Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long and painted-up fingernails - Sexy? Really?!?

OK, some of my readers may disagree with me (or even dislike me for saying it), but I don't "get" this whole phenomenon of women who go to great lengths to have long fingernails, all polished up.  Quite frankly, I think they're the antithesis of sexy.

I have two reactions when I look at them.  The first is "Isn't that annoying to try and use your fingers?"  The second is "Does ANYONE find that sexy?!?" 

Of course, my reptile brain is also there saying "Isn't she afraid she'll slice off her clit when she masturbates?" and "Don't be shovin' one of THOSE fingers up my butt!"

I don't recall EVER hearing a man say "Wow, check out those nails!  Hubba hubba!"  I HAVE seen many women with long fingernails rendered helpless by them.  A friend can't use an iPhone because of them, though she covets one.  She has to buy phones with buttons, and can only barely use them.

So, I know I'm a perv, and have strange fetishes, like itty bitty titties, so perhaps I'm not identifying with 99% of the real population out there.  So, I put up a survey.  Those of you viewing my blog on the web will see a survey on the right hand side.

Please, go click one of the choices.  I want to know.   I'm basically asking are you male/female, and do long painted-up fingernails turn you on or not.  If "turn you on" is not the right metaphor, feel free to consider things like "Look sexy", "look right", or whatever better gels with your own way of thinking about long, painted fingernails.  Comments welcomed, of course, too.

Incidentally, my thesis is that men don't give a damn about fingernails, or even prefer the shorter, but that many women find them beautiful.  If that thesis is true, my next question is "Why would they, if men aren't attracted to them?"  So, I eagerly await data, to see if I'm right, or just a nut job (which would also be unsurprising).


  1. I'm with you Mike. I can't stand long, overly manicured fingernails. You should see mine: no polish, trimmed very short. I think it's because I am a nurse. I can't standing having dirty hands and dirty nails.

    I do go for monthly pedicures, however, and keep my toenails polished--usually some variation on bronze or dark brownish-mauve. Never bright red!


  2. lol, well, William will be disappointed! ;-p

    (A reference to my Freshman Year story, for those confused)