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Fiction: Freshman Year, Part 13

Freshman Year, Part 13
copyright 2010 by mikecb

Finally released, I sat up in bed, grabbed Goddess and pulled her to me.  “Thank you, Goddess,” I began, “I never imagined..  I mean I hoped.. but the first time.. “ I was stammering.  “William, you were magnificent!”  I beamed with pride.  “I’m sorry I fell asleep.”  She laughed.  “BOYS!  It’s OK.  I would have napped with you, but it’s 5:00 already.  We need to clean things up before your parents get home.”

I was shocked.  I stood up, and started looking around the room.  Her clothes were strewn on the floor.  The bedding was soaked.  The room reeked of sex.  Hell, WE reeked of sex.  “What first, Goddess?”   She smiled at me.  “Let’s shower first.  Then, we can take the bedding down and get it started in the washer, while we tidy up the rest.”  “Sounds good.”  And with that, we were off to the shower. 

As much as I would have loved to relax and enjoy a sexy shower with Goddess, we both knew that we had limited time.  We turned on the water, and hopped in together.  We used the soap, shampoo and conditioner that Mom & Dad had in there, and washed up rather quickly.  Goddess insisted that we share one big fluffy towel together.  Of course, I didn’t get it until after she had used it.

She combed out her hair, and put a simple band in to hold it back, as I combed my hair and finished drying off.  We went to the bedroom, then, and Goddess directed me to start stripping the bed.  She poked around the drawers, in case Mom had thought to put additional bedding in the room.  She didn’t find any there, but on the closet shelf, where I used to stow extra cartridges for my video games, she found a complete set of extra bedding.  “You’re Mom…. Wow!” was all Goddess could say.

Fortunately, the bedding had not soaked through to the mattress.  Mom had put two mattress pads on the bed.  “I’ll have to warn Mom about the whole squirting thing,” said Goddess. “You seem to bring out the best in me!” she added, with a wink.  I couldn’t believe she’d actually TELL my Mom that.   In a jiffy, the bed was remade, and Goddess and I took all the bedding downstairs.  While I loaded the washer with as much as I could fit, Goddess went into the dungeon to tidy up.  I joined her a few minutes later, and we began collecting up my clothes, and the toys that she had used.  I admit I was probably working a bit slowly, since she was still prancing around completely nude.  Goddess found a bottle of sanitizing cleanser, and she made sure to wipe down the surfaces of all the toys and furniture we had used.  She had me take all the enema parts into the deep sink in the laundry room and clean them with bleach in very hot water.  I think she just wanted me out of sight, so I’d get something done!

We got the dungeon in order, and took my clothes and Goddess’s toy bag back upstairs.  It seemed we were mostly done, and it was 5:45.  I began to pull on my clothes, when Goddess stopped me with her hand.  “I’m trying to decide,” she said.  “What, Goddess?” I asked.  She paused for a moment, and said “Lifestyle.”  “Huh?” I asked.   She just shook her head, and said “Help me get dressed.”  She began picking her corset up off the floor, and draping it over her shoulders.  “Do you have any idea how hard it was to get this thing on by myself?” she asked.  “It’s got some hidden elastic in it, so I could lace it and pull it over, but I felt like I was stuffing a sausage!”  I stood gaping.  She was putting on THAT?  Now?  “Um, Goddess..” I began.   She turned to me with a stern look on her face, and said, “Lace me up.”  Her look told me she knew exactly what she was doing, and didn’t want to discuss it.  I laced it up.

She fussed and fiddled with it, until her boobs were in the right position, which is to say just about bursting out the top.  She pulled on the tiny G-string, and had me kneel beside the bed.  “Help me with the hose,” she said.  She wiggled her toes at me, totally distracting me for a moment.  I slid one up her leg, and then the second.  She asked me to help her put the bright red pumps on.  I was astonished to find that, by the time I had the first one buckled, I was once again hard in my tube.  Jeezus!

She stood up and said “OK, I need to redo my makeup.”  I began to reach for my clothes.  She said. “Nope.  Put those away, you won’t need them.”  “Goddess!” I exclaimed.  Goddess turned around, clicked across the room in her high heels, and plunged her hand into her handbag.  I shouted “Noooo….” as she pressed the button on the remote.”   ZAP!!!!!! 

I caught my breath a moment later, as I found myself kneeling on the floor.  Goddess had already left the room, and was across the hall doing her makeup in the bathroom.  I groaned in frustration, but picked up my clothes, folded them, and put them in my dresser.  I walked across the hall as she was finishing her makeup.  “So, I’m going to greet my parents like THIS?”  She looked up with a toothy smile.  Now you seem to understand!”  She put the last of her makeup in the case, and looked at me.  I was seething, and really wanted to say something.  She picked up the remote in her other hand.  I lowered my head, defeated.

“Alright, put this back in the bedroom, and then come downstairs and make me a drink, will you?”  She handed me her makeup bag, turned and started down the stairs.  Her gorgeous ass wiggled in her G-string, as she carefully went down the steps.  I wondered what my parents were going to think of THAT?!?

I found Goddess in the living room.  She had found Dad’s Wall Street Journal on the end table, and had begun reading it.  I asked “Goddess…”  She looked up, and shook her head.  She pointed to the floor at her feet.  I sighed.  I went over, and knelt before her.  “Goddess?”  “Yes, William?”  “What would you like to drink?” 

She quizzed me on my parent’s tastes in alcohol, and directed me to see if they still kept a box of red wine in the pantry.  If so, that would do.   I found a box, right where they always kept one, and poured Goddess a glass of wine.  I took it to her, and heard the washer, downstairs, buzz.   Goddess directed me to go down and move the bedding into the dryer, and start the next load.  I came up from the basement just as my parents stepped in the front door.  I yelped, and made to cover my crotch.  Mom chuckled and just shook her head “Oh, Bill, nothing I haven’t seen.  I made it, I washed it and I diapered it for years.”   She turned, grinning, and continued into the house.  Dad was right behind her.  “Took it in a notch, I see,” he said, looking at my belt.  He slowed, and looked at my chest.  It was all scratched.  He snickered, then, took his meaty hand to my shoulder, and turned me and looked at my battered back and ass.  “That had ‘ta hurt!” he said with a grin, and slapped my ass.  Ow!  He continued into the house in a jovial mood.

I got into the living room to see Goddess giving Mom a hug.  “Everything was SO perfect.  Thank you SO much!” she was gushing.  Mom smiled, but was obviously surprised by Goddess’s outfit.  Before Mom could say anything, Goddess continued.  “So, um, I’m not sure what Da..  er, Sam is fixing for dinner, but I wondered if it might be fun to have a Formal Night?”   I saw Mom’s face twist into a little grin.  “Kristen, we’re like two peas in a pod!  I think that would be marvelous!”  They hugged again.  While they were distracted, Dad leaned down to me and whispered “Ho, boy!”  I wasn’t sure if he was referring to Goddess’s outfit, Formal Night, or what.   Maybe both.   “What was that, Darling?” asked Mom, raising an eyebrow.  “Nothing, Dear, just giving a little Fatherly advice.”  “Uh, huh”, replied Mom, with a smirk.  It was becoming clear to me that their D/s relationship had a deep foundation not only in love, but also in their shared sense of humor. 

“Well, Formal night it IS!” proclaimed Mom.  “I see Bill is already dressed for it.  Sam, you’ll dress accordingly for dinner….  Darling,” she began, looking to Goddess, “Would you like to come upstairs and help me get dressed?”  “Oh, Mom, I’d love to!” she exclaimed, beaming with delight.  They began up the stairs.  I heard Goddess beginning “I hope you don’t mind I had William pour me a drink, it was quite an afternoon…..”  a moment later I heard giggling.

“Like a couple’a school girls.” Dad said, laughing.  He reached across his enormous chest, and started pulling off his shirt.   As I said, Dad is built like a linebacker, and not one of those chubby ones either.  He likes to go to the gym and pump iron, and Mom has never discouraged him.  I swear one bicep is as big around as my thigh.  As a younger man, I always thought Dad kept his chest and legs shaved because he was a body builder.  Given Goddess’s preference to keep me shaved as well, I’ve begun to wonder if there were other motives.  Dad unselfconsciously began disrobing, as I tried really hard to find other things in the room to look at.  “Son,” he began, still undressing, “Was everything good.  Did it go OK?”  I smiled at the tenderness in his voice.  This man could make a grizzly bear run screaming, but he was as tender as a buttercup.  “Dad, it was… was…  I don’t even have words, Dad.  She was great.  You guys thought of everything…”  I began to grin… “Except the damn HOT WATER down there!”  Dad bellowed with laughter.  “Wakes ya up, don’t it!” he clapped me on the shoulder, nearly knocking me over.  “C’mon.  Let’s get dinner started while the Ladies get all purdy-like.”  I had to laugh.  “I guess you didn’t see Goddess, then.”  “I tried real hard NOT to, son.  Real hard.  I’m old, but I ain’t dead!  You’re one lucky kid!”  He was serious for a moment, as we walked into the kitchen.  Father and Son, both stripped to our chastity belts, trying NOT to feel awkward about it.

Like Lunch, Dad had thought ahead for dinner.  Most of the food was already cut, trimmed, or marinating.  He seemed a little self-conscious as he stepped off the kitchen, out onto the deck to light the gas grill.  The salmon steaks would be cooked out there.  Our back yard was fenced in, but some of the houses in the neighborhood could still see back there from second story windows.  It was also a little cool out this evening, so he didn’t dally.  I helped him get salads arranged, and put a batch of instant-biscuits in the oven to cook.  Honestly, I think Dad would have been faster without me, but we enjoyed the camaraderie of working together in the kitchen.  Dad filled me in on how they had acquired so much stuff for the dungeon downstairs in 7 short weeks.  It turns out that, for years, Mom and Dad had attended parties with other local couples, and had accumulated quite a bit of equipment.  To keep it out of view of Rob and I, they used to rent a storage facility, and would pick it up for the parties, and return it afterward.  It got to be a big chore, as time went on, and they accumulated more and more stuff.  Dad was grateful, now, that they didn’t have to haul it around anymore.  They apparently invited other couples over a few times per month to join them in the dungeon.   I didn’t delve into that.  I REALLY didn’t want to know any more!

Dad had just put the salmon on the grill when Mom and Goddess came down the stairs.  My jaw just about hit the floor when I saw Mom’s outfit.  Thankfully, she was wearing a LOT more than Goddess, but it was still sexy.  I was a cross between horrified, and proud that my 48 year old Mom could look so darn hot!   She had on long, shiny black leather skirt, with slits up the sides, and red hose underneath.  She had on a semi-corset that didn’t cover her breasts, and a chemise underneath that did.  It was quite sheer, and I was grateful that she had put on a pretty bra underneath.  It didn’t quite match the rest of the outfit, but I tucked that into the “Don’t want to think about it” side of my brain.  The chemise had silky half-sleeves, and Mom had on some kind of black leather “bracer” things around her wrists.  Her hair was held back by a delicate looking circlet, and had been braided behind.  She had some kind of boots on, with high heels that made her a few inches taller, but still nothing close to Dad’s height.

Dad turned around, and cheerfully remarked “You’re a cruel, Mistress, that outfit is giving me a bone…”  He stopped himself, and actually looked embarrassed.  “Sorry kids,” he muttered.  Mom and Goddess chuckled, and Goddess saw me blushing.  “Oh, he’s so cute!” she said, and came and wrapped her arm around me.  I notice that her hair was done up a little more nicely, and she had a pretty pin in it now, that I hadn’t seen before.  I guess Mom had helped her dress up a little more too.  Their outfits matched, which made me wonder just how big a selection Mom had…. and then suddenly, I didn’t want to know again!

Mom strolled over, seductively, and stroked Dad’s chin.  He leaned down and gave her an affectionate kiss.  She then turned to me, saying “Turn around, I want to see.”   I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but I turned.  I felt her run her finger along one of the welts on my back.  “Oh, Kristen, it’s not so bad.  There’s just the one here by the kidneys, the rest were fine!”  “I know, Mom, but I don’t ever want to miss like that!”  “Honey, you hadn’t used that flogger before.  I’m sure you’ll be fine with it.”  Dad chimed in.  “Yea, Little Goddess, you do fine work for someone so young.  We’ve seen some horror shows, believe me.  I was impressed, honestly!”  I didn’t even really know why the location of my welts was such a big deal, but Goddess sure seemed relieved by the pep talk.  “Listen, Honey,” began Mom, “We’ll go down after dinner, and do a little target practice.  I’m sure you’ll see you’ve already got it under control.”   “Oh, that would be awesome, thanks Mom!”  Goddess and Mom went over to the Dining room and took their seats.

Dad was at the sink rinsing a few dishes, and was chuckling.  “What’s so funny? I asked.  “Oh, your Mom.”  I looked at Dad, quizzically.  He leaned down, and whispered into my ear “Did you notice any targets down there?”  I thought back, and shook my head.  “No.”  Dad whispered again, “That’s because they’re in the kitchen, at the moment.”  He chuckled again, and shook his head.  I looked at him blankly for a moment, and then it hit me.  Ho boy!

Dad had me pour a few fresh glasses of wine, and take them into the Dining room.   As I entered, I overheard Goddess.  “… did really well, when I could get him to breathe right!”  Mom said “Oh, just like his Father.  He always wanted to be rough and tough, and hold his breath…. I eventually beat that out of him, but it took some time!”  They both giggled.  I gave them each their wine.  Goddess turned to me and said “William, be a doll.  Upstairs in that bag – the one I wouldn’t let you unpack.  There’s a box.”  She gestured with her hands to indicate the size.  “Bring it down here, please.  I’ll want it after dinner.  Do NOT open it, understand?”  “Yes, Goddess.”  I retrieved the box, and Goddess kept it near her during the meal.

I went back to the kitchen to see Dad had set out the salads for serving.  He pointed to two of the bowls, and said “Take those out, will ya Bill.  And the rolls, too.”   I took the two salads out, along with a small caddy of dressings that Dad had prepared, and gave them to Mom and Goddess.   They took them, but barely looked up as they were lost in conversations about their favorite kinds of floggers.  I went back to the kitchen, and picked up the rolls and put them on the table as well, with a dish of butter.  I felt a little awkward, being ignored by them.  I went back into the kitchen, and Dad handed me a salad bowl.  “Go ahead and eat it in here.  I put Italian on yours.  I know you like it.”  I looked, longingly out to the dining room.  “Leave them to their Girl Talk.  Tell me how your semester’s goin’.” said Dad.

Dad and I chatted in the kitchen as Goddess and Mom ate in the dining room.  Dad kept a watchful eye, and seemed to know when it was time to ready the main courses.   Apparently, he wasn’t going to just put food out on the table, family style.  Instead, each of the plates was pre-prepared, with pretty garnishes and everything.   I noticed that on two of them, he had cut up all the salmon into bite sized chunks.   He handed me the plates for Mom and Goddess, and took our two plates.  “Let’s go” he said.   I went in, and set Mom and Goddess’s plates before them.  Dad surprised me by kneeling next to Mom, and setting his plate on the floor.  He had two napkins, each with a fork rolled up inside, in his hand.  He set my plate on the floor by Goddess, and handed me a one of the napkins.  He pointed to the floor.  I looked confused at Mom and Dad.  Mom said “Bill, I told you there were some changes around here.  If we’re having a formal dinner, and Kristen is here, you’ll dine on the floor with your Father.”  Goddess looked at me with a face that had “Don’t disappoint me!” written all over it.  “Uh.  OK,  Mo… uhh, Maam.”  I knelt beside Goddess.  She leaned down, scooped my head in her hand, and kissed the top of it.  Dad and I began eating.  I was grateful he had pre-cut the salmon, though honestly, it melted in my mouth.  He’s a fabulous cook.

Dinner passed, quickly, I’m glad to say.  Dad didn’t seem at all uncomfortable on the hardwood floors, but I sure as heck was!  We had just finished the sorbet, and Dad and I were clearing dishes when Mom asked “So, Kristen, what’s in the box?”  Goddess caught my eye, as I was coming back into the dining room, and she looked a little nervous.  I went and stood by her side.  “There’s something…. something I want to ask you, and I thought you and Dad, er, Sam should be here too.”  Mom called out, “Sam, come in here please.”  I heard the water stop running in the kitchen, and Dad came out and knelt beside Mom, looking at her, curious.

Goddess stood up.  I noticed her hands were shaking, as she held the box.  “Mom, Sam…. William,” she began, looking at me. “William, I don’t understand it… it’s way too fast.  This is stupid.  I shouldn’t be doing this…. but I can’t…..  I can’t even imagine waiting another day!”  I noticed there were tears forming in her eyes as she spoke.   “I had fantasized about it, but I wasn’t going to… but I brought this anyway… I don’t know why…  Then, today you said it first.”  I looked at her, puzzled.  She was obviously very nervous and excited.  I’d never seen her so agitated and incoherent sounding!  She was practically babbling.  “You were joking, around, but you said it, and I know you meant it.  I’d…. I’d been thinking it for days, but didn’t have the courage to say it…  I thought I was being stupid.”  She looked at me, meaningfully.  I knew what she meant, immediately.  I drew a ragged breath.  I mouthed the words “I love you, Goddess”, barely audibly.  “I love you, too, William,” she responded clearly, with a glance toward Mom and Dad.   Now there were tears forming in my eyes, too.  I looked at Mom and Dad.  They were transfixed.  Mom looked serious, but Dad had a wistful grin.  “William, when we went shopping a few weeks ago, I bought this.  I just thought I was being stupid.  But somehow, my heart knew, even if my brain wouldn’t accept it.”  She opened the box.  Inside was a smooth steel ring.  She took it out, and held in front of her.  With a gentle manipulation, it opened up on a hinge.  I saw that it was the perfect size to be closed around a person’s neck.

Mom gasped.  Dad interjected.  His voice full of emotion, he could barely get out the words.  “Bill!  Kneel!”  I saw him take Mom’s hand.  They clutched one another.  I saw a tear stream down her cheek, as I knelt before my Goddess.  “William…  You’re perfect.  Your family….” she looked at Mom and Dad.  “… Perfect.  I couldn’t ever ask for anything better.  I never…”  Goddess was beginning to cry now.  “I never even thought I’d find someone to play with, at school, let alone… someone I wanted to be with..”  She drew a breath “to be with forever.”  My eyes grew wide, as I began to comprehend what she was trying to say.  She wanted me.  Not just now.  Not just for College.  She wanted me forever.   “You’re the best lover…. the sweetest, kindest boy…. the bravest….  anything I ask…. you’re just…. just….  You don’t even seem to care about my money!  It’s insane!“  Suddenly, my eyes were growing moist too.  Goddess stopped, drew a deep breath and composed herself. 

Goddess turned to face Mom and Dad.  She stood up straight, and took on an air of formality as she looked Mom in the eye.  “Mrs. Campbell.  I know this so soon, but I also know in my heart that this is right.  I never believed in destiny before now, but I know with my heart, mind and soul that William and I are meant to be together.”  She paused a moment to glance at me, then looked back at Mom.  “You know that I am a woman of means, and I can provide anything he should ever need.”  She stood a little straighter, and took one last deep breath.  “Mrs. Campbell, I would like to ask your blessing to collar William, now, and forever.” 

I knelt in awe, as I watched Goddess petition Mom to collar me…   Not that I really knew what the hell that meant!   Mom, Dad and Goddess sure seemed to take it seriously, though.  All I knew is that Goddess wanted me forever.  That was all I needed to know.

For one of the few times in my life, I saw my Mother looking uncertain.  Finally, she turned to Dad, kneeling at her side.  He looked at her, and said the same two words he said the last time she had consulted him about Goddess.  “Told ya.”  He grinned.

Mom couldn’t suppress a smile, as she looked down at Dad, adoringly.  She turned to Goddess.  “You know, Sam and I were walking in the park this afternoon, talking about you.”  She paused for a moment, collecting her thoughts.  “We’ve been in a Female Led marriage for 23 years, now.  I make the decisions, of course, and Sam never questions them.” She smiled at Dad again.    “But, that doesn’t mean I don’t ask him for his opinion.  I know my strengths and weaknesses.  Sam has always been the perceptive one.  He can size someone up with a glance.  I’ve never known him to be wrong about anyone.  Ever!  So, when I need to know about a person, or her character….”  Mom looked meaningfully at Goddess.  “I rely on him.”  Mom looked down, smiling at Dad, as they continued to hold hands.  “So, even though we spent little more than an hour together this morning, I asked Sam what he thought of you.”  She looked down to Dad.  “What did you say to me, Darling?”  Dad looked up at Goddess, and replied “I said, ‘I can see Little Goddess and Bill makin’ it for the long haul.’”

Mom looked up, and smiled at Goddess.  “I just wanted to know what he thought of you as a Domme, a keyholder and a girlfriend, but already Sam saw… saw what you call your Destiny.”  Mom looked down at Dad again.  “My Husband has never been wrong about something like this.  It’s his gift.   I’d be a fool to ignore his council, now.”  Mom stood up, and walked to my right hand side, and placed her left hand on my shoulder, as I knelt before Goddess.  Dad stood, and walked to my left hand side.  He took one knee, and placed his right hand on my left shoulder.  Mom said “Kristen, you have my.. You have our blessing to collar our Son…”, she turned and grinned at me, “Our son, William.”

Goddess beamed with delight.  She turned and looked down to me, with tears flowing freely down her cheeks, now.  She held the collar in front of my face.  “And, William.  Will you be my submissive?… Will you wear my collar?..  Will you obey me?  now?… forever?”
I heard Mom choke up a little bit, and looked to see she was crying now, as well.  Mascara was running down her face.  Dad’s lower lip was quivering.  His face was set in a smile, while his jaw clenched like bands of iron were holding it shut.  I looked at Goddess, and replied simply and truthfully.  “I love you Goddess.  Now, and forever.  Wearing your collar would make me the happiest man there ever was.”  A smile beamed across her face, and tears ran down her cheek as she leaned down, and put the collar around my neck.  She snapped it shut.  There was a thin little key poking out the side.  She turned the key a few times, and I felt the collar close down hard on itself.  Then, she grasped the key, and bent it.  I heard a snap, as it broke off.  I surmised the collar was there to stay.  Now and forever.


The next day, as we were speeding back to College, Goddess turned to me with a gleam in her eye.  “William, we’ve talked and talked about this, but I think the children are still too young to know about our lifestyle.”  I chuckled, seeing she wanted to play our “old married couple” game.  “But Goddess,” I played along.   “Tommy’s 15 now.  That’s how old I was when I found out about Mom and Dad.  Besides, what do you think he’s looking at on the Interwebs all the time?  Cartoons?” She giggled for a moment, imaging a child named Tommy, after my roommate Tom.  “Well,” she began, “he’s incorrigible, like his Godfather, but I worry about Katie.  She’s only 12.  We can’t tell one, and not the other!”  It was my turn to smile, thinking that she’d name a daughter after my Mom.  “Well, Katie takes after BOTH her Mom and her Grandmom.”  I looked conspiratorially around the car.  “Between you and me, I think she’s already got more common sense than her big brother!”  Goddess laughed.  “Well, that goes without saying!”

We drove on, that way, for hours, chatting about our imaginary family, our house, and our future together.  It was a dream we hoped to make come true.

The End.

The Grade:    A+

Bill.  I admit when I read your proposal for this Freshman Writing seminar project, I was skeptical, to say the least.  Though you claimed it was to be autobiographical, I thought surely it would be a work of fiction as I read your initial drafts.  That is, until my Husband came home one day, and felt compelled to tell me the story of a boy he’d seen in the locker room, wearing what appeared to be stainless steel underwear!  

Then, I noticed your collar after Fall break, and your interesting choice in T-shirts.  Well, frankly, I began asking around.  Kristen is an excellent student in the business school, and I have it on good authority that her financial situation is as you have outlined.

Bill, your story is incredible, and your courage, remarkable.   Never in my twenty three years as a college professor have I seen a student willing to take such chances, and expose such personally intimate material of the heart.  It takes my breath away.  Your writing, though filled with some consistent grammatical flaws, was engaging and well beyond the expectations of this class.  In excess of 80 pages, your paper was quadruple the required minimum.  I have scored your paper an A+.  This is a rare score, in my class, believe me.  You deserve it.

I gave some thought to this, and finally emailed your Kristen directly.  I asked her not to share this idea with you, but I felt it was appropriate that I ask HER, and not you.  She gave her enthusiastic endorsement, and in fact, she has gone ahead and submitted your paper to a competition sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTC) and the Norman Mailer Center and Writers Colony.  I believe you have an excellent chance of winning the Norman Mailer College Non-fiction writing award.  The winner of this award will receive a fellowship to the Norman Mailer Writers Colony and a check for $10,000.   Whether you should win or not, I honestly think you should seriously reconsider your choice of Major.  Your talents are wasted in I.T.  If this is a sample of your creative writing with so little training, you should study, and pursue, writing full-time.

All my best wishes,
Professor Margaret Sullivan 

PS:  Regarding that fat guy in the showers, that first day you showered at the gym.  He was my husband, Cliff.  I shared your paper with him, and then said “Get on a diet, or we’re buying a Chassteel!”  He’s lost 20 pounds already!    -ms

Epilog:  25 years later.  “The Old Married Couple.”

I found this old paper amongst my things the other day, and thought I would tack on this little epilog for my memoir, and share it with the kids.  I think they’ll get a kick out of it.

I didn’t win the scholarship, not that it mattered.  Goddess and I completed our degrees and went on to live the life we fantasized.  Of course, my brother Rob served as Best Man at our wedding, shortly after Graduation.  Goddess insisted that Tom be her “Maid of Honor”.  He milked every minute of it, and was the life of the reception.  Goddess had nailed it, of course.  Tom and Jimmy “redefined” their life-long friendship during junior year.  Goddess and I stood as Maid of Honor and Best Man at their wedding, two years after ours.   Though they live in Hawaii now, we’re quite close.  They’ve adopted a beautiful baby girl.  Her name is Kristen.

We’ve always lived comfortably, due to Goddess’s considerable resources, though you would be surprised by our modest home and lifestyle.  Our neighbors have no idea.  We’ve been honored to endow millions of dollars to worthy charities over the years.  We each sit on the boards of numerous charitable foundations, and work hard to make the world a better place.  I do dabble in writing, under a pseudonym, while Goddess has devoted herself full time to the management of our stock portfolio.  As Goddess’s parents before her, we endowed our children with 10% of our annual income, each, for the first 18 years of their lives.  The kids would be well established, even if they only received that 10% from my writing royalties, let alone the portfolio.  OK, perhaps I’ve done more than “dabble”.

Goddess still drags my ass out of bed at 6AM every morning to exercise, though now it’s in our nice little home gym adjacent to the dungeon downstairs.  We may be in our middle years, but she’s still got a rockin’ body, and I’ve actually got a few muscles.  Dad is so proud of me…. though he could still snap me like a twig, even at his age!   We built a new house for Mom and Dad, just a few doors down from our own.  It has a small elevator in it, so they don’t have to use stairs if they don’t want to.  Mom says her knees appreciate it.   She says it was “Undignified when it hurt ME to go down to the dungeon!”  Mom and Dad are still a hoot! 

We had figured the kids just about backwards!  Katie came along first, and Tommy a few years later.   Katie was a little hellion her whole life, though an utter delight to all, and every bit as beautiful as her Mother.  Tommy was the more serious and subdued of the two, which is probably for the best because he inherited the gene for his Grandfather’s enormity, as well has his lust for body building.   They had their parents figured out pretty early on.  They approached us for “the talk” when Katie was 14, demanding to know about “Dad’s collar, and metal underwear.”.  We gave it to them, straight.  When Katie asked for a Chassteel on her 18th Birthday, I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised.   She took it off to college with her, and the keys as well.  That remains strictly “Don’t ask, don’t tell” territory to this day.  She’s never been in a serious relationship with a boy or girl for more than a few months, so who knows?!?  She lives in San Francisco, now, and has established a chain of shelters in California in support of battered Women.  Now, Tommy, he came out to us as a Dominant after his first year at College.  He and his slave, Tara, own a ranch for abused and rescued animals in Virginia.  They take just about anything, from alpacas to zebras.  We’ve visited, often, but they remain discrete with their lifestyle when we’re around.  That’s fine with us, too.  To each his own.  Mom was right, though.  The fruit didn’t fall far from the tree.  Both our children are kinky, but generous and loving people.  We’re so proud of them!

The collar was permanent, though regrettably the original one broke, eventually.   Goddess had it replaced with a titanium one that was welded on.  Now, that was an experience to remember!  I still twitch a little when I see sparks!

Oh, and I still wear a Chassteel.  The models, features and sizes have changed, as I’ve aged, but one thing hasn’t.  Goddess has assured that I haven’t seen nor touched her penis since before Freshman Year.

The End
Freshman Year


  1. Great story, Mike. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for writing and posting.

    One loose end...way back when, there was some mention of Bill's brother--we knew he was gay but supposedly he had some other secret. Did that ever get explained?

    Also, I was surprised that the roommate Tom was gay. Did we really have a hint of that?


  2. Dev, Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

    No, I never closed the loop with Ron's other kinks. Since he didn't take part in the story, I opted to leave that open. There were a thousand other hints and threads I would have enjoyed to pursue, but they didn't move the plot along.

    Regarding Tom, in chapter 6, Kristen criticizes Tom for being homophobic, and said "The Lady Doth Protest Too Much". Bill gets the joke that she thinks Tom is making so many anti-gay comments because he's hiding something... IMO She knew Tom was gay before Tom even did. Tom was also a little over the top in terms of "classic guy" behaviors. Perhaps he was over-compensating?