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Fiction: Freshman Year, Part 5

Freshman Year, Part 5
copyright 2010 by mikecb
“That wasn’t bad, for a first time.” Kristen sighed.  She was still curled, naked, around me as we lay in my dorm room bed.   I roused from my reverie to smile at her.  “Thank you”, I said.  She raised herself onto one elbow.  My eyes were drawn to the curve of her breasts.  Her nipples were less red then they were earlier.  I guess they got darker when she was aroused.   “Thank you, what?” she demanded.   “What?” I asked, confused.  She slid her hand across my chest and pinched my left nipple.  This time, she did it HARD.  “Oww,” I flinched and pulled away.  “Yes, what?” she repeated.  Oh, right.  “Yes, Goddess” I replied.
She cupped her hand in my chin, and raised my head, diverting my gaze from her breasts.  I looked her in the eye as she began.  “You want me to be your keyholder, your Domme, right?”  I nodded, stupidly.  I would do anything for this girl.   She twirled her fingers around my nipple.  My cock once again began to stir in its tube.  “Tonight was wonderful, but you know it won’t always be this easy...   I still crave…  I’m still a sadist.”   I took her hand.  “Don’t you think you’ll need that less, if, you know, I can please you in other ways?  Like tonight.”   She squeezed my hand and said “That won’t be enough.  If you want to go down this road with me, you’re going to have to endure things only a masochist would enjoy. “She paused, and looked away from me.  She continued.  “I’m sorry.  I just can’t stop being what I am.” 
Now, other than loving my chastity belt, which I suppose is one form of masochism, I don’t think I’m a masochist in any other way.  Still, it’s what she wanted… what she needed.  I may not be a masochist, but I damn well know I’m submissive.  I wanted to please her.  “Let’s try.” I said, “You taught me a lot tonight, and you went slowly.  Do you think…. Think you could go slowly with the other things?”  She looked up and sighed.    A smile came to her face.  “For anyone else, I’d say ‘no’.  Why can’t I refuse you?”  She shook her head while she laughed, softly.  I hugged her close.  She hugged me back, and then said “There are going to be some ground rules, then, William, if you’re to be my sub.”  She went on to give me her expectations.
We chatted on for another 10 minutes or so.  It was getting late, and we each had classes in the morning.   She got dressed, and I walked her to my door.  I noticed my cock was sore in my tube.  I chalked it up to being incredibly turned on for the last few hours with no relief.  With one last chaste kiss, I said “Good night, Goddess.”  She smiled, and went down the hall to her room.   I took the hanger off my door handle, and put it back in the closet.  Tom could come in when he got back.  I was lost in thought.  My mind kept running over something she said a few minutes before:  “The way you feel about me now…  it may not last…  you may hate me before you ever feel this way again.”  I really didn’t understand what she was trying to say.
The mild ache continued in my groin.  I decided to relax for a while and hope it would go away.  I lay back down in bed, and closed my eyes, replaying the events of the evening over and over in my mind.  I didn’t want to forget a moment of it.  Before too long, Tom came back to the room.  “Phew-eee, smells like sex in here!”  he exclaimed, theatrically waving his hands in front of his nose.  Oops, I guess I hadn’t noticed.  I had clumped up the sheets so I wasn’t lying in a wet spot, but I hadn’t changed them yet.  “Sorry,” I said, still relaxing in bed. 
“So, dude!  I thought you said you didn’t have the keys to that thing.”  Whoops.  I guess I was still a little too relaxed.  I didn’t occur to me that I was laying on top of the sheets wearing ONLY my chastity belt.  I decided maybe I should get up and put some clothes on.  “I don’t,” I replied.   Tom stopped dead in his tracks, and stared at me.  “You had Kristen naked in here, the room reeks of sex, and you’re telling me you didn’t….. didn’t get off?”  “Nope.” I replied, as I began to swing my legs out of bed.  “Holy shit, dude, you’re going to have a world class case of blue ba…”  At that instant, I was beginning to stand.  Suddenly, it felt like I had been kicked in the balls… HARD.  The slight pressure of my CB against my testicles was EXCRUCIATING.   “Uggh,” I groaned, doubling over.  I fell back down in bed, hard.  “Oof!” that hurt, too.   My hands tried futilely to cup my crotch. I could barely breathe, as I lay on my side, incapacitated.
“As I was saying,” Tom said, opening the dorm fridge, “You’re going to have a world class case of blue balls!”  I was doubled over on the bed, gasping for air.  Was that what this was?  Holy crap, it felt like someone kicked me in the crotch, and the pain just wouldn’t let up!  Tom grabbed a plastic bag, and some ice from the fridge.  He put it in the bag, and tossed it to me.  “Hold that over your boys,” he began, “if you can get anywhere near them with that contraption on.   Even if you can’t, I suppose steel’s a good conductor of heat.. or cold.”  I held the bag of ice in my hand and looked at him quizzically.  “Trust me,” he said, “I once dated a Catholic cheerleader for a month, trying to get into her panties.  She never did give it up.  I had to learn some home remedies!”
I held the ice pack to my crotch, and sure enough, after a few minutes the pain started to subside.   Tom opened the window to our room, and let some of the cool evening air in.  Once I felt mobile, I pulled on some shorts, stripped my bed, and put the sheets into a garbage bag and tied it shut, tossing it in my laundry pile.  I put fresh sheets on the bed.  Tom sprayed some deodorant around the room.  “There,” he said.  “Much better.  Now it just smells like armpit, again.”  That Tom - He’s a class act.
Before long, we turned in for the night.  Lying in our respective beds, Tom was chattering away.  The boy really never stops talking.  “So, Kristen’s a ‘Grade A’ piece of ass, you got there, Bill”.  I sighed theatrically, letting Tom know I remained unimpressed with his general attitudes about women.  He continued.  “Now, sure, her tits could be bigger, like Sara’s, but damn, she’s buff!”  Sara is Kristen’s room mate.  Tom and she have been dating since the first night in the dorms, but I doubted they were having sex yet.  Tom would be talking about it non-stop if they had.  “Ya, Sara’s got some nice knockers on her, and isn’t ashamed to let me at ‘em.  Kinda stingy with the rest, though.  Hell, I may be icing my balls soon, if she keeps this up.  It’s been over a week!  What does she want?  A wedding ring?!?  …   I still can’t believe you got a piece before me!”  I chuckled, and he just kept talking.  “Jeesus, don’t tell anyone.  I might have to turn in my Man Card…  getting outdone by a gay guy locked in a chastity belt.”  “Good NIGHT, Tom”, I said laughing.  I rolled over.  He was quiet for a few minutes, then “Do you think Kristen was serious about that three-way?  I mean, I figured she was joking… but if you really can’t give her what she needs….”  “GOOD NIGHT, TOM!”  I pulled the pillow over my head.
Tom and I were both awakened, hours later, by an urgent knocking at the door.  I groggily looked at my clock.  It was 5:45AM.  What the hell?!?  “William!” I heard, whispered loudly from outside.   Tom groaned, “It’s the old ball and chain.  Will you open the door before she wakes me up?!?”  It was his turn to pull a pillow over his head, as he rolled over.   I got out of my bed, and opened the door.  I was just wearing a pair of gym shorts, pulled high enough to cover the waistband of my chastity belt.  Kristen stood outside.  She was dressed in workout clothes.  I was guessing that was a gym bag slung over her shoulder.  She had a rather grumpy look on her face.  “I was on the way to the gym, but they don’t open till 6,” she began.  She came in, pulling the door shut behind her.  She walked right in, and stood beside my bed, ignoring Tom.   I was rubbing my eyes, trying to get the cobwebs cleared.  “So, I decided to do a little web research while I was waiting.  Did you say you’re wearing a Chassteel Ultimate?”  I nodded, blearily.  “Why?”  I asked.   She began to look downright angry.  “Well, don’t you HAVE something for me?”, she said.  She held out her hand impatiently. 
Oh crap.  I was stunned to alertness.  “Umm, uhh, I uhh… I didn’t think…. Well, I wasn’t sure you’d want it.”  She held out her palm, insistently.  “Hand it over.  NOW!”   “Uh, ya… oh kay.”  I started toward my dresser.  “What was that?!?”  she barked.  Shit.  “Yes.  Yes, Goddess.” I replied.   She gave me a look that could wilt flowers.  I reached into my dresser and pulled out the remote control.
You see, the Chassteel Ultimate is THE top of the line chastity belt. It was a very expensive Birthday gift, but then again, my parents thought they were going to spend money on a car or computer, so it was in their budget.   It’s designed for long term wear, with ports that can be used for cleaning, and attachments to flush water through it.  It’s so perfectly fitted that it doesn’t even have foam padding on the waistband.  It’s so smooth and contoured that padding is unnecessary.  Their website claims that they have customer who has worn it for 4 years without removal.   Mine has been on for almost 5 weeks now, and everything feels fine.  I just had some itching as my pubic hair grew back, during the first week (I hadn’t really thought that issue through).  However, the Ultimate is not just a chastity belt.  Their website refers to it as a “Male Management System”.    It comes with a remote control that can activate some of the additional features on the belt.  I’ve used the remote for the “Reward” setting.  It can send a gentle trickle of electricity through the penis and ball, that’s quite pleasurable.  Since I’ve been at College for a few weeks, without access to the keys, the ‘reward’ setting is really the only pleasure I can get.  I’ve used it pretty often, just to try and feel SOMETHING.   The remote also has settings for punishments.  It can deliver a pretty solid jolt to your privates.  I’ve only had the courage to test that at the lowest settings.  It has lots of other features too, that I couldn’t even imagine using.
Kristen snatched the remote from my hand, angrily.  “I read all about this,” she snarled.  Jeez, she was really angry.  “I can’t BELIEVE you would keep this from ME, your Domme!”   “I’m sorry,” I sputtered, “I just… didn’t think of it.”  She glared at me.  “What’s the highest punishment setting you’ve ever used?” she demanded.  “Uh..well, I’ve tried one and two…”  At this point, Tom was lying in bed on one elbow, watching intently.  “And three?”, Kristen asked, sternly,  “Well, I tried it once, it was ..”  I saw her twist the knob to three on the remote.  I was totally transfixed by her fingers on the buttons.  My heart was racing.  The bright red nail polish caught the light as she twisted the knob to ‘4’.  “This is for not giving me the remote last night,” she said.  I gasped.  She turned the knob again, to ‘5’, “and THIS is for playing dumb this morning.”  The world began to move in slow motion.  I saw her thumb slide over the button.  My fetish for her beautiful painted nails still pervading my thoughts, even as I began to say “N…”  The world went black.
I was lying on my cheek on the carpet, with my ass in the air. I didn’t recall falling.   My hands were involuntarily clutched over my groin.  The pain was indescribable.  It felt like my middle had been torn out from ribs to knees.  I held my mouth wide, but I couldn’t draw a breath.  Finally, with a loud gasp, I could draw air.  I lay there panting for a moment.  Finally,  I turned my head as I got up on my hands and knees.  My eyes were drawn to Kristen’s painted toenails, in her flip-flops.   I sat back on my heels, as I looked up her body toward her face.  She stood, smiling peacefully over me.  “What do you say, now, boy?”  “Huh?” I asked.
Pain!  I was on my face again.  I heard Tom yelling “Jesus!” as I gasped for air.  Kristen, ignoring Tom, said “I’d prefer not to do this a third time.  I’ll be clear.  Thank your Goddess.”  It took me a moment to catch my breath.  “T-thank you, Goddess” I said.  As I got to my knees again, I noticed tears were running down my cheek from the pain.
Tom was still yelling something.  As I sat back on my heels again, I was finally able to focus on his words.  “..didn have to do that!  What the fuck are you doing to the poor guy?!?”  Kristen looked at Tom, still in his bed 10 feet across the room.   She shouted “You want some?!?” as she thrust the hand with the remote toward him.  Involuntarily, Tom yelped and his hands went to his crotch.  Kristen laughed, as Tom realized he’d be duped.   “Jeez, Kristen!”  he said, shakily.
Kristen looked down at me.  I was still on all-fours.  “Get up, William” She said, gently.  I started to my feet, stealing another peek at her painted toes.  Jeez, what kind of perv am I?!?   I got to my feet, dizzy, as she was tucking the remote into her gym bag.  “I’ll be at the gym’ till about 7:30.  I expect you showered, dressed and outside the locker room waiting for me.  We’ll go to breakfast together.  She kissed my cheek, and waited expectantly.  My brain was still moving slowly.  I couldn’t think.   “Jeezus, Bill, say ‘Yes Goddess!’ so I don’t have to watch that again!”  Kristen laughed, as I said thickly “Yes, Goddess.”  I was still a little delirious.   I felt drunk.   Later on, I learned that this was an endorphin buzz.
Kristen headed toward the door, but couldn’t resist thrusting her, now empty, hand at Tom growling “Hah!”  He yelped, and his hands flew to his crotch again.  She left the room, giggling.  I flopped down in bed, light headed and groggy.  I began to feel a pleasant tingle in my crotch.  I conjectured that Kristen had hit the “Pleasure” button on the way down the hall.
“Dude.  I take back what I said about the 3-way last night.  She’s ALL yours!” said Tom.
End Part 5

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