Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The cost of chastity play

I'm constantly astonished by people complaining about the cost of chastity devices.  I been on chastity mail lists, chat rooms, forums and have read blogs about chastity for almost 20 years.   People always seem to be complaining that they cost too much.

So, let's do some math, shall we?

On the Chastity Forums, a survey was done, and most of the respondents who are into chastity indicated that they had 4 chastity devices.  Let's assume a few are CB-xxxx devices - say $200 each.  Let's say one is a fancier one, say a Mature Metal or Steelheart - $300.  Let's pull out all the stops, and say they bought a Neosteel too - $2000.  OK, so that's an investment of $2,700 for chastity devices.  For the sake of argument, let's assume that all of these devices must be replaced every 5 years.  OK, so that's $540/year, ongoing.

From what I can tell from couples who have gotten into it, chastity play has greatly enhanced their sex life.  It has increased their levels of intimacy enormously!    The cost of this intimacy?  $540/year = $10.38/week.

Let's do some comparisons. 
- My wife in I bowl in a league.  $22/week.  24 weeks.  $ 528 per year. Bowling ain't better than sex!
- My wife and I go to a movie each week, at the cheap second run theater.  It's about  $18/week for a 2 hour movie.   A movie ain't better than sex!
- My boss owns a $15,000 motorcycle.  He rides it maybe 20 times per year.
- A friend owns a bass boat.  I don't even want to think how much it cost.  He uses it maybe 15 weekends all summer.
- A coworker owns a $150,000 motor home.  He uses it for 3 weeks per year.
- Another coworker owns a $60,000 sports car.  He uses it for 2-3 rallys per year, and a few weekends in the summer.

People are complaining about a hobby, that if they got REALLY into it, with a great belt, costs $10.38/week?

I guess I'd argue that if you are surfing internet forums, but you think a chastity belt is too expensive, you should re-prioritize your life, and drop your internet service.  Mine costs $45/month.    You could buy a lot of nice belts for that!

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