Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Introductory Bio

OK, so I've decided to set up a blog on yet another place - this time my very own.  I suppose I should start at the beginning.  This introduction will be longish... well, hell, most of my posts will probably be long.  Brevity has never been a strength of mine.

So far as I can tell, I've been interested in chastity for as long as I can remember.  I have memories from my very young teens of taping my my crotch with masking tape to make my cock inaccessible, as part of my masturbation play.  I've also been interested in all manners of kink since I was young.  I remember playing with self-bondage, streaking in the woods, poking myself with sewing needles, and god knows what else.

I've been a computer geek since before there was an internet.  Like most new technologies, its first important use was for the creation and distribution of porn.  I'm sure it wasn't long after the world wide web was created that I heard about chastity devices.  I was hooked from the moment I heard of them, but always thought of both chastity belts, and all my kinky desires as something that was private and WAY too kinky to share with anyone else.

Well, eventually I met my the woman who was to be my wife, and we had a pretty vanilla sex life.  I found it satisfying for a time, but as the years wore on, I was more interested in kink and porn, and my wife's libido tailed off.  Probably too late, I worked up the courage to introduce the notion of chastity play to her.  By that time, my head had been filled with all sorts of nonsense about Femdom relationships, having her "make me" do things, and all the other stuff that so many chastity fantasies are made of.  I'm sure I did a perfectly horrible job of selling the chastity belt notion to her, but still, she was willing to give it a go.  I ordered a cb2k.

Things really didn't work at all.  My wife was very concerned about my comfort, and was releasing me far more often than I needed, so it wasn't scratching the itch I had for her to "have control".  At the same time, our sex life at this point was practically non-existent anyway.  What I had hoped might spark more romance, instead just became a "responsibility" that she really didn't enjoy.  She was willing to hold the keys, though eventually, she just hung them on the hook with the car keys and said "Take them when you need them."  Chastity play led nowhere for us.

She never objected to my wearing a device, and I eventually purchased a CB3k, and a Lori tube.  I got a PA piercing for security.  The Lori never fit, and sits unused.  I've since modified the cb3k a few times, and I can now wear it, along with a security cable through my PA piercing.

Along the way, I established friendships with other people in the chastity belt community, and eventually was invited to a BDSM Play Party by some friends in the Ottawa area.  My wife was willing to give it a shot, to humor me.  Her initial response to the play party was VERY positive.  I thought "Wow, she's finally getting excited about all the kink!"...  After a while, however, I discovered that her real interest was in the clothing and Domme outfits.  She loved going out and shopping for outfits to show off at the play parties.  It was basically a dress-up game for her.

Our sex life remained basically non-existent, but at the same time, she acknowledged my desires and was willing to let me do some scenes with our friends in Ottawa.  I discovered, quite quickly, that I'm a total pain slut.  I ADORED being flogged.  The endorphin rush was absolutely delightful!

So, for a few years, we attended play parties.  My wife got to dress up in Domme outfits, but wasn't interested in hitting me or anything.  I got friends to provide the floggings, and life was pretty good, though it was way too infrequent for my tastes.

As time marched on, our opportunities for the play parties in Ottawa became more limited.  I was reluctant to "come out" to the kink community closer to my small community.  So, my wife and I discussed it, and eventually, I hired a Pro Domme friend in Ottawa for what  my wife and I referred to as a "Spa Day" to get my pain play fixes.  It was OK, but frankly, it was a lot of money to spend for an afternoon endorphin rush.

Things have been pretty much stalled at that stage for a few years now.  Meanwhile, I've been fairly active in chastity forums, as it remains a huge interest of mine.  I've called "Chastity Mansion" my home, though many of the players on that site are into sissy play, which is not really an interest of mine.  Still, I've met a bunch of online friends there, and call it "home".  

Just this past weekend, my wife and I attended a Chastity Mansion "Gathering" in Virginia.  A dozen or so people who participate in the Mansion gathered for a weekend-long Femdom play party in a lake house.  I had an absolutely marvelous time, which I'll blog about in more detail in separate entries.  My wife also enjoyed meeting the people from the mansion as well, and established a few friendships.

I think that covers it for now.

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