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Dom Fantasy - Candaulism

So, I don't identify myself as sub, but neither do I identify as Dom.  However, I do have Dom-like fantasies, at times.  I live in a college town, and work at a Univeristy.  Occasionally I'll see a sweet young thing who will incite my recurring fantasy.   It's almost always the same, and until recently, I had no idea that there was a name for the fetish involved - "Candaulism".  The Grey Owl made mention of it in his blog last week, but has not yet elaborated.

According to wikipedia, "Candaulism is a sexual practice or fantasy in which a man exposes his female partner, or images of her, to other people for their voyeuristic pleasure."

So, without further ado, my recurring fantasy.....
I have cherished all of my pets, though each has grown in her submission in different ways.  As a much older "Daddy Dom", I don't require sex of my pets, though I do require each of them to show herself for me.  Of course, eventually, they all graduate and move on.  Most find another Dom, and continue in the BDSM lifestyle.  I'm so pleased when they do, and hope that they will make their next master as proud as I have been.

How I love this picture of susan.  It was the first time she exposed herself for me.  Her hands were shaking, and her face was flush with embarrassment.  She gave me many pictures, that day, but I cherished this the most.  It was blurred by her trembling hand.   For six months, I held this picture in my private collection, keeping my promise never to share it without her permission, but I looked at it often.  My heart still sings as I recall the day she sent me this simple Birthday greeting - "Happy Birthday, Master".  Below that, was the URL of this image, now on tumblr.  She had posted it for the world to see.  I responded to her email immediately, reflecting that my own hands were shaking and my own body was aglow, but for reasons quite different.  How she pleased me that day!

beverly was quite the shy one to begin with.  I remember how much coaxing it took to get her to simply unzip her pants that day.  We rode the subway for hours, as she took more and more chances, until finally she was actually noticed by someone.  How she shrieked and giggled, as she ran to me.  How bold she became over the years, as we played together. By the time we parted, she would have willingly gotten on the subway naked with me, had I just asked.   Still, this first picture reminds me of how it all started.  I understand her new master continues showing her to the world.  How lucky we all are!

jennifer was a spunky girl.  We drove around a nearby town for hours, one afternoon.  She was naked in the seat beside me.  Several truck drivers were given quite a show that day.  We passed through a certain neighborhood a few times, and I noticed two teenaged boys, sitting on a porch each time we passed.  The third time we passed, they noticed us and hooted at jennifer, yelling "Nice tits!"  I thought that was such a nice compliement, that I ordered her to go thank the lads with a kiss.  We drove around the block again, and she ran and gave them each a friendly peck on the cheek.  Their slack-jawed faces were precious.  Hers was unforgettable.

camille loved nature, and we walked the park trails together, often.  One day, I ordered her to hide her keys at the trail head, and walk a mile up our favorite trail, alone.   She was to be dressed in a jog-bra, shorts, and shoes.  Nothing else.  I knew she was familiar with a little side trail, there, that leads to a fire pit, frequented by teenagers out partying at night.  I told her to look there for instructions.

I hid nearby, watching through binoculars as she found the note, the matches, and the small bottle of lighter fluid.  She must have looked around for five minutes, screwing up her courage, before she finally put the note, her bra and shorts in the firepit, doused them with the lighter fluid, and set them ablaze.   True to her nature, though naked, and terrified she would be seen, she waited until the fire burned down, and scooped dirt over it, assuring it was out.

She followed her instructions, then, walking farther along the trail.  She would find replacement clothes in a half a mile, hidden under a log near the creek. I was sure she knew the one. We had sat upon it, one lovely day, feeding the ducks.

I followed just out of sight, assuring her safety.  How I smiled when I passed a befuddled couple coming down the trail.  They had obviously run into her.  The young lady paused, but fumbled for words as she clearly wanted to speak to me. Finally,  I said "The naked girl?"  She nodded dumbly.  "It's OK.  She's mine.  I'm just following to make sure she's safe."  The young lady looked puzzled, as I passed them with a smile and a "Have a nice day".   I didn't look back.

I haven't seen camille for a few years, but we keep in touch.  We speak fondly of that day.

I won't soon forget the day maria reached her turning point.  She could flash people anonymously, but could never take the next step to interact with them.  She was always a little defiant, too.  Finally, one late night we drove around town with her naked in my car.  I had her edge herself, repeatedly.  She was horny as hell, and begging me to let her cum.   Her face was flushed, her eyes glazed with lust, and her body was on fire.  Finally, I gave the ultimatum "You won't climax tonight, unless you go in there and buy something."  I handed her a ten dollar bill.  Well, after a moment, she relented but, ever defiant, she bought me a pack of cigarettes.  She knows I don't smoke!  "You didn't say WHAT to buy!" she exclaimed, in her thick Mexican accent.  I had to agree, as I gave her permission to cum.  Of course, she knew she had it coming, when I later made her eat the cigarettes.  I miss my maria, even if she was a trouble maker!

I love this picture of rose.  She thought the road would be deserted, as I took her outdoors,  fully nude, for the first time.  "Hold still!  Arms down!"  I ordered, over and over, as that truck approached.  She kept looking over her shoulder nervously.  She didn't believe I would make her stay there, but I did.  I was so proud of her.  She didn't move!  Well, at least at first.   How she jumped when the truck driver tooted his horn!  Finally, it was too much, she lost her nerve and ran for cover in the car.  The truck driver smiled and waved.  She was angry with me for a while, but it passed.  We had many more adventures together. 

We both laugh remembering those days.  She can't believe she was ever so shy!  Her master rarely lets her wear clothes at fetish events, now, and she loves every minute of it!

suki had never been naked outdoors before!  She couldn't stop giggling as she stepped into that open field.  This was one of her first experiences, so I assured no one was around.  We were there for an hour, taking pictures, before she seemed at ease to be naked, with the sun and wind on her skin.

How that experience transformed her!   She had been raised by an uptight religious family.  Though still a girl of excellent character and morals, she is now a naturist.  After completing her business degree, she and her (now) husband opened a naturist resort in southern Georgia.  I spoke to her a few weeks ago, and she said that she hadn't worn clothes for almost three weeks!  Though she tells me she no longer does BDSM, I'm proud to say that I helped her find her appreciation for nudity and nature.   How her customers must enjoy meeting their beautiful proprietor!

kelly was so fun-loving and beautiful.  We had only exchanged a few emails, when she sent me this picture.   Though she was never comfortable with posting her face on the internet, how she loved to show that tight little body for me!

With the proliferation of camera phones, she became reluctant to show herself in public.  I remember my frustration, and her brilliant suggestion to solve our problem!

The full-body mold, made by a friend,  became an excellent work of art!  Anyone who sees the gardens on my property will see kelly's nude form, permanently preserved in bronze, dancing among the flowers.

Beautiful nude photos of kelly (with her face obscured, of course), and many of my girls, grace the walls of my home.

diane loved to show herself, almost from the time we met.  It became a challenge to find something she would not do for me!   She was a PHD student, and ultimately achieved her doctorate in Women's studies.  How ironic, that she is a lifestyle slave to a Dom in San Francisco now!  He often makes her available to be fucked by his friends.  She loves her life, saying she is an empowered Woman, and has willingly given that power to her Master.  What a lucky man he is, and how lucky I was to have briefly had her in my stable!

This photo of ellen still blows my mind!  I remember the countless hours of emails, coaxing, and conversation to help her overcome her inhibitions.  We had known each other for two years before she finally flashed someone for me.  That was longer than any other slave in my stable, but I knew she wanted to get there, and just needed my help!

Hard work pays off, and even the simplest things she did gave me so much pleasure, because I knew how hard it was for her!

So, imagine my delight when Master Tim sent me this image.  ellen was the official greeter for the fetish fair he had organized in their city, last month.  She disrobed on Friday afternoon, and was naked until Sunday night, meeting, greeting, and making sure the fair ran smoothly.   Hundreds saw her naked that weekend, including all the hotel staff.  I'm so proud of her!

College is a new experience for a young man.  This lad in the background was visiting our campus with his parents last spring.  I think he got a good idea of what he could expect here, from my katie.  I often look around, hoping I'll spot him on campus.  I do hope we made a good impression!

katie is a very friendly person.  At her request, and my direction, she's been a regular "welcome wagon" to several young men that have come to campus.  If I see a shy, virginal looking young man, I send katie his way, to make sure his education is complete.  How she loves Freshman Orientation!

These were just a few of my many girls.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing them, as much as I've enjoyed showing them to you..... though I doubt it!  ;-p


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  1. know, I was once like you (much more of a fiend than you could EVER hope to be). But you know, inside I was hollow - much like you are. One day, you will have children and you may find yourself thinking "I don't like creepy men posting their photos on the net." Or not, who seem might not care at all.