Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dom Fantasy - Negotiation

Well, Ladies, I know you're all excited to learn what I have in store for you.  First, let me thank all four of you for allowing me to hand-craft each of your chastity belts. I've learned a lot in the process, and hope to be able to use those skills as I begin marketing these belts professionally to the general public within  in a few months.  I'm hoping this will become quite a profitable enterprise for me, and you're contributions are appreciated!

I know you just met each other.  So ,in case you haven't spoken amongst yourselves, let me bring you all up to speed.  All four of you have been working with me for the last 6 months to craft the perfect chastity belt for your body.  The agreement with each of you was that you would wear the belts, as I directed, during the fitting period.  Once comfortable, I would act as your keyholder until the one year anniversary of our arrangement.  After a period of one year, you will be given the keys to your belt, free and clear.  I made it very clear that you should have no expectations regarding the number of releases, or your possibilities for orgasm during this one year period.  At the time, you each intimated to me that you were romantically unattached, so that these conditions did not pose a problem, thus you all agreed to these terms.

Anne and Michelle  were quite easy to fit.  We got your belts working comfortably in the span of weeks, and you've been wearing them fairly consistently for months, as we've assured comfort and fit during normal wear, exercise, and menses..  Rosalie was a little more challenging, with her narrow hips, but we got hers comfortable within 3 months.   Barbara and I struggled the most,  and only two months ago, we finally came to a configuration suitable for 24/7 wear with her somewhat more rubinesque figure. .  With each of you, I've been quite generous.   Once you became comfortable with full time wear, we have met approximately weekly.  During that time, I have supervised the removal of your belts, and inspected your bodies for any signs of edema or chaffing.  You've then been permitted an hour to bathe, in private, and attend to any personal necessities, before putting the belts back on.  I assume that most of you have been availing yourselves of that opportunity to masturbate, though that has been strictly your business.

As of last month, I extended the releases to two weeks.  Each of you were released two weeks ago.  None showed signs of chaffing or edema.  After your baths, we locked you back up.  That brings us all to today.

My dears, you all have perfectly fitting chastity belts, that can be worn just about indefinitely.  In just six more months, I'll give you each the keys to your belts, and my thanks for participating in this pilot program.  At this point, I need just a little more data to complete my research.  I want to check for edema and chaffing after a two month stint, a four month stint, and a full six month stint of uninterrupted chastity.  I expect the results to be excellent in each case, but I'm simply doing this for completeness. 

So, as you see, I only really need three of you to remain in the program.  I'm prepared to give one of you the keys today.  We'll be done.  I'll give another of you the keys in two more months.  Another in four, and the last of you in six months, the end of our agreed upon contract.

This is where the fun begins.  You all do know that I'm a Dominant, and I do get some gratification from keeping you locked in these chastity belts.  So, we're going to make this a little more interesting.  Here's what's going to happen.  You each have before you a slip of paper..  On it, you'll write the name of the person who will be given her keys today, the name of the person in two, four, and six months.  I'll give you five minutes to chat amongst yourselves, before filling out your ballots, privately, and handing them to me.

Should you all agree with the exact same list of names, in the same order, we will follow that plan.  However, should even ONE of you disagree, you will ALL wear your devices for the full six months.  I'll choose one of you, at random in two and four months for a quick inspection, but you'll go back in without any time to yourself.

I'm led to believe that women are better than men at negotiation and coming to agreement.  Let's see if that's really true.  So, you have your slips of paper.  You have five minutes.  You decide.  Who will get their relief, and when?


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