Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fiction: Happy New Year

Happy New Year
Copyright 2010 by mikecb

My imagination was running wild, as my Wife slowly secured my hands above me on our four-poster bed.  I recalled two weeks ago, when we discussed what we wanted to do for New Years Eve.  I was delighted by her suggestion – “Let’s stay in.  I want to tie you to the bed, and have my way with you while the clock ticks down.”

Naturally, I was thrilled by the prospect.  She had locked me into my stainless steel chastity tube in late September.  Aside from a few supervised cleanings, I had not been out, nor had an orgasm in three months.  Of course, at no time during these three months had she done without all the orgasms she wanted!  My hands, tongue, a strap-on dildo and her beloved Hitachi were all at her beck and call.  Oh how I’ve loved to bring her to convulsing orgasm, even if it meant that I spent have the night trying to get comfortable with my cock swollen in its cage, while she slept contentedly beside me. 

As New Years approached, my hormones, which had actually settled into a low idle, began ramping up.  It was exacerbated by my Wife’s constant efforts.   Not only was she demanding more and more physical attention, but she was also generously lavishing it on me as well.  She’d stroke my balls as we fell asleep at night, or she’d hop in the shower with me in the morning, having me wash her gorgeous body from top to bottom.   On Christmas day, I awoke to feel her sucking my balls into her mouth, and rolling her tongue around.  I nearly went out of my mind.  Thank god our teen children sleep like the dead in the morning (even on Christmas)!  The way I thrashed around in that bed, and yelped, they may have thought someone was being murdered down the hall! 

So this evening, the kids went off to overnight New Years Eve parties at their friends houses.  My Wife and I weren’t alone for ten minutes before her hands were all over me.  We necked and groped like horny teenagers.  We barely paid attention to our late dinner, though my wife seemed to be encouraging me to drink rather heavily.  By 10:00pm I was already pretty drunk, and extremely horny, as she tied me to the bed.   She put a blindfold on me, and a few moments later, I felt her working at my chastity tube and trying to get it off.  I’ll admit I was quite aroused, and she had to struggle to get me out of it.  With a few “Ouch!” “Oof!” and “Hey!” exclamations, she finally extricated me.   I was bound and helpless on the bed as I heard her go into the master bathroom and rustle around.  A few minutes later, I felt her push a towel under my ass, and I heard the telltale sound of shaving cream being dispensed from the can. 

She had done this before, of course, and it’s always delicious.  She rubbed the slippery foam all around my member and balls.  I keep my upper legs and torso shaved clean for her, so she just had to do the places that I couldn’t reach behind the chastity tube.  I was rock hard in her hands, as I felt the razor sliding down the length of me, removing the stray hairs.  She took a few damp cloths, and removed all the soap, taking the opportunity to clean me very well.  It had been a few weeks since my last cleaning, and I’m sure she wanted me spotless for the games to come.   She finished by rubbing some lotion on me, to make my skin soft and smooth.  She slowly slid her hands up and down the length of my cock, squeezing hard and slow.  My toes curled with the sensations, and my breath grew short.  After a moment of delightful torment, she stopped, leaving my cock pointing straight up.  My hips involuntarily pumped, trying to find something to touch my hungry penis.

“Give me a few minutes, now, I’ve got a surprise for you.” she said, in a seductive voice.   She moved around the room then, and I heard her go in and out of the bathroom a few times.  I felt my cock bobbing obscenely in front of me for a time, but I slowly lost my erection as I awaited the surprise.  I heard her exclaim from the bathroom “Hey!” and a moment later, I felt her crawl onto the end of the bed.  An instant later, I felt her warm embrace as she once again began stroking and pumping my member.  In moments I was fully aroused again.  She stroked me a few more times, and then quickly let go, once again leaving me humping the air above the bed as my cock sought her hands.  I felt her hop out of bed and go back to what she was doing.

A few minutes later, I heard her turn on the bedroom TV, and tune it to one of the New Years Eve shows.  Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark were hosting the countdown.  It was after 11:00pm already.  She turned down the volume until it was fairly low, and then I felt her climb onto the bed again.  This time, she pulled my shrinking manhood into her mouth, and swirled her tongue around the tip of it.  I was instantly rock hard again, going insane with lust!   She licked down the underside of my cock and balls, and then withdrew again.  However, this time she came to the head of the bed and whispered “Time for your surprise!”   She took off the blindfold, and as my eyes focused, I beheld the most incredible transformation I’d ever witnessed.  Fifteen minutes ago, my Wife, the mother of my children tied me to the bed.  Now, a sex goddess was revealed before me.

She was dressed in a sheer red silky top with a black lace bra beneath.  Even under two layers of cloth, I could see her nipples straining against the sheer fabric.  Her tiny black g-string was also evident through the sheer material.  She was wearing garters and sexy black stockings, with shiny red pumps.  Her hair was pulled back, with just a few strands hanging over her eyes, giving her a defiant and sexy look.  Her lipstick was bright red, but her eye shadow was dark, giving her an intense appearance.  She wore lace gloves up to her elbows, and minimal jewelry.  I saw her wedding band through the lacy gloves, and the diamond ear rings I had given her for our last anniversary.  Of course, she finished the outfit with her gold necklace with the key to my chastity tube dangling in her cleavage. 

She smothered me with kisses, then, as I melted beneath her touch.  I was restrained, still, and couldn’t reach out to take her in my arms.  The sensations she lavished onto my body were heightened by the alcohol.  I was abuzz with delight as she kissed her way down the center of my chest, and once again took me into her mouth.  She sucked and nibbled me to full hardness, before withdrawing slightly.  Then, she began to whisper dirty little fantasies to me.  She knows it drives me wild!   “Maybe this will be the year I out you to Bill and Naomi,” she whispered.  Bill and Naomi are our neighbors, and Naomi is my wife’s closest friend.  She often teases that she’s going to tell Naomi about our chastity lifestyle.   She continued.  “I’m sure with a few drinks, we could get them skinny dipping with us again, like when the kids were little.  Of course, this time, they’d both see that I keep you locked up!”  As she said it, she squeezed my penis tightly, and stroked a few more times.  I squirmed in delight.  “Maybe I could even get her to kiss me again”, she said.  She leaned over, and licked my lips, sloppily, running her tongue all over my face.  My heart was pounding, and my breath was short as I thought about them making out while I was locked in my chastity tube.

Then she took my cock in just her finger and thumb, and stroked it lightly.  “Or, maybe I should get myself a big strapping bull this year, with a nice fat cock, not like this little thing.”  She wiggled my cock between her fingers.  "I could let a real man fuck me, and let you lick me clean."  I knew that was just dirty talk.  She’d never sleep with another man, but still, my hormones were kicking into overdrive!  Again, she stroked me to the edge of climax, and stopped.  She knows my body so well.  She ran no risk of me coming before she wanted me to.  She knows how to push all my mental as well as physical buttons.

She paused in her attentions and looked over at the TV.  “Only 20 minutes left in 2010, my love, “ she began, “I have another thought.  Maybe it’s time to lock you up for a full year. .. Remember when we talked about that?”  She was stroking me again.  She squirted a little lube into her palm, and rubbed it on my shaft.  My eyes were closed, and I was lost in the sensations of her hand sliding along my hungry cock.   “How hot would THAT be?!?  Knowing that you would not have an orgasm at all in 2011!  Does that turn you on as much as me?”  She was stroking me again, closer to climax.  My hips were thrusting up and down.  “Oh my god!” I sighed.  “That’s SO fucking hot!” 

“Mmmm!” my wife exclaimed.  I could hear the smile in her voice.  She began breathing harder, in sympathy with my own body convulsing beneath her.  “I want to do it.  I want to lock you up all year!  Oh, that would be so hot!”  I felt some movement, and looked up to see that she had taken one hand away from my cock, and was rubbing it in her own crotch.  She urgently tugged at the tie on her g-string, and tossed it aside.  She began rubbing her slick hand across her naked, smooth sex.  She was into this!  She doubled over a little, as she began urgently rubbing herself.  I saw her eyes, staring off into nowhere as she masturbated herself with one hand, and half-heartedly stroked my cock with the other.  Her breathing became more urgent.  “Ooh… Ohhh ya.. Oh!  I want to do it!”

She slowed, then, and paid more attention to her other hand.  She began to stroke me again.  She took more lube, and squirted it directly onto my cock and balls.  With both hands, she swished the smooth liquid all over.  I was beside myself with the sensations.  “Oooh!  Haaaa!” I exclaimed.  My wife was relentless.  As I’d get close, she’d slow down.  As I recovered, she’d speed up.  “Do you want to do it?” she asked.  “A whole year?  Let’s do it!  I want to!  Let’s do it!  Will you do it for me?”  Her questions got more urgent.  I was thrashing on the bed, enjoying this dirty talk when it started to sink into my alcohol drenched brain that she might be serious.  She was stroking, still, vigorously.  I could barely think straight.  I mean, sure, we had talked about this fantasy before.  She had gotten me off on it more than once.  In fact, they were some of the hottest tease sessions we ever had.  But, now, I think she was actually serious.  With my wits barely about me, I asked “Really?  I mean, for real?”   “Oh, yes!”  she exclaimed.  Her hand was back on her sex.  She was masturbating again.  I heard the sloppy sounds of her moist lips being roughly fondled.  “For real!” she said.  “No orgasms in 2011.  That’s your surprise.   I’ve been thinking about it for weeks.  I want it so bad…. but I wouldn’t do it unless you….” she was getting herself pretty worked up.  “.. unless you said OK.  I need you to say it!   Tell me you’ll do it!  Do it for me…I know if you promise me... you won't try to cheat or back out.....   Promise me!"

She took her hand from her vagina, and stuck it in my mouth.  My senses exploded with the taste of her.  Her other hand began stroking me again, more vigorously.  “The clock… it’s winding down… you need to say it honey.  There’s only two minutes left!”  She stroked me harder.  She wanted me to agree to no orgasms in 2011 before the clock struck midnight.  I was insane with lust.  I looked at the TV.  The timer was running now, there was 1:45 left.   If I was going through with this, I had to tell her NOW, so she could bring me off.  There would be no orgasms in 2011.  There were literally seconds left before my last orgasm for the year.  I could tell she wanted to bring me off as close as possible to the ball dropping in Times Square.

“OK!” I exclaimed, as she twirled her thumb on the end of my penis.  “Hooo..  Hookay.  A year.  Let’s do it!”  “Really?!? she exclaimed.  You’re sure?!?”  It was less than 90 seconds now.  “Yes, yes, I’m sure.  I promises.  Hurry, ha… ha…. hurry!”  My wife started stroking me more intently.  The clock got to 1:20, and she slowed.  My legs were thrashing and sweat was flowing from my brow.   She took her hands away.  Why was she stopping? 

She reached under the bed, and grabbed her Hitachi.  She threw the switch and shoved it under my balls.  The vibrations were intense.  One minute…  45 seconds.  I felt the climax approaching like a freight train.  I clenched down hard, holding back for the inevitable explosion.  My back was arched and my toes were curled.  "Ahhhh!  Ahhh!"  I cried.

Suddenly, my wife pulled the Hitachi away.  She shoved it against her clit and shrieked “Oooh!”  I looked up.  The clock ticked down to 30 seconds as she moaned in ecstasy with the vibrator against her clit.   “Honey, hurry!”  I looked at her with a panicked expression.  When she looked back, I was amazed by what I saw.  Her eyes were glazed as she ground the Hitachi against her pussy, but as she looked me in the eye, she shook her head "No", and grinned fiendishly.  20 seconds.

I hadn’t cum in 3 months.  I was so horny I was about to explode.  I had just agreed to no orgasms in 2011, assuming I was just about to have the biggest climax of my life!  Instead, my wife brought me to the precipice and left me hanging.   “That’s not fair!  I shouted.  She ignored me shrieked as the first of the orgasms overtook her.  “10…. 9… 8”   The TV was turned down low.  "Honey!" I screamed.  I could barely hear the countdown over my wife’s moans and growls.  “3… 2... 1……. Happy New Year!!!!!”   I looked at my wife in shock.  She drank in the expression on my face, and then doubled over, still grinding the Hitachi into her groin.  She began convulsing then, making guttural noises, gasps and moans.  She buried her face in the mattress as she screamed in the most intense orgasm I’ve ever seen her experience.

I lay there, with my cock throbbing and drooling pre-cum, as my wife composed herself.  I was still in shock by what transpired.  She finally opened her eyes and looked at me, with a dreamy expression.  “You wouldn’t…”  I began.  “We will!” she interrupted, sharply.  I was angry as I drew a breath to argue with her.  She put her hand over my mouth.  “If you’re a good boy, one year from now you’ll be in this bed, and we’ll be counting down the seconds to the most intense orgasm of your life.  If you give me any shit, maybe it won’t be until our anniversary!”  Her words stole the air from my vocal cords.  Our anniversary is in June.  That would make it 18 months.  I looked at her eyes and understood the truth.   Her next words were redundant.   “I’m serious.”

So I began 2011, already 3 months without an orgasm, expecting none for the entire year.  My wife began to stroke me again, gently.  “I can make it a really fun year for you, you know,” she said playfully.  As the hormones raged, I had to admit to myself that, yes, she was right.   I set aside my conflicting emotions and acquiesced.  I leaned forward to collect a kiss.

“Happy New Year,” I said.


  1. Fuckin' awesome writing!

  2. mike,

    Thank you for letting me know about this story! I loved the underlying goal, the evil twist, and your great description of her orgasm!


  3. Mike,

    Another great story! I love your writing style. Keep the stories coming.