Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fiction: First Date

First Date
copyright 2010 by mikecb

We met on a Friday night at a mutual friend’s Halloween party.  I was sipping a beer, dressed in my 70’s disco outfit, complete with flair legged pants, wide-lapelled shirt, a bunch of gold chains, a big bushy fake moustache and sideburns glued on.   I noticed a delicious looking bottle of ketchup and introduced myself. 

“Hi, I’m Mike” I said.

She extended her hand.  “Hi. Natalie.” she responded with a grin, looking at me.  “Must be tough drinking beer with that mouse on your lip!”

We hit it off immediately.   We stood to the side, joking  and laughing for a few hours, as the party seemed to move along without us.   I learned she was a graduate student studying Law.  I was astonished by how lighthearted and fun she seemed for someone in a Law program.  I tried not to bore her with the details of my job as an I.T. Engineer, and she pretended to be just interested enough without going overboard.  It turned out she was just three years younger than me.  We shared tastes in music, old movies, and food.

“Oh, I’m so stuffed right now.” She began.  “But, I just love a good burger.  Have you ever had one at that new place – The Burger Bistro?”

“I haven’t, yet.  I was thinking of going tomorrow, but I like my burgers with ketchup.”  I said, looking at her meaningfully.  

“I think that can be arranged.” She answered with a grin.


We met the next day for dinner at The Burger Bistro.   We were both dressed more comfortably, and I discovered she was hotter than I had even imagined.  The burgers were exquisite.  We chatted for a while, until the silences grew longer and more awkward.  I decided to begin.

“So, I’ve tried all kinds of dating sites.  I’m not having much luck.”  I said, putting a few cards on the table.

“Me, either.”  She said, commiserating.  “If I get one more picture of a cock in my inbox, I swear I’m going to change teams!”

I laughed.  “OK, I’ll refrain until our second date!”   She smiled, softly, but the feeling was getting awkward.  It was obvious neither of us were having much luck with dating, but we didn’t know how to proceed with one another.  I put down a few more cards.

“It sounds like we’ve both spent more time than we care to think about playing these games.  Can we maybe just be brutally honest with each other?  If it sounds like a fit, great!  If not, we can thank each other for a lovely dinner and part friends.”

“Oh, I’d so love to cut out the bullshit.” she replied, nodding her head.  “I’m enjoying your company, but honestly, I’d hate to start really liking you, only to discover something doesn’t work later.

A few more cards…  “Well, let’s get the big one out there, then.  I’m kinky.  I don’t think I could ever do a ‘vanilla’ relationship again.”  I watched her intently.  

“I can do kinky,” She began, tentatively, “depending on what we’re talking about.  I’ve got a few kinks of my own.  I try to do the GGG thing.”

I smiled.  “I’m totally into GGG too.  So, here’s the thing… It… uh.  Let’s just say it’s been a deal breaker in the past.  I just want to get it out there, because I just can’t imagine a relationship without it.”

She looked at me.  Her brow furrowed a little, now, perhaps with a growing concern.  “Go ahead.”  She finally said.

I looked around to see if anyone was within earshot.  It seemed safe.  “Well, I, uh..  I’m into wearing chastity belts.  I’m into, um, well into being denied while my partner gets everything she needs.”

Natalie’s eyes grew wide for a moment.  I began to wonder if this fetish of mine was a deal-breaker yet again.  After what seemed like an eternity, she spoke.

“I’ve read a little about those things.  So you, like, can’t.. you know.. “ She looked around to assure discretion.  “You can’t orgasm in these things, until you, or someone, unlocks it, right?”  I nodded.  She continued.  “Well, uhh.  I admit, that’s a weird one.” She chuckled nervously, still processing.  Finally, she said “Well, I suppose I’d be game to try that…  It’s just… I sorta don’t know what to do.”  She stopped, and drew a breath.  She looked around again, and leaned close to me.  “OK,so,  here’s the deal.  A lot of guys can’t do this… or, shouldn’t do this…  but.. I uh…”  She looked around again, then whispered.  “I like to get slapped..  kinda bullied, you know?  Dirty talk.  Pushy..  Name calling.  Held down.”

It was my turn to pause.  I’m sure I looked as surprised as she did a moment ago.  I had never struck a woman in my life!  I don’t particularly like swearing, and dirty talk.  I’ve never had a girl that liked that kind of thing.  “Uh..”  Natalie looked embarrassed.  Her face was turning red.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have….  it’s just too weird.  It’s OK.  I’m… I’m embarrassed I even…”  I stopped her then, gently placing a hand on hers.

“Natalie, it’s OK.  Really.  I’d be… game to try that.  I’m in the same boat as you, though, I uh…. I don’t know what to do.”

She stopped and looked at me.  “I could show you.”  She said meekly.  

“I’d like you to.”

“And you… you’d show me what…  how this whole chastity belt thing goes?”

“Of course.  I can point you to some stuff on the web to read, if you’re up for it.  I know it seems pretty counterintuitive.”

“Not as counterintuitive as a feminist who likes to get slapped around during sex!” she whispered, with a giggle.

She looked at me again, this time not with embarrassment or curiosity.  I saw instead, hunger.  She took the initiative. “Are we going to your place or mine?” she asked.

“Well, I began, sheepishly.  As it happens, I’m wearing my chastity belt right now.”   

Her eyes grew wide, and she almost bent down to look under the table, but stopped herself half way.  A grin came onto her face.“Really?!?”

“Really.  And, uh.. Well, the keys are at my place.” 

She nodded.  “So, your place then?”

I smiled.  “Well, the first thing you need to learn about this kink of mine is that guys like me crave denial.”  She looked at me, a little confused.  “The second thing you need to learn is that we often like the woman to decide.”  I looked at her meaningfully.

She paused a moment, processing.

“Let’s go to my place.”  She said, with a grin.

I smiled and paid the check.

The End.

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