Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fiction: Freshman Year, Part 12

Freshman Year, Part 12
copyright 2010 by mikecb

Goddess grabbed my hand and yanked me into the dungeon.  Her eyes were pouring over every detail as we walked around.  I didn’t know what she meant as she started cataloging what she saw “Medical play station… Pony play….  St Andrews Cross….  Spanking bench..  Fucking machine….. Baby monitors!“ with each exclamation, she seemed more and more excited.  Meanwhile, I didn’t understand what half of this stuff was, but I KNEW it would be damned unpleasant!  We got to the back corner and she shouted “Ah hah!  I knew she’d have one!  A cleaning station!” 

I looked up and saw, in the back corner, where our home theater used to be, the wall was tiled on two sides and on the floor.   A three-inch raised, tiled ridge came out to demark a square in the corner, where water could obviously be sprayed without flooding the rest of the room.  One of the basement floor drains was strategically in the center, so water would drain out.  Hanging from the ceiling were a few shackles on a winch arrangement, and a hose with a sprayer.   Goddess pushed me toward that corner.  “Strip!” she barked.   I was beginning to believe my dreams of a romantic first “unveiling” and removing of my belt were just that… a fantasy. 

There was a small table, just outside the “wet zone”.  I stacked my clothes on it, as Goddess grabbed the winch and lowered a pair of cuffs from the ceiling.   I was no sooner stripped to my chastity belt, when she grabbed one of my wrists and pulled me into the corner.   I knew better than to protest.  “You have the best parents, EVER!” she exclaimed.  “Yea, that’s just what I was thinking.” I replied, dryly, as she began to secure my hands to the chains hanging from the ceiling.  Goddess chuckled, and completed her quick work of securing each arm with a leather manacle.  As she began turning the winch, my arms were separated and pulled overhead.  There was no way I could reach my wrists to disconnect myself.   Once my arms were overhead, Goddess knelt at my feet and secured them with chains coming from the side walls.  My legs were swiftly held apart.  I noticed that the straps and buckles for my feet were made of plastic.  “Waterproof”, I thought. 

In no time, Goddess had me trussed up in the corner, with my legs spread wide, and my arms overhead.  I was quite immobile and helpless.  I admit that my cock was beginning to swell in my tube, as I contemplated getting out of my chastity belt for the first time in over seven weeks.  She walked over to the hose and sprinkle head arrangement.  She turned the valve and said “Oh, pity.  It seems like they didn’t run hot water back here!”  My eyes grew wide as she stepped away from me, and opened the spray nozzle.  The water was ice cold.  I shrieked and pulled at my bonds, as I tried to get away from the frigid water.   Goddess giggled incessantly as she hosed me up and down with the water.  “Oh dear, you look COLD!” she said, in mock sympathy.  She blasted me some more.  Finally, as my teeth were chattering, she stopped.   Goddess turned to the wall and flicked a switch.  Above me, some radiant lamps turned on, bathing me in a warm red glow.  Still, I was shivering, but it helped.   “Wow, Mom thought of EVERYTHING!” she mused.

Now, I have to say that at this point, I was really angry.  I had been hoping for a romantic afternoon of cuddling and making love with my belt finally removed.  Instead, I was trussed up and freezing my ass off in the basement.  It took me a moment to get my breath back, after that cold, cold water.  With my teeth still chattering, I drew a breath to object. Goddess must have seen my feelings in my face.  She stepped over the little tiled ledge and stood before me.  She took a handful of my wet hair, and pulled it to the side a little.  She had a menacing look on her face.  “William,” she began, “I warned you I’m a sadist.”  “But, Goddess…” I began.  She slapped my face.  Hard.  I was stunned into silence.  “William, I’m a sadist.  I plan to give you your release today.  I’m expecting you’ll like it a lot.  Quite a lot.  But, first, I need MY needs satisfied.  That…. you’re NOT going to like so much.”  I glared at her, still angry.  “Your safewords still apply, William.  Red, Yellow, Green.”  I opened my mouth. I was going to say “Red” right then and there!  She put her hand over my mouth.  “Know this, William.  I’ll honor your safewords.  But, if you call Red today, the belt goes back on.  No relief.  Got it?” 

Her hand was still over my mouth, but I’m sure my eyes grew wide.  That wasn’t fair!   I began to speak, but she held her hand over my mouth for another moment.  “Think hard about what you want to say to me, right now, William.   You ASKED to be my submissive. I WARNED you.  I tried to talk you OUT of it, if you’ll recall!”  She was screaming at me, now, and agitated.  I winced and remained silent.  She removed her hand, and drew a few deep breaths.  Her voice was calmer as she said. “I’m sorry for yelling, William.  It’s just….  I’m really excited.”   She looked around the room.  “SO EXCITED!”  She looked back at me.  “William, you want to be the perfect submissive  -  the romantic - the servant.  Well, serve me now.  I’m asking you to endure this…..  Will you serve me?  Will you please me?  Will you do this?”  She looked at me, now, not harshly, but openly.  Her eyes were wide and hopeful.  I melted.  “Of course, Goddess.”  I hung my head. 

How did she DO that?!?

Goddess gave me a quick peck on the lips and went over and grabbed the baby monitors, of all things.  She turned one on, and set it on the table by my clothes.  She held the other in her hand, and assured that it was receiving.  “I need to go up stairs and get ready.  Wait there, will you?”  She grinned evilly.  “If you start to cramp or something, just holler.  I’ll be listening.”  She turned more serious for a moment.  “Don’t bother me unless you NEED to.  Understand?”  “Yes, Goddess.” I said.

I stood, spread eagled and shivering in the corner of the basement as Goddess practically skipped across the room and went upstairs.  I heard her footsteps on the first floor, and then up the stairs to the second.  My teeth were still chattering a little, as I stood there.  I willed myself to feel the warm glow of the heat lamps above my head.  It seemed to help.

Goddess was gone for what seemed like forever.  I heard water running upstairs, and her walking back and forth.  Finally, after probably half an hour, I heard her coming back down.  Her footsteps sounded more sharp as she walked across the first floor above me.   I heard her coming down the stairs, but was totally unprepared for the vision that appeared as she opened the door!  Goddess had dressed up.  Holy shit, had she dressed up!  She was wearing a red corset with black lace, and matching red panties with black trim.  She had black fishnet hose and garters on her legs, and really high red pumps.  She had long gloves that went from her hands, half way up her arms.  Her boobs, while not large, were nearly bursting out of the tight corset.   She had put on bright red lipstick, and dark black eye shadow and earrings with black stones in them.  She wore a necklace of black stones as well, that draped down to her cleavage.  In her hand, she carried the large duffle bag that Mom had given her.   She dropped it on the floor near my clothes.

I gawked, openly, at my Goddess.  I had never seen her dress this way.  My cock was growing hard in the tube again as I stared.  “Do you like what you see?” she asked.  She did a little pirouette.  Her panties were really more like a thong.  Her gorgeous butt was hanging out above her hose.  My mouth hung open.  I couldn’t think of a word to say.  Goddess approached me, and literally put her fingers under my chin, and lifted my jaw, closing my mouth.  “I’ll take that as a yes.” she grinned.  “G..g..goddess.  Holy fuck!” was all I could say.  She giggled.

She reached into the duffle, and pulled out something that looked like an eye mask.  She approached me, and pulled it over my face.  “Too bad you won’t get to see me in this outfit for a while, but we have some cleanup to do, don’t you think?!?”  A moment later, the world went dark as she covered my eyes with the mask.  She secured it behind my head.  “Oh, William, how I’ve waited for this!” she purred.  I felt something scratching down the center of my chest, toward my groin.   I realized she was trailing the key.  My breath grew ragged, and my cock surged in the tube.    I felt her grab the waistband and pull it toward her hips.  I leaned forward precariously.  I would have fallen, if my arms weren’t bound above my head.  “Are you anxious to get out of there?” she asked.  “Oh, yes, Goddess.” I replied. I tried to grind my hips at her, but couldn’t reach.  I felt her step back, and I heard a clanging noise.  A moment later, the breath whooshed out of me, as I was once again battered by ice cold water.   I yelped, and pulled futilely at my bonds while she blasted me again.  This time, she was focusing the cold water on the chastity belt quite a bit.  My cock and balls grew cold behind the metal.  “I’m just trying to help,” she said with a wicked tone, “I understand it’s uncomfortable to try and get in and out of these if you’re a little over-excited!”  I groaned, but nodded as I felt my cock withering in the ice cold tube.

I heard her heels clicking on the tiles, again, as she approached.  I felt her fiddling with the belt, trying to make the key go into the slot.  After a moment, she got it in, and turned it.  I heard an audible click.   I started to speak to give instructions on removing it, but I realized that Goddess knew what to do.  “I read up on this.  I can’t believe how convoluted it is to remove!” she said, as she pulled a lever that the key had exposed.  “Oh, there it is,” she muttered, as she found the last lever, and the waistband opened. 

Even though my cock was still ice cold, my erection started to surge again, as I felt her lower the belt, and start pulling the tube off my penis.   “We’ll need to clean this up!” she said, with a little distaste in her voice.  I had no idea how bad my cock looked, but it hadn’t seen the light of day in weeks.  I’m sure there was some accumulated dead skin.  I also winced as one of my pubic hairs got caught on the tube, as she pulled it away.  I heard a clank, as Goddess put the chastity belt and tube on the floor.  I was embarrassed.  I felt my cock pulsing and throbbing, growing hard as I felt air on it for the first time in ages!  Suddenly, the wind was again knocked out of me, as Goddess began hosing down my groin with the ice cold water.  

I stood with teeth chattering, as Goddess said “One moment.  I need put some gloves on.”  I heard a sound like rubber, rubbing against itself.  A moment later, I heard Goddess approach.  I heard a noise, as she squeezed some soap out of a bottle.  Suddenly, I felt her rubber-coated hands on my cock and balls.  The feeling was exquisite.    Goddess rubbed a liberal amount of soap on my, now erect, penis.  She cupped my balls in the rubber glove, and kneaded them as well.  I felt myself getting harder and harder as she worked.  “Hooo… huuh…” I moaned, as I felt a climax coming already.  Damnit!  She had been touching me for like 10 seconds, and I was about to blow my load!  Thankfully, Goddess let go.  I heard her rustling around for a moment, and then she came back to me.  She pushed my penis downward, and I felt a scraping on my pubic region.  She was shaving me!   My cock grew harder, even though it was pointing downward, as she scraped the hair away.  I heard her run water a few times, over the razor, and come and work some more.   When she finished above my cock, she pressed my (raging) boner off to one side, and started shaving my balls.   I closed my eyes and basked in the sensations.  Goddess had been mostly quiet up until now.  “William, I’m proud of you.”  “Huh?” I asked, from my reverie.  “I think you estimated well.  That dildo matches your cock very closely!”  I chuckled.  “But, that dildo isn’t all furry and smelly, you nasty boy!”  She slapped my penis, playfully. 

Goddess continued shaving my balls, and finally extended my penis straight out.  I felt the razor sliding up and down the length, as she got the stray hairs off the shaft.  “Just a little more,” she began.   Suddenly, without warning, the sensations overwhelmed me.  My cock exploded in an orgasm, before I even knew it was coming!   My hips thrust forward into the open air.  Goddess must have let go.  I felt the jets of cum squirting out of my penis, with nothing touching me.  I ached for her touch.  The loss of sensation as I climaxed was something I had never experienced before.  Though I had just cum, it was really unsatisfying!  Goddess later told me that this was as “Ruined Orgasm”.  I thought that was an apt description.

As quickly as I came, suddenly my cock went limp.  I was SO embarrassed.  I had been hoping for a romantic afternoon of slow lovemaking.  Instead, I blew my load in a few seconds without even touching her.  I was mortified.  I tugged at my bonds, trying to turn away from her.  I hung my head.  “I’m sorry, Goddess.  I’m really sorry.”  I said.  “William,” she said.  “I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.”  I just kept repeating it over and over.  “WILLIAM!”  She grabbed my chin again, and began kissing me.  I realized at that moment that I had been crying.  I nose was full of snot, and I felt tears running down my face.  “William.  That’s exactly what I expected.  I was teasing you on purpose to get it over with.”  “I’m sorry Goddess.  I wanted to be better for you.”  I said, miserably.  “You will be, William, trust me.  If you’re like every other 18 year old boy I’ve known….. well, let’s just say this was the first of many.”  My mind hung on the word “many”, as I felt her once again take my penis in hand, and finish shaving me.

A moment later, I felt a cold blast, as Goddess rinsed off the soap and hair residue.  “There, no more stinky man parts!” she exclaimed.  I heard her removing the rubber gloves.  I desperately wanted to take off the blindfold, and see how my cock had endured 7 weeks in captivity.  Apparently, Goddess had other ideas in mind.   I felt my arms being lowered a little.  Goddess approached, and I felt her securing some kind of steel loop around my neck.  With my hand still in the buckles from above, she lowered my wrist into another shackle that was on a rigid bar to the loop around my throat, and locked it in place.  I realized it was some kind of portable “stocks”.   Only then, did she untie my hand from above.  She did the same on the other side, essentially never giving me a moment in which my hands were free.  When she was done, my arms were now secured about a foot away from my head, on either side, in the stocks.  She then detached my feet, and pulled me across the room.  My arms were locked, uselessly at either side of my head.

Goddess led me to a table, and lay me on my back.  A few moments later, I was once again secured, spread-eagled on the table, unable to move my arms or legs.  I felt Goddess begin running her hands all over my body.  She was still wearing those long black gloves, apparently.  I could feel the fabric.  A moment later, she stopped, and I heard her removing something.  The next moment, she was again stroking my body, this time with her bare hands. 

She climbed up on the table, kneeling over me.  I felt her hair dangle in my face as she moved down my body with kisses and nibbles.  She sucked on my nipples for a moment, and then bit them.  Ow!  Her head continued down my body.  I couldn’t believe it, but it had only been five minutes or so, but I felt my cock stirring as her head came near my groin.  Suddenly, I felt the most intensely pleasurable thing of my life, as she pulled my mostly flaccid cock into her mouth, and began to lick and suck on it.  In seconds, I grew hard in her mouth.   I heard her laugh.  “I TOLD you, silly!”   She continued licking, sucking and nibbling on my cock.  I moaned with pleasure and thrashed beneath her.  It felt incredible.  I’d never had so much as a hand-job from a girl, much less this.  It was heaven!

I felt her get off the table, and a moment later I heard another noise, as if she was squeezing something from a tube.  A moment later, I felt a warm sensation over my cock and balls, as she began rubbing some kind of lubricant over them.  “This is warming KY.  It should feel good,” she said.  I sure wasn’t complaining!  My back arched, as she masturbated my cock with the lube.  For the second time in under ten minutes, I felt myself coming close to climax.  “Goddess….” I warned.  She slowed down.   My hips ground in rhythm with her strokes, as she masturbated me for another minute.  My breathing was growing ragged, and I was starting to clench my muscles down there, for fear of losing it again!  Suddenly, she stopped.  I felt my cock bobbing lewdly in mid air, with nothing touching it.  This was sweet torture!

I heard Goddess rattling around in her bag again.  A moment later, I felt nipple clamps, like the ones she had at the dorm, being screwed down to my nipples.  I winced and moaned as she put them on.  I remembered how much they hurt when she took them off last time.  “Oh, god, there’s so many choices!  It could take a week to use everything in this room!” she said.  The room  grew silent, as she was apparently weighing her options.  “William,” she began, “You’ve never had anything up your butt, right?”  I hesitated, embarrassed.  “Tell me!” she said.  “Last spring, after I got my belt.  I tried sticking my fingers up there a few times, but I couldn’t really reach.”  “OK,” she said, “When was your last bowel movement?”  “Huh?!?” I asked.  “Bowel movement!  When did you last poop!” she said, exasperatedly.  Oh god.  This was too weird.  “Umm, this morning.. at the gym.”  “Hmm…”  she began, “You’re probably clean enough, but heck, let’s do it anyway!  It’ll be fun!”  “Wha?” I began to ask, when she started rolling the table.  I realized I was on that medical gurney. 
(Editorial note….  I had written a description of what followed… THE ENEMA…. for this treatise.  It was two pages of excruciating detail, exposing the most profoundly humiliating, disgusting, and horrible experience of my life.  Goddess read my words and loved them, but allowed me the editorial privilege to remove them here.  It remains both too embarrassing, and too disturbing to fully reveal.  Goddess, of course, has retained those two pages in her personal journals, and enjoys reading them to me in bed.)
The voiding complete, I wanted to wipe my ass, but couldn’t reach it.  Goddess certainly had no desire to do so either.  She hoisted me to my feet and guided me, still blindfolded, back to the shower area.  I was actually grateful, as she bent me against the wall, and hosed my ass down with ice cold water.  How my attitude about this icy shower stall had changed, in the span of 30 minutes!

Goddess collected me, still shivering, and led me across the room.  I heard chains and riggings rattle, as she attached something to my arms, and then to my legs.   I heard another winch cranking, as I felt my arms being pulled overhead again.  I was lifted to my tip-toes.  A moment later, my legs were being pulled forward and upward.  I yelped as my feet left the ground, and I found myself hanging from my arms and legs.  I heard the winch click some more, as I was lifted off the ground.  My legs went higher and higher, until I was suspended from wrists and legs, with my back parallel to the ground.  “Does that feel OK?  Can you last there for a few minutes?” she asked.  I nodded.  “Green” I said, helpfully.  She chuckled.  “Good boy.”   I heard her rustling around some more, and felt her hand on my ass.  It must have been 3 or 4 feet off the floor.  I’m guessing she was kneeling beside me.  I felt her put more lube on my butt, and start to press something against it.  “Let it in, William, I think you’ll like this.”   I felt invaded as something entered my butt.  It wasn’t very large, and it was quite smooth.  Goddess worked it around for a while, and started pressing it downward, toward my back, just inside my butt.  Suddenly, I felt a warm tingle.  She kept rubbing it.  “How does that feel?” she asked.  “A little warm and burny, but not bad…. it makes me feel like I need to pee.”  “Perfect” she responded.  She kept rubbing it.  I admit, that once again, I was getting aroused.  My cock was pointed toward the ceiling and throbbing as she worked this thing in my butt.   The burning sensation continued.  It felt almost good, and almost bad, but not enough of either. After a few minutes, I heard her giggle and whisper “Yes!”  I didn’t know what she was talking about, but suddenly, I felt a dribble of something down the shaft of my penis.  Liquid was flowing out.  “I’ve always wanted to try that!” said Goddess.  “What?” I asked.  “I just milked you!”  I had no idea what she was talking about.  She explained it the next day.

I admit that the afternoon became a blur, shortly after this.  Goddess never removed the blindfold.  She first led me to the cross, and secured me there.  She flogged me until I screamed and begged her to stop.  I didn’t dare say “Red”, but every time I said “Yellow”, she slowed down a little.  My back, thighs, and especially my ass were raw, angry and screaming in pain. I remember her saying, over and over, “Breathe….. Breathe.”   Intermittently, she would stop and take my cock in her hand, or in her mouth, and bring me to the brink of orgasm.  She always knew when to stop, before I slipped. 
I lost all sense of time.  It could have been hours, or maybe just a while.  My body was once again drunk on the endorphins she knew how to raise in me.  I was buzzed on my own internal morphine supply, and my cock was raging and sore from the repeated torments as she brought me to the edge of orgasm, and denied me, again and again.  I was once again getting blueballs from the perpetual arousal.

Time lost meaning for a while, but was punctuated by Goddess removing the nipple clamps.  That I remember in agonizing clarity.  I screamed out loud, then.  Goddess purred and praised me after the first.  I remember gasping, hyperventilating and whimpering as I knew the other must come off, but feared it so intensely.  The experience was everything I expected.  I screamed again.  I remember Goddess saying “It’s over now, William.”  Goddess released my wrists from the manacles that secured me to the spanking bench.  I didn’t really recall moving there.  She supported me as I tried to stand.  My arms and shoulders were sore from being secured for so long.  I felt like the flesh had been torn from my back and butt.  I was dizzy and unsteady on my feet.  The emotional release was unexpected.  I burst into tears and collapsed into her arms.  I’m grateful she is so strong, or I would have fallen to the floor.  
Goddess took me over to a corner with lots of pillows and blankets.  She cuddled with me, then, lovingly.   Still, she would not remove the blindfold, nor would she allow me to lower my hands to my still throbbing member.  I did not resist as she spooned behind me, holding my hands in hers.  I began to shiver, as my body shut down.  Goddess pulled a blanket over both of us.  I dozed off for a while, and when I awoke, she placed a finger over my lips and said “Shhhh.”  She did not wish me to speak.

She led me upstairs, then, into the kitchen.  She seated me, nude but with my blindfold, at the kitchen table, and moved my hands to the tabletop.  She placed them palm down, and patted them gently.  Without saying a word, I knew she meant “Don’t move.”  I heard her rummage through the cupboards for a moment, and then heard water running.  After a moment, she held a glass to my lips.  I began to lift my hands.  Again, she pressed the tops of them.  “Don’t move”, she said, without words.   She gently tilted my head back, while holding the glass to my lips.  She patiently poured water into my mouth, a little at a time, until she was satisfied I had enough to drink. 

My ass still hurt, and my back stung as I moved my arms and shoulders.  Goddess gently lifted one arm, and gestured for me to stand.  She still had not spoken a word since I had awakened.  She led me, then, gently up the stairs and into our room.  She turned me, and gently lowered me to the bed.  At that moment, I heard her breathing near my ear.  It was ragged, and rushed.  Suddenly, my cock once again stirred.  I could not see her, but I could sense the rhythm and urgency of her body from just her breathing.   She was burning with desire.

She guided me onto the bed, and spread my arms overhead.  I felt her get out of bed once more, and a moment later, I felt her at my wrists, attaching something. I could feel the need in her breathing, as she worked above me.    Moments later, my wrists were secured to the posts of the bed.  I was once again, incapacitated and at her mercy.  I was not fearful, this time.  My cock pulsed and bobbed upward, as I heard her beside the bed.  I heard the sounds of clothing being removed, and my imagination ran wild.  I heard her breathing.  Deeper.  Faster.  Suddenly, she was upon me.  Her lips pressed to mine, her tongue urgently darted into my mouth.  I responded to her kiss with urgency of my own.   In seconds, her mouth left mine, as it trailed down my chin, and chest.  I felt her turn around above me, and suddenly I smelled her sex.  My face was instantly smothered between her legs, as her wet and ready pussy ground into my lips.  I licked then, and found a rhythm as she slid her pussy up and down in tandem with my tongue.  I heard her moan and felt her muscles clench.  She masturbated my cock as she ground her pussy into my face.

Suddenly, as I thought she was nearing climax, she lifted away.  I tried to follow, stretching my neck to the limit, as she pulled her precious pussy from my face.  I groaned in disappointment, desperate to give her pleasure.  Moments later, my groans became moans of pleasure, as I felt her mouth slide over my hungry cock. 

Her wet pussy hovered above my chest, out of reach, as she enveloped my cock with her mouth.  I had heard of deep-throating before, and I guess she knew out to do it, because suddenly I felt her lips slide, and slide, and slide until they were to the base of my cock.   I heard her make a little gagging noise, and back off a little, but I was too lost in my own ecstasy to be concerned.  I felt the pulses of an orgasm growing again.  “Goddess…” I warned.  She didn’t stop.  Instead, if anything, her urgency increased.  I felt her wrap her hand around the base of my cock, and squeeze hard, and pump, has her mouth slid up and down.  I began to thrash, then.  The sensations were overwhelming.  “Goddess… Goddess!  I’m.. I’m… Oh God..  Uhhh Uhh.”  My back arched.  The pressure of the pent up cum was incredible.   She was still squeezing the base of my cock hard, as I felt the first pulse burst down my shaft.  At that instant, she released the pressure, and began stroking my cock.  Hard.  Fast.  Urgent.  My orgasm exploded as wave after wave of semen pumped from deep within me.  I heard gurgling as she took it into her mouth.  I felt a few drips fall on my abdomen, but she captured most.   She pumped and squeezed my cock, milking every drop from me, forcing it up into her mouth.  Then she slowly withdrew the head of my penis from her lips, sealing them tightly as not to spill a drop.  As a parting gesture, her tongue flicked over my urethra causing me to spasm one last time, as she took her mouth from me.

I was winded from my thrashings and exertions.  She was breathing rapidly and noisily from her nose, as I felt her spinning above me.  I heard her giggling, with her mouth still full “Mmm hmm hmmm pfff” as she playfully slid her slick and smooth pussy on my flaccid member.  She placed her hands beside my shoulder then, and I felt her leaning down.  The pressure of her pussy on my cock increased as her face came closer to mine.  She was still laughing, her mouth full. “Mff hmm hmmm”.  She must have been giggling like a school girl.  I sensed what she had in mind.  Though part of me was repulsed, another part longed to see the look on her face.  I wanted to see the devious smile and the glow in her eyes.  She lowered her lips to mine.  I felt one hand under my chin, holding my jaw steady as her tongue parted my lips.  I did not resist, but instead opened my mouth and pushed my own tongue against hers.  A rush of warm semen and saliva entered my mouth as I kissed her.   I took the payload she wanted me to take, closed my mouth to swallow, then eagerly opened it again and kissed her. 

I heard Goddess make a satisfied “Mmmmm” sound, but she slid one finger over my lips again, with the “Shhhh” gesture.  She still did not want words.  She wanted feelings, textures, heat and passion. 

I could live with that!

I felt her get out of bed and rustle in the bag some more.  I then felt her attaching something to the two posts of the bed at the head, up high.  I felt her tug at one of them, testing its sturdiness, then I felt her step up onto the bed.  She stood over my face, and began to lower herself down.  I surmised that she must have secured some ropes to the bed frame to support her, as she lowered her pussy over my face.  She slid her sex up and down from nose to chin, covering me with her juices.  “Ahhh..haaa” she growled, playfully, as she finally steadied her pussy over my face and I was able to start licking in earnest. 

I tried to work her clit, but she kept moving it out of reach toward my nose, so I instead pushed my tongue between her parted lips, and fucked her with my tongue as best I could.  Finally, in a moment of silliness, I pressed my nose against her clit and wiggled it, while still working lower with my tongue.  That earned me a delighted shriek, and maybe a scratch on the nose, as she pulled her clit hood piercing down toward my tongue again.  Finally, she left the prize in reach.  I sucked at her labia, pulling her hood into my mouth.  My tongue searched below for its target, and I was rewarded by her moan as I found my mark.   I sucked, pulling her hood, jewelry, and clit tighter into my mouth as my tongue swirled, pressed and probed.  Her breathing grew erratic, and her body bounced above my head.  I was pressed into the pillows as her knees buckled a little and was finally rewarded.  “Mhhh … haaa…. haa.. oooohhhh…. eeee…. ooooohh!!!!”  Her knees clenched around my head as I felt tremors of orgasm rock through her body.  The whole bed shook, as he held herself up by the supports she had secured to the posts above my head.

After a moment, I felt Goddess lift herself, and step back, so that her feet were at my sides.  I heard a rattling as she dropped whatever ropes or supports she had up there, and lowered herself down, straddling my stomach.  Her wet pussy pressed against my belly button as she leaned forward, and kissed me, now tasting her juices, mingled with mine.  Her breathing was still rapid, and I could feel the heat radiating from her body.  She let out a contented sigh, and reached around my head and hugged me close to her chest. 

I heard her make a surprised “Hmm?” as my erection poked at her behind.  I was surprised too.  I hadn’t even realized I was hard again.  My cock had a dull ache from the constant attention, but somehow, I was ready again!  I heard Goddess make a delighted “Mmmmmm” sound as she reached behind her, and found me hard and ready.  She once again, placed a finger across my lips in a “Shhh” gesture, and lifted herself from the bed.  I heard rustling, again, and tearing sounds as I surmised she opened the box of condoms.  A moment later, I felt her hand wrap around my cock and give it a few strokes.  I was hard and ready.  I felt her press a condom to the top of my penis, and roll it down.  I shivered as I felt her fingers work down my shaft.  A moment later, I heard another tear, and more pressure as she took a second condom, and rolled it down over the first.  My cock felt tight and constrained by the two sheathes, as I felt her once again climbing onto the bed.

She straddled my chest again, and I felt her walk herself backward toward my waiting cock.  My heart raced, not only in anticipation of the sensations to come, but also because here I was, at last, losing my virginity.  Not in some parking lot, or seedy dark corner.  I was luxuriating in a warm bed with this beautiful, kinky woman.  I felt pressure on the head of my cock as she pressed her wet pussy against the head.  I felt slight resistance as I began to slide into her.  She withdrew, then slid in some more, then withdrew, and slid some more.  She was lubricating the way with her own juices, as she slowly worked my cock deep inside herself.  And then I was in, to the hilt.  She was pressed against me.  I heard her moan in an almost dazed way, as she leaned forward and pressed her bare chest against mine.  She held me close, then, my hard cock deep inside her, not moving.  Our chests grew warmer against each other, as I felt her hard nipples pressed against my own tender ones.    She lifted herself, gently.  I felt her face above mine.  She whispered, almost inaudibly, “Now, William, slowly.”

I obeyed my Goddess.  Again, time lost all meaning as I slowly bucked my hips, stroking my member in and out.  We found a rhythm together, with her helping from above.  We rocked, slowly, for a long time.  The feeling was delicious.  I was delirious with pleasure, but an orgasm was still far away for me.  I learned not only the sensations, but discovered the sounds and smells of love making.  I heard my cock sliding in and out of her sex.  I smelled her juices and mine, on our breath, and in the air.  Goddess began to increase the tempo.  I felt the heat rising between our bodies.  Her breathing became heavier, sharper, as did my own.  Soon she lifted herself up, her hands on my chest now.  She bucked up and down, pounding herself roughly against my cock.  It was then that she began making more sounds.  “Ooh..  Ahh”  I felt a jolt of pain as her fingers scratched marks across my chest.  “MMmaaaa  hoooo”.  She grabbed my tender nipples, and pinched, hard.  “Ooohhh!”  I groaned.  Still, she pounded harder, as I tried to match her tempo.   I felt her hair against my cheek as she lowered herself to my shoulder and bit down.  “Owww!” I cried, but somehow, it only made me the hotter. 

I felt Goddess lifting herself on her knees, drawing her sex away from me a little.  I arched my back and pressed with my feet, keeping my penis in its rightful home, pounding, pounding.  Goddess one hand on my chest, and the other raking her fingers across me again.  “Oooh, Oooh, Ohh” she cried, and with each shout, she dragged more scratches.  She shifted her weight and used her other hand “Ahhh…. ahhh… ahhh” as she marked me again.  If there was pain, I could not feel it.  I pressed my chest willingly into her assault.  “Mffff oooh….god  god!” she yelled.  She grabbed not my nipples, but the whole of my pectoral muscles and squeezed as she pushed her pussy down again.  “I’m coming, William.. Oh my GOD!  William!!!!!”   Until that instant, my cock had been hard and ready, but orgasm seemed only a distant possibility.  I felt like my balls had been sucked dry.  But suddenly, her screams, her words, calling my name.   In that instant, the orgasm rushed forward.  I was ready.  She plunged herself upon me, as I screamed “Goddess!  Oh… my….. GODDESS!”   “My WILLIAM!”

We came together, then, as one.  Her vagina convulsed and squeezed as semen came from some deep reserve in my body, bursting out in the most profound orgasm I had ever experienced.  At the same time, I felt a burst of moisture flood my groin, as Goddess experienced her own female ejaculation.   The sensations lasted seconds, but yet lasted hours.  Ever breath.  Every heartbeat felt a lifetime.  It was an eternity of bliss wrapped in a single moment.

She collapsed on my chest, spent.  I felt her sweat dripping onto me, and my own running down my brow.  I wanted to reach around and hold her, but my hands were still immobilized.  She lay like that, for thirty seconds or more, gasping, breathing.  Her body convulsed with smaller orgasms as she lay atop me “Mmm… Mmmm”.  We were both soaking with sweat, and exhausted.  Finally, she slid forward and away from my rapidly shrinking penis.  I felt her reach down, and slide the condoms off me.   She sounded like a cross between sleepy and drunk as she giggled again “Hmmm mmmm mmm” and brought the condoms to my lips.  I felt her place them there.  I groaned. “Nooo.”  She playfully sighed “Mmmm hmmm”.  That was all the fight I had in me.  I opened my mouth, and she lifted the condom, pouring its contents between my lips.  She squeezed it out, like a tube of toothpaste, and then I felt her finger under my chin, as she gestured for me to close my mouth and swallow.  I obeyed, and she purred “Good boy”.

The bed was spinning for me now, as my body began to shut down.  I felt her slip from the bed, and a moment later, she knelt beside me, and she took my cock into her mouth, cleaning it off.  The feeling was delicious, but my cock was totally unresponsive.  In fact, even as she was doing it, I dozed off.

I awoke some time later from my second nap of the day, as I felt something warm between my legs.  “There’s my sleepyhead,” said Goddess.  I felt her rub a warm cloth around my genitals.  “I’m just scrubbing you up, nice and clean.   My arms were still secured, but I felt warm.  She had placed a blanket over me in my sleep.  I had been awakened by the blast of cool air, as she lifted the blankets off my legs, and began bathing my cock.  “Goddess, I can do that.” I began.  “Oh, no you won’t.  This is my property.  I take care of it.” she retorted.

I pressed my feet against the mattress as she began washing around under me.  I also felt her push a towel under there, to keep water off the mattress.  It was a lost cause, really, since I was laying in a puddle of sweat and her fluids.  Then I heard the familiar sound of metal clanging.  She had retrieved my chastity belt from downstairs.  “All washed up, and fresh batteries installed.  Let’s put my precious property back where it belongs, now.”  With that, I felt her sliding the tube over my penis. 

Now, any time I’ve put on my own chastity belt, I’ve been SO horny that it’s been a chore to get that tube on and secured in a downward position.  I was astonished to find that I was so UTTERLY and COMPLETELY spent, that Goddess had no trouble whatsoever.   She had me press myself upward, once or twice, as she got the waistband into position.  It took her a few minutes to make sure she had the tube snapped into place properly.  “Oh, and I took in the waistband a notch on each side.  You’ve lost some weight, and we wouldn’t want you to be able to escape, now would we!”  I heard a familiar “Click” as I said “No, Goddess.”  And with that, I was once again locked in my chastity belt.  I realized that the entire time I had been free, I had not seen nor touched my own penis.  I tucked that thought away, wondering if this was the way life would be from now on.

Goddess came to the head of the bed, and started to remove my eye mask.  “Close your eyes, William, it’s going to seem bright.”  I did so, as she removed the mask.  I squinted, opening my eyes a few times, as she untied my hands from the bedposts at last.  She helped me lower my arms, and even massaged them a little to help get the circulation going.  I struggled to keep my eyes open, as she was still nude, and I loved the way her boobs jiggled as she rapidly massaged my arms.  “Oh, William,” she chuckled, “You’re SUCH a boy!”  I laughed.  “I’m YOUR boy, Goddess.”   She paused, and her face became serious, as if thinking about something, and then said.  “Yes, yes, you are.”

I would learn the sudden reason for her seriousness in just a few hours.

End Part 12

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