Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fiction: Morning Wood

I remember, now, it had been a lazy Sunday morning.   I had taken the night shift with the baby, when she awoke at 3:00am.  It took me nearly 90 minutes to get her back to sleep.  I stumbled back to bed and was unconscious before my head even hit the pillow, as anyone who's been a new parent can understand.  The baby was cutting a tooth this week, and it had been a tough couple of nights.  Sex, or getting out of my chastity device were certainly the farthest thing from my mind.

The bed was warm,and the air was cool.   The autumn light was just peeking through the window when I felt her breath on my face.  "Huh?  Somethin'... Baby?"  I muttered, starting to rise.  "Shhh" was my wife's only response.  I felt her gently press my chest downward.  She kissed me softly, and slid her hand over my eyes, and whispered again "Shhhh..."

I closed my eyes and relaxed.  Sometimes, she just wanted to "drive".   I basked in the warmth of the covers, as she gently tucked the comforter up under my chin, keeping the drafts from our old farm house from reaching my chest.  I lay and relaxed, planning to enjoy the sensations of being teased and denied, yet again.   I couldn't remember the last time, but I was thinking it was something like three weeks since my last orgasm.  It wasn't important.  It was moments like this that were so special.. so intimate.  I lay back sleepily, and enjoyed the attention.

I felt her slide the comforter from around my groin, and the cool air rushed in.   She was kind, and exposed as little skin as possible, so I wouldn't freeze!.   My cock was already hard in its tube, as most men are in the morning.  I had to pee a little, but it wasn't bad.   I enjoyed the sensation of her hand stroking my balls, gently, and her fingers trailing around my groin and upper thighs.  I was surprised, however, when I felt her tug on the lock, and sensed her inserting the key.  I hadn't even felt her get out of bed to retrieve it. She must have done so before she woke me. 

I drew a sharp breath.  I'd been locked up for some time.  I knew things would be a little gamey down there.  I started to rise.  If she really wanted to do this, I could take a shower....   Again, I felt her hand on my chest.  "Shhhh..."

I lay back, again, a little embarrassed knowing that she'd be handling a pretty smelly cock.  I felt her push a cloth under my butt.  I lifted, slightly to assist.  I wasn't sure if she was planning to use lube or what?  Suddenly, a warm, almost hot sensation, enveloped my groin.  I felt her start rubbing.  It was a wet, warm washcloth.  The sensation was delicious as she slid the soft cloth around my cock and balls.  I smelled the perfumed soap on the cloth as she scrubbed me clean.  My cock swelled with the attention, and the sensation was delicious.   She removed the cloth, and my cock was standing straight up, pulsing in the cool bedroom air.  I felt heat again, as she began wiping with another warm, damp cloth.  She was rinsing the soap away, apparently  Wow!  I had been out cold.  I hadn't heard her prepare all this in the bathroom, nor had I felt her getting in and out of bed before waking me.

I felt her pull the towel from under my butt, and she wiped me dry.  I heard the towel, and presumably the washcloths, dropped to the floor beside the bed.  I was beginning to shiver from the cool air, when a moment later, I felt her pulling the blankets back over me, and herself.  She was under the covers now, but down between my legs.  I felt her climbing down.  She straddled my legs beneath the covers, with her head down.... oh god.   ohhh.....  She took me in her mouth.

She teased the head of my cock with her tongue, causing me to thrash a little in the bed.  She then slowly enveloped my cock with her mouth, and began giving me head.  Simultaneously, I felt her hand wrap around the base of my shaft, and assist in stroking, slowly, oh so slowly.

She was unhurried.  I had no sense of time as I lay in the warm bed, feeling her lavish attention on my neglected penis.  As I would near climax, she would slow as I squirmed beneath her.  As I began to relax, she would intensify the action.  It went on and on.  I was lost in a warm glow of pre-orgasmic bliss.  How many cycles of this did she run me through?  Ten?  Twenty?  I have no recollection.

Finally, as one of the waves of pleasure began to crest, I felt her continue to increase the intensity.  "Ohh.... ahhh...honey... I'm gonna...... I can't...... haaaa"  She didn't stop.  I heard slurping sounds, and felt her saliva all over my cock as she pumped and pumped with her hand.  He tongue twirled around my glans, and finally taunted my urethra one last time as I felt the the pressure reach the boiling point.  She squeezed then, hard, on the base of my shaft, trying to contain the inevitable, while at the same time still stroking, licking, tickling with her tongue.

The sensations were unbelievable as I exploded.  My hips bucking, I thrashed as my body was overcome with pleasure.  I'm pretty sure I screamed, but I don't recall.  I heard her gasping, trying to contain my load in her mouth.  I heard her swallow, loudly.   Oh god, how that sound turned me on!  My heart raced, as she continued to lick and suckle at my cock, swallowing every drop.  Oh god!.  I was panting loudly.  I felt cold, and realized I had thrown most of the blankets off my chest.  I was glazed with sweat.   She still had my, rapidly shrinking, cock in her mouth as she licked and cleaned it.  As my body began to calm, I reached down and stroked her hair.  "I love you," I whispered.

She crawled upward, then, pulling the blankets around us.  In her flannel Eeyore pajamas, her hair was matted and askew.  Her eyes were a little bloodshot.  She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.   "I love you too," replied the love of my life.   As we began to arrange ourselves to cuddle, the baby began to cry.  Perhaps I had shouted, and woke her.  I don't know.  "My turn." my wife whispered, with a soft chuckle.  She tucked the blankets under my chin, and kissed me gently on the forehead.  I was half asleep by the time she was out of the bed.  I fell fully asleep seconds later.

When I awoke, hours later, I was shocked to find the chastity device was back in place.  I laughed thinking that a 12 pound baby could rouse me from a sound sleep with a whimper, but my wife could lock a stainless steel tube on my cock and I never so much as twitched.  I was grateful she let me sleep in.

Leisurely, I stretched and got up to go to the bathroom.  I got dressed, and went out to spend the rest of my Sunday morning with my beautiful girls.


  1. nuts4belle, I was thinking of you guys (and another couple I know with a new baby) when I wrote that one. :-)