Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Gathering - Sunday

Most of Sunday morning and afternoon were spent pampering my Wife.  She woke with one of the worst migraines she had had in years.  I took her breakfast in bed, and checked on her throughout the morning.  Later in the afternoon, she was finally up and about.

In the evening, my wife wanted to take a leisurely bath in the jacuzzi in the master suite, so we drew her a bath and she took a nice long soak.  We reprogrammed the e-stim so that only her remote worked on my receiver.  Another sub who was at the Gathering had a receiver programmed to Mistress Watchful's frequency, and she enjoyed zapping him that evening. lol.  My wife, who is not really into pain play, was kind and used the lowest level "zap" to call me, when she needed things in the tub.

Alas, after soaking and getting dressed in her Dommely best, she was still pretty run down from her long headache.  Many of the people at the Gathering were smokers, and were smoking out on the deck.  Unfortunately, that night, the smoke was blowing right back into the main living room when people were coming and going outside.  The smoke further aggravated the situation, so she opted to go to bed early.

After I got her tucked in, the evening raged on full-steam.  Thankfully, she put in some earplugs up in the bedroom, because there were a lot of loud screams from various subbies being hit. lol.  Eventually, Mistress Watchful and I played a few more times.  After a sound thrashing, we took a break and had a few drinks.  We decided to go at it again a few hours later.  She was looking through her toy bag to see if there was anything she had NOT used on me.  I didn't recognize one item, but when she swatted my ass with it, I said "Oh, THAT one!" lol.  After realizing she had used ALL the toys already, she said "Well, same old same old, then!" and pushed me against the wall.

Here's an action shot of one of the most delicious tools in her arsenal.  I LOVE this thing. It's braided cotton.  It's soft, and feels wonderful when run across the skin, but it's heavy and hits like a bus!

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