hold the keys until I brought home a girl to ask for them.  “Well, there’s a Next Generation of Kink munch tomorrow.  I’m going to go.” I responded.  I didn’t see much point in trying normal dating with a chastity belt.  I figured I might as well start looking for love amongst the kinky folk at college.  I just hoped there would be some girls there! Lol.  The TNG mail list for my school was on yahoogroups, and it looked like there were about 90% guys.  Ugh!  I hung up the phone with my parents, as they wished me luck.  I thanked them, and hung up.  I personally thought my chances were dismal, but I had no choice but to go.  I couldn’t wear this chastity belt forever!   I lay down to go to sleep a short while later.  I was restless all night, with a raging boner trying to burst the tube in my chastity belt.  I dreamt of Kristen, and our easy pleasant evening getting ice cream a few days before.  I knew she was out of my league, and way too innocent looking to be into a pervert like me.  Still a guy could dream.

Imagine my surprise when I saw her sitting at the munch the next day!
End Part 2.

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