Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An image is worth a thousand fantasies

So, I ran into this picture on tumblr today.   It brings to mind so many childhood fantasies.  A million years ago (you know, the 70s), back when I was in Junior High School, swimming was a required phys-ed class.  The pool was isolated enough that the boys swam naked.  Of course, it was NOT co-ed.  I understand the girls were issued uniform one-piece swimsuits for their classes.  You know, I think they were even red.  I remember my sister complaining about how badly they fit.

I remember as a young teen fantasizing about the girls, in their loosly fitting swimsuits.  I recall a vivid dream, from back then, in which I was forced to make up a swim class I had missed, and the only class available was a girl's class.  I remember being forced out of the locker room, naked, to stand beside the pool with the girls.  I was humiliated by my raging boner as the girls giggled, and woke up.  Of course, the raging boner wasn't just in my dream!

Anyway, this picture brought back all those memories.  What a wonderful image.  I wonder what it's from?  The girl on the left certainly can't keep her eyes off the lad's assets. 

What great fantasy fodder!  Maybe all the boys should be wearing chastity belts?  Maybe the girl with the clipboard is inspecting them, and they're sorting the well-hung bulls from the soon to be chaste slave boys?   Oh, so many ideas!

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