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Fiction: Freshman Year, Part 11

Freshman Year, Part 11
copyright 2010 by mikecb

Throughout the week, Goddess grilled me about Mom and Dad.  She wanted to know everything possible about them.  She kept trying to delve into the kinky stuff, but honestly, I had no idea.  That was really “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” territory between my parents and I.  Goddess seemed disappointed, but understood.  She eventually learned that my Mom’s favorite flowers are daisies, and insisted that we would stop and pick some up on the way to their house, as a gift. 

After what seemed like the longest week of my life, Saturday morning finally arrived!  Goddess was at my door at her customary 6:00am.  She insisted that we go to the gym, as normal, before showering and getting dressed to go.  We grabbed a very quick breakfast after our workout, and went back to our rooms for our bags.  We rolled our bags out to the student parking lot, and were on the road by 9:00am. 

With Goddess driving, the 3 hour journey to my parent’s house took just over 2 ½ hours.  That included 10 minutes to stop at a flower shop and get daisies for Mom!   We pulled into their familiar driveway around 11:40.  I smiled, and started to get out of the car.  Goddess stopped me with a hand on my leg.  I looked up to see an unfamiliar expression on her face – uncertainty.  “Do I look OK?” she asked, quietly.  She was stunning!  She had put on a nice pair of slacks, and a pretty white and powder blue blouse.  “You’re gorgeous,” I began.  “How about me?” I asked, with a grin.  I was wearing my “I may go where I want, but I don’t come without PERMISSION.” T-shirt.  She chuckled, and nodded her head.

We got out of the car, and I carried the pot of Daisies around to the driver’s side and Goddess took them.  We were walking toward the door when it burst open and Mom and Dad came out to greet us.   Mom, as always, was in the lead.  “Bill, you’re home!”  She practically ran into my arms and took me into a bear hug, and kissed me at least a half dozen times.  Goddess stood to one side, quietly.  Dad stood behind Mom, waiting for her.  Finally, as we both laughed, she held me at arm’s length and said “Now, introduce me to this young lady.”

“Mom, this is Kristen.  Goddess, this is my Mother, Kate.”  Mom turned to Goddess, who was holding out the Daisies.  “I’m so pleased to meet you, Mrs. Campbell.”  Mom took the daisies, smelled them briefly with a big smile, and promptly handed them to me.  As she turned back to face her, Goddess extended her hand to shake.  “Oh, we’re a very touchy-feely family, Kristen.  I hope Bill warned you!”  She took Kristen in her arms and gave her warm hug.  “.. and call me Kate, or Mom.  None of this Mrs. Campbell nonsense!”  Goddess chuckled and said “Fair enough, Mom!”

Dad was still standing quietly to the side.  Mom looked up and noticed him, and then looked back at me.  “You call her Goddess, do you?” asked Mom.  I blushed and nodded my head.  “Very well then, Sam, please come greet Goddess Kristen properly.”  Barely perceptibly, my Dad’s eyes grew a little wider, and his face grew serious.  “Properly?” I thought.  Then I saw Dad do something I had never seen in my life.  He walked in front of Goddess, knelt down and placed his forehead near the driveway at her feet and said to the ground “It’s very nice to meet you, Goddess Kristen.” 

Goddess looked shocked.  She looked at Dad, at Mom, and then at me, nervously, but quickly recovered and drew herself up and resolutely.  “Please, stand up, Mr…., Sam.”  Dad towered over her, looking serious.  Dad is MUCH bigger than me.  He’s about 6’4, and built like a linebacker.  I don’t know where the gene for ‘hugeness’ went, but I sure didn’t get it!  Goddess continued.  “The first night I met William, I told him I was a “huggy” person.  I’m delighted that Mom says yours is a touchy-feely family, too.  I guess I would like a little more proof!” She held her arms wide.  Dad burst into a big grin.  “I can think of nothing I’d like more, Goddess Kristen!”  He took her into a warm hug.  She just about disappeared into his chest.   Mom seemed very satisfied with the proceedings.  She took the flowers from my hands and said “Bill, get your bags out of the car and bring them on in.  Sam, please help him.  Kristen, darling, let me show you inside.”  With that, she turned and began walking to the house.   Goddess made one furtive glance in my direction, and then put on a confident face, and followed Mom toward the house.

Dad came over, and wrapped me into a crushing hug.  It felt so good to be home!  “Bill, my god, she’s GORGEOUS!”  I grinned up at him.  He grabbed at the waistband of my chastity belt at my hip.  “You must be going INSANE!” he chuckled, as he wiggled the belt, roughly, tossing me around like a rag doll.  “You have no ide…..” I began.  He looked at me.  “Well, I guess you do!”  We both burst out laughing.  “You can say that,” he began.  “Hey, you’re losing weight!   You’ll have to take that waistband in a notch when you put it back on.”  I nodded.  “Yea, Goddess works me pretty hard at the gym.”  Dad pause, and looked at me.  “Yea, I can see it.  You could use some meat on those spindly arms of yours!”  We laughed together, again.  He always teased me about being so slender.  “Nice shirt, by the way.” he quipped.  It was so nice to laugh with him again.

As we gathered our few bags out of the car, I said “Dad, Mom seems more….”  Dad nodded.  “There have been some changes around here, as you’ve noticed.”  Dad gestured with his head, toward where he had knelt before Goddess.  “Uh, YA!” I said.  Dad leaned close to my ear and whispered “I swear, she’s TRYING to freak out the neighbors!”  I looked at him, a little shocked.  He shrugged with a grin, and gathered up a few bags.

We stepped into the kitchen with the bags.  Mom was chatting with Goddess “… shocked that he found someone so fast!”  Goddess was nodding.  “Yes, it was serendipity” she said.  Mom looked a little skeptical, but said nothing.  She gestured toward the hallway “Just set them down, for now, boys.”  We set the bags in the hallway.  I walked over, and stood next to Goddess.  Dad shocked me by walking over to Mom, and kneeling at her right side.

“Bill, there have been some changes, around here, since we’re Empty Nesters.”  I chuckled.  “I see that!”  Mom continued.  “Well, you’ve chosen to live a D/s lifestyle.  As you know, your Father and I have lived the Lifestyle, in secret, for your whole life.  Well, since you boys are both grown up and out of the house now, I decided it was time to dispense with all the secrets.”  I nodded.  I had known about Mom and Dad since I was 15, but I wondered about my older brother, Rob.  He moved to LA a few years ago, but so far as I know, didn’t know about Mom and Dad.  Mom sensed my question.  “We had ‘the talk’ with Rob a few weeks ago”, she began.  I was surprised.  He hadn’t mentioned anything to me when we spoke on the phone, last week.  Mom continued.  “I told him that since he had come out of the closet before moving to LA, it was our turn.  I told him about you, too.”  I was shocked for a moment, but realized it would probably be for the best.  “How did he take it?”  I asked.  Mom chuckled.  “Well, let’s just say that being gay wasn’t his ONLY closet.  I’ll leave it to you boys to discuss, but now that the air is cleared, perhaps we can ALL stop having so many secrets!”   

Goddess interjected.  “Wow, your whole family is kinky!  How lucky for you!”, she began, “My family has been somewhat less accepting.”   Mom nodded, but decided that standing in the kitchen wasn’t comfortable.  “Sit down, both of you.  Your Father has a meal about ready to serve.  You can tell us over lunch.”   I directed Goddess to one of the seats at the kitchen table, and sat beside her.  Mom sat at the head of the table, as Dad began fussing about the kitchen.  In just a moment, salads were served, and Dad fixed us drinks.  He was surprised when I turned down my Coke, and had water.  “Goddess doesn’t like me drinking that sugary stuff.” I said.  “Goddess Kristen,” Dad began, “I hope broiled chicken will be alright.  We quizzed Bill about your diet and he said it should be good.”  “That would be wonderful, Mr…  Sam” she began.  “But, can we come up with another name for you to call me?  It feels so….. awkward.”  Mom smiled, and said “Provided it is properly deferential, I’m OK with it.  We’re both ‘lifestyle’ couples, after all.”  Dad scratched his chin for a moment, and began to smile.  “Little Goddess?” he asked.  Mom raised an eyebrow, but Goddess burst out of her seat and gave Dad another hug.  “I love it!”  It was settled.

Mom prodded Goddess to continue the story of her family.  Goddess discussed her extensive sexual history (I was shocked she went into those details!), and about how her parents, though quite loving, continually disapproved of her life choices.  “So, finally, when it was time to go to college, I decided to come to the East coast, so I wasn’t rubbing their nose in it.”  Mom asked “So, your parents didn’t have a problem paying for your college so far from home?”  I was surprised when I saw Goddess begin to look uncomfortable.  Finally, after a long moment, she said.  “OK, so since ‘coming out’ is the thing to do in this family, I guess it’s time that I do to…”  I looked at Goddess, confused.  She looked at me, and said “William, you’ve been so sweet.  You never pressed me when I evaded your questions..  I felt bad keeping this secret, but I didn’t want it to impact…. us.”  I’m sure my parents were as confused as I was.

Goddess drew another deep breath.  “Well, I don’t have to work,” she began.  I nodded.  “Yea, I’m not on work-study either.  Mom and Dad are covering my expenses.”  I smiled at them.  Goddess shook her head.  “No, William.  I really don’t have to work….  ever.”  I stared at her, uncomprehending at first.  She steeled herself, and blurted out her secret.  “William, as of last quarter, my personal portfolio is worth in excess of 273 million dollars.”  I burst out laughing.  “Yea, right!”  She just stared at me.  I shook my head.  “No, you said your father worked in IT!”  “Yes,” she began, “He owned a bunch of successful start-ups in the 90s, and sold out before the bottom dropped out.”  I stared at her, uncomprehending.  “Then, he began investing in real-estate.  He made his first billion when he was 36.”  My heart started racing.  Mom sat staring, openly shocked.  Dad stood, in his apron, holding a dish of chicken, unmoving.

“Dad and Mom couldn’t have another child after me.  Dad wanted to make sure I would be well provided for, since he worked in high-risk investments.  Every year, he put 10 percent of his profits in trust for me.  That trust was managed by the same people who managed his own finances.  They’re brilliant.”  We all continued to stare in disbelief.  “At age 18, twenty five percent of my trust was mine to access.  When I turn 21, I’ll have full control.  That’s why I’m in a business degree program.  I need to understand my own finances better.  I imagine my work, after I graduate, will be managing my own portfolio, and sitting on the board of some of the charities that our family supports.”  We were still speechless.  “So, my parents aren’t paying for my college education…  I am.” 

I stared for probably a full minute.  No one spoke.  Finally, the burning issue in my mind exploded out of my mouth.  “And you stuck ME with the check on our first date?!?!”  Goddess burst out laughing, as did Mom and Dad.  I leaned over and gave her a little kiss “I love you anyway, Goddess, even if you are filthy rich.”  Her eyes grew wide as she drew a sharp intake of breath.  He looked me in the eye, solemnly, and said “I love you too, William.”

Mom shifted in her chair, and Dad did a little “ahem”, and began serving up lunch.  Mom changed the subject, and began asking us about classes and how we met.  We finished lunch, and moved into the living room for more chatting.  Mom seemed to have something on her mind, but (oddly for her!) seemed a little hesitant to bring it up.  Finally, she slapped her hands on her knees, and said “Kristen, I’ve been beating around the bush with this, but it’s time.”  I looked up, a little confused.  Mom continued.  “You have the remote?”  Goddess grinned, and said “Yes”.  She got up and plucked it out of her handbag, which Dad had set in the hallway.  Mom seemed uncomfortable, but looked at Goddess.  “You understand.  I need to be sure.”  I had no idea what she was talking about.  Goddess looked at me, and said “William, your mother is being true to her word.  She won’t give the keys to anyone but your next keyholder.” I nodded.  “Well, ya…”  Goddess continued.  “She has to be sure we’re….’real’.”  I still didn’t know what she meant, but Mom was nodding.  Dad was looking at the floor.

Goddess continued.  “Mom, when he gave me the remote, William said that the highest training setting he had ever tried was three.”  The world started to move in slow motion as I saw Goddess turn the knob and press the button.  ZAP!!! I yelped, and doubled over on the couch.   Goddess went on, ignoring me.  “I was angry with him for not making me aware of the remote immediately, so I hit him with four.”  My eyes grew wide the moment before… ZAP!!!!  I face-planted on the living room rug.    I think I lost a little time as I gulped for air, and heard “… playing dumb”… ZAP!!!!!  The world went black for a moment.  I found myself in a fetal ball on the rug, gasping for air.  I looked up to see Goddess grinning.  Mom’s face was an enigma.  I’m guessing she was torn between motherly concern, and something else.  Dad was kneeling beside Mom.  His jaw was clenched, and his muscles were bunched like iron bands in his arms.  He was struggling to keep his composure.  “William,” Goddess began, “Come to me.”   I struggled to all fours.  My crotch hurt too much to stand.  I crawled to her.  “What do you say?”  I paused only a moment, and said “Thank you Goddess.” 

She reached down, and put her hand beneath my chin, and assisted me to a standing position in front of her.  She had a serene smile on her face as she put one hand behind my neck, and drew me to her face.  Her tongue parted my lips, as she kissed me passionately.  I was a little freaked to be doing this in front of my parents, but as I tried to pull away, she grabbed me harder.  She tossed the remote on the couch, and put her other hand behind my head.  I lost my inhibitions, and perhaps a little more time, as I was enveloped by her kiss.  Finally, our lips parted.  Our faces both damp with saliva.  I was gasping for air.  I looked into her eyes.  I was transfixed.

“My god.  They really are.” said Mom.  Dad grunted and said “I told you.”  Mom glared at him for a moment, and then smirked.  She stood, reaching into her pocket.  “You’ll be wanting this.”  She extended a key to Goddess.  “I’ll be holding onto the other one, for now.”  Goddess nodded. “I agree.  That’s the right thing to do.”   Mom turned, and gestured for Dad to stand up, but Goddess wasn’t done.  “Mom…”.  My mother turned to her again.  “You have my promise.  I’ll hold his key as long as we’re together.  But…. if something should ever happen…  It will be returned to your hand, not his.”  Goddess looked at me.  “… it’s what he wants.”  I didn’t like where this conversation was going.  “Nothing’s going to happen!”  I said.  Goddess nodded and smiled.  “You know, I think you’re right.”

“OK, then.” said Mom, clapping her hands.  “Bill, Sam, grab those bags and let’s take them to Kristen and Bill’s room.”  I admit I felt a little awkward as we all went upstairs toward my room.  I mean, Mom was declaring it “Kristen and Bill’s room”, not my room.   I guess I had thought about this awkward conversation – where would Kristen sleep? – but I hadn’t guessed Mom would be so definitive about it.

I was shocked when we went into my bedroom.  It had been redecorated.  The full bed was gone, as was a lot of my stuff.  Instead, the main feature of the room was a king sized four-poster bed.  “We put a lot of crap in boxes, and they’re in the attic.  If you want anything up there, feel free.  I just felt this was more dignified looking than a bunch of rock posters and computer hardware.”   Goddess squealed in delight, and ran to the bed, running her hand up one of the posts.  There were eyelets placed at intervals all around the bed.    Dad set our bags just inside the door. 

Mom spoke again.  “OK, Bill, pay attention.”  I looked up at her.  She had a grin on her face.  “Your Father and I are going out to a walk in the park, a movie, and maybe a drink at O’Donovans.  We’re old, so we won’t be out that late, but we will be home NO EARLIER THAN 6:00PM.  Do you get my meaning?”  I began to chuckle.  “If we’re changing our plans, we will call.  We have my cell phone if you need us.  UNDERSTOOD?”   I was laughing out loud now, as Goddess looked on confused.  “I’ll explain later,” I said.  I went and gave Mom a hug, and then Dad.  “When we get back, Dad will fix us all dinner.”

Mom turned to Goddess.  “Kristen, you’ll find a little gift there on the dresser, and another in the closet.  Please enjoy them.  Also, both of you..”  Mom looked at me again.  “After we leave, you may want to check out how we’ve remodeled the Rec room in the basement.  I’d suggest you do that right after you open the gifts.”  Mom looked meaningfully at Kristen, who smiled and nodded.  With that, Mom and Dad collected some hugs.  Mom started out the door as Dad leaned down to Goddess’s ear.  I could hear him as he whispered “Little Goddess, be patient. The first time won’t take long.”  Goddess chuckled and whispered back.  “I know, Dad (she looked to see that Mom didn’t hear her address him that way), he’ll be fine!  I promise!”  She hugged him again.  Dad then swept me into an embrace and embarrassed me by leaning down and kissing my forehead, like he did when I was a boy.  He then turned and stepped out of the room, leaving Goddess and I to settle in.

Goddess burst into a grin as she took me in her arms “I LOVE your parents!”  We opened our bags, and started unpacking for the day and night.  We didn’t have much, and I found that Mom had pretty much emptied half of my dresser.  Goddess put her things in there, but refused to open one of her bags.   Mom and Dad called up as they left the house, saying “See you tonight, kids!” and then Goddess and I were alone.  Goddess got a wicked grin on her face, as she grabbed me again, kissing me, and pushing me down onto the bed.  She kissed me for a while, as we ran our hands hungrily over each other.  “Now, let’s see what Mom gave me, shall we?”  Leaving me on the bed, Goddess took the box from the dresser.  There was a card on the box “Welcome to our home.  We hope you enjoy your stay.”  Goddess opened the box, and I was horrified that inside was a huge box of condoms.  “Mom!” I growled in mock exasperation.  Goddess laughed, and set them down.  “How thoughtful.  I had brought my own, of course, but it’s nice to know she was thinking ahead.”  I was momentarily embarrassed as I realized that birth control had never occurred to me.  “I thought you were on the pill?” I asked.  “I am, William.  The condoms will just help in case… you’re a little too sensitive.”  I blushed a little, but nodded.  Goddess reached into the box, and pulled out a bunch of little cardboard squares, with a quarter-sized steel bubble on each.  I looked uncomprehending for a moment, as Goddess and I said at the same time “Fresh batteries.”  I rolled my eyes as Goddess smiled and said “Your Mom thinks of EVERYTHING!  We’ll swap the batteries in your belt when we have it off.”  I thought to myself “Yea, god forbid the zapper starts losing its punch!”  I wisely said nothing.

Goddess trailed her fingers along my arm as she circled the bed, leaving me in place.  She opened the closet door.  On the floor was a LARGE duffle bag.  Goddess exclaimed “No way!” as she grabbed the bag, and tossed on the bed beside me.  She opened it up, and out burst the most enormous collection of kinky toys I’ve ever seen!  I didn’t know what half of these things were, at first.  I learned later that there were floggers, canes, paddles, crops, slappers, handcuffs, plugs, nipple clamps, ropes, everything!  Goddess had a similar bag in her dorm room, but her collection paled by comparison.  “I LOVE your MOM!” exclaimed Goddess again. 

She grabbed my hand, pulling me from the bed.  “Where’s the Rec Room?!?” she demanded.  I laughed, and led her to the first floor, and then to the basement.  We passed through the laundry room, and I saw the rec room door was closed.  I wasn’t sure why it was such a big deal to come down here.  The recreation room dominated our basement.  It was big, and had a pool table, and home theater on one side, along with a small kitchenette to prepare snacks and drinks. There was also a small lavatory down here, so we didn’t have to run upstairs to go to the bathroom.   I wasn’t sure why Mom wanted us to come and look at it.  Did she buy a new TV?

I opened the door, and was astonished to find, not our familiar rec room, but a dark and foreboding place.  We stepped in and looked around in awe.  There were odd pieces of furniture, each with manacles, ropes or chains, obviously to secure someone to them.  There were things that looked like benches, crosses and medical gurneys.  There were wide bars hanging from the ceiling with loops on each end for wrists, and tables nearby full of demonic looking implements of torture.  There was a large dog cage in one corner, with bowls on the floor nearby.  Everything was done up in black, leather and shining steel.   My stomach began to churn in fear as Goddess grabbed my wrist.  “A Dungeon!!!” she shrieked in delight.

She pulled me inside.

End part 11.

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