Monday, November 15, 2010

PA piercing

So, there's been some talk over on the Chastity Forums about PA piercings used for chastity.  I'll mention that I have one, and it works pretty well.

This is my second PA.  The first one migrated, and I had to remove it.  My piercer did the second one a little deeper (poking out further down the shaft on the bottom).  She also had to do it a little off-center because I was quite vascular right in the center, and she didn't want to pierce and obvious vein.  I bled quite enough as it was. 

The "magic sauce" for my piercing (second attempt) was to get it done at a lighter gauge (12 on the second attempt, 10 on the first).  I used titanium jewelry, and used sea saltwater for soaks 3 times per day during aftercare.  After a few months, it healed up great, and I began stretching it.  Now, about 18 months later, I'm at 4 ga, and the piercing is quite durable and well-healed.

Here's a picture from relatively recently after piercing with 10ga jewelry (I think).   Note the deeper placement than many, which poke out directly beneath the glans.  Also, it's slightly off-center.

I made myself a security cable for my CB-3000.  It loops between the two posts on the cage, and passes through the ring, which is protruding out the front of the CB3k.  This was uncomfortable, at first.  When totally flaccid, I would retract away from the front of the cage, and it would pull.

Ultimately, I modified the CB3k cage, shortening it.  The downside is that the lock no longer lays flush against the cage.  I've been using zip-ties, since I self-lock anyway.  I'm also still using the old solid A-ring from my CB-2000.  The CB3000 rings always bit into me.

This arrangement is quite comfortable.

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