Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chastity and Beauty - it happened again

So, I've discussed this topic before.  It's about how long term chastity can make the hormones flow so vigorously that my senses are overwhelmed.  Well, I've been nearly a month on my latest self-imposed stint of chastity, and it happened again.

I was out at lunch and was waiting in line at the sandwich shop.  I hadn't been in the place for years, but as I looked behind the counter, I noticed that all five women working behind the counter were exceptionally beautiful.  As I stood, I nearly gasped as one of them came around the corner.

Now, as an aside, androgyny is probably a pretty predictable kink of mine, given my ridiculously strong attraction to flat-chested women.  I'm sure this will be a theme of a future blog post.

Well, she was long, lean and androgynous.   She looked around 19.  She was probably 5'10, and 110 pounds, and very flat-chested.  So flat-chested in fact, that I couldn't even tell if she was wearing a bra. She certainly wouldn't need one. The folds of her over-sized T-shirt obscured any hint of a curve. She wore her hair short, and no makeup had no jewelry evident, though her lips were full and dark pink. She was wearing some kind of black band T-shirt, jeans and shit-kicker boots.  She put a little inventory on a shelf, and grabbed a few bags to make a delivery.   She stepped to the back of the store, pulled on her coat, grabbed the bags and sauntered out the back door.  She even had a long masculine stride to her walk, and I'll confess to noticing, just about no hips whatsoever, as I watched her narrow butt go out the door.

As the door closed behind her, I looked again at my surroundings to realize that three customers in front of me had been served during my reverie.  There was now a large gap in the line in front of me.  I closed the gap, a little embarrassed, hoping no one noticed me gaping at that girl.  I was relieved as I looked at the other patrons, all lost in their own conversations.  It was then that I realized my heart was pounding and my breath was short.

I placed my order, and worked my way through the line.  One girl took the order.  The next prepared it.  A third was pouring coffee, and the last was working the register. Each one of them pulled at my eyes in a very distracting way.  I caught myself fantasizing about each of them, in the whimsical moments I observed them at work behind the counter.

Moments later, I stepped out of the sandwich shop and was struck by a cool blast of arctic Northeast air.  I sure needed it!

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