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Fiction: Freshman Year, Part 10

Freshman Year, Part 10
copyright 2010 by mikecb

When we were through cuddling in bed, I reached into my pants pocket and got out my cell phone and called Mom.  She seemed thrilled that I was bringing Goddess home to visit.  My parents wouldn’t have to come get us, since Goddess has a car.  All was arranged for us to come out on Saturday morning.  Though Goddess wasn’t concerned about driving at night, Mom insisted that we should wait until daylight to come out.  I hung up the phone, and Goddess wrapped me in a big hug, and kissed me.  “I can’t wait to meet them!” she said.

Goddess decided we had better tidy up the bedroom.   All the sheets and blankets had to go into the wash.  She had “squirted” when we first made love, and the sheets and mattress pad were soaked.  I had read about female ejaculation, but I had heard it was quite rare.  She said it didn’t happen often, and until now, only when she was masturbating pretty aggressively.  She seemed pleased, and I certainly was, too.  It made me proud to think that I could help her get off that way.  As we stripped her bed, I saw she had a water-proof mattress cover under the two mattress pads.  “Just in case.” she said, with a grin. 

She had enough bedding to remake the bed.   She put the bedding in a basket and said “Let’s take these to the laundry room, now.  It should be quiet in the afternoon.”  I smiled and nodded and reached for my shirt.  “No, you don’t” she said.  I looked at her, confused.  She picked up my T-shirt and threw it in the garbage.  Hey!  That was one of my favorite Nine Inch Nails shirts!   I gave her dirty look.  She raised an eyebrow, and glanced over at the remote for my chastity belt.  I did NOT need another zap, right now!  I sighed and let it go.  She smiled, as she saw me submit to her will, and fished a box out from under her bed.  “I got you some new T-shirts,” she began, “I had to mail order them.”  She pulled them out of the box.  They were more or less plain T-shirts, but they had different slogans on them.  I read them in horror.

                “Male Chastity ain’t for Sissies”
                “CHASTITY is not the same as CELIBACY (but sometimes it’s close)”
                “I may go where I want, but I don’t come without PERMISSION.”
                “MALE in CHASTITY (you got a problem with that?)”
                “SECURE in my MANHOOD even while my MANHOOD is SECURE”

She smiled, and pulled out the “Male in CHASTITY” shirt.   “Put this one on.” she said.  I shook my head and stammered for a moment, as I saw her reaching for the remote.  “William, you’ve had a rough afternoon.  Do you REALLY want to test me on this?”   FUCK!!!!   “No, Goddess,” I mumbled.  “What was that?” she asked, with a grin.  “NO GODDESS,” I replied.  I put on the shirt.

She had me pick up the laundry basket, as she picked up the box of new shirts.  There were about a dozen of them in there, in various colors.   “Do you have any laundry?  We might as well do it all.  You’re in charge of our laundry from now on.”  I smiled, and nodded, proud that I could do this service for her.  We stopped at my room.  Tom and Sara were apparently still out somewhere.   As I gathered my laundry up, Goddess went to my closet.  I saw her start hanging up the new T-shirts.  I gasped when I realized she was taking my old ones out.  “Goddess,” I began.  She looked at me, sternly.  “You don’t need these old things, since I bought you these nice new ones!”  I opened my mouth to say something, but she raised an eyebrow again.  She put all the new T-shirts in my closet, and took all of MY shirts, and put them in the box.  “What are you going to do with those?” I asked, gesturing to the box of my T-shirts.  “Just grab the laundry baskets,” she replied.

I stacked her basket and mine, and muddled my way to the door.  She held it open as I stepped out.  She was carrying the box with my old T-shirts.  We went to the dorm elevator, and down to the basement.  On the way to the laundry room, we passed the garbage room.  She took the box of shirts and tossed it in a dumpster.  My eyes grew wide as I saw her throw all my T-shirts in the garbage!  “Hey!” I began.  She turned, and I saw that she had the remote in her hand.  “Excuse me?” she asked.   GRRRR!  She walked over and took the top basket out of my arms, and walked toward the laundry room.  I gave one last longing look toward the dumpster, and followed her.  We started the laundry.  She showed me how she liked hers done.  It was a little embarrassing when she showed me how to pre-treat her underwear.  I was glad no one was watching!

We left the stuff in the washers, and headed back up to her room.  The elevator stopped on the first floor, and a girl got in.  She smiled at us both, and then stared at my T-shirt.  I tried not to look at her.  I saw Goddess look at her and smile.  I felt my face flushing with embarrassment again.  The elevator stopped at our floor, and we got out.   As we walked toward her room, Goddess was smiling.  She looked at me “You might as well stop blushing.  You know it turns me on to let your secret out!  Then again, never mind.  It turns me on more to see you blush!”  My heart fluttered a little as she giggled.

When we got back up to our floor, I noticed that there was now a coat hanger hanging on my doorknob.  I chuckled and pointed it out to Goddess.  I guess Tom and Sara were back from wherever they had been, and were now having their own afternoon rendezvous.  We went back to Goddess’s room and relaxed, just chatting, listening to music, and enjoying each other’s company.  After an hour or so, we went back downstairs, and we put the clothes in the dryer.  Goddess had me keep out her bras, and a few delicates that she didn’t like run through the dryer.  We took those few things back up to her room, and draped them around, here and there, to air dry.

We had about an hour to kill while we waited for the clothes to dry.  Goddess said she had an idea, and went to her closet and got out a little zippered pouch.  She opened it, and I saw she had nail polish remover, a bunch of polishes and nail files and such in it.  She began setting them out on the edge of the desk.  She went over and grabbed Sara’s chair, and sat beside me.  She kicked off her right sandal, and lifted her foot into my lap.  God help me, my cock grew hard in my tube again, as I grasped what she was planning.  “Let me teach you how to do my nails,” she said.

For the next 40 minutes, I was in torturous heaven.  She showed me how to remove the nail polish, then trim, clean and re-polish her toenails.   She picked a more pale pink this time.   Once done with her toes, she had me do her fingernails in the same pale pink.   It was fun to do her fingernails, but not the turn-on it was to do her feet.  I kept glancing down at them.  They looked so cute!  I finished her nails, and she gestured to a side pouch on the little bag.  “Find me a barbell to match” she said.  She was holding her hands out, waving them to dry.  I wasn’t sure what she meant, as I opened the zipper, and then I found a bunch of jewelry.  Oh my god!  These were the pieces of jewelry she wore for the piercing above her clit! 

She had a bunch of curved pieces in there.  They had a plain silver ball at one end, and the other end was larger and decorative.  Some had large colored balls.  Some had colored balls with gemstones in them.  One was shaped like an arrowhead.  There must have been thirty of them in there.   I rooted through, and found one barbell that was solid pink, including the small bead.  At the larger end, it had a larger pink bead with a diamond in it.  “Ooh, I like this one, Goddess” I said.  She stood, still waving her fingernails at her side to dry.  “Put it on.” she said. 

My cock grew hard again.  I didn’t really know what to do.  I was sitting in the desk chair, as she pushed her hips toward me.  Well, I guess I had to take off her pants.  I undid the button, and unzipped the fly.  I began to pull them down.  She wiggled her hips to help.  My breathing grew short.  As I got her pants to her ankles, she stepped out of them.  I folded them, and tossed them on the bed.  She stepped forward again.   Her panties were a mostly white, with pink ribbons and bows in the print.  I slid them down.  Of course, my face had to get close to her pussy as I did so.  We hadn’t showered since we made love.  The smell of her sex was strong and musky.  I swear the hair stood up on the back of my neck.  “All the way off, it’ll be easier.” she said.  I tugged them down to the floor, and she stepped out of them.

She placed one hand on my shoulder for balance, and lifted her left leg.  She put her foot up on the desk.  My eyes drifted from her gorgeous foot, on the desk in front of me, along her strong sexy leg, and to her pussy, which was directly in front of my face.  As I watched, her labia unfolded a little in front of me.   The smell of sex reached out and grabbed my hind-brain.  Her pussy was no longer soaking wet, as it had been earlier.  In fact, it looked a little sticky.   The ruby colored jewel on the end of her clit hood piercing was a little clouded by the dried juices on it.  “Sorry it’s a little gamey,” she said with a giggle.  I glanced at her face, and could tell she wasn’t sorry.  “Why don’t you just clean that up a little before we change the jewelry.”  She grabbed the back of my head, and pushed my face into her sex.   I admit that if my reptile-brain hadn’t been screaming at me to throw her down and fuck her brains out, my more sensible brain might have been a little grossed out.  Instead, I stuck out my tongue, and lapped at her hungrily.  I think I growled a little.  I felt her arch her back as she pressed her pussy toward my face, and supported herself on the desk with her other hand. 

I went at her hungrily, licking left and right, and up the center.  I felt a fresh flow of juices begin.  I licked a little around her jewelry, and then finally thought “fuck it!”  With a sucking motion, I pulled the whole mound of flesh around her clit into my mouth.  I swirled my tongue around the jewelry.  I felt the hood lift as I got my tongue underneath it.  “HaaAAA!” she yelped, as my tongue rubbed her clit, and the jewelry bead pressed against it.  The hand she had in my hair squeezed, but she kept mashing my face against her pussy.  Her supporting leg began to buckle.  I admit, I was going a little animal with lust.  I pulled my face away, reached behind her with both hands and yanked her body against my chest.  I stood from the chair, lifting her off the ground.  I hoisted her to her bed, and unceremoniously dumped her on her back.  She made an “Oof” noise, as the air whooshed out of her as she hit the bed, but she simply parted her legs in the air as I knelt before her.  As I leaned toward her pussy again, her legs hooked over my shoulder, and then she grabbed my head and mashed it into her groin, again.  I licked like a maniac.  I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, but I licked, nibbled, and sucked as I ran my hands up the backs of her legs and ass.  I ran my fingernails across her ass and she moaned, and thrashed from side to side.  A few moments later, she arched her back as she came violently.  She bucked and slammed against the mattress, and let go of my head.  Her hands draped over her breasts, which were still, unfortunately, covered by her bra and shirt. 

I pulled my head up to catch my breath.  She was gulping and breathing hard as she lay on the bed.  She looked up at me dreamily.  “William, you ANIMAL!”  she grinned and drew me to her face.  Again, she shocked me by kissing me, while my mouth and face were still full of her taste.   I felt my hormones rumble through my body as we kissed, and my heart fluttered.  I struggled to take my mind off it.  “Doesn’t that gross you out a little?” I asked.  She let out a small laugh.  “It used to… but tell me, does it turn you on?”  I had to nod.  It did.  “I know it does,” she began, “and seeing what it does to you makes it totally worth it!”  I smiled and held her for a moment.  “Get a towel.  Let’s see if we can clean up without having to do ANOTHER load of laundry!”  I got up, and grabbed a towel from the pile in her closet and brought it to her.  “Wipe your face first,” she said.  I did.  When I was done, she gently pressed herself upward.  I took the towel, and wiped it around and across her pussy until the worst of the wetness was mopped up.  I carefully wrapped the towel, and set it aside.

Goddess got up, and showed me how the jewelry worked.  The little ball unscrewed, allowing you to put the jewelry in.  Then you screwed it back into place to hold it.  She showed me on the piece I had picked out, and then she again stood with her pussy in my face, and allowed me to remove the jewelry.  She winced once or twice, but didn’t complain as I fumbled with it, removing the old, and putting in the new.  In a few minutes, the new piece of jewelry was in place, perfectly matching her nail polish.  She pulled out a little bottle with liquid in it, and a little cup.  “This is saltwater.  Just soak the jewelry for a few minutes, and wipe it off.”  I cleaned the jewelry, and then put it back with the other pieces in her little kit.

These little chores had served to take my mind off my raging hormones, but the room still reeked of sex, and as I stood up, I could feel dampness in my underwear.  Pre-cum had dribbled out of my tube.  I felt a dull ache, again.  I had blue balls, but not as bad as I had before.  Goddess started getting her toiletries together.   She pulled off her shirt and bra.  My eyes were glued to her naked beauty.  “We still have a few minutes before the laundry is ready.  Let’s take a quick shower,” she said.     She put on her bath robe.  “Umm, goddess, I can’t get to my toiletries.  Tom and Sara have the room.”   “You can share mine,” she began, “Get undressed.”

I didn’t know what she had in mind, but her grin told me it was trouble.  I stripped down to my chastity belt.  She tossed me a towel, and I wrapped it around my waist.  “Come on,” she said.  Out the door she went.   The women’s bathroom was past the men’s, however, when we got to the men’s, she just boldly walked in.  I heard a yelp in the bathroom, as some unsuspecting guy apparently was in there.  I quickly followed Goddess in to find Alberto cowering against the wall.  He had a towel around his waist, but was still apparently freaking about a woman in the Men’s room.  “Oh, Hi Alberto,” she began, “William and I need to take a quick shower together.  You don’t mind, do you?”  She didn’t even pause for a reply as she walked into one of the stalls and set down her toiletries.  Then, right in front of Alberto, she doffed her robe and hung it on the hook.  She reached into her toiletries and grabbed her toothbrush and toothpaste.  She turned and walked back across to the sinks and began to brush her teeth.   Alberto stood in awe, as she stood naked a few feet from him, brushing her teeth.  “C’mon, William,” she said around her mouth full of toothpaste, “You can share my brush.  Your breath smells like sex.”

Alberto was gaping at her, while holding his hands over his own chest.  Part of me was terrified that he’d run to Tony, the RA, and pitch a fit.  Part of me was really amused that he looked so totally mortified and helpless.  I was a little stunned myself.  Goddess is obviously an exhibitionist, and loves the effect she has on men.  She was certainly having it on me, too!  I decided there was nothing I could do about Alberto, so I went over to the sinks as Goddess was spitting out her toothpaste.  She rinsed off the brush and handed it to me with the toothpaste.  Alberto stood frozen like a statue, with his eyes big as an owls, as Goddess strode back to the shower stall and turned on the water.  She left the outer door open as she stepped into the stall.  I finished brushing my teeth, and shrugged at Alberto as I walked to the shower stall, and pulled the door shut.  He was still wide eyed, as he slipped from view. 

I joined Goddess in the stall as she was soaping herself up.  Her hair was wet, but she didn’t bother to wash it.  She lathered up quickly, and handed me the soap and washcloth.  I washed as she rinsed off, and stepped into the outer part of the stall.  She dried herself off, and handed me the towel as I came out.  We were in and out in just a few minutes.   She pulled on her robe and opened the door.  I just barely got the towel back around my waist as she stepped out.  Alberto hadn’t moved.  He was standing there staring at the door.  “See you later,” Goddess said, as she strode toward the door.  “Yea, see ya,” I added.  Alberto stood silent, as the bathroom door shut behind us.

While she was drying her hair, Goddess ordered me downstairs to collect the laundry from the dryers.  I was in a reverie daydreaming about her feet on my way down in the elevators.  The elevator stopped on the third floor, and three girls got on, going down.  One of them said “What the fuck does THAT mean?” glancing at my shirt.  “Too bad you’re a religious nut, you’re kind of cute!” said the second.  The third girl didn’t say anything.  Her eyes were wide, and she just stared at my crotch.  The elevator stopped on the first floor, and the girls got out, though the third girl lingered, staring at me as she went.  As the doors of the elevator shut, I saw her lunge toward the other two.  Her hands were clenched and waving as she started to whisper something excitedly.  “No, it means he’s wear….”  The elevator door, thankfully, closed.   I moaned to myself, as the elevator continued down.

I gathered the laundry and took it back to Goddess’s room.  She showed me how she liked it folded.  We were just about finished when Sara came in, looking pretty disheveled and tired.   “I need a shower!” she said.    She shuffled to her side of the room, and quite unabashedly started undressing.  Goddess said “William, why don’t you go back to your room.  I’m going to take a nap.  Pick me up for dinner at 6.”  “Yes, Goddess,” I replied.  I leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.  She beamed a smile at me, and gently pushed me toward the door. 

Tom was lying in bed, wearing nothing but his boxers when I got to the room.   He had a smug look on his face as he saw me walk in.  “She finally succumbed to my charms,” he said, boastfully, as he rolled to his side and scratched his ass.  “No woman can stand against you.” I replied, dryly.   “Nope,” he replied confidently, then farted.  That’s my Tom.
Tom and Sara joined Goddess and I for dinner that evening.  Tom couldn’t stop laughing about my T-shirt situation.  Sara thought it was romantic.  We told them of our plans to see my parents the following weekend.  We’d be gone overnight on Saturday.  Tom, naturally liked that idea, and was making it pretty clear that he wanted Sara to spend the night in our room next weekend.  Sara seemed to be playing hard to get.  She seemed a little uncomfortable, so I ultimately changed the subject and told them about Goddess’s car and driving.  Tom was laughing uproariously as Goddess made up stories of how I was cowering in the passenger seat and looking for rosary beads in the glove compartment.

After dinner, Goddess ordered me back to my room to study.  She wanted to make sure neither of us had much homework piled up for next weekend.  Tom went out for a while, but eventually came back around 11:00pm.  He flopped in bed and started talking.  “You don’t call her Kristen anymore?” he asked.  “Huh?” I replied.  “Kristen..  You always call her Goddess now.”  “I do?”  Tom nodded.  I honestly hadn’t noticed.  I thought back.  He was right.  I guess I had been calling her Goddess.  Hell, I had been even THINKING “Goddess” and not Kristen when I thought about her.  “Well, that’s what she wants me to call her,” I answered, somewhat lamely.  “Dude you are so whipped!” he said.  “You have no idea,” I replied, rubbing my tender ass.

The rest of the weekend and week seemed to drag on forever.  Goddess had gotten distant again.  I think she was doing the same thing as last time – keeping her distance, a little, so that I wasn’t so horny.  Still, my hormones were raging as I fantasized about the weekend ahead.  I really had no idea what to expect.  Mom would give Goddess the keys.  Then it was up to her.  My mind wandered through all the possibilities, but I didn’t even know how to address the notion with Goddess, so I didn’t.  Whatever would happen, would happen.

Once again, my imagination was no match for what really transpired the following weekend.

End Part 10

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