Monday, November 29, 2010

Fiction: Freshman Year, Part 9

Freshman Year, Part 9
copyright 2010 by mikecb

Kristen growled like some kind of animal as she pounced upon me in the bed.  She hungrily kissed me, while running her hands through my hair, and pulled hard.  I yelped in pain.  She nibbled at my lip, lowered her mouth and bit my neck.  Ow!  She kept tearing at my clothes.  I reached up and tried to undo the buttons on her blouse.  She clenched her hands over mine on each side of the blouse and pulled them apart, tearing it open.  The buttons went flying.  Holy crap!   She tore the blouse from her shoulders, glaring angrily, and grabbed at my shirt.  She yanked it over my head.  My eyes were riveted to her strong six-pack abs, as she tossed the shirt aside.  She was wearing a beige bra.  She grabbed my hands, and mashed them into her breasts.  I began to knead them gently.  She crushed my hands against her, grabbing my index fingers and thumbs and pinching her nipples through the bra.  She let out a moan, as she ground her crotch against the chastity belt beneath my jeans.  She was like an animal.

“Oh, Fuck!” she rasped, as she humped against my crotch for a moment.  “I NEED you inside me!  Now!”  I looked at her dumfounded, since we both knew there was nothing I could do to get out of my chastity belt.  She pushed me flat onto the bed, and stood.  She growled “Get those pants off!” as she turned away and walked over toward her desk.  I hurriedly pulled my pants and underwear off.  I was stripped to my chastity belt and socks as she grabbed the strap-on dildo, and waist strap from the shopping bag on the desk.  “Put these on,” she ordered, as she threw them at me.   I was a little intimidated.  She seemed angry!  I started tearing open the packages and putting on the harness.  She went over to her iPod, mounted it in its dock, and put on some loud techno music.  It thumped through the room while I continued to fumble with the packages.  She removed her bra, and pulled off her sandals, pants, and panties.  I admit to being distracted by her magnificent body, now fully naked.  “Gawk at me later.  Get that dildo on!”   I tore my eyes away, and pulled the harness over my hips.  It adjusted easily over my chastity belt.  I loosened it a little, and put the dildo into the harness and tightened it again.  The rubber cock stuck lewdly into the air.  My own cock was throbbing in my chastity belt, forced downward in its tube.  My heart was racing as I looked at Kristen.  She was eyeing the dildo, hungrily.

She started to climb into the bed beside me.  Being a dorm room bed, it’s a single.  I squeezed aside, and she barked “You on top!”  She crawled beneath me, straddling the dildo against her belly.  She parted her legs, clearly wanting me to enter her.  I hesitated.  “Goddess, I…”  Kristen knew I was a virgin.  I had never entered a woman before, not with my own member, and certainly not with a fake one.  “I’ll teach you later,” she grunted.  She ran a hand across her pussy, which was quite wet. I got a waft of her juices as she rubbed them onto the dildo.  The scent made my heart race.  Holding the dildo with one hand, she reached behind my ass with the other, and guided the dildo into position.  She pressed herself upward, as she steered me down with one hand.   The dildo slid in, as she worked her hips up and down a few times.  She was apparently VERY wet and ready.  She grunted once, as the dildo bottomed out.  I tried to gently thrust in and out, but apparently my timing and technique weren’t what she wanted.  Within seconds, she let out a snarl of frustration. 

Kristen and I have exercised together every morning for weeks.  I’ve intellectually known she is stronger than me since our first workouts at the gym.  Now she showed me for real!  In one deft motion, she wrapped her legs around my back and twisted, slamming me against the wall, flipping, and pushing me below her.  She was on top now.  The dildo had popped out.  She mounted it, and drove it home in one stroke.  She began bouncing and bucking on the dildo, furiously.   Her hands were free, and she began to run them across my chest and face, scratching, pinching and grabbing.  Her hands were wet with her juices as she ran them across my face.  The smell hit my nostrils and a jolt of electricity went down my spine into my groin.  My cock was on fire, and I could do nothing about it! 

She arched her back, placing her hands behind her on the bed, as she bounced up and down.  My eyes were riveted to the ruby colored jewel in her clit hood piercing, sliding up and down along the top of the flesh-colored dildo.  Everything looked SO wet down there.  I drew my eyes up her firm belly to her breasts.  Her nipples were hard and swollen, and her areolas were darker red than they were just a few minutes ago.  I could see the muscles of her chest above her breasts, and her strong shoulders and arms flexing as she moved.  She was biting her lower lip, with her eyes half shut as she worked.  Her breathing got faster and she started to moan “ha…ha….haaa…”  I was glad that she had turned on the music so loudly, otherwise anyone walking by her room would hear us.  Hell, they still might! 

I tried to roll with her waves as she rocked up and down, not disturbing her rhythm.  She went on for a few minutes, but it seemed like she had plateaued without reaching climax.  Her moans became more like growls of frustration.  I could see she wanted to get there, but couldn’t quite make it.  Finally, with a shriek, she thrust herself forward over me.  At first I thought she was crawling off, but I realized she was reaching above my head into her bedside table.  She yanked open the drawer and pulled something out.  It looked like a little egg.  She rearranged herself on top of me, with one hand pressed against my chest to keep her balance.  With the other, she pressed the little egg up against the jewelry above her clit.  I heard a buzzing sound, and realized it was a vibrator.   She continued to bounce herself up and down in my lap.  I helped as much as I could by thrusting my hips.  Soon, her eyes pressed shut and her breathing and moans got erratic.  A few seconds later she began thrashing on top of me, as her orgasm hit full force.  She bucked and flailed.  She scratched my chest, hard, drawing blood as she let out a final shriek between clenched teeth.  I felt a sudden gush of wetness, but had no time to look before she flopped down onto my chest.  She was gasping for breath into my ear, as she moaned “oohh…ahhhh…ohhh…hoooo”.  Her body convulsed.  I wrapped my arms around her torso, and realized she was damp with sweat.  She quivered as she lay there, with the dildo deep inside her.  After a few moments she calmed and her breathing became more regular.  I heard her click off the vibrator, but she didn’t move or open her eyes.  She began to shiver as she lay there atop me.   The blankets had long since slid to the floor.  I scooped them up with my free hand, and pulled them on.  Without opening her eyes, she helped me drape the blanket over her back.  She lay there for a while, her hard nipples pressed into my chest, gasping for air.  She started to recover.

Meanwhile, the smell of sex was wafting all around us.  My body was raging!  My heart was pounding and my cock was so hard inside my tube that it actually hurt.  I could feel pre-cum dribbling in my tube, and her juices had made my whole crotch damp right through my chastity belt..  I was so horny that I was actually a little dizzy.  At the same time, Kristen lay naked and sated atop me.  Her body was calming and slowing, even as mine was still shaking with lust.  I didn’t know what to do.  Part of me wanted to throw her down and fuck her.  Not make love… fuck her … hard and fast.  I’ve been submissive for as long as I remember.  I had never fantasized about this kind of animalistic lovemaking before, but now something inside me was awakened.  My body was angry with lust and there was no relieving it.  I wanted to throw her down and rut like an animal, but I knew it would do me no good.  Even as her heart began to slow, mine raced with my hormones still coursing through my body.  The frustration became more than I could bear.  This gorgeous woman was naked atop me, and I could get no relief.  I was angry, frustrated, devastated, hyper and horny all at the same time.  The smell of sex was rubbing buttons in my animal-brain that were WAY beyond my control.  I was a pent up ball of emotions and had no outlet.  There was nothing to be done.  I clenched my fists and teeth as I lay there, going insane.

Kristen slowly pressed herself up from me, with a happy, drunken look on her face.  An impish grin crossed her lips as she whispered “I’ve squirted before, but never with someone else!”   She was smiling down at me, looking so totally satisfied.  My heart was full of joy for her, at the same time my own body was screaming.  I tried to smile at her, but instead I just broke. I began to weep.  Her drunken look of satisfaction suddenly became a mask of concern.  “William..”  I was blubbering.  I couldn’t answer.  I tried to roll out from under her.  She pressed a hand against my shoulder, holding me down.  “William!”   Tears were streaming down my face.  I couldn’t look at her.  I turned my face and literally began to keen.  My emotions were out of control.

The egg vibrator was still in her hand.  She tossed it aside, as she took my face in her hands and turned me toward her.  “William,” she whispered, “I can make it better.”   I shook my head violently.  No she couldn’t!  I was trapped in this damn belt.  I was such a fucking idiot!  “William, you have to trust me.”  I was still crying.  “William, do you trust me?” she whispered.  She held my face toward hers and grew silent.  I was still crying, but her words were echoing through my head.  “Do you trust me?”  She whispered it again.  “Do you trust me?”   My breathing began to slow.  Something about her holding my face… asserting that control.. it felt comforting.  “Do you trust me?” she whispered yet again.  “Yes, Goddess,” I finally replied.  I still couldn’t open my eyes.

She climbed off of me.  I was still crying a little.  She undid the strap of the dildo harness at my waist and tossed it aside.  I heard her move over toward the desk, but couldn’t bring myself to look.  I wasn’t just horny in my cock.  My whole crotch.. no my whole BODY was like one giant sex organ.   I had never been so turned on and frustrated in my whole life.   I rolled onto my side and curled into a fetal ball, trying to will my hormones under control.  As my testicles shifted and I rolled, a shooting pain punched into my gut.  Oh great.  Blueballs again.  I lay very still, breathing faster than I should have been.  I heard myself whimper.

“..word is?”  My consciousness lifted from my misery for a moment.  Kristen had said something.  I didn’t catch it.  “Huh?” was all I could manage.  “Honey, do you know what a safeword is?”  I nodded, my eyes still closed.  “Talk to me, William.  I need you coherent.  Do you have a safeword?”  I tried to talk.  My mouth seemed slow and detached from my body.  “I never hath to use one” I slurred.  “Do you know Red/Yellow/Green?” she asked.  I nodded.   I had read that some people use those colors, like a traffic light, to signal how the submissive is doing when they play.  “Green” meant “keep going”.  “Yellow” meant “slow down”.  “Red” meant “Stop now.  I can’t take it.”   I felt Kristen’s hand take my chin, firmly.  She turned my head upward, toward her.  “Say them,” she ordered.     “Red.. yellow… green” I whispered.  Why were tears still pouring out of my eyes.  Why was my body still shaking?!?  Wouldn’t this ever stop?!?

“William, I promise you I will stop if you say ‘red’, but I want you to say ‘yellow’ well before that, OK?.  I need to know when we’re close to your limit.  Do you understand?”  I was weeping.  I was so horny it burned.  My balls ached.  I began blubbering again.  “Do you understand?!?”  “Yes!” I barked back, a little too harshly.  I heard her laugh.  “I’ll let that slide, THIS time.”  I wanted to curl in a ball and sleep.  My hands were rubbing uselessly against my chastity belt, trying to give myself satisfaction.  The slickness of the fluids there only served to make me MORE aroused.  I became all the more frustrated, as I realized it was just making me MORE turned on.”   A moment later, I was JOLTED with pain!  The air whooshed out of me and I literally banged my chin against my knees as my body contracted into a fetal position.  Kristen had just zapped me with the punishment feature of my chastity belt.  I moaned, and tears kept leaking from my eyes.  Now I was being tortured, on top of everything else.  Great!

Kristen climbed onto the bed and straddled me.  She forced me onto my back.  It caused my balls to ache.  I wasn’t thinking, and I tried to roll back onto my side.  “Stop it!” she barked.  A somewhat less forceful jolt hit me in the chastity belt.  I gasped, and stopped moving.  I rolled onto my back.  I opened my eyes to look at her.  Everything was blurry from the tears.   I lifted my hand to wipe my eyes.  “Hands down!” she barked, and zapped me again.  Oof!  I gasped from the pain.  My breathing was faster now.  She sat astride my chastity belt, still nude.  “Hold still.  If you move your hands, I’ll zap you again!”  She set down the remote for my chastity belt.  As I looked on, she took some kind of clamp, and lowered it to my nipple.  It looked like some kind of medieval torture device.   She started to turn a little thumb screw, and it clamped on.  She put it on just a little bit, and then put another one on the other nipple.  As the clamp began to squeeze, it felt like a pleasant electric shock from my nipples directly to my groin.  My already throbbing cock was further aroused.  “Oohhhh” I moaned, in frustration.

“Hold still!” Kristen ordered, as she got off me and grabbed something else.  I looked beside the bed, and saw that she had set a large gym bag beside the bed, full of stuff.  She reached in and pulled out a pair of fur lined cuffs.  Each had a length of chain with a clip on the end, like the kind that mountain climbers use.  She went to the head of the bed, and clipped the cuffs to something.  “I made a few modifications to my bed, getting ready for today.” she said.  She took my left arm and lifted it above my head, and clipped it to the cuff from the right side.  Then she did the same with the right arm, attached to the cuff from the left.  My arms were now secured over my head, and pulled in opposite directions.  She went to rummage through the bag again.  My whole body was still shaking.  I let off another brief weeping cry as I tried to get my emotions under control.  Tears began to flow again.  Damn it!  I just couldn’t get my head straight.

Kristen went down to my feet and pulled my socks off, and then secured them with more fur-lined cuffs to the bed.  She must have put eyelets in the bed frame or something.  I was now effectively immobile on the bed.  I knew all along that she intended to introduce me to pain play.  I was such an emotional wreck right now that I wished she would do it some other time.  “Kristen, I’m all messed up and moody.  I don’t think this is the right…”  SMACK!  I yelped.  She had hit me with something across my belly.  It felt on fire.  I looked up to see she was holding some kind of short whip with a bunch of leather strands on it.  “Kristen, I don’t want to do this now..” SMACK!  She struck my thigh.  I lurched, but the bonds kept me from getting out of the bed.  I looked at her angrily.  She sat beside me on the bed.  “William, you NEED this NOW.  I’m going to ask you again.  Do you trust me?”  

I looked away from her.  I was angry.  I was horny.  I was shaking from hormones racing through my body.  I was emotional.  I was weepy.  I didn’t know what the fuck was going on.  She once again took hold of my chin with her hand, and turned my face toward hers.  “Honey, do you trust me?”  I opened my eyes, and looked at her face.  She had just hit me, hard, with that whip thing (I later learned is called a flogger) twice.  I was angry with her.  But her face wasn’t what I expected.  She was looking down at me with genuine concern.   Her eyes were wide and beautiful.  I melted.  “Yes,” I whispered. 

“This is going to hurt.  A lot.  You’re going to use your safewords to tell me when it’s getting to be too much.  What’s your ‘slow down’ word?” she asked.  “Yellow,” I replied.  “What’s your ‘stop now’ word?”  “Red,” I replied, still looking her in the eyes.  I was transfixed.  “Will you try to hold out and tell me ‘yellow’ before you say ‘red’?” she asked.  “I’ll try,” I whispered.  Tears ran down my face again.  Damn it!  What the fuck was wrong with me?!?

She began gently this time.  She took the flogger and gently began flicking it against my legs.  It didn’t sting much, but it made me jump a little.  She flicked it up and down, and gradually worked up toward my belly.  I felt it sting more when she went over the earlier spots.  “Breathe, William” I heard her say.  I realized I was holding my breath.  I let it out.  She reached over and turned the thumb screws on the nipple clamps.  Ow!  I winced as she gave them each a turn.  “Breathe” she said again.  I let out a breath and tried to breathe more regularly.  I had closed my eyes as she was flogging me.  I felt her reach down for something, and suddenly I felt a tingle in my crotch.  My aching cock suddenly came even more alive.  She was using one of the pleasure settings.  Oh jesus!  It would make me insane!

She began working on my legs and belly with the flogger again.  She hit a little harder and my legs were getting more tender.  She stopped, and ran her hands up and down my legs.  A mix of pleasure and pain coursed through my skin.  It felt SO good to be touched, but at the same time, my skin was stinging.  She grabbed the fleshy part of my thighs and squeezed.  Oof.  She released, and then I felt her fingernails dragging down my legs.  I arched my back and breathed.  It felt good.  “I want to work your back.” she said.   I felt her unclip the leg straps, and then the arm ones.  She coaxed me into rolling over onto my belly.  She secured the cuffs again.  I winced as those clips on my nipples pressed against the mattress.  I wiggled my shoulders until they fell in a more comfortable orientation, but they still stung.  My bare back, legs and butt were now exposed.  She began working with the flogger again.   First, she gently trailed it along my skin, and then slowly began hitting.  After a few minutes, she began to increase the intensity.  It still didn’t hurt a lot, until suddenly “WHAP”  Ow!  “WHAP!”  My back arched as she hit my ass twice, really hard! 

I held my breath and waited for the next hit.  “Breathe, Honey” she said.  As I exhaled, WHAP!   She hit me 4 or 5 more times.  I wanted her to stop but it took me a minute to come up with the word.  I was just about to say ‘yellow’ when she stopped.  I lay there panting.  I noticed a glaze of sweat was forming on my body.  She ran her hands along my back and gently across my tender ass.  “You’re doing great, William.”  I felt a moment of pride when she said that.  Then, suddenly, she cranked up the intensity of the stimulator in the chastity belt.  It was intense enough to put my teeth on edge now.  “ohhh.” I moaned.  A heartbeat later, WHAP!  She began flogging me again.  She worked the backs of my legs, and then up to my tender ass again.  WHAP!  Ow!  WHAP!  WHAP!  I couldn’t take much more.  I heard her winding up for another hit “Yellow!” I cried.  She stopped immediately.  She sat beside me, running her hands gently up and down my legs and back.  I was wincing and holding my breath as she touched me.  “Breathe through it,” she said.  I started to breathe again.  

As I felt my body coming under control again, she began kneading my ass, firmly, with her hands.  It hurt.  My ass was really sore from the beating.  I winced.  “Breathe, sweetie!” she said, as she continued to work.  I exhaled as she squeezed, and inhaled as she let up.  It was working.  It felt a little better.  Suddenly, I thrashed and winced, as she turned up the intensity of the chastity belt again.  The pleasure setting wasn’t pleasant any more.  It was hurting.  It was sending sharp, stabbing jolts a few times per second through my cock.  “ahh, ahh, ahh” I moaned.  I instinctively tried to reach for my groin, but my hands were secured over my head.  “Honey, what do you need to do?” Kristen asked.  What do I need to do?  I need to turn off the damn belt.  I need to get up and out of here.  I need to find a hacksaw and cut myself out of this thing and jerk off before I go insane!  “What do you need to do?”  she asked again, more firmly.  The jolts were still hitting my cock like a jackhammer.  I gasped, and realized I wasn’t breathing.  “Breathe” I gasped.  I took a deep breath, and let it out.  “Focus,” she said.  I breathed in and out.  I just thought about it… Inhale…. Exhale…..  It was taking my mind off the jolts.  “Good, Honey, very good!” she said.   That made me smile.  Why was I smiling?  She was freaking torturing me, here!  I chuckled as I thought about that.  “Very good,” said Kristen.  I wondered what she thought I was doing?  I thought I had finally lost my marbles.  That made me chuckle again.  She told me later that this was when the endorphins had kicked in.

Kristen sat beside me, as I tried to focus on my breathing.   “OK, William”, I’m going to ask you questions.  You’re going to stay focused and answer them.  “OK, I gasped, as the jolts continued to fire sparks through my penis.  WHAP!  I yelped.  “Where was our first date?”  I tried to remember.  We had ice cream the day we met… but that wasn’t..  WHAP!  “Where was our first date?”  “The munch!” I replied.  WHAP!  “What’s my roommate’s name?”  “Umm.. Sa”  WHAP!  “Sara!”  I barked.   My ass was on fire!  I was hoping the wetness I was feeling was sweat and not blood.  Suddenly, the chastity belt started zapping me even harder!  “Oww. oww… yellow!”  I cried.  “Breathe, William!  What time do I pick you up for the gym?”  “Six.” I gasped.  The pain was incredible.  “Breathe!”  I took a deep breath.  “Who’s you’re Writing professor?”  “uhh…”  WHAP!  “Professor MacDonald.”  WHAP!  I yelped again, into the mattress.  “Which leg am I touching?” I felt her gently stroke my right leg.  “Right.”  I said. 

She stopped for a moment.  I felt her hands slowly running up and down my legs and ass.  She straddled my legs, and I felt her rubbing her breasts up my butt and back.  I felt her hard nipples tracing their way up my back.   My whole body felt stings as her naked flesh pressed against mine.   She lay atop me, holding most of her weight off.  She pressed her mouth to my ear.  I heard her take a deep breath in…. and then out.   In and then out…  I realized I was clenching and holding my breath again.  I took her signal, and began breathing in tandem with her.  in…. out… in …. out.  She ran her hands along the back of my arms and into my hair.  I kept breathing.  “Almost there,” she whispered.  The word “what?” was forming in my mind, as the jolts of electricity in my crotch went up another notch.  “Arrrrhhh…. arr…..haaaa” I screamed into the mattress, trying to deaden the sound of my cries!  “Yellow!” I shrieked.  I would have said “Red”, but it honestly didn’t occur to me.  I just knew that ‘yellow’ made it better and that was the only word that came into my head. 

“What day is it?” Kristen demanded.  “Ahhhh” I continued to growl into the mattress.  >whap<  I felt a more gentle hit on my ass.  “What day is it?”  “Saturday,” I moaned.  “What’s our RA’s name?”  >whap<  “Tony” I said.  I was beginning to panic.  The pain was intense.  Kristen leaned near my ear, and inhaled slowly, and then exhaled.   I, once again, fell into the same breathing pattern with her.  I began to calm down.
“OK, Honey, Five more and we’re done.” she said.  Five more?  “You’re going to count down from five, slowly.  Each number you say, I’m going to give you a little pain.  When you reach zero, we’re done.  OK?”  Five?  I was a little delirious.  “Say it, William.  Say ‘five’.”  “Five” I said.  ZAP!!!!!  My chastity belt jolted me like it never had before.  All the air whooshed out of my lungs.  I actually hurt my nose as it smashed against the mattress.  “Four to go, honey.  Say it.  ‘four’”  I tried.  I I opened my mouth, but all that came out was a squeak.  The rapid fire pulses were still pounding into my penis, and I knew was afraid she was going to zap me with another really bad one.  “Say it,” she said, gently.  I drew a deep breath.  “Four.”  ZAP!!!!!!   I howled into the mattress.  I was moaning and hyperventilating now.  I was having trouble catching my breath.  Once again, she leaned over me and I felt and heard her breathe slowly.  I forced my breathing into rhythm with hers, even as the jolts continued to pound my cock.

“Honey, say ‘three’,” she began, “and then exhale as it hits.  It’ll help.”  I gulped a few times.  I opened my mouth to say “three”, but I couldn’t.  I was too chicken.  Instead, I said “Yellow”.  She immediately sat beside me.  I felt her hands gently stroking my back.  She whispered gently.  “OK, honey, I’ll turn it down a little.”  I immediately felt the jolts in my crotch diminish.  “There’s just three more.  Come on.  Can you do it for me?”  I gasped for air.  “I’ll try.”  “Thank you, Honey.”  She bent, and kissed the back of my head.  “Remember, say ‘three’, and exhale… hard”.  I drew a deep breath.  “Three” I said.  I stuck my face in the mattress and exhaled, hard.  ZAP!!!!!   The air whooshed out of me.  I drew it back in.  She must have turned it down.  It wasn’t as bad.  “You did great, Honey!  Just two more.  When you’re ready!” 

I was so grateful she had turned it down.  That last one had felt easy compared to the first two.  I drew a few deep breaths.  I wasn’t sure if she was going to turn it up again or not.  One way to find out.  “Two” I said, and once again exhaled into the mattress.  ZAP!!!!!!   Again, it wasn’t so bad.  Just one to go.   I caught my breath, and prepared myself for the last one.  I was giddy that we were almost done, and so happy she had turned it down.  “Thanks for turning it down a notch.” I said.  She giggled.  “I didn’t. sweetie.  You’re just finally breathing right!”  I glanced up at her.  She was smiling and nodding her head.  I’ll be damned, I thought.  I drew a deep breath.  “One!”.  I exhaled as the ZAP!!!!! hit. 

Immediately after the last jolt, I felt all of the pulsing stop in my chastity belt.  It was such an enormous relief!  I lay there, catching my breath.  Goddess went around and unstrapped my legs and arms, and gently rolled me onto my back.  I looked up at her, as she sat down astride my chastity belt again, still nude.  The room seemed to be spinning as I looked up at her.  “Oh, you’re SO far gone!” she giggled.  “Huh?” I asked.   She reached down, and gently took hold of one of the nipple clamps.  “Breathe, Honey, this is going to hurt.”  I laughed.  Hurt?  They’ve been there for all this time.   I was used to them by now.  Why would they hurt?  As she began to turn the thumb screw, a wave of pain tore through my chest.  I began to flail beneath her, as she turned the screw.  It felt like she was tearing off my nipple!  I looked at her in terror, as she looked back at me.  She paused and lifted an eyebrow.   My eyes grew wide as I realized how much this was going to suck.  Apparently, when the blood comes back into your nipples, it HURTS! What a horrible torment!  They had to come off, but removing them hurt like HELL!   Goddess looked down at me, until I finally realized she was waiting for me to take a deep breath.  I did so, and as I exhaled, she turned the screw.  Oww oww oww oww!  I exhaled so hard, it made her hair flutter.  She laughed as she reached for the other nipple.  She paused again, and I took her cue to take a deep breath.  OWWWOWOWowowowowWOW!  Finally it was off.  I lifted my hands to cup my nipples.  She didn’t stop me.  It hurt even as my hand got close.  The slightest touch made me wince.  She grinned, evilly.

“Roll over, Honey” she said, and she spooned up behind me.  I was damp with sweat.  As her body pressed into the tender flesh of my legs, back and ass, I felt a salty sting.  Still, she was warm and cozy.  It was her turn to pull the blanket over ME.  We cuddled, like spoons in a drawer, and I dozed off almost immediately.

I awoke a while later.  Goddess was gently stroking my hair.  “I’m sorry,” I whispered, feeling bad that I had fallen asleep.   “I’m not,” she whispered back.  I rolled over to face her.   Her hair was mussed and matted with sweat, but she was radiant.  “How do you feel?” she asked.  “Still sore, but not as bad as I expected,” I replied.  “No, silly, how do you FEEL?”  She reached down and ran her hand down my belly, and stopped it over my chastity belt.  I realized that I wasn’t horny at all.  I could feel my cock, relaxed, in the tube.  My balls didn’t ache.  As I thought about it, my nerves were calm again.  My eyes grew wide as I realized all this.  “I feel…. relieved! .. Better than I have in weeks!”  She smiled at me.  “Thank you, Goddess,” I whispered. 

“You’re welcome, William.” she said, with a smirk on her face.  “You know…..” she began.  She kept stroking her hand over my chastity belt.  “I think I’d really like to meet your Mom.   Do you think we could arrange a road trip next weekend?”  If I smiled any harder, my face may have split. 

“Yes, Goddess, I’m sure we can.”

End part 9.


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