Friday, November 12, 2010

The Gathering - Saturday

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon at the gathering... So the Mistresses decided it was time for some cocks to be pierced. Locked_up_male began the festivities with two frenum piercings while Goddess Jen held his han... Well, actually, those were cuffed and Mistress Michelle was standing on the chain over his head. Goddess Jen held something else steady, instead. LUM did great, and the piercings look awesome.

Rachel was next with another guiche and a frenum. The Mistress Michelle's husband, rick, got another frenum as well.

Mistress Linda decided that she wanted some more adornments as well, so the subbies were banished from the room as she got hers.

Later in the afternoon, I left for the airport to pick up my wife.  She was flying back from an overnight at a conference.  I picked her up and returned to the Gathering just in time for dinner. Rachel made some simply amazing BBQ ribs. I've eaten ribs a few times, but never enjoyed them much. Well, these were so amazing that I went for a heap of seconds. Wow!

As dinner wound down, the play began. Mistress Watchful asked me to put the e-stim unit back on. I programmed both my remote control and hers to both operate the unit I was wearing, so both she and my wife had a remote that could zap me. They took delight in playing innocent when they were tag team zapping me lol.  My wife went upstairs and put on one of her Domme outfits.  All the ladies dressed for the evening's festivities.

Mistress Watchful did some nice rope work to tie up my hands.  It was amusing, at one point.  I was holding my hands in front of me, as she was tying them together at the wrist.  She had the remote control for the e-stim danging from her corset with a safety-pin, so I wasn't expecting a jolt.  Suddenly, I was zapped, HARD!  My wife was in the other room, and goofing around.  Well, it hit me out of nowhere.  I yelped, LOUDLY, and doubled over as the air whooshed out of my lungs..  Mistress Watchful nearly jumped out of her skin, and also nearly lost her top!  When I doubled over, I nearly hooked it with my hands as I went down! lol.  We had a good chuckle

Later, 5 "zippers" were set up - they each had 20 clothes pins on a string. 5 subs were lined up, and the pins were attached to each. Then, the ends of the strings were tied together. Mistress Watchful tried to hook me up, but my skin doesn't. fold agreeably for the clothes pins, and they wouldn't stay on. So, rachel bravely stood in for me. Lol

While the other subs were being clipped up, Mistress Watchful bent me over a bench and worked me over for a while. About the time we finished, the zippers were ready, and 3 Dommes grabbed the ends and the middle of the zipper chain, and ran in separate directions. The shrieking was charming! lol

Later, after my wife went to bed, Mistress Watchful tied me to a railing, and gave me another "treatment".  Here she is, mugging for the camera.  You can see the e-stim remote, dangling from my oh-so-sexy G-string.  The wires lead to the cock-strap, and had been neatly tucked into the waistband before we started playing.  I guess I thrashed around a bit!

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