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Fiction: Freshman Year, Part 6

Freshman Year, Part 6
copyright 2010 by mikecb
Kristen had said to meet her at the gym at 7:30.  I sure as hell didn’t want to be late, since she seemed more than happy to zap me with the “Punishment” feature of my chastity belt.  I showered, quickly, got dressed and headed toward the gym.   Tom pulled on some clothes, and walked along with me.  The gym was on the way to the dining hall, and he claimed that he couldn’t resist seeing what she did to me next.  Honestly, I think he was a little worried, and was coming along to make sure Kristen wasn’t getting a little out of control.  I was starting to believe that Tom had a gentler side that he didn’t let most people see.
“You sure you’re OK with all of this?” Tom asked.  “Well,” I said, “I’m not excited about getting zapped like that, but I guess I knew what I signed up for.  She SAID she was a sadist, but I’m going to try to mend her ways!”  Tom snorted, and shook his head, but for once in his life, he was silent for a few minutes as we walked together.
We stood outside the women’s locker room at the gym.  Tom, of course, looked every girl passing by up and down, quite shamelessly.  A few smiled at him, and a few gave him dirty looks.  I had to grab his arm and drag him away from the door when he tried to peek in as it was closing behind someone.   “You’re incorrigible!” I said.  He just smiled.  At 7:35, Kristen popped out of the locker room.  She was a vision.  Her hair was still slightly damp from her shower.  She had put on just a touch of lip gloss.  I doubted she had on any other makeup.   She didn’t need it.  Her running shoes dangled from her backpack, and she carried another large pink bag with her gym clothes and toiletries in it.  She found Tom and I right outside the door and smiled broadly.  “There’s my boys!” she exclaimed!  Tom looked shocked. “Hey now!  You’re not getting ME into some bizarre three-some with another guy!  .. and ESPECIALLY not when you’ve got that cattle-prod button!”  Kristen and I both giggled.  Kristen said “Tom, you REALLY need to stop being so homophobic! “  She turned to me and said “The Lady doth protest too much. Methinks!”  I grinned, recognizing her allusion to Shakespeare.  Tom didn’t get it.  “You’re not getting me to dress like a girl, either.  I ain’t no lady!” he retorted.    Kristen and I burst out laughing as we all walked together toward the dining hall. 
Kristen held out her pink gym bag, obviously expecting me to carry it.  I took it without protest, and carried it at my side.  I was feeling pretty awkward carrying this big shiny pink bag, until Kristen reached out and took my open hand.  Her touch brought a warmth to me that tuned out any self-consciousness I might have had.  Kristen and I kept grinning at each other, and not talking.  I think Tom started to get uncomfortable.  “.. and I’m not a homophobe!” he said, out of the blue.  We looked at him.  “My best friend….  When I was in high school.  He came out of the closet.  I was the first one he told.  I….  I couldn’t handle it at first…  I’ve always been ashamed of that…   I wouldn’t talk to him.  Jimmy… “  Tom looked off into the distance for a moment, then continued.  “He was fearless.  When he came out, he came OUT.  He told EVERYBODY he was gay.  A bunch of guys started ribbing me… figuring that Jimmy and I… well, you know….    Kristen and I were both riveted by Tom’s sudden seriousness.  We listened without interrupting him.  “I didn’t do nuthin’ about it.  I let ‘em rib me.  ‘till one day, the next week.  I was coming out of school at the end of the day and these two guys were beatin’ on Jimmy -   Bad.  Well, I don’t even remember what happened.  The next thing I know, Jimmy and I are walkin’ away, and those two dumb-asses were on the ground lookin’ for their teeth.”   Tom held up his right hand sticking out his pinky.  It was crooked.  “I busted this on one of their faces.  I shoulda gotten it fixed, but …. I just figured it served me right.  I should have been there for him all along.  He was my best friend…  Still is....  Anyways, we always bust on each other.  He calls me his fag hag.  I call him worse!”  Tom grinned, thinking about his friend.
We were both shocked by this revelation.  Kristen stopped in her tracks, reached out and gave Tom a hug.  “You’re not nearly as shallow as you act, Thomas Ingalls,” she said.  “Hey!  Well, don’t go letting on!  I have my reputation to live down to!” he said, reaching down and squeezing her ass.   He winked at me over her shoulder.   “Thomas!” she shrieked, and pushed him away, with mock anger.   We went into the dining hall, laughing together.
We had our ID cards swiped and entered the dining area.  Rather than going for food, Kristen pointed and said “I’ll be over there.  Bring me a bran muffin, banana, and a strawberry yogurt.  Oh, and a cup of decaf.  You’re having something healthy too.”  She looked at me, meaningfully.  “Yes, Goddess” I mumbled quietly.  Her eyes widened, “What was that you said?  I couldn’t hear you!”  Tom rolled his eyes.  “Yes, Goddess” I said, at normal volume.  I’m sure my face glowed red as I noticed a girl nearby snicker and cover her mouth. 
Kristen went over to a table by the window.  Tom and I got into the line.  He started heaping scrambled eggs and bacon onto his tray.  My mouth was watering, but I remembered Kristen’s orders.   I grabbed Kristen’s food, a fruit cup, and started making myself a bowl of raisin bran.  Tom looked at my tray snickering “Dude!  You got a pet rabbit or something?!?”   I chuckled, and was working on some kind of come-back when I felt a sharp, momentary buzz in my groin.  I winced, and doubled over a little, spilling milk all over my tray.   The pain wasn’t intense, but the belt sure wasn’t on its “pleasure” setting!  Tom looked at me, curiously.   A moment later, it pulsed again.  I gasped a little, but managed not to spill anything.  Tom was still staring.  “It’s my belt,” I whispered, “Kristen’s doing something.”   Tom shook his head, rolling his eyes.  He was filling up his third glass of coke, and putting it on his tray.  My belt pulsed again.  Ouch!  It felt sharper that time.   It seemed to be doing this about every 5 seconds.   I didn’t know what Kristen was doing, but I figured I’d better get back to the table quickly.  I put my bowl of raisin bran on the tray and started walking toward the – zap – Ow! – table.  I started walking faster…. I got right next to the table, and saw Kristen grinning evilly with the remote in her hand.  The belt zapped me one more time, harder this time.  “Oof” I grunted, as I slammed the tray down on the table and leaned next to her with my palms on the table.  I was trying to support myself in case it zapped me again.
“Why are you zapping me?” I implored.   “Excuse me, did you say something?  I didn’t hear a proper form of address.”  I groaned.  “Goddess?”asking nicer this time, “Why are you Zaaaaahhhhh!”  The belt zapped me again.  “Zapping me!” I blurted.   Some kids at the next table stared as Kristen burst into laughter.  I’m sure they didn’t know what was going on, but I sure was making a scene.  Tom was just approaching the table and set his tray opposite Kristen.  Kristen pressed a button on the remote.  Both Tom and I winced, wondering what would happen.  Nothing did.  The zapping seemed to stop.  “Oh, I was just trying the ‘Call’ function….  I wanted to remind you to put a dash of milk in my coffee.  No sugar.”   I opened my mouth to say something not very nice, but noticed Kristen’s eyes grow wide as she sensed my anger.  I held my tongue, and drew a deep breath.  “Yes, Goddess, I’ll go take care of it.”  I picked up the coffee to go put some cream in it, and headed toward the drink area.  As I was leaving,  Tom said “Oh, that was almost BAD!”  I heard Kristen say “Uh huh!”
I calmed down a little as I went for the coffee supplies.  I put a dash of cream in the coffee, and put a little more in a small cup, in case it wasn’t enough.  As I brought it back to the table, I overheard Kristen explaining the remote to Tom. “.. ya, and the Call function pulses ever 5 seconds, with increasing intensity.  I’m sure that really get’s ‘em moving after a few zaps!”  Tom looked at me with horror.  “Dude…” was all he could say.  Kristen giggled.  “This thing has a bunch of functions!  I spent 20 minutes reading the manual on the web, and didn’t finish half of it!”    She sounded giddy with excitement about it.  Oh god.  I sat down beside her.
Kristen surveyed my breakfast.  “That’s good,” she began, “Much better than that crap Thomas is eating.  He’s going to gain the “Freshman 20” before Thanksgiving!”  I looked at Tom to see him snarfing down a huge forkful of eggs.  “Whaa?” he asked, with his mouth full.  “I hope you brought some Fat Pants with you!” said Kristen.  Tom snorted and kept shoveling food into his mouth.  Kristen looked at me.  “… and I expect you to eat sensibly.  What do you weigh right now?”  “Uhh, ‘bout 175 I think.”  “Alright, we’ll set up your workout schedule…”  My eyes grew wide.  Workout schedule?  She continued.  “You’ll come to the gym with me at 6:00 every weekday.  We’ll do some cardio, and weights.  You’re starting to get a little soft above that belt.”  She poked my stomach.  She wasn’t talking about a belt on my pants!  It was true.  My chastity belt was a little snugger than when I got it 6 months ago.  I had put on a little weight in my senior year.  “No boy of mine is going to be a sloppy tub of goo like Thomas is becoming!”  “Hey!” he retorted.  Some eggs sprayed from his mouth when he said that.  “Lean, mean sex machine!” he said, pointing to his chest with his thumb.  It might have been more convincing if he hadn’t dribbled coke on his shirt a moment ago.
Kristen went on to inform me that I was now on a diet, and that she would be monitoring my intake.  Oh god.  I noticed how buff she was, but I didn’t realize she was a gym rat!   I’m in OK shape, but it’s mostly because I have a high metabolism.  I’ve never really exercised in my life!   I had a hunch this was going to suck!
Later that night, I was rooting around my dresser trying to find workout clothes for the gym.  A thought crossed my mind.  “Umm, Tom?” I called across the room.  “Have you ever been in the locker room at the gym?”  “Ya,” he began, “I’m not taking phys ed this semester, but I had to take a wiz one day, and I was walking by.  Why?”   “Umm. Did you happen to notice the shower situation?” I asked.  The look on Tom’s face as he realized the issue was all I needed to see.  “Shit, dude.  Gang showers.”
I knocked on Kristen’s & Tara’s door.  Hopefully she hadn’t gone to bed yet.  We had said our goodnight’s an hour ago.  Tara opened the door, wearing some sexy pajamas… well, really it was more like a negligee.  “Hi, Bill!”  She said.  She lowered her hands, flaunting her biggest assets in my direction.  “Hi, Tara.  Hey, is Kristen still up?”  From across the room I heard “Come in, William, what is it?”  She was lying in bed, with a book in her hands.  She had been reading.   I went over to her side of the room as Tara shut the door.   Kristen was wearing a T-shirt, and no bra, and a pair of comfy looking shorts.  Her long lean legs were tanned and gorgeous.  I was aroused to see he like that.  Even when she was “scruffy”, she was sexy.  I heard Tara sigh, as she walked behind me over to her side of the room.  She seemed a little disappointed that I wasn’t ogling HER boobs.   “Umm, Goddess,” I began quietly, “The gym… uh.. we won’t have much time after working out… um… I can’t use the showers there.”  I looked at her, knowingly.  I was trying to keep my voice down.  She replied rather loudly “Why can’t you use the shower at the gym?”   I was trying to keep my voice down, since Tara was right across the room at her desk.  I looked at Kristen in the eye and said quietly “You know, Goddess, it’s uh… a gang shower.”  Kristen looked confused.  “So?” she asked, still loudly.   I pointed toward my waist, as if she didn’t understand about my chastity belt.  Why was she playing dumb?  “William,” she began, even louder, “Why is it you can’t use the gang shower at the gym?  We won’t have time for you to come back to the dorm, and I will NOT have a sweaty stinky boy!”  I heard Tara snicker.  I looked over to see that she was now watching our conversation intently.  Kristen looked at me again, and said “Why can’t you use the gang shower, William?  If you can’t use it, I want to know why!”   She turned to look at Tara.   They made eye contact.  Obviously, she wanted me to out my chastity belt to Tara or shut up and use the gang shower.  UGH!
I drew a deep breath and considered it.  Chances were, that Tara knew about the chastity belt already.  Girls talk, right?  On the other hand, wearing the belt at the gym would “out” me to any guy in the locker room.  I’d be a laughing stock.  I gulped, and decided that outing myself to one girl was better than to a locker room full of guys.   I drew a breath, but my voice was shaking when I said “I can’t use the g-g-gang s-shower because everyone will see my (chastity belt).”  My voice had faded for the last two words.  “Your WHAT?” demanded Kristen.  I closed my eyes and sat up “My chastity belt” I said, loudly.  I heard Tara burst out laughing.  I looked up to see her walk over and high-five Kristen.  I sighed.  She DID know all along.  I surmised that they had discussed this, and set me up to be humiliated by “outing” myself to Tara.
“So, umm, Goddess, what are we going to do?”  I was embarrassed, but it was done. Now we could move on.  “What do you mean?” she asked, as Tara returned to her desk.  “Umm, I can’t wear the belt in the locker room.” I replied.  “Well, you can’t take it off, can you?” she asked, with a grin.  I looked at her.  She had that evil look in her eye.  Oh shit.  “But..” I began.  She silenced me with a wave of her hand.  Her look was stern.  “William, you are my submissive and you wear a chastity belt.  Are you ashamed of that?”  My face reddened.  I glanced, and Tara was once again ignoring her homework, and watching us intently.  “N.. No, Goddess.”   “Very well, then. Goodnight…  and apologize to Tara for disturbing us as we got ready for bed.”   I was defeated.  As I moved to stand, Kristen took my hand and pulled me toward her.  She kissed me softly.  My cock swelled in its tube, and a warm glow filled my body.   She let go of me, gently running her hand down my chest, and then pushed me away.   “Good night, William,” she said.  “Good night, Goddess,” I replied.  I noticed her nipples had gotten hard, protruding under her shirt.  I nearly fell over stepping away from her bed.   I turned to Tara to apologize.  She had turned off her desk lamp and was standing by her bed.   “I’m sorry to have disturbed you, Tara.”   “It’s OK, “she began.  Then with one smooth motion, she pulled the negligee she was wearing over her shoulders.  She stood nude beside her bed.  I’m sure I gasped, as I couldn’t help but look her up and down.  Based on the tiny strip of public hair I could plainly see, I can confirm that she is a natural blonde.  Her boobs were enormous, and very well proportioned.  “No bother at all,” she continued, “I was just hopping in bed.  I always sleep in the nude.  Goodnight now!” she said, as she climbed under her covers.  Kristen was looking at her with an amused expression.  “Now we’re even,” said Tara, “You flashed my boyfriend, now I’ve flashed yours!”  Kristen nodded, “Touché.   Though you can rest assured that Bill won’t be wanking off over it like Tom probably did!”  Both girls burst into giggles as I let myself out of the room.  “Study hard!” shouted Tara, from behind the door.  I heard them burst into more giggles as I walked down the hall.
That night I lay in bed tossing and turning.  I was enormously turned on.  Kristen’s last kiss had my heart racing.  The image of her hard nipples under that tight T-shirt, and her long legs wouldn’t leave my mind.  Tara flashing me was no help either.  I’d never seen a girl naked until Kristen, just a few days ago.  That, alone, was driving me wild.  Tara flashing me just added to the constant flow of hormones coursing through my young body.  On top of that, Kristen had every intention that I would have to shower in the locker room at the gym in the morning.  I was terrified about letting my secret out any more than it already was.  I lay in bed trying to remind myself that Kristen was right.  I do not WANT to be embarrassed about being submissive.  I’m proud of it.  I don’t WANT to be embarrassed about wearing a chastity belt.  It’s the biggest turn-on in my life.  Still, having other people – especially guys – find out…   It’s really hard for a guy to shed his macho image.  I wasn’t “there” yet.  I lay in bed all night with these thoughts racing through my mind… and the image of Kristen… again and again.
I turned off my alarm before it had an opportunity to go off at 5:45.  I was lying in bed staring at it as the time drew near.  Tom was snoring loudly on his side of the room, sprawled out in his bed.  It was still warm out, being early Fall.  He was lying on top of the covers in his boxers.  I looked away when I saw the tent in his underwear.  At least SOMEONE could get hard!  I chuckled to myself.   I pulled on my workout clothes, and ran down the hall to pee and brush my teeth.  When I came back, I propped my door open slightly so Kristen wouldn’t knock and disturb Tom.  A few moments later, she stepped in the room as I was putting my books into my bag.  She glanced over at the Tom, obviously noticing he had a boner in his sleep.  Oops.  She grinned, rolled her eyes, and whispered “I’m glad I don’t have to worry about YOU looking that silly!”   She took my hand, drew me close and kissed me.  Our mouths were both fresh and minty.  I guess she had just brushed as well.  My body began to react, again, and I felt my knees shaking.  “Let’s go burn of that energy,” she whispered, smiling.  She tapped the end of my nose with her index finger, grinned, and we left the room for the gym.
Kristen was unbelievable in the gym.  We “ran” 30 minutes on the treadmills… which is to say, she ran at a blistering pace, and I jogged until I had to walk.   By the end, I was drenched in sweat, and she just had a mild glow.  I looked at our treadmill’s displays.  I had covered less than half the distance she had!   She then led me over to the free weights.  She said “OK, this time, you just use the weights I’m using, until your body gets used to it.  Then we can bump yours up, since you’re probably stronger.”  That plan lasted about 3 minutes.  She did a set of bicep curls, and handed me the dumbbells.  I managed 3 reps before my eyes almost popped out.  “Oh, William,” she sighed.  She picked up some lighter weights for me.  We did weights for about 45 minutes.  I saw her strain lifting the weights, but moments later, she looked totally recovered.  I, on the other hand, was drenched with sweat and could barely move by the end.  She lifted more than me on almost every exercise.  Holy crap!  She was right.  I had gone soft!
I was dripping with sweat and exhausted as we left the fitness center and headed down toward the locker rooms.  My heart was racing as much from exhaustion as from fear.  I had no idea how many guys would be in the locker room.  Just as I was thinking to myself “Maybe no one will be in there”, someone stepped out, and I overheard several people talking inside.  My stomach began getting queasy, and my knees began to wobble.  I didn’t think I could do it.  I was struggling to find a way to tell Kristen I just couldn’t do this!  She was walking, and I was falling behind.
Kristen sensed my fear.  She pulled me aside, just outside the locker room door.  “William,” she said, looking in my eye.  She paused until I looked back, giving her my full attention.  “I am ordering you to go into that locker room, strip, take a shower, and get dressed.  You will carry on as if EVERYONE in that room is wearing a chastity belt.  You have nothing to be ashamed of.  You will make me proud when I see you step out of there all clean and smelling nice.”   Somehow, her ordering me to do this gave me a little more resolve.   I drew a deep breath.  She continued “Some people will notice your chastity belt.  You will ignore them.  If anyone says anything, you will respond in a factual way.  You will not make up any stories.  You are locked in a chastity belt, and only your girlfriend can get you out.  Is that clear?”  She squeezed my hand for emphasis.  “Yes, Goddess,” I replied.  She kissed me, gently.  “I’ll see you in about 20 minutes.  I’ll meet you here.  With that, she turned, and went into the Women’s locker room.  I stood, paralyzed for a few moments.  Finally, I remembered the tone of her orders.  I did not want to disappoint her.  I wanted to make her proud.  I drew a breath, opened the door, and stepped into the locker room.
There were several rows of lockers and benches.  I chose an empty locker in a corner.  There was one older guy in my row.  He may have been a professor.  I don’t know.  His back was to me on the other side of the bench.   I quickly put my things in the locker, setting a towel aside.  I stripped to my shorts, and then wrapped my towel around my waist.  I pulled my shorts out from under the towel, and headed for the shower.  I got half way there before I remembered that I had forgotten my soap and stuff.  I went back and got my soap and shampoo.  There were two gang shower stalls.  The first had three guys in it, chatting and laughing as they washed.  I couldn’t bring myself to go in there.  The second had two guys.  They weren’t talking.  The shower room was rectangular and had shower heads along three sides.   The fourth side was the entrance.   The guys were on the left and right side, facing their respective walls as they showered.  Outside the shower room was a towel bar, and ledge.  I saw their towels hanging outside the shower on the bar.   I briefly considered waiting until a stall was empty, but realized that would be futile.   I looked behind me to assure no one was looking, and peeled off my towel and strode briskly into the shower with my shampoo and soap.
My heart was pounding and my ears were burning.  I’m sure I was blushing and totally red faced.   I walked to the back wall, and turned on a shower.  I hadn’t realized at first, but these guys were BIG.  Other than their size, I really didn’t get a good look at them.   I wondered if they were football players or something.   I quickly started to wet my hair, facing the wall.  I sensed the guy to my right look over and pause.  I’m sure he was staring at my chastity belt.   By the sound of the water flowing on his side, I could tell he had stopped moving.  Finally, I sensed he was washing again.   I began to lather my hair.  A moment later, I sensed the same thing happening on the other side of me.  Apparently, it took a moment for people to figure out what they were seeing.  Again, after a moment, he just continued on with his business.   I suddenly realized I hadn’t breathed in a while.  I gulped some air and continued my shower.    I was done with my hair and washing my arms and legs when both of the other guys left the shower stall.  I sensed them look at each other as they stepped out, but neither spoke.   As they went out of sight, I heard some whispering.  They must have been comparing notes once they got clear of the shower. 
I finished washing as quickly as I could, rinsed, and gathered up my soap and shampoo.  I turned to walk out of the shower, just as another guy stepped into the doorway.  It was a fat old guy.  His belly was so big it practically hung over, covering his cock and balls.  He stopped dead in his tracks, basically blocking the exit as he stared first at my chastity belt, and then his gaze drifted up to my face.  It felt like he stared at me for an hour, though it was probably 2 seconds.  Finally, a grin crossed his face and he just chuckled, shaking his head.  He walked to a shower head on one of the side walls, clearing the exit.  I got out as fast as I could, and got my towel around my waist.
I got back into my row of lockers, which was vacant for the moment.  I managed to slip into my boxers without drawing attention.  I grabbed my shaving stuff, and went over to the sinks and shaved.  I wiped off, and finished getting dressed.   I was finally beginning to feel calmer.  I gathered up my things, and stepped out the door of the locker room.  I froze, momentarily, as I saw the two big guys who had been in my shower stall.  They were outside the locker room chatting, and laughing.  I looked over to see Kristen was waiting outside the women’s locker room.  Her face was red as she glared at the two guys.   Before I was even out the door, she was striding over to them.  I’m guessing they were football players.  They towered over her by 8 inches at least, and were twice as broad across the chest, but Kristen walked right up and got in their faces.  “EXCUSE ME,” she growled, venomously, “That’s my boyfriend you’re talking about.  Though it’s NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS, he wears that belt for me!   If you have something insulting to say, how about you sprout a pair and say it to his face, or even to MINE!”  She glared at them, menacingly.  She was in full Domme mode.  It was glorious.  The guys both looked away, and sorta shuffled their feet.  One of them mumbled something.  “WHAT WAS THAT?” Kristen demanded.  “I’m SORRY, we didn’t mean anything.” said one of them, more loudly.  Kristen nodded and glared at the other one.  “And YOU?”  “Ya, sorry,” he said.  They looked at each other, turned and walked briskly away.  She was practically half of their sizes, and she had just TOTALLY intimidated them.   She turned to me, her face still a mask of anger.  I saw her expression soften, and she smiled.   “Ready to go to breakfast, William?”  She held out her hand.
I was in love.
End part 6.

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