Monday, December 6, 2010

Fiction: Midnight Vignette

I was sound asleep when I felt her tugging on my hand.  I had been on my side, facing my Wife, when she woke me.  Groggy, I asked "Huh, wha?" as she pulled my hand to her crotch.

She was wet.  Wordlessly, she mashed my fingers into her moist lips, and masturbated herself with my hand.  The cobwebs began to clear, and my cock began to swell in my chastity device.  It had been a few weeks, for me.  Much less for her, of course, but apparently she needed it again.  Now!

Still pretty out of it, but more than willing to help, I slid over in the bed closer to her.  My chest pressed against her.  She was on her back.  I felt her flannel pajama tops, but I realized she must have pushed off her bottoms and panties before she awoke me.  Her plentiful moisture led me to believe she had been at this for a while before she invited me to the party.  I can be a sound sleeper, apparently.

She pushed my fingers into her vagina.  I knew what she wanted.  I lifted myself to one shoulder, and plunged my middle finger deep, deeper, probing..  Rubbing upward, I began my quest for her G-spot.  Simultaneously, her fingers drifted up to her clit.  I felt the rapid circular motions of her middle fingertip, as her back arched, and the first moan escaped her lips.

A louder moan informed me that I had found the right spot.  I firmly slid my finger up and down.  Years of experience told me she needed firm and slow right now.   I heard and felt her breathing grow more ragged, as her own fingers became more urgent, now.  She was stroking up and down, faster, faster.  I quickened my pace.  My hips pumped, uselessly, as my cock longed to participate in the action.

It was probably less than 90 seconds from the time she awoke me to the time her orgasm overtook her.  Her body convulsed, her breath escaped in violent bursts.  She had only moaned a few times, but her orgasm was obvious as she quivered beneath me.  Her legs flailed a little.  My cock raged in its tube, unable to grow to full erection.  My own heart pounded in sympathetic harmony with my Wife's.  We slowed then, gently stroking.  Slower.  Slower.

She sighed with a contented "Mmmmmm".  She reached down and took my hand, and brought it to her lips.  She kissed the back of it, and with a contented chuckling sound "Mmmm hmmm hmm", she pushed my hand toward my mouth.  She rubbed my hand, wet with her juices into my face and around my nose, and then pushed my fingers into my mouth.

My senses came alive with the smell and taste of her.  My cock pounded and my heart raced.  She whispered "Thank you..." and rolled over.

My body was insane with lust, as I thought "You can't do this!", but I knew she could.  I felt her press her naked backside up against me, spooning up.  I was still leaning on one shoulder facing her.  I sighed.

I licked my fingers clean, and pulled my pillow closer.  I slid one arm under her pillow, and she took my hand.  I wrapped my other arm around her, whispering "I love you" to the back of her head.  She squeezed my hand, in silent response.  Within a minute, her breathing had slowed.  Within two, I heard her cutely snoring in my arms.

I lay awake for a long time, that night.  I couldn't believe how she had progressed from the guilt she used to feel, when I pleasured her without release, to the woman she was tonight.  I counted my blessings, like sheep, as I willed my body to calm, and eventually fell back asleep.


  1. Mike,

    I have been reading your blog since its inception. I finally figured out why I like it so much: Yours is sort of the chastity blog equivilent of the old variety shows on television.


    You mix sharing you experiences, other's experiences, stories, devices, etc. etc. in an interesting and easy to digest manner. This is in sharp contrast to Dev's blog and Thumper's blog, yet I like them all.

    Keep up the good work. Your format and feel are refreshing and easy to keep up with.

    In the spirit of the "variety show" aspect, please keep the interesting images coming. I like those.


  2. David,

    Heh. Yea, my brain is sure a variety show, that's for sure!

    Glad you're enjoying the blog.


  3. Great post. I am on the honor system, but my wife is just starting to allow herself to have guilt-free orgasms, while I am denied. Most recently on Saturday night. It is quite an experience for me. I can't deny that it really drives me wild.

  4. Awesome, Anon. I'd suggest you give her lots of positive feedback and gratitude. It's hard for women to understand, at first, this weird kink of ours! :-)