Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review: E-stim E-box Series 1 Remote

So, as I mentioned in my Gathering post, I purchased an E-stim E-box Series 1 Remote before the Gathering.  I got it, since it's the same model that Mistress Watchful has.  The receiver can be programmed to receive from multiple-remotes, so we had the option of using two remotes with my receiver, or even both remotes programmed to both receivers. 

Along with the receiver, I purchased some "Electrabands" which can be secured to the cock or balls.  I found that the most lethal combination was one strapped with the electrode around the base of my balls, and the other with the electrode on the underside of my penis.  The jolt was quite eye-opening! lol

In addition, I purchased a "Torpedo" butt-plug electrode.  While quite stimulating, it doesn't provide quite the jolt that the Electrabands did.  I had expected the torpedo to stimulate the prostate, or at least to feel the stimulation deeper inside.  However, I really felt the tingle right around my anus, regardless of the orientation of the positive and negative leads.  It felt nice, have no doubt, but it wasn't what I had hoped for.

The E-box itself has a number of different settings.   One of them generates a steady tingle.  Another generates pulses.  Another makes the box a motion detector.  If the box moves, even slightly, the unwitting subby is zapped.  That might be an interesting feature if one is disciplining a sub by having them stand at attention, or in a corner, or something.  They get zapped if they move.

The most interesting option was simply the "training mode" setting.  With it, the three buttons on the remote activate the electrodes at 33%, 66%, and 100% power.  As they say in the cartoon, "Don't ever press the red one!"   With the electrodes attached to my cock and balls, 33% was a noticeable zap, but not entirely unpleasant.  66% elicited an involuntary "Yelp!", which generally caused me to double over a bit.  100% was unpleasant (and I say that as a pain slut).  It caused me to yelp, and double over.  I was quite incapacitated when that button was being pressed.

All, in all, the E-stim remote makes for a great party gag.  Mistress Watchful had me wire myself up, and hung the remote button from her corset.  Throughout the evening, she'd press a button, usually when I was least expecting it.  My resulting yelps would cause everyone at the Gathering to giggle.  She got me, once, with a full cup of diet pepsi, which mostly wound up on the floor.  Of course, then she took great joy in jolting me as I tried to crawl around mopping the mess up.  She'd occasionally hand the remote to someone else, and they'd have some fun zapping me.  By the end of the evening, I was a nervous wreck, waiting for the next zap.  I got a new-found respect for the victims of PTSD! lol. 

On the second night of the Gathering, we configured both her and my remote to activate the box, and she gave the second remote to my Wife.  They took great joy in zapping me, and playing "innocent", as if the other had done it.  Later, we configured the second e-box to work on the same frequency, so another sub and I were both jolted when either remote was pressed.  It suffices to say that there seemed to be no end of the torments possible!

The E-stim was really an awful lot of fun.  I'd highly recommend it.

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