Friday, December 24, 2010

Chastiy, Orgasm Control, Body Electric and Tantra

So, I was listening to Savage Love #218 this morning and was intrigued by one of the calls.   A caller was suggesting that her boyfriend attend a "Body Electric" seminar.  Well, Dan Savage got someone from the school on the phone and started quizzing him.  It turns out that the Body Electric seminars are predominately gatherings of men, who spend some time tapping into erotic energy with each other.  It starts with simple touch, but builds toward erotic genital massage.    The goal was not orgasm, but rather the build up of erotic energy without releasing it.  The rep from the school began to extol the virtues of this kind of training.   He suggested that by building up this energy and allowing to spread within the body, it would facilitate healing, clarity, pleasure and emotional release.   He likened the practice to tantra and other spiritual disciplines.

Now, I don't really believe in the tantric and spiritual aspects of this stuff, but I sure do understand the physiological aspects of teasing, denial and extreme arousal. 

Of course, as Dan dug into it, and by listening to the rep from the school, this really sounded like a Gay men's retreat for learning tantric sex techniques.  However, near the end of the call, the rep said that he had made follow-up calls to straight men who had attended the workshops.  They reported that their wives found them to be better, more patient lovers.  They were no longer as focused on their own orgasm, as on their wives pleasure.  Some of the wives were also a little turned-on, by the man-on-man action their husbands got while at the retreat,. heh

So, it's interesting to me that chastity play is a somewhat more secular version of these more mystical sex practices.  Chastity play increases the sexual energy of the male, certainly, and often helps him focus more on the pleasure of his lady. 

Whether through mystical eroticism or orgasm denial, ultimately the woman has an intense, and perhaps spiritual experience.  At a minimum, she's probably going to yell "Oh god!  Oh god!" a few times!  ;-p  What could be better?!?

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