Sunday, December 19, 2010

Role playing to understand expectations in chastity games

I saw a fascinating post on Chastity Mansion today.  I thought I'd briefly summarize it. 

mobico69 and his wife are new to chastity play, and had been struggling with the notion of her really taking control of the keys.  He felt that, basically, any time he asked, she would hand them over.  This really diminished the sense of lost control that he craved.  Eventually, they made an attempt to work through it with a role-play conversation, in which they reversed roles.  She played the whiny chaste husband who wanted out, and he played the uncompromising keyholder, who ultimately punished him by lengthening his time in, and requiring some corporal punishment.

Now, of course, different couples may choose to establish different ground rules, but what I found most interesting about his post was simply the notion of role reversal.  It helped her see what he was after.  Perhaps it also helped him understand some of her concerns. 

I imagine all sorts of interesting things could pop out of a role play like this.  In their particular case, she role played him by getting angry and swearing.  Perhaps she has a fear of it turning into a large argument.  Conversely, when she pushed hard demanding release, he played an uncompromising KH, who extended the length of the lockup, and even threatened some Cock and Ball Torture before it was done.  Clearly, he is interested in longer lockups as a threat, as well as playing with some corporal punishment.

Each of them may have learned something in that conversation.  Did he know she was afraid of an angst filled argument?  Was she aware that he also craved CBT as part of the game? 

I don't know if this would work well for all couples, but for those who have a mature and open dialog, it may yield fascinating and helpful results.

I'd love to hear opinions on this topic.  Do you think it would work in your relationship?

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